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Exclusive, ‘It Was An Invasion’: How Hungary Managed to Erase Illegal Immigration in Just a Few Months

30th April 2017

Read it.

Hint: Fences.

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‘Why is this airplane seat $42 more than the one behind it? Because someone will pay it.’

30th April 2017


“While the plane is preparing for takeoff, please pretend to pay attention to the flight attendant with the game smile, going through the safety instructions. It’s humiliating for her, standing in the aisle showing you how to put on a seat belt like it’s 1962. She could put this around her neck and pull the strap until she’s blue and you wouldn’t notice.

“Whoever makes eye contact with her gets a free drink. Anyone? No? Well, thank you for choosing to fly with us today, even though we know it had everything to do with price and nothing to do with the brand we spend millions promoting. Do you even know which airline you’re on? No.

“When we’ve reached cruising altitude we will be coming by with small pieces of shellac painted to look like pretzels.”

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Intelligence and Uncertainty

30th April 2017

Severian does a deep dive.

Measurable, easily observed differences in IQ, and their near-certain correlation with certain kinds of behavior, drive Lefties nuts, and it’s always fun to get science’s BFFs frothing at the mouth about how this one particular science doesn’t count (see also: Global Warming, basic economics, anything else that falls under “math is hard”).  But a lot of it isn’t, and so we see “our” smart guys being just as dumb as theirs.

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Thought for the Day: Reminder for the Dimwitted

30th April 2017

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Investigators: Former Head Of DC Schools Gave Preferential Treatment to Officials

30th April 2017

Read it.

Democrats, the party of corruption since before the Civil War.

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Salt Life

30th April 2017

Read it.

Go ahead, salt it. You know you want to.

To figure out exactly where to get the seawater, Father Andrew tasted water from hundreds of different locations, tracking changes in flavor over time and temperature and season, all of which affect the mineral content of the ocean, he says. If there is a vein of copper or iron somewhere in the seabed floor, that will affect the flavor of the water around it. And that mineral-rich plume of water will move. It will meander. “And that’s part of the trick,” he says. Choosing the best water “requires tasting, trigonometry, and mostly patience.”

No, I have no idea what they mean by ‘Roman Orthodox Catholic monk’. I suspect that neither do they.

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Media Trolled? Liberal Reporter Claims ‘OK’ Gesture Is ‘White Power’ Signal

30th April 2017

Read it.

Stacy doesn’t understand the Narrative. Any motion in any direction by any UnColored person is a ‘white power gesture’, even if they don’t know it.

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Thought for the Day

30th April 2017

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Anti-Vaccine Groups Outreach to Minnesota Somali Families Over Measles Outbreak

30th April 2017

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Don’t like immigrants? Persuade them not to vaccinate their kids.

‘Progressive’ eugenics sneaks in through the back door. I’m sure Al Franken can get us some Federal dollars for that.

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Washington State’s Orchards See a Game-Changer in a Robot That Picks Apples

30th April 2017

Read it.

Back to Michoacan for you, Manuel.

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Dow’s Rally From Election to Trump’s First 100 Days Is a Postwar Record – MarketWatch

29th April 2017

Read it.

That Trump — what a failure. He ought to just go home and let Hillary take over the Obama legacy of destroying the economy and making everybody but the Crust poorer and poorer.

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Elite Social Media: Where the Internet’s 1 Percent Hangs Out

29th April 2017

Read it.

“Trust” means different things on elite social networks than it does on the rest of the internet, where most people would be happy to simply get better tools for filtering out death threats and Nazis. Here, trust is like rolling your tinted windows up as you drive through a certain neighborhood. It’s having the option to ignore people living lives wildly unlike your own. And this can seem ironic coming from the kinds of people who already have the least to fear online, and in the real world. On these social networks, trust and safety is about being around people who feel familiar to you — no matter who that excludes, which is almost everyone.

Another safe space for Democrats.

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Huge Spring Snowstorm Dampens March for Climate Events In Colorado

29th April 2017

Read it.

Was AlGore on hand? He’s usually the guy that triggers these events.

