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Trampling Democracy to Fight Climate Change

10th June 2014

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Republicans are calling President Barack Obama’s new coal-plant regulations a “power grab.” The truth is more complicated, and ominous, than that.

This isn’t a case where the executive branch has simply gone beyond its authority. It’s a case where officials in all three branches of government have found a way to achieve their policy goals while shielding themselves from accountability.

2 Responses to “Trampling Democracy to Fight Climate Change”

  1. ErisGuy Says:

    Confess surrendered its authority to the executive branch long ago. Too late to whine now.

  2. RealRick Says:

    I think ErisGuy meant “Congress”.

    “Confess”? Can you imagine the volumes that a true confession by the members of Congress would take up? Probably not enough trees on the planet for that volume of paper.

    Except for the spelling, ErisGuy is right. Congress has discovered that they can avoid ownership of any troublesome issues by simply passing whatever seems most popular and then letting the courts kill or modify it to fit the government’s agenda.