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Brussels Police Open Fire at Car During Bomb Scare in Jihadi-Linked Area

8th August 2017

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Brussels police opened fire at a car Tuesday in the neighborhood of Molenbeek after the driver claimed he had explosives packed in the vehicle.

Police chased the suspect after he missed a red light in a German-registered vehicle. He was detained after police fired shots at the wheels of the car to stop his progress. A large area was sealed off as a bomb unit reportedly performed two controlled explosives after the man was arrested.

“When the police arrested him, he claimed to have explosives so not to take any risk, the army has been called in to check,” Ine van Wymersch, a spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutor, told Reuters.

Police later said reported that no explosives were discovered in the vehicle. The suspect was identified as a an Rwandan citizen who police described as “confused.”

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Peter Robinson – Uncommon Knowledge: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the West, Dawa, And Islam

8th August 2017

Read it. And watch the video.


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Nigeria: Mysteries Sort of Revealed

8th August 2017

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The Islamic terrorist problem in the northeast is being sustained in part by competition. Boko Haram has split into two major factions that see each other as rivals, not allies. The two faction leaders spend most of their time staying out of view while trying to rebuild and organize terror attacks designed to attract the most media coverage. The Barnawi faction is recognized by ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) leadership while the Shekau faction (while still claiming to be part of ISIL) is not. Because of this the two factions have been operating quite differently. Barnawi is believed to have established a base in southern Libya, where ISIL still operates and has access to smuggling routes from Libya south (via Niger) to northern Nigeria, Mali and the Atlantic coast. Barnawi is concentrating on training and developing an organization that will last.

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French Minister Warns of ‘Very High’ Terror Threat as 271 ISIS Fighters Return

6th August 2017

Read it.

Then why let them return, you dumb asses?

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

4th August 2017

Why Trump Can’t Trust the Kabul Government

Hyperloop Projects May Be Uniquely Vulnerable to Terrorism  A world full of Muslim jihadis is not a good place for delicate infrastructure.

Australian Community Bans Synagogue Construction Because Terrorists Might Target It

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Reaffirms “Islamic Caliphate” Ambition

The Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Just Took a Big Step to Curb Palestinian Terrorism

Herat attack: Father of Afghan girl robotics team captain killed by Isis suicide bombing Herat mosque

Sophisticated Australian Airplane Bombing Plot a Warning To the West

Father Of Afghan Robotics Team Captain Killed By ISIS Suicide Bombers

Italy Deploys Navy To End Migrant Crisis

Man threatens to blow up Islamic bookshop and ‘kill the Muslims’ in London

Bassel Khartabil Safadi dead: One of Syria’s most famous activists has been executed in prison, widow confirms

Briton who died fighting Isis in Syria ‘killed himself to avoid capture’

‘Three Musketeers’ terror cell may have met with Anjem Choudary days before starting to plan Lee Rigby-style attack

A Killing in Amman Portends More Animosity Between Israel and Jordan

Lawful or Unlawful? Ask the Imam at the Fatwa Kiosk

European Court Stops Germany From Deporting ‘Dangerous’ Islamist

American ISIS Supporter Headed To Prison For 20 Years After Advocating For Death Of US Troops

Palestinian Man Confesses To Killing His Pregnant Jewish Girlfriend

How the Somali Government Is Getting Terrorists to Defect

‘Three Musketeers’ Terror Group Found Guilty Of Plotting Attack On UK Authorities

California CEO Arrested For Smuggling Military Equipment To Syria

Saudi Arabia: Women’s rights activist freed after 104 days of detention without her male guardian

Yemen man convicted of raping and murdering three-year-old girl executed by machine gun

Muslims Form Fundamentalist Biker Gang In Germany  I am not making this up.

The Islamization of History

Woe betide the Kurds of northern Syria when the war is over

Islamic State Supporter Arrested in Basque Country

A Big Bomb in Småland

Malmö: Graduate School for Gunshot-Wound Surgeons

Revealed: Arrested ISIS Terrorists Planned To Gas Everyone On Australian Plane

MP slams decision to ‘release former child sex gang ringleader Mubarek Ali 17 years early’

UK Reportedly Strips 150 Jihadis Of Their Passports

4 Additional Key Terrorists Killed In Drone Strike On ISIS Leader, US Reveals

Isis fighters’ bride reveals horror of life in the so-called caliphate

Australian Police Foil ‘Islamic-Inspired’ Plot To ‘Bring Down An Airplane’

Iraqi Man Identified As Perpetrator In German Nightclub Shooting

Mogadishu explosion: Car bomb leaves ‘at least six’ dead and 20 wounded in Somali capital

The Hamburg Mujahid: A Lone Wolf, and Mentally Unstable

Hamburg attacker who killed one and injured six is ‘known Islamist’ with psychological problems

Muslim radio station shut down after broadcasting 25 hours of lectures by al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki

British man who fought against Isis in Syria is arrested by Turkish authorities over ‘terrorism’

Hamburg attack: One dead and six injured after stabbing in Barmbek supermarket

Israel risks igniting ‘religious war’ over Jerusalem security measures, warns head of Arab League  News flash: There already is a ‘religious war’, which is why the ‘security measures’ are needed.

Iranian Expat in Germany: “The Country is Being Islamized”

France Gives Up On Rehab Center For Jihadis

The Hamburg Mujahid: A Palestinian “Refugee” — And an “Extremist” Known to Police Who Could Not Be Deported

Prayers in the Jordanian Parliament Celebrating Palestinians Who Killed Jews on the Temple Mount

Deadly Knife Jihad at a Hamburg Supermarket

Australia’s Halal Chief Says White Women Need To Be Fertilized By Muslim Men

One Dead, Several Injured In Suspected Terror Attack In Germany

U.S. Islamists Promote Nationwide Protests Despite Israeli Concessions

British Girl Gets Raped By ‘Asian Man,’ Runs For Help, Gets Raped Again By ‘Asian’ Rescuer

Tank DEMOLISHES ISIS Suicide Car Bomb To Contain Fallout [Video]  Undoubtedly American-trained.

Joint US-Afghan Operation Kills Two Al-Qaida Leaders, Captures A Third

Women raped daily by Isis are so damaged they are falling into deep sleeps and not getting up

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The Islamophobia Scam

2nd August 2017

Read it.

Our effort to defend against Islamic terrorism has been cut off at the knees by a ThoughtCrime known as Islamophobia: a dislike of, criticism of, or prejudice against Islam or Muslims. Where did Islamophobia come from? “Islamic law,” observes author and activist Pamela Geller, “considers any critical examination of Islam to be blasphemous and subject to the death penalty.” The term Islamophobia was invented in the 1990s by a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to export Islamic blasphemy laws to the West. Muslim writer Abdur-Rahman Muhammad reveals the original intent behind the concept: “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”

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After Mosul, Rebuilding Iraq Will Be Just as Painful This Time Around

2nd August 2017

Read it.

I’ve got an idea: Why don’t we let the Iraqis and Russians and Iranians and the Turks do that, while we stay home.

It’s never been tried before, but I think it’s worth a shot.