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Journos Respond Harshly, Profanely to Bret Stephens’ First New York Times Column

29th April 2017

Read it.

I guess they can’t handle the truth.

On Friday (appearing in Saturday’s print edition), the New York Times published its first column by Bret Stephens, the former Wall Street Journal columnist recently hired as a “conservative” voice.

Let’s see how long it takes him to turn into another Brooks.

Its theme was that the political “hyperbole” about climate change doesn’t match the underlying science — even if one trusts the underlying science. That alone was enough to send journalists into unhinged and often profane orbit.

It’s all about the Narrative, Larry.

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America’s Most Anti-Reform Institution? The Media

29th April 2017

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As team Trump digs into taxing, spending and health-care reform, it’s learning a vital lesson of Washington. Once a government benefit is given, it can never be taken away. If young people have been overcharged by ObamaCare so middle-aged people can be undercharged, then the solution is to undercharge young people too. The taxpayer—usually visualized as a hedge fund manager—can always pay more.

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Shark Mauls Trained Shark-Spotter Bodyboarding Off French Island

29th April 2017

Read it.

A bodyboarder was mauled to death by a shark just two months after one of his best friends was killed in almost identical circumstances.

God to bro: Take the hint.

Adrien Dubosc, 28, was bitten in the leg in shark-infested waters off Pointe au Sel, Reunion, on Saturday morning.

Dude, they call it ‘shark-infested’ for a reason.

The trained shark-spotter was dragged to shore and given CPR in front of his horrified family members, but rescuers could not save him.

I’m curious whether they’re going to ask for a refund on his training.

Dubosc was a member of Shark Watch Patrol which is dedicated to cutting down spiralling shark deaths on the island.

With results as you see them.

Let that be a lesson to us all.

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No, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is Not ‘Unexpectedly Timely’

29th April 2017

Megan McArdle isn’t buying it.

My quarrel is not with the politics of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” nor with its realism. Expecting plausibility from dystopian fiction is like expecting haute cuisine from a highway service area. Of the dystopian fiction I’ve read, only “1984” comes even remotely close to feeling real, and that’s because Orwell was working from two vivid contemporaneous examples, from which he lifted freely.

America hasn’t had a unified theocratic tradition since the early days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the descendants of those Puritans are now pouring their fervent moralism into buying Priuses and complaining about Trump. The closest modern equivalent, the statewide hegemony of the Latter-day Saints in Utah, doesn’t look very much like The Handmaid’s Tale, and hasn’t the faintest prayer of co-opting the rest of the nation’s fractured religious traditionalists, many of whom do not even consider the Mormons to be Christian. And even if some movement did, somehow, gather a Mormon-like critical mass, Trump is hardly likely to be its avatar; our most religious red state was also the one where Trump had the greatest trouble.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying implausibilities on a screen or page. But there is something very wrong with hysterically declaring that those things are reality. That risks confusion so we will not notice the real dystopia rising — or the rest of the world will be too tired of our cries to hear any warnings we shout.

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Grand-Maternal Smoking in Pregnancy and Grandchild’s Autistic Traits and Diagnosed Autism

29th April 2017

Read it.

If your mother smoked, your kid may be autistic.

Thanks, mom.

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Why Wallflowers Don’t Make Friends

29th April 2017

Read it.

Wallflowers also don’t get attacked from behind. How much risk is that new ‘friend’ worth?

Some of us already have all the friends we care to have.

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Resisting the Habits of the Algorithmic Mind

29th April 2017

Read it.

Algorithms, we are told, “rule our world.” They are ubiquitous. They lurk in the shadows, shaping our lives without our consent. They may revoke your driver’s license, determine whether you get your next job, or cause the stock market to crash. More worrisome still, they can also be the arbiters of lethal violence. No wonder one scholar has dubbed 2015 “the year we get creeped out by algorithms.” While some worry about the power of algorithms, other think we are in danger of overstating their significance or misunderstanding their nature. Some have even complained that we are treating algorithms like gods whose fickle, inscrutable wills control our destinies.

