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Equality: Where’s the Evidence?

24th February 2014

Jim Goad rushes in where angels fear to tread.

With all due respect to the Founding Fathers, I do not find it “self-evident” that all men are created equal. If anything, it appears bleedingly obvious that they are highly—even comically—unequal.

A good point that has never, as far as I know, been adequately addressed — just assumed.

Your modern smug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug progressive egalitarian dimwit generally believes in evolution—except for the uncomfortable parts. Have you ever noticed that when you disagree with them about the notion of innate human equality, they immediately condemn you as innately inferior to them? In stereotyping the “racist”—which is by far the most pervasive stereotype in modern society—it’s telling how often racists are depicted as stupid, subhuman, genetically inferior, and stuck in the Stone Age. It appears an indelible trait of human group psychology that people need to feel superior to at least someone, and that someone is currently the “racist” rather than the old standby, the Negro.

The truth is that ‘all men are created equal’ is fundamentally a Christian ides, that all men are equal morally before God, and the most amusing aspect of the current fashionable progressivism is that they simply cannot acknowledge that simple historical fact.

Keeping it simple, I’ll use a baseball analogy. Let’s say the best hitter for the Boston Red Sox bats .350. And, oh, let’s say their worst hitter bats .150. And let’s allege that the team’s batting average is .250.

With me?

And let’s say the New York Yankees’ hitters average .350.

So the difference between the Red Sox’s best and worst hitters is a steep 200 points, while there’s only 100 points between the teams’ averages.

Does this, even for a second, mean the Red Sox and Yankees are equal at batting?

Not if you aren’t a moron.

One Response to “Equality: Where’s the Evidence?”

  1. Jehu Says:

    It isn’t even true in Christianity that all men are equal before God, or that they have equal value.
    What IS true is that all men HAVE ineffable value to God. God CLEARLY has his favorites—he even has a huge shout-out list in Hebrews enumerating a lot of them. But HIS economy of favoritism isn’t ours, it is His. People expecting God to behave like a perfectly neutral Champions Gamemaster who read the Bible honestly are bound to be disappointed.