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‘Texas Man’ Charged in Murder of Iranian Student Activist

24th May 2014

Read it.

A Houston-area man has been charged in the 2012 shooting death of an Iranian student and women’s rights activist whose body was found in her car.

Court documents indicate 56-year-old Ali Irsan of Conroe was arrested Thursday on a murder charge.

‘Ali Irsan’? Yeah, that sure sounds like a Texan to me.

If you get an outfit you can be a cowboy too, I guess.

One Response to “‘Texas Man’ Charged in Murder of Iranian Student Activist”

  1. RealRick Says:

    You linked to the initial press release. The guy is actually being charged with 3 murders, and all of them stem from him being upset at his daughter for turning from Islam. Yeah, one more for that “Religion o’ Peace” column.