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Palestinian Who Murdered Jewish Family Now Entitled to $3,100 A Month

1st August 2017

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On July 21, 19-year-old terrorist Omar al-Abed broke into the residence of a Jewish family in Halamish, a settlement in the West Bank, and proceeded to slaughter Yosef Salomon, his daughter Chaya and his son Elad.

As a consequence, the terrorist is now entitled to be paid upward of $3,120 per month, courtesy of Palestinian and Canadian taxpayers.

Critics say the Canadian government is sponsoring the payout through their enrollment in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

The UNRWA finances the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), an organization that has been making financial payments to Palestinian terrorists since 1965, when Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat established the Society for the Care of Families of Martyrs (SAMED).

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Media Yawn as California Imams Say ‘Annihilate’ the Jews

29th July 2017

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Apparently only “Islamophobic news organizations” found it newsworthy when left-leaning Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned the July 21 remarks of a California imam named Ammar Shahin at the Islamic Center of Davis, right across the street from the University of California-Davis. Shahin, speaking in English and Arabic, prayed to Allah to “liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem] from the filth of the Jews” and to “annihilate them down to the very last one. Do not spare any of them.”

When exposed for his Friday prayer invoking for a righteous massacre, Shahin and his mosque offered a ludicrous defense. The Middle East Media Research Institute, which took the sermon from the mosque’s website and translated the Arabic, was accused of deliberately misinterpreting the remarks. His apologists claimed the imam did not say he wanted Allah to “annihilate” all the Jews, but the actual word was “destroy,” which somehow was not a call to violence, but merely a “supplication that is generally used against oppressors.”

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Hamburg Supermarket Attack Leaves One Dead

28th July 2017

Read it.

One person has been killed and four others injured in a knife attack in a Hamburg supermarket, German police say.

Gee, I wonder what his motive might have been?

There are unconfirmed reports that he shouted “Allahu akhbar”, Arabic for “God is great” while attacking people. Armed police are at the scene.

Bild newspaper published a photo of a man purported to be the attacker covered in blood and said he began wildly striking at shoppers before being stopped.

Gee, it’s just so puzzling why people do these things.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

28th July 2017

Al Aqsa mosque: Police ban men under 50 from prayers at Jerusalem’s holiest site

Coalition airstrikes ‘kill founder of Isis Amaq news agency’ and other senior media figures

Culture-Enricher Torches Asylum Center in Kramfors

Al Aqsa mosque: Palestinians clash with Israeli security forces at Jerusalem holy site

Woman vows to ‘kill all Muslims’ during supermarket car park dispute

Authorities ‘missed opportunities’ to stop two teenage brothers from Brighton joining al-Qaeda in Syria

‘Less Than 2000’ ISIS Fighters Remain As US-Backed Fighters Close In On ISIS Capital

German Court Gives States The Right To Deport Suspected Terrorists

Pakistani Village Orders Rape Of Teen Girl For Brother’s Crime

Isis is regrouping for battle after losing Mosul and Raqqa, warn Libyan forces

Benjamin Netanyahu vows to remove Al Jazeera from Israel ‘for inciting violence’

Time to Stop Anti-Semitic Incitement in American Mosques

A Palestinian Victory at the Temple Mount

Marine Veteran Fighting For Kurds Against ISIS In Syria Dies

Taliban claim they killed three US Marines in night time assault on Afghan National Security base

Iranian TV host who promotes Islamic dress code sparks backlash for drinking beer without hijab

Egyptian tank crew crushes car bomb ‘to save 50 people’

Teenage girl charged with ‘arranging to receive weapons from Isis’ for UK terror attack

Palestinians continue protest at Jerusalem holy site despite Israeli attempts to diffuse growing ‘Temple Mount’ crisis

Spanish Cop Knocks Out Knife-Wielding Man Seconds After He Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ [VIDEO]

Hamas declared a terrorist organisation by the European Court of Justice  Took ’em long enough.

A School for “Refugee” Scandal

Hannover: Moroccan Rapist Let Off Lightly — He Had PTSD

Wasserman Schultz’s IT Aide Arrested At Airport After Transferring $300k To Pakistan From House Office

California Imam: ‘Annihilate’ Filthy Jews

Meet the LGBT anarchists who’ve gone to Syria to fight Isis  Better be quick about it.

Saudi Curriculum Still Promotes Radicalization, Former Congressman Testifies

German Girl Who Fled Home To Join ISIS Found In Mosul

This Video Shows The Insider Attack That Killed Three US Soldiers In Jordan [VIDEO]

Turkish President Erdogan calls on all Muslims to ‘protect’ Jerusalem holy site known as Temple Mount and Noble Sanctuary

Knife-Wielding Man Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ As He Attacks Spanish Police Officer

French Villagers Build Wall To Stop Migrants From Moving In

‘The Queer Insurrection’: Coalition forces fighting Isis in Syria form first LGBT unit  I predict that this will end badly.

Pakistani village council orders nine-year-old girl to marry man to settle kidnapping dispute

‘Isis’ fighters blindfolded and shot dead by Libyan forces in mass execution video

Turkish MP says ‘no use in teaching maths to a child who doesn’t know jihad’

Indian Muslim woman ‘raped and murdered in honour killing’ after starting relationship with Arab man

Churchill, Hitler, and Islam

Algerian Journalist on Muslims: “Stupidity is Incidentally Deeply-Anchored and Rooted in Us”

Culture-Enriching Street Warfare in Catania

ISIS Supporter Sentenced To 30 Years For Trying To Blow Up Bomb At Kansas Military Base

‘I was raped everyday’: Yazidi girl speaks of horrors of being held as Isis sex slave

US Backed Fighters Now ‘Control 40 Percent’ Of ISIS Capital

Dead ISIS Terrorists Lie Frozen In Libyan Morgue: Report

Taliban Blow Dozens Sky High As Terror Group Sweeps Across Country

Kabul suicide bombing kills at least 24 and leaves 40 injured

The Violent Guardians of Chechen Women’s Virtue — In Berlin

Of Course the Turks Built Germany — What Other Explanation is Possible?

Suicide bombing kills 24, injures 18 more in Afghan capital

Two men charged over suspected ‘honour killing’ of teenager whose body was found in London fridge

‘Israeli man injured and Jordanian suspect killed’ after reported attack at Israeli embassy in Amman

Women across Middle East demand end to ‘marry your rapist’ laws

Teenage German Girl Lured By ISIS Arrested In Mosul

Abbas Pay-for-Slay Program Claims Three Members of a Family Celebrating the Birth of a Child

American soldier charged with trying to pass classified military documents to Isis

Women burn burqas and men shave beards to celebrate liberation from Isis in Syria

Interpol ‘circulates list of Isis fighters who may try to reach Europe’

West Bank attack: Three Israelis stabbed to death amid day of violent clashes

Muslim acid attack victim abused online after she leaves hospital

Teenager’s body found in fridge in suspected London honour killing

I may be a cop, but I still won’t touch the hand of a filthy kafir woman!

JIHAD TO BE KIDDING! ISIS beast in escape bid dressed as GIRL

Report: 173 ISIS Fighters Trained To Attack Europe

Growing Anti-Semitism in Culturally Enriched Berlin Schools

Meet the Mullahs: Pakistan’s Neighborhood Islamist Evangelists

Why Islam’s Reformers Are Vitally Important  Like unicorns.

Hawaii grand jury indicts US soldier on terrorism charges for trying to aid ISIS

Palestinian Breaks Into Home, Stabs Three Israelis To Death

Four Dead, More Than 190 Wounded In ‘Day Of Rage’ Clashes Across Israel  When isn’t it a Day of Rage in Israel?

Syrian army and Hezbollah launch attack near Lebanese border

National Counterterrorism Center Head: Many If Not Most Foreign ISIS Fighters Will Fight To The Death For The Caliphate  And we encourage them to do so.

Iran Jails 12 Christians In Less Than 2 Months

Treasury Slaps ISIS Fighter With Sanctions  I’ll bet he’s worried.

An Intellectual Reset On Terrorist Doctrines

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The Libyan Coast Guard Stops the Migrants, and the EU Picks up the Tab

27th July 2017

Read it.

The following report from Spiegel TV follows the actions of a patrol boat for the Libyan Coast Guard as it interdicts migrants in its territorial waters and deals with NGO ships that are trying to “rescue” the “refugees”.

According to the report, the EU is paying Libya to stop the migrants. But the European policy seems quite incoherent, since the EU is also encouraging the migrants to come, and protecting the NGOs that ferry them to Italian ports. Could this be a case of different factions within the EU working against each other?

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Jordan Holds Israeli Diplomat Hostage After Terrorist Attack

24th July 2017

Read it.

An Israeli security official is being held hostage in Jordan after he shot and killed a terrorist who tried to stab him with a screwdriver on Sunday. Even though the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, ratified by both Jordan and Israel, specifically exempts the official from all criminal and civil charges, Jordanian authorities have opted to violate the international accord and demand that the official be handed over for questioning by the local police. He is currently in the Israeli embassy in Amman, which is surrounded by Jordanian soldiers and police.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

21st July 2017

Number Of Potential Terrorists In Germany Continues To Grow

Israeli police ban Muslim men aged under 50 from Friday prayers in Jerusalem

Turkey ‘Determined to Build an Aircraft Carrier’

Palestinians Attack Israeli Police At Jerusalem Holy Site, Hamas Calls For Religious War

The Palestinian Mountain of Hate

Donald Trump urged to intervene in case of Saudi student facing execution for protesting the Kingdom’s rulers

Former Isis ‘sex slave’ returns home to northern Iraq take revenge on the group

The Torcy-Cannes Gang and the Problem of Anti-Semitic Islamist Violence in France

NYT: It’s racist to not let immigrate Cousin Abdul’s father-in-law’s nephew’s four wives/cousins and their 23 inbred Special Needs children

Turkey’s state-run news publishes locations of previously unknown US bases in northern Syria

‘Iran Remains Foremost State Sponsor Of Terrorism,’ US Declares

Former London postman charged with murdering Syrian captives in Isis mass execution

Canadian Islamist Groups Lose Charity Status Over Potential Militant Financing

30 Percent Of European-Born ISIS Fighters Are Returning To Their Homes, US Believes  Lucky us.

The massacre of Mosul: 40,000 feared dead in battle to take back city from Isis as scale of civilian casualties revealed

Turkey Spills Out Secret Details Of US Troop Locations

Two Canadian Women Reported Captured Fighting For ISIS In Mosul

Yemen civil war: 20 civilians including women and children ‘killed in Saudi-led air strike,’ UN says

Water thrown at terrified Muslim women in ‘fake acid attack hate crime’ outside Southampton mosque

Nobel winner Malala Yousafzai speaks out against Boko Haram in Nigeria  As if that ever helped.

Turkey’s new school curriculum drops evolution and will teach concept of jihad

Saudi Arabian woman who wore miniskirt in viral video has been arrested, state television claims

Christian Refugees Flee Islamic Persecution In Greek Refugee Camps, Seeking Asylum

Is Turkey Headed for Another Coup?

Hannover: Moroccan Culture-Enricher on Trial for Raping 7-Months-Pregnant Woman

US student sentenced to 10 years in Iranian prison after being convicted of espionage  Kid’s Asian, so nobody cares.

Egyptian Police Ambush, Shoot Upstart Terror Leaders In Cairo

US, British volunteers battle ISIS in Syria’s Raqqa

Taliban Slaughtering ‘Record’ Number Of Civilians As Afghan War Slides Into Ruin

16-year-old German girl who ran away to join Isis ‘rescued alive’ from Mosul rubble

Muslim attacked by knife-wielding robber in mosque calms him down and makes him breakfast

Christian man ‘kills teenage daughter over relationship with Muslim prisoner’ in Israel

Nets Ignore American Sentenced in Iran, But Cover Drowning Deer

Two Iranians Charged With Hacking Vermont Software Company

EU votes to slow sales of rubber rafts to Libya in response to migrant crisis

Marines Help Afghan Army Seize Helmand District From Taliban

First a Biker, Then a Muslim, and Then an Undercover Agent for the PET

Muslim Brotherhood Leads Calls for “Intifada” Against Israel

Muslim School In UK Has Books That Say Men Can Rape Their Wives

Taliban seen with SCAR rifle commonly carried by American commandos

Netanyahu To Macron: Political Islam Seeks To Destroy The West

Converts and Jihad

The Real Jihadist Threat No One Is Watching

Saudi girl draws fire by posting Snapchat video of herself wearing a miniskirt in public online

Muslim council secretary general ‘forced to resign’ after attending gay son’s wedding

Jordanian Soldier Sentenced To Life Of Hard Labor After Killing Green Berets

Marines aid Afghan forces in recapture of strategic district

#NotAllMuslims Riot, Assault Women At German Town Festival

Italy Delays Plans To Give Citizenships To 800,000 Children Of Immigrants

Israeli shooting range offers tourists chance to shoot down targets designed to look like Palestinians

Egypt: One person killed and at least 19 injured as Nile Island squatters clash with Cairo police

Syrian Hairdresser Who Slit His Boss’s Throat “Began to Talk About Allah More and More”

A mini-Cologne in a small German city

Anti-Migrant Party Becomes More Popular In Austria

‘We Will Rip The Heads Off Those Traitors:’ Turkish President Doubles Down One Year After Failed Coup

We will cut their heads off’: Erdogan vows bloody vengeance against plotters at huge rally to mark failed coup anniversary  How Islamic.

Israeli forces shoot dead suspected Palestinian militant in West Bank gunfight

Muslim school where library books said husbands could beat wives to be taken over by Government

Italy Considers ‘Nuclear Option’ To Ease Growing Migrant Crisis

Israel reopens Jerusalem holy site after deadly attack on police officers

Egypt knife attacker ‘sat and spoke with two victims in fluent German’

Viennese Woman Assaulted by Somali — For Owning Dogs

President Erdogan vows to behead ‘traitors’ on first anniversary of failed Turkey coup

I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling

Turkey dismisses 7,400 more police, soldiers and public sector workers a year after failed coup

New Afghanistan Doll Teaches Young Boys How To Respect Women  Yeah, that’ll work.

Mosul: ‘Isis militants’ thrown off cliff and shot after Iraqi forces liberate city

Erdogan Marks Anniversary Of Coup Attempt By Firing Thousands Of Employees

Terrorists Murder Two Israeli Police Officers in Shooting Attack on Temple Mount

Pentagon: U.S. forces kill ISIS leader in Afghanistan

Churches In Egypt Halt All Activities For Remainder Of July Amid Terror Threat

House Rejects Proposal For Pentagon To Study Violent Strains Of Islam

US Soldier, ISIS Supporter Believed Hitler Was Right And Moon Landings Were Fake

Watch Israeli Police Engage In A Shootout With Arab Terrorists In Jerusalem [VIDEO]

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More Cultural Enrichment for Italy: AIDS from Nigeria?

20th July 2017

Read it.

According to a politician from an Italian nationalist party, the flood of migrants into Italy brings with it a significant risk of AIDS and other serious contagion.

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Showdown at the Brenner Pass?

20th July 2017

Read it.

We’ve featured several articles in the news feed about the Italian threat to give visas to hundreds of thousands of “refugees” and send them to its northern borders. The following report from an Austrian perspective indicates that an Italian migrant-aid NGO — the Italian Refugee Council — is behind the threats, rather than the Italian government.

Italy must really suck if people prefer to go to Austria. (Kind of like France and Britain. What do they know that we don’t know?)


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Are We Seeing the Sparks of a Holy War in Jerusalem?

19th July 2017

Read it.

Oh, say it ain’t so.

The faithful leaving Jerusalem’s al Aqsa mosque yesterday evening were thrilled for the after-party. Marching on and around Temple Mount, they chanted cheerful slogans like “We will sacrifice our lives for al-Aqsa,” “We will die as martyrs,” “There’s going to be another Intifadah,” and “There’s nothing like killing soldiers.” More than a few were throwing rocks and glass bottles at the Israeli police officers stationed nearby. Among the rioters was Ekrima Sa’id Sabri, the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a popular preacher in al Aqsa, and a Holocaust denier who energized the crowd with talk of holy war.

To what do we owe this pleasure? To hear the mob tell it, the violence was a legitimate expression of outrage sparked by Israel’s decision to install metal detectors at the entrance to the holy site. And Israel, you may recall, installed metal detectors at the entrance to the holy site after three Palestinian terrorists opened fire there Friday morning, killing two Israeli police officers who happened to be Druze. As David Horovitz put it crudely but poignantly, “Arabs killed Arabs at a holy place, the Jews are trying to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, and the Arab world is furious with the Jews about it.”

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‘Miraculous’ Drop in Illegal Immigration Under Trump, Border Agent Says

17th July 2017

Read it.

The Wall seems to be working.

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More Than Just Revenge: Why Isis Fighters Are Being Thrown Off Buildings in Mosul

17th July 2017

Read it.

Perhaps just shooting them would be cultural appropriation.

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Run, Hide, Perish – Survival Do’s and Don’ts From Across the Pond

17th July 2017

Read it.

Because nothing sparks fear in terrorists like running and hiding.

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Should it Be a Crime to Hurt Allah’s Feelings?

17th July 2017

Jim Goad is not afraid to ask the hard questions.

Is there any evidence in the past 50 years of anyone, anywhere being charged with a “hate crime” for mocking Christianity? If there is, I haven’t seen it. I can’t recall anyone ever getting slapped with a hate-crime enhancement for insulting Christianity. If you make jokes about Jesus, you’re more likely to get offers from Hollywood than you are criminal charges.

Yet over the world, people are being dragged into court for the crime of hurting Allah’s feelings. I’m not quite sure how Allah is able to handle all of the verbal abuse. It must take a toll on him, you know? And since he’s obviously helpless, he needs his supporters to defend him.

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Islamic Terror in Europe: The Statistics

15th July 2017

Read it.

The following analysis from Denmark uses statistics published by the European Union to demonstrate which political or religious group is responsible for most deadly terrorist attacks in Europe. The conclusion is no surprise to Gates of Vienna readers, but perhaps the average Danish viewer is not as aware of the magnitude of Islamic terrorism in the West.

One statistic presented in this video made me curious: the fact that 95% of those killed in terror attacks in 2016 were killed by Muslim terrorists. Five percent of 142 is seven, so seven people were killed in non-Muslim terror attacks in 2016. I’m not doubting the authenticity of this figure, but do you remember those attacks? Because I don’t. The Finsbury Park Mosque attack didn’t occur until this year. I can’t remember any other recent deadly non-Muslim attacks. Did the Black Block, Antifa, or UAF actually manage to kill someone in 2016 during their looting and burning? Or is some of the violence in Ukraine perhaps included in these numbers?

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

14th July 2017

Iraqi fighter known as ‘the Lion of Mosul’ kills six Isis jihadis in covert operation

Jerusalem shooting: Two Israeli police officers killed in Palestinian attack near holy site known as Temple Mount and Noble Sanctuary

Sweden Strengthens Crackdown On Illegal Migrants

US, Somali forces raid rebel-held village, killing several al-Shabaab fighters, official says

Victory Over ISIS In Mosul ‘Will Be Taught For Years To Come’

In New Low, Amnesty Stands Up for ISIS

Videos appear to show Iraqi troops killing Mosul detainees

Power Without Responsibility — Kassem Hejeij And Hezbollah’s Illicit Financial Network

Turkey coup anniversary: Erdogan says he will lift emergency rule only when ‘we no longer need to fight terrorism’

Mosul’s Sunni residents face mass persecution as Isis ‘collaborators’

Malaysian state introduces public canings for those who break Sharia law

Saudi Arabia executes four men over attacks on police in restive Qatif peninsula

Silencing Reports About Muslim Rapists Is Sweden’s Suicide

Culture-Enricher Devastates a Church in Warsaw

More than 20,000 Ahmadiyya Muslims attended a three-day Canada convention denouncing Islamist terrorism

UK residents donate thousands of pounds a year to Islamist extremist organisations, Home Office reveals

Iran Air appoints first female CEO

The Taliban Is Kidnapping Kids And Blowing Them Up

Luke Rutter: British man killed fighting Isis in Syria

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi: Isis leader killed, says Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

It’s Time for the U.S. to Stop Paying for Palestinian Terrorism

I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling.

Immigration And Islamists

Muslim Mom Who Killed Her Infant Gets Probation

Islamic Radicalization in the Military Surfaces Again

ISIS Tried To Lure Troops Into Suicide Bomber ‘Wave’ With Phony Surrender Offer

Syrian Observatory For Human Rights Claims ISIS Leader Has Been Killed

European Court of Human Rights upholds Belgium’s ban on burqas and full-face Islamic veils

‘First’ Muslim same-sex marriage takes place in UK

FBI: US soldier pledged allegiance to Islamic State group

Outcry as Saudi Arabia executes six people in one day to bring 2017 death penalty total to 44

Ohio Man Conspired To Support Terrorists And Paid To Have Judge Murdered

U.S.-led coalition says Iraqi forces have retaken all of Mosul from ISIS

‘Girls’ Clothes Are The Gateway To Rape,’ According To Yemeni Sheikh  Funny how those rapists tend to turn out to be Muslims.

“Dawlati Baqiya”: New Nasheed from the Islamic State’s Ajnad Media

How to Depoliticize Palestinian Refugee Status

Chilling footage captures female suicide bomber cradling baby moments before she blows them both up

AFGHANISTAN: The Land Of A Thousand Factions

Liberal Muslim Leaders Fear Their Safety For Protesting Terrorism  Gee, I wonder why.

Iran Using US Victories Over ISIS To Control Middle East

Al-Shabab terrorists behead nine civilians in Kenya, officials say

Al-Qaida Beheads 9 As Anti-Terror Battles Heat Up

Facebook Official Travels To Pakistan After Man Sentenced To Death For Posting ‘Blasphemous’ Content

Muslim radio station suspended for broadcasting al-Qaeda recruiter’s speeches during Ramadan

The Problem In Afghanistan Is Pakistan

Cardiff imam jailed for 13 years after abusing girls during mosque Quran lessons

Muslim Who Praised Terror Attacks Arrested After Lying To US Military

Killer Khadr Walks Away With The Cash  I’d prefer $10 million to 72 virgins — who wouldn’t?

Sinai suicide bomb: At least ten Egyptian soldiers killed in attack

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A Target-Spotter for Antifa in Hamburg?

14th July 2017

Read it.

It’s been a busy summer for award-winning Swedish journalists.

The first one in the news was admittedly “Swedish” rather than Swedish, a mischievous Algerian named Farid Ikken who attacked police officers with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on June 6. Mr. Ikken got ventilated by the cops for his trouble, but survived, and will eventually face whatever passes for justice in Modern Multicultural France.

The second prize-winning Swedish journalist is an authentic Swede, a blond and presumably blue-eyed fellow named Mathias Wåg. To put it in a nutshell, last week, during the G20 riots in Hamburg, Mr. Wåg appeared to be acting as a target-spotter for Antifa. Based on the videos of those smoky events, he seemed to be consulting with various activists, pointing out journalists who needed to be beaten up.

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Trump Personally Ensures Afghan Girls Gain Entry to US for Robot Olympics

13th July 2017

Read it.

Will the Islamophobia never cease? Oh, wait….

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The Deep Pockets Behind the Migrant “Rescue” Industry

11th July 2017

Read it.

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On Islam, “Islamism”, and Academic Straitjackets

9th July 2017

Read it.

There is no evidence of any significant population of “moderate” Muslims anywhere in the world. Take, for example, the recent “Dozen-Muslim March Against Terror” in Germany, where only a couple of hundred people showed up — and the vast majority of those were native German Gutmenschen, and not Muslims.

There has never been an instance when thousands of Muslims took to the streets to protest against “Islamism”. Not a single one. The only time thousands of Muslims take to the streets is to protest some perceived slight committed by the kuffar. Or to denounce Israel’s treatment of the “Palestinians”. Or when someone draws a cartoon of Mohammed — then hundreds of thousands of Muslims take to the streets. Not only carrying banners and chanting slogans, but also burning cars and buildings, looting businesses, and assaulting people, sometimes with fatal consequences. And what do the “moderates” say about such events? Not a peep, at least not from more than a handful.

There may be a fair number of Muslims who hold “moderate” opinions, who think that Islam should not be spread by the sword, contrary to its core scriptures. Who object to the killing of apostates — also required by its core scriptures. Who think that a woman’s legal testimony should carry more than half the weight of a man’s — despite the fact that all major schools of Islamic law, Sunni and Shi’ite, state that requirement plainly.

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Democrats Bring the H8: Linda Sarsour’s Jihad

7th July 2017

Read it.

Did Linda Sarsour really call for jihad against Donald Trump? In a speech she delivered to the Islamic Society of North America last weekend, she said:

I hope that … when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East or on the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.

Sure sounds like it.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

7th July 2017

Ohio man pleads guilty to trying to help Islamic State group

Yazidi teenager captured by Isis says they were planning ‘big, big attack’ on Europe

Ohio Man Pleads Guilty For Providing Support To ISIS

Prosecutors: Man who wanted jihad tried to join US military

109 Terror Convictions In UK Since 2014

ISIS Fighters Hiding Behind Wives, Children In Last Stand

Iranians Arrest Christians On ‘Blasphemy’ Charges

Poll: Poland Would Rather Leave The EU Than Take In More Refugees

Iraqi Commander: 300 ISIS Fighters Left In Mosul

Austria deploys armed tanks to prevent flux of migrants crossing border

British actor Michael Enright quits Hollywood to fight Isis in Syria

The Third Mohammedan Invasion

ISIS Fighters Shaving Beards To Escape Mosul Undetected

US Special Forces Have Taken Out 50 ISIS Leaders Since Trump Became President

ISIS Uses Children’s Swing Set To Execute Hostages

German Intel Agency Says Hundreds Of Jihadis Arrived Among Refugees  My, what a surprise.

Iraqi male model brutally killed in Baghdad ‘because of his good looks’

Iraq declares the end of Isis on third anniversary of declaration of caliphate

Mob kills Rohingya Muslim with bricks in street attack as violence against group intensifies in Burma

The Islamic State of Al-Qaeda

Killer Of U.S. Soldier To Get Apology And $10 Million From Trudeau Government

Teenager who plotted terrorist attacks across London on 9/11 anniversary jailed for life

Austria Ready To Deploy Soldiers To Stop Migrant Influx

Israel Suing Family Of Terrorist Who Killed 4 IDF Soldiers In Landmark Case

Navy SEAL: ISIS Is Gunning Down Pregnant Women And Babies

#NotAllMuslims Jailed For Plotting To Bomb Elton John Concert

Number Of Islamist Extremists In Sweden Grows Tenfold In Seven Years  Letting Muslims into your country will do that.

Student Union President: Oppress White People, Make Koran Required Reading For ‘Islamic Takeover’

Suicide bomber dressed as woman kills 14 in Iraq refugee camp

ISIS Fighter Dresses As A Woman To Bomb Refugees

‘Eight injured’ in shooting outside French mosque  Apparently there is no French equivalent for ‘white guilt’.

Damascus car bomb: At least 18 dead after suicide bombers lead police on chase through Syrian capital

Tunisian in Austria Murders Elderly Couple to Teach the FPÖ a Lesson

‘We Won’t Be Able To Handle It Any Longer:’ Italy Mulls Shutdown On Arrival Of Migrant Boats

East London acid attack: When Muslims are the victims, we refuse to call it terrorism

Study: European Muslims Perpetrate Disproportionate Number of Anti-Semitic Attacks  My, what a surprise.

Isis has ‘fallen’ in Iraq and is now hanging on by a thread in its last stronghold

Radio Show Suspended After Host Says That Women Can Beat Their Drunk Husbands

Man jailed for hitting Muslim woman in the face with bacon

Woman held at Heathrow on suspicion of preparing terrorist attack

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The Latest Trend in Denmark: Long-Distance Beheading?

5th July 2017

Read it.

Here’s the latest prank by those mischievous “youths” in Denmark: long-distance beheading. The young scamps hoped to execute a traditional decapitation without having to lay a hand on a scimitar or get blood on their Nikes. Their apparent plan was truly demonic, and tragedy was only averted by sheer luck.

It makes you wonder: don’t Muslims use the bike path? Or did the word go out through culture-enricher networks not to travel down that particular path on that particular night? Or did the perpetrators simply not care who encountered their trap?

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George Soros, Inc.: Catastrophe Tourism at the Serbo-Hungarian Border

3rd July 2017

Read it.

Readers who have been around for a while will remember the scenes at the border between Hungary and Serbia in the late summer of 2015, after the Hungarian government closed the border crossings. Masses of refugees — aided by various NGOs — rioted outside the new barriers, throwing rocks and bottles at Hungarian police in their attempts to crash the border.

Now it seems the Gutmenschen are already nostalgic for those heady days of dead babies on the beach and “welcome refugees” signs at the railway stations. Never averse to cashing in on an opportune trend, the George Soros conglomerate has organized tourist excursions to the Hungarian border to revisit the great battlefields of 2015.

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Abdallah Won’t Assimilate!

30th June 2017

Read it.

Abdallah Zekri is the director of the Islamophobia Observatory (l’observatoire de l’islamophobie) for an organization called the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (Le Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France, CCIF). CCIF’s observatory is similar to that of the OIC — it monitors and records anything done by the kuffar that Muslims don’t like, and then makes loud complaints about it, taking legal action whenever possible.

He is a prominent public figure among Muslims in France, and reportedly has the ear of the new president, Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron.

In the interview below, you’ll hear Mr. Zekri discuss the integration or assimilation of Muslims into French culture, and how much he holds that concept in contempt.

The allegiance of Muslims is the the Ummah, the Dar al-Harb, and not to whatever country they may happen to be residing in.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

30th June 2017

Beaten and Nearly Blinded by Culture-Enrichers on the Beach in Lucerne

Man Tries To Drive Car Into Crowd Of Muslims Outside Paris Mosque

Italy’s EU Ambassador Says No To More Migrants  And about time, too.

Pentagon: ‘Rookie’ ISIS Fighters Are Accidentally Blowing Themselves Up In Mosul

Israel Gets Blamed For When Palestinian Men Beat Their Wives

Iran Tested a Ballistic Missile by Shooting it at a Star of David  Of course they did.

Duterte Orders Troops To Fire On Civilians If It Means They Can Kill More Terrorists

Professors Spin Anti-Semitic Conspiracies at Cal State-Fresno

Paris to Build a ‘Wall’ Around Eiffel Tower as Terrorism Becomes Mundane in Europe

Yazidi Politician Reports ISIS Fed a Starving Prisoner Her Own Baby

Iraqis fight house to house for costly victory in Mosul

Narrative On Killing Of Muslim Girl Crumbles As New Details Emerge Of Alleged Killer

Austrian Defense Minister Warns EU Of The ‘Islamization’ Of The Balkans

Military Discovers The Decapitated Bodies Of Filipino Civilians Butchered By ISIS Militants

Isis fed baby to its mother and raped a 10-year-old girl to death in front of family, Iraqi MP claims

Iran Week: Hezbollah’s Environmental Warriors

America and India Tackle Terror, While Canada Plays Identity Politics

ISIS Fighters Return To Europe, Complain About Job Rejections

Terrorism Evolving and on the Rise in Europe, Expert Tells House Panel

North Carolina Wannabe Terrorist Sentenced To Life In Prison

Islamic State counterattacks in retaken parts of Mosul stall Iraq push

ISIS Fighters Ravaging Southern Philippines Turn Hostages Into Sex Slaves  Of course. It’s what they do.

‘Get Out or We Will Kill You’: Jewish Students Allege Censorship and Harassment in Campus Lawsuit

Saudi religious police return to streets of Riyadh

ISIS Is Pushing America and the Philippines Back Together

US-backed forces seize new district from Islamic State in Raqqa

Islamic State fighters launch counterattacks in west Mosul neighborhood

Man Freed From Al-Qaida After Five Brutal Years

Jordan To Strike ‘Marry The Rapist’ Law That Allows Offenders To Shirk Penalties

Ramadan Death Toll Tops Out At Nearly 300

ISIS Deploys Young ‘Cubs Of The Caliphate’ To Execute Prisoners

Mosul: Wave of Isis suicide bomb attacks fail to stop Iraqi army’s final assault onto the Old City

Liberal mosque founder vows to keep it open despite Egyptian fatwa and death threats

Reflection on Al Minya’s Bus Attack: How Massacre Leads to Sharia Law

Ohio Government And Local New York Town Websites Hacked By Pro-ISIS Group

CIA Director: Iran Still World’s Top Terror Sponsor  Jimmy Carter’s decision to dump the Shah has cost us all dearly.

Istanbul Pride: Turkish riot police fire rubber bullets at LGBT marchers

Saudi Arabia donates $67 million to tackle cholera epidemic in Yemen

ISIS Claims Major Terror Attacks Across Half A Dozen Countries During Ramadan

The secret lives of young IS fighters

Anti-Extremist Muslim Turns ‘Identity Politics’ On its Head, Vows To Sue SPLC

Iraq forces help hundreds of civilians escape Isis-held Mosul as UN warns of ‘unimaginable’ risk to life

Iranian protesters unveil countdown showing 8,411 days ‘to the destruction of Israel’

Saudi Arabia says it has foiled Ramadan terror plot to blow up Mecca Grand Mosque

Turkey rejects Saudi Arabia and allies’ demands to shut down Qatar air base

Woman assaulted on crowded bus ‘for wearing shorts during Ramadan’

Al Quds Day: Protesters burn flags and chant ‘death to Israel’ at annual rallies held across Iran

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Gulf of Aqaba Treaty: a Saudi Repudiation of the Camp David Accords

30th June 2017

Read it.

After more than a year of a heated debate, Egypt finally ceded two small Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia, giving KSA control over the Straits of Tiran and the Gulf of Aqaba. These waterways separate the Sinai Peninsula from the Arabian mainland and portions of the coastline are owned by Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Giving ownership of Tiran and Sanafir Islands and control of the gulf and straits to Saudi Arabia is a strategic mistake and a security threat for five reasons.

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Mohammad Will Style Your Hair — And Slit Your Throat

29th June 2017

Read it.

Mohammad Hussain Rashwani is a Syrian “refugee” who came to Germany for a better life. He is a skilled hairstylist, and found employment working for a woman who owns a hair salon in Herzberg. He did so well that he was touted as a model of successful “integration” in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Yesterday there was a little integration glitch: Mohammad was unable to resist emulating his namesake, and slit his employer’s throat.

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British Van Driver Dies After Migrants Block Road

29th June 2017

Read it.

A British van driver died in a massive crash a week ago after migrants placed tree trunks on the highway to stop motorists in an attempt to get a ride from France into the United Kingdom, Breitbart News reports.

When the van was unable to slow down before the barrier, it caught fire and the driver was killed. Nine Eritrean migrants have been arrested, suspected of planting the wooden blockade, and are now in police custody.

Makes you wonder where the French police are in all this. (And why they’re so desperate to get to Britain — France must be pretty bad. Or maybe the French just don’t play the ‘poor little refugee’ game.)

The presence of migrants has not only hurt truckers financially, but their jobs are becoming increasingly precarious. HGV drivers have cited a newfound “gauntlet of intimidation and fear” of transporting goods to Britain. Migrants armed with baseball bats, iron bars, and even guns have made the French Calais region extremely treacherous.

Does France even have police in this area? Doesn’t sound like it. Maybe Brexit ought to have come several years ago, before the Channel Tunnel was built.

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Italy Threatens to Close Its Ports as Migrant Situation Spirals Out of Control

28th June 2017

Read it.

Italy has threatened to close its ports for foreign ships as the migrant situation in the Mediterranean sea has become “unsustainable.”

More than 77,000 migrants have arrived in Italy so far in 2017, an increase of 14 percent compared to 2016. The government is now accusing the European Union of “looking the other way” instead of offering support.

“Italy has reached saturation point,” an unnamed government source told Reuters. “The idea of blocking humanitarian ships flying foreign flags from returning to Italian ports has been discussed.”


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Immigrant Child Enters Spain by Hanging Under a Bus for Over 140 Miles

27th June 2017

Read it.

I think that ought to qualify him for a green card or whatever the Spanish use.

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Eight UAE Princesses Convicted in Belgium Over ‘Inhumane’ Treatment of Servants

27th June 2017

Read it.

Will the Islamophobia never cease?

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Aspiring Model and Cousin Suffer Unprovoked Acid Attack at Traffic Lights in East London

27th June 2017

Read it.

An aspiring model and her cousin were celebrating her 21st birthday when they had acid thrown their faces.

Guess that ethnic group!

Resham Khan was out driving with 37-year-old Jameel Muhktar, when they suffered an unprovoked attack at traffic lights in Beckton, East London.

Unprovoked! What a puzzler!

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

23rd June 2017

US airstrike kills al-Qaida commander, 2 others, in Yemen

FBI Nabs Would-Be ISIS Terrorist In Sting Operation

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead: ‘Highly likely’ Isis leader killed in airstrike, Russian foreign ministry claims

Afghanistan car bomb: At least 26 killed and 50 wounded following explosion in Lashkar Gah

ISIS-Linked Militants Storm Filipino School, Take Hostages

Book Review of Ibn Warraq: The Islam in Islamic Terrorism

Half Of Muslim Minors In Austria Hold Anti-Semitic Views, According To New Poll  My, what a surprise.

ISIS Warns Russia: You’re Next

Isis blows up famous Grand al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, where caliphate was declared

Death of Isis’ chief cleric in US air strike throws group into crisis

In Detroit: “Allahu Akhbar” and Then a Knife to the Neck

Belgian Officials: Failed Brussels Bomber Hailed From Jihadi Capital Of Europe

These Moms Are Taking Up Guns To Fight The Taliban And ISIS

BBC Targets Kids with False ‘Islam Means Peace’ Claim  It’s all about the Narrative.

Brussels explosion: Prosecutors say major terror attack at station averted after bomb packed with nails fails

Nineteen arrested in India after celebrating Pakistan’s victory in the Champions Trophy final

Isis-linked militants storm school and take hostages in Philippines

Man tasered after ‘attacking people with shoe horn’ at London mosque

“Allahu Akhbar” and then BOOM! In Brussels — Again

Brussels explosion: Suspected suicide bomber shot dead after blast at Central Station

The Department of Justice is Privileging Mosques

US confirms killing of top Islamic State group cleric

Taliban kill 8 Afghan guards working at US base

Brussels explosion: Man ‘neutralised’ by Belgian police after blast in Central Station

Iran Missile Strike Escalates War Between Radical Shi’ites and Sunnis  Good. Let them kill each other off.

Pakistan Builds Its Own Version Of A Border Wall

US-Led Forces Obliterate ISIS’ Chief Cleric In Airstrike

Who Are ‘The Renouncers’? A Splinter Group That Could Be The Taliban’s Worst Nightmare

America Must Confront Pakistan’s Support of Afghan-Based Terrorism

Saudi air strikes kill at least 25 in attack on Yemen market

Finsbury Park mosque attack: Isis calls on supporters to take revenge in wake of latest London terror atrocity

Van driver killed in crash at tree trunk road block set up by Calais refugees

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for terror attack that killed at least five people at luxury resort in Mali

Inside the Afghan School Where Girls Can Dress Like Girls

Will the Saudi-Qatar Spat Escalate Friction Between America and Iran?

Finsbury Park mosque attack: Suspect Darren Osborne, 47, previously unknown to security services  Unlike Muslim terrorists, who are usually ‘well known to security services.’

Champs-Élysées incident: Attacker dies after ramming police van with car ‘carrying explosive device and guns’

Military Demands Tougher Immigration Controls As Terrorists Ravage Filipino City

The Myth of the Extremist

Saudi Navy Captures Elite Iranian Troops On Seized Boat

Poland Refuses To Accept Any Refugees Without Clear Vetting Process

Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate Claims Responsibility for Cairo Attack

Champs-Elysees Evacuated After Car Filled With Explosives Rams Police Van

Iran’s Missile Strike On ISIS Was Coordinated With Assad, Went Through Iraqi Airspace

The Rise of Katibat Dir’ al-Watan: A Journey to the Lebanon-Syria Border Areas

Nabra Hassanen: 17-year-old Muslim girl abducted and killed on way home from Virginia mosque

Iran bans Zumba classes for being ‘un-Islamic’

Finsbury Park Mosque: Police confirm all victims of suspected terror attack are Muslim

Tarek Fatah: This is an Ideological War

Mali attack: Westerners once again the target of Islamist terrorists

Soft Sharia in Turkey

Iran Launches Ballistic Missiles At ISIS In Retaliation For Tehran Attack

The Last ISIS Attack Was Unprecedented, But Only Because It Wasn’t Really ISIS

Mali attack: Security forces battle gunmen at Le Campement resort near Bamako

Q&A: Taliban infiltrate Afghan army to target foreign troops

Coalition Forces Make Final Push To Crush ISIS Forces In Mosul

Iraqi troops move into Mosul’s Old City, last ISIS stronghold

Islamic State threat in Southeast Asia raises alarm in Washington

Germany Says 100 Million African Refugees Could Head North

Taliban Burst Into Afghan Police Headquarters, Kill Five Policemen

Muslims lending Christians hijabs to help them escape Isis in disguise

Taliban storm Afghan police compound, kill 5 police

Afghanistan shooting: Seven US soldiers injured and one Afghan killed at Mazar-e Sharif camp

Why the Middle East Needs the Qatar Crisis

In Cologne, a Dozen-Muslim March Against Terror

Taliban: Insider Attack On US Forces A ‘Reminder’ That More Troops Won’t Stop Them

Iraqi forces capture border crossing to Syria from ISIS

Mujahideen “Refugees” Arrested in Hamburg

Palestinian Terrorists Reject ISIS Claim On Jerusalem Police Attack

Russia claims it has killed two more Isis commanders in Syria air strikes

Israeli police deny Isis claim of responsibility for Jerusalem stabbing

Afghan Official: Afghan security forces recaptured Tora Bora

Another insider attack in Afghanistan leaves 7 Americans wounded

Four US Soldiers Wounded In Apparent Afghan Insider Attack

Danish post office suspends deliveries to immigration hotspot, drivers too scared to go there

ISIS Claims First Coordinated Attack In Jerusalem With One Police Officer Dead

‘Liberal’ mosque where burqas are banned opens in Germany

Death of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi could see jihadis’ resistance crumble

Cologne rally: As many as 10,000 Muslims to protest Islamic extremism

Boko Haram Back in the News: Two Abducted Girls Graduate from American High School

Islamic Extremist Numbers Swell To Thousands In Sweden

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead: Russia says it may have killed Isis leader in Raqqa air strike

Kabul explosion: Suicide bomber strikes outside Shia mosque in Afghan capital

Somalia restaurant siege: Al-Shabaab militants massacre 31 civilians in Mogadishu

Jihadi Arrests Almost Double In Two Years In Europe

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Attacker Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ Before Stabbing Michigan Cop at Flint Airport

21st June 2017

Read it.

Probably one of those ‘lone wolves’ we’ve been hearing so much about lately.

Maybe he was just pissed off about the water.

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India Charges 15 Men With Sedition for Cheering the Wrong Cricket Team

20th June 2017

Read it.

Indian authorities arrested 15 men for shouting slogans against India’s cricket team in the Champions Trophy cricket final against Pakistan Sunday, later charging the Muslim men with sedition.

Actual evidence that the loyalty of Muslims is to the Dar al-Islam, the Ummah of Islam, rather than to whatever country they happen to be living in.

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Refugee Blockade Kills Van Driver In France

20th June 2017

Read it.

A van driver was killed Monday near Calais, France after crashing into a truck that was stopped by migrants attempting to hijack cars to smuggle themselves into the United Kingdom.

The Polish-registered van bursted into flames and the drivers’ body was too damaged to be immediately identified. Nine Eritreans hiding in one of the trucks were detained.

Hijackings have become a major problem in Calais in recent years. Roadblocks made of tires, rocks and branches have regularly halted traffic by the Eurotunnel, which connects France and the U.K.

Obviously the ‘migrants’ expect no punishment for this sort of thing. They have to travel through at least two E.U. countries in order to get to Calais — and it’s equally obvious that neither of those countries are doing anything to prevent them from doing so.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

16th June 2017

Wahhabism Versus The Muslim Brotherhood: Opening Old Wounds In Qatar

Messy fight awaits Islamic State’s next Syrian capital at Mayadeen

US adds 3 Islamic State group leaders to terrorism blacklist

Tennessee Man Sentenced For Soliciting To Burn Down Mosque

Bulgarian MEP: “We say zero illegal migrants”

Many Muslims Need to Do Some Soul-Searching

Isis condemned by 300 Austrian Muslim imams who sign declaration against ‘extremism, violence and terror’

Turkish President’s bodyguards to be charged after violent brawl with protesters on Washington visit

West Ignores Growing Terrorist Threat From ISIS Bosnian ‘Safe Havens’

Report: 12 Turkish agents to be charged for DC embassy melee

Crewman injured after Yemen rebels fired missile at UAE ship, Saudi coalition says

Afghan official: ISIS moves to seize Osama bin Laden’s hideout

More than 100 ISIS fighters attack Iraqi forces in Mosul

Two arrested over brawl between Turkish protestors and security guards during Erdogan White House visit

Saudi Arabia ‘has ties to terror across Middle East and West’, Iran says  Pot, meet kettle.

‘Allah Will Get You’ Stabbing In London Not Being Treated As Terrorist Incident

Six Migrants Convicted For Attacking Homeless Man In Germany

‘Jihadi Jack’ thrown in jail by Kurdish forces’ after leaving Isis territory  ISIS would have beheaded him.

Iranian women get on their bikes to defy cycling fatwa  No issue is too petty for a fatwa.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkish President says isolation of Qatar ‘inhumane’ and like the ‘death penalty’   I think that was the idea.

ISIS Calls On Followers To Keep Killing During Ramadan

Combating Islamic Terrorism From Every Angle

US ‘created Isis’ and its war on the terrorists is ‘a lie’, says Iran’s Supreme Leader  And if you believe that one, he’ll tell you another one.

How Muslim Extremists Exploit European Liberalism

Austria bans Islamic dresses for women, mandates 12-month integration course

Norway plans to ban Muslim face veils in schools

Berlin Rabbi Notes Increased Antisemitic Attacks Due To Refugees

Why People Become Jihadists

Nets Practically Ignore 3-Week ISIS Siege in Philippines

Taliban’s No. 2 denies role in Kabul bombing

Libyan Security Committee Calls U.S. Muslim Leader a Terrorist

Philippines Celebrates Independence Day By Bombing ISIS

Deadly airstrike hits al-Shabaab in Somalia as US mission there intensifies

Refugee Caregiver Beaten, Disfigured, and Blinded in One Eye by Culture-Enricher

Trump-Authorized Strike Obliterates Base In Somalia Used To Train Terrorists

US-backed Syrian fighters seize parts of Isis ‘capital’ Raqqa

Qatar crisis: Iran begins food aid flights into nation isolated by Arab neighbours

Court in Pakistan sentences man to death for ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post

US aircraft in Philippines in battle against ISIS

Realism, Islamism and Islam: When Will Difficult Conversations Begin?

Taliban claims responsibility for attack that kills two US soldiers in Afghanistan  Of course they do.

Two US troops killed, two others wounded in apparent insider attack

Manchester attack: Salman Abedi’s explosive ‘designed to kill and maim indiscriminately’

London attack: Police reveal the knives used to slaughter innocent pedestrians

Marches against Islamic law to be held in many US cities

Report: US special forces assist in ending siege in the Philippines

London Bridge attackers tried to rent bigger van to kill more people

Isis propagandist who linked terrorists with Amaq ‘news agency’ arrested in Germany

Mosque Leader Quits Over Decision Not To Fire Imam Who Praised Female Genital Mutilation

ISIS Suicide Bomber Strikes Iraqi Market, 22 Dead

ISIS Propaganda Operative Arrived In Germany At Height Of Syrian Refugee Crisis

Leading Virginia Imam Placed On Leave After Endorsement Of Female Genital Mutilation

Pakistani Law Makes Ramadan a Dangerous Time for Religious Minorities

Karbala suicide bombing: 30 killed in Iraq terror attack

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Leaders Try to Squelch Dar al-Hijrah Female Genital Mutilation Debate

14th June 2017

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One mosque leader says it’s time for unity. An international Islamist activist says such discussions shouldn’t be aired publicly. Two weeks after the senior imam at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque endorsed partial female genital mutilation (FