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College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated

7th March 2014

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Jeanina Jenkins, a 20-year-old high-school graduate from St. Louis, is stuck in a $7.82-an-hour part-time job at McDonald’s Corp. that she calls a “last resort” because nobody would offer her anything better.

Stephen O’Malley, 26, a West Virginia University graduate, wants to put his history degree to use teaching high school. What he’s found instead is a bartender’s job in his home town of Manasquan, New Jersey.

Jenkins and O’Malley are at opposite ends of a dynamic that is pushing those with college degrees down into competition with high-school graduates for low-wage jobs that don’t require college. As this competition has intensified during and after the recession, it’s meant relatively higher unemployment, declining labor market participation and lower wages for those with less education.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

‘When everyone is Somebody, then no one’s anybody.’

One Response to “College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated”

  1. Whitehawk Says:

    True that. My daughter, valedictorian of her class, graduated top of her class from a state college, is working as an entry level teller at the local bank. The new American Dream folks. This is what we voted for.