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Thought for the Day

29th April 2017

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3-D Printing Offers New Approach to Making Buildings

29th April 2017

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The list of materials that can be produced by 3-D printing has grown to include not just plastics but also metal, glass, and even food. Now, MIT researchers are expanding the list further, with the design of a system that can 3-D print the basic structure of an entire building.

There has been a lot of ink spilled recently about how, rather than waste time going to college, enterprising young people ought to get a good-paying job in the construction trades.

Well, if that’s the road they’re going to take, they’d better be quick about it.

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29th April 2017


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The Suppression of Jewish Voices at Tufts and Pitzer

29th April 2017

Read it.

Anti-Israel groups on college campuses have come up with a new tactic in their effort to pass BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) resolutions. They are manipulating the voting to exclude Jews from the process.

At Tufts, a group called Students for Justice in Palestine decided to place an anti-Israel divestment resolution on the school senate’s agenda on the evening before the Jewish holiday of Passover, at a time when many Jewish students would be unable to attend the student government meeting. More than 50 students emailed their “senators” urging them to postpone the vote until after the Jewish holiday. The senate ignored their request.

Similarly at Pitzer College, the student senate unexpectedly held a vote on Easter Sunday on whether to prohibit Student Activities Funds to be used for payment on goods or services from any corporation or organization associated with Israel. Many student senators were not present, and therefore unable to vote, due to their observance of Easter and Passover.

The resolution passed 22-0, with four abstentions.

The author of the resolution claimed, absurdly, that the vote occurred on Easter Sunday and during Passover by coincidence. As for why she didn’t announce that the BDS measure would be taken up, the author admitted it was “because my intention was to have it pass.” “I have had enough intellectual conversation about why people disagree with me,” she explained.

Another example of the snowflake as fledgling fascist.

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Jimmy John’s Employee Doesn’t Flinch With Armed Robber’s Gun in His Face

28th April 2017

Read it.

Hands up – don’t shoot! Oh, wait….


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101-Cheese Pizza: US Pizza Joint Creates the World’s Cheesiest Slice

28th April 2017

Read it.

A pizza joint in Portland Oregon has created the world’s cheesiest pizza using a total of 101 different cheese varieties.

And hipsters all over the globe start hyperventilating.

It is, of course, GMO-free. Sorry about the gluten — it’s that crust thing.

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Pawternity Leave: The New Employee Perk for Dog Lovers

28th April 2017

Read it.

I am not making this up.

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First Private Fusion Reactor To Go Online In 2018

28th April 2017

Read it.

The company behind a private fusion reactor in Great Britain announced Friday it will become partially operational next year.

The new reactor, dubbed Tokamak ST40, is being built in Oxfordshire by the a private company Tokamak Energy. The company plans to start generating the plasma necessary for fusion power sometime this fall and will reach operating temperatures early next year.

You can believe as much or as little of that as you care to.

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Libertarians, Atheists, Trekkies

28th April 2017

Severian is delightfully dyspeptic today.

It’s common to assert that there was no individualism, indeed hardly any individuality, in the Middle Ages.  I’m not a Medievalist, so I can’t comment on the sources and methodology behind this striking, counterintuitive claim.  But I have been around academics quite a bit, which I why I call bullshit here.  As with most ivory tower pronouncements on Humanity, this is wishcasting — they wish there were no individuals in the Middle Ages, or anywhere else for that matter.

“Individualism” means having a strong central identity, which is means expressing preferences.  I don’t think I have to work too hard to convince y’all that Leftists (as all academics are) hate and fear the concept of preference.  See, for example, the widely cited Paradox of Choice, which pretends that having a bunch of different breakfast cereals to choose from at the grocery store causes crippling anxiety.  Wouldn’t life be so much better if some benevolent central authority made all those pesky decisions for you?  Academics certainly think so, which is why they never venture outside the ivory tower…. and why all ivory towers look exactly the same.  From Berkeley to Harvard, the only thing that changes about college towns is the weather.

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People’s Climate March Steering Committee Got $36M From Soros

28th April 2017

Read it.


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The Party of Hate

28th April 2017

Read it.

The Democrat Party is the world’s most successful hate group. It attracts poor people who hate rich people, black people who hate white people, gay people who hate straight people, feminists who hate men, environmentalists who hate the internal combustion engine, and a lot of bratty college kids who hate their parents.

However, the real secret of the party’s success is that it attracts the support of journalists who hate Republicans, and who therefore work tirelessly to convince the rest of us that we should vote for Democrats. . . .

No matter who the Republicans nominate for president, the Organized Forces of Liberal Journalism will paint him as a greedy, cold-hearted, woman-hating racist. If the GOP nominated a Buddhist monk or a Latina lesbian, still the New York Times and NBC News would find a way to convince themselves that the Republican candidate represented everything liberals hate about America — the military, the police, Christianity, capitalism, the internal combustion engine and heterosexual white men who work for a living.

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The Dark History of Liberal Reform

28th April 2017

Read it.

In the early twentieth century, progressives displayed an open contempt for individual rights. In a 1915 unsigned editorial at this magazine, the editors ridiculed the Bill of Rights as a joke. “They insist upon invoking abstract principles, instead of trying to determine for concrete cases whether social control should supersede individual initiative…how can we discuss that seriously?” The doctrine of natural rights will “prevent us from imposing a social ideal.” The progressives were able to unite idealism and pragmatism via science and the administrative state. What good was democracy if people voted against their collective interest? What expertise did the average American have in managing a state or a race? Black Americans in particular could not be trusted with the ballot. “The progressive goal was to improve the electorate,” Leonard writes, “not necessarily to expand it.” Jim Crow laws suppressed turnout in the South, but it fell in the North as well. New York state’s participation went from 88 percent in 1900 to 55 percent in 1920.

From there to street thugs and hate in less than a century. Progressives, you haven’t come a long way.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

28th April 2017

Female Islamic clerics declare rare fatwa against child marriage  Good luck with that. No good Muslim gives a shit about ‘female clerics’.

German parliament votes in favour of partial burqa ban

Last message left by Westminster attacker Khalid Masood uncovered by security agencies

Former member of Iranian women’s football team ‘banned from sport’ after being photographed without veil

Lebanese Immigrant Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Join ISIS

Police Arrest 22 After Lynching Of Pakistani Student Falsely Accused Of Blasphemy

After Damascus blasts, Israel intercepts ‘target’ from Syria

Two US Special Ops Troops Killed During Anti-ISIS Raid In Afghanistan

Hamas Wants Quiet As It Prepares For Next Assault on Israel

Report: Israel Blows Up Big Terror Weapons Stockpile Near Damascus Airport

#NotAllMuslims Blow Up And Lose Their Heads

Austrian Women: Wear the Hijab to Show Your Solidarity for Women’s Rights!

Suspected radical Islamist wounds two officers on the French island of Reunion

Iraq considers next move after intercepting ‘world’s largest’ ransom for kidnapped Qataris

Here’s The Best Evidence Yet Showing Assad Gassed Syrian Civilians

Turkey suspends more than 9,100 police officers accused of coup ties

Isis kidnap Iraqi toddler called Messi forcing little boy to change ‘infidel’ name during two years of captivity

Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s worst places to be a woman, has just been put on the UN commission to promote gender equality  You tax dollars at work.

Watch This ISIS Fighter Blow Himself To Bits To Avoid Capture [VIDEO]

Iraqi Gives The Low Down On Foreigners Who Join ISIS: ‘They Don’t Have A Social Life’

This Is What Daily Life Looks Like Inside The Islamic State [VIDEO]

France says analysis shows Syrian regime behind sarin attack

Man ‘sentenced to death for atheism’ in Saudi Arabia

Malaysian boy aged 11 dies after being beaten at religious school

Isis fighters kill 15 people after tricking Mosul residents by posing as liberating Iraqi soldiers

More Culture-Enriching Hospital Rapes, This Time in Hamburg

The Muslim Brotherhood Has Earned Its Terrorist Designation

A Tunisian family torn apart by Isis as terror stalks the once peaceful country

Three Men Jailed In Sweden For Gang Rape Streamed Live On Facebook

US criticizes Turkey for striking Kurds in Iraq, Syria

Afghan official: Taliban kill 8 police in northern province

Turkey Strikes US-Backed Forces Fighting The Islamic State

New Grisly Details Emerge From Biggest Massacre Of Afghan War

Turkey hits Kurdish areas in Iraq’s Sinjar, northeast Syria

Isis fighters ‘attacked Israel Defense Forces unit, then apologised’ claims former commander

Three Isis fighters ‘mauled to death by wild boars in Iraq’  Don’t diss the pig.

US sanctions Syrian officials over apparent chemical attack that killed dozens

Charities saving refugees in the Mediterranean are ‘colluding’ with smugglers, Italian prosecutor claims  Of course they are. No heart-rending emergency, no funding.

Two Canadians Added To America’s Most Wanted Terrorist List

Muslim Man Who Brandished Guns At Christian Conference Charged With Making Terrorist Threats

An Onslaught Of Islamic Terror Is Europe’s New Normal

CEO Of Cement Giant Resigns After Alleged Security Deals With Terror Groups

Somalia: Five soldiers wounded in Mogadishu roadside blasts

Teenage cyclist hacked to death by masked gang on London estate

Lebanese women hang eerie wedding dresses from Beirut seafront in rape law protest

Saudi Arabia elected to UN women’s rights commission  I am  not making this up.

The Migrant Rescue Biz in the Mediterranean

Pentagon: Piracy Is Making A Comeback In Somalia  Steal fron the Kufr, just like Muhammad.

Susan Quinn: Coming to America: FGM

Two more charged in first US female genital mutilation case

Israel Defense Forces Blow Up Pro-Assad Militia Group In Syria

Algerian police tell pregnant woman to go back to husband after he threw her into a wall, human rights group says

Refugee death toll passes 1,000 in record 2017 as charities attacked for conducting Mediterranean rescues

160 Troops Slaughtered By Taliban In Worst Defeat Of The Entire Afghan War

US forces kill Isis militant linked to Istanbul nightclub attack

Three women confess to killing man over blasphemy in Pakistan

Taliban Kill More Than 50 Afghan Army Members In Devious Sneak Attack

Welcoming the Caliphate to Brazil

ISIS Claims Attack On Russian Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Three Dead

US: Operative linked to Istanbul New Year’s Eve bombing has been killed

Ohio man and ISIS supporter pleads guilty to soliciting murder of U.S. military members

Battery and Child Molestation on a Dortmund Train

US military says Taliban attack on Afghan base killed dozens

Feds Revoke Citizenship Of California Al-Qaida Recruiter

The ISIS Paris Shooter Had Long History Of Radicalism And Violence

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Prosecutors: Ex-Congresswoman Ripped Off Own Charity to Fund Lavish Lifestyle

27th April 2017

Read it.

Democrats, party of corruption since before the Civil War.


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Sorry MSM: Leftists Confirm that Protesters Are Paid

27th April 2017

Read it.

My, what a surprise. Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.


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Chiefs’ Mess Meltdown: Seven Chiefs on a Deployed Cruiser Go to Mast

27th April 2017

Read it.

Hey, let’s put female sailors on board ships! What could possibly go wrong?

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The Absurdly Inaccurate Stereotype That Will Not Die

27th April 2017

Read it.

It’s something of a tradition with the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting – some local journalist or activist claims that bringing roughly 80,000 gun owners and Second Amendment advocates to a city for a convention increases the risk of a shooting.

This year the cry from an anti-gun activist was, “Scores of angry, anti-government gun addicts will converge in Atlanta this weekend! Secret Service, remain vigilant!”

Not only has there never been a shooting at an NRA Annual Meeting, crime in the city usually goes down during that weekend. (If you were a mugger, would you try robbing NRA Convention attendees?)

In 2010, Captain Jeff Estes, commander of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Central Division, said “crime for the week was 45 percent lower than the same week a year ago.”

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Bankrupt Solar Company Wants Trump to Slap High Tariffs on Cheap Panels

27th April 2017

Read it.

That would have worked with Obama.

Suniva claimed competition from Chinese-made solar panels all but forced the company into bankruptcy, despite receiving more than $20 million in support from federal and state taxpayers, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

So I guess the answer is to require people in the U.S. who want to go solar to buy more expensive Suniva panels. They’d have better luck using the traditional way, i.e. buying a Democrat Congressman.

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Time to Repeal FATCA

27th April 2017

Read it.

FATCA, which was passed in 2010 by a Democratic Congress and enacted by President Barack Obama, requires law-abiding Americans with legitimate bank accounts outside the country and foreigners working in the United States to turn over information about their overseas holdings of more than $50,000.

Under new treaties with the United States, some 100,000 foreign financial institutions in more than 100 countries must report to the Treasury on an account of any so-called “U.S. person”—a U.S. citizen or someone with a green card or U.S. work permit—with $50,000 or more in it, or they risk being hit with a 30 percent withholding tax on their U.S. earnings.

Not surprisingly, FATCA compliance costs are large. Various reports by the Chamber of Commerce, foreign governments and banks show that as of 2016, compliance costs were anywhere between $200 billion and $1 trillion.

As a result, overseas banks are refusing to deal with Americans. And who can blame them?

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When Fringe Weirdos Start Running Things

27th April 2017

Severian has about had it.

Our modern Puritans, the Social Justice Warriors, are well into the witch trial phase of their decline.  Cromwell to Cotton Mather was 50 years; it’s been 50 years since the Summer of Love, and the Cult has really only been in complete charge since the later 1970s.  And right on schedule, we have judges admitting spectral evidence of Trump’s anti-Muslim prejudice into trials, and hysterics in the NCAA are forcing states to let mentally ill men in sundresses make wee-wee in the little girls’ room.  “Social Justice” is as all-encompassing as Puritanism, and since there’s no behavior it can safely leave unregulated, it must necessarily devolve into Matherish insanity.  Elizabeth I didn’t burn her Puritan fanatics; she welcomed them back with open arms, and 100 years later they were destroying her heirs’ country.  We didn’t laugh our neo-Puritan fanatics out of public life when we had the chance; we let them run our media and education industries, and now they’re ripping the country apart.

That’s what happens when you let fringe weirdos start running things.  There’s a lesson here, but it’s a harsh one… too bad we’re going to have to relearn it very soon.

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UK: Seven Habits People Are Most Likely to Judge You For

27th April 2017

Read it.

The top response may or may not come as a surprise to you – people not keeping their trolleys with them in supermarkets:

“Leave their cart in the middle of the damn grocery aisle while they look at stuff on the shelves. MOVE, PEOPLE,” one angry person wrote.

Amen to that.

Many agreed, and it wasn’t just in the aisles that neglected trolleys cause annoyance: “Leave their cart in the middle of an empty parking spot because they can’t be bothered to bring it back,” one person added.

Preach it, brother.

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ISIS Supporter Tried to Bomb Elton John Concert in Hyde Park on 9/11 Anniversary

27th April 2017

Read it.

Everybody’s a critic.

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27th April 2017

Don Boudreaux, a Real Economist, vents about media treatment of the proposed ‘tax reform’.

In recent days I have – likely like you have – heard and read several media reports on Trump’s tax plan (or what we know of it so far).  Nearly all of these reports are juvenile: changes in tax rates are evaluated by the media according to changes in the legal tax liabilities of various groups of people.  For example, Trump’s proposal to cut the top federal personal income-tax rate from 39.6% to 35% is assessed only by its effect on high-income earners.  Specifically, of course, it’s portrayed as a ‘gift’ to high-income earners.  Eliminating the estate tax, as well as the alternative minimum tax, are likewise portrayed as benefits for the rich.

My purpose here isn’t to praise or to pillory Trump’s tax plan; I’ve yet to examine it in any detail.  My purpose, instead, is to lament this popular approach to evaluating taxation.  This approach, as Deirdre McCloskey might say, is that of a lawyer and not that of an economist.  The lawyer focuses on legal liabilities; the economist focuses on systemic consequences, both immediate and ‘seen’ as well as distant and ‘unseen.’

Actually, most of the j-school grads who are bloviating about it on TV aren’t even lawyers — but they have access to lawyers who (a) are mostly Democrats and (b) apparently slept through a lot of law school.

It’s true that if Smith’s last (say) $10,000 of annual income is currently taxed at a rate higher than a proposed new lower rate, Smith is made better off if this proposed lower marginal tax rate becomes reality.  (As an aside, I refuse to go along with the common-in-many-circles description of such a tax cut as a “gift” or a “giveaway” to Smith and other high-income earners.  Smith is the person who earned the income.  It is his property.  This income belongs to Smith.  The government takes it away from him.  For the government to reduce the amount of money that it takes away from Smith is not properly called a giveaway to Smith.  But let’s here say no more about this particular linguistic battering of reality.)

There’s a lot of that going around these days; the presumption that all your income belongs to the government except for whatever they graciously deign to let you keep infects a lot of people beyond the Usual Suspects who want your earnings confiscated because it’s more than they think you deserve.

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Portlandia: City of the Petty, Bankrupt, Vindictive Left

27th April 2017

Read it.

One of the staples of Portland, Oregon—”Portlandia” to TV viewers— is the annual Rose Festival, now in its 82nd year, and it has for several years now featured a kickoff parade, akin to the Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1 every year. But this year’s parade, scheduled for this weekend, has been cancelled. The reason: It was going to include—gasp—Republicans! And this is too much for the hardened left, which threatens to shutdown the parade by violent means if it includes Republicans. And the city of Portland has caved.

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Environmentalists Are Dead Wrong

27th April 2017

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Each year, Earth Day is accompanied by predictions of doom. Let’s take a look at past predictions to determine just how much confidence we can have in today’s environmentalists’ predictions.

In 1970, when Earth Day was conceived, the late George Wald, a Nobel laureate biology professor at Harvard University, predicted, “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” Also in 1970, Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford University biologist and best-selling author of “The Population Bomb,” declared that the world’s population would soon outstrip food supplies. In an article for The Progressive, he predicted, “The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.” He gave this warning in 1969 to Britain’s Institute of Biology: “If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000.” On the first Earth Day, Ehrlich warned, “In 10 years, all important animal life in the sea will be extinct.” Despite such predictions, Ehrlich has won no fewer than 16 awards, including the 1990 Crafoord Prize, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ highest award.

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A Ruling about Nothing

27th April 2017

Andy McCarthy looks at Judge Orrick’s ‘ruling’.

A showboating federal judge in San Francisco has issued an injunction against President Trump’s executive order cutting off federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities. The ruling distorts the E.O. beyond recognition, accusing the president of usurping legislative authority despite the order’s express adherence to “existing law.” Moreover, undeterred by the inconvenience that the order has not been enforced, the activist court — better to say, the fantasist court — dreams up harms that might befall San Francisco and Santa Clara, the sanctuary jurisdictions behind the suit, if it were enforced. The court thus flouts the standing doctrine, which limits judicial authority to actual controversies involving concrete, non-speculative harms.

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Neighborhood Spring Flower Parade Canceled in Portland Due to Antifa Threats of Violence

26th April 2017

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The brownshirts of the Left are on the march. Yet Trump is supposedly the new Hitler.

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You Want Better Beer? Good. Here’s a Better Barley Genome

26th April 2017

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We have the technology.

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A Mastodon Carcass Could Totally Rewrite American History—But There’s Reason to Be Skeptical

26th April 2017

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A new research letter published today in the journal Nature makes a startling claim that, if correct, will rewrite everything we know about how North America was populated.

But in the the words of its own author, Steven Holen, the evidence he and his colleagues discovered “went against everything I’ve ever taught in my career about early humans in North America.”

So clearly it’s reasonable to be skeptical. That’s why we’re breaking down the evidence in this special edition of CSI: Mastodon.

UPDATE: More here.

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Humans in California 130,000 Years Ago?

26th April 2017

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In an announcement sure to spark a firestorm of controversy, researchers say they’ve found signs of ancient humans in California between 120,000 and 140,000 years ago—more than a hundred thousand years before humans were thought to exist anywhere in the Americas.

If the researchers are right, the so-called Cerutti mastodon site could force a rewrite of the story of humankind.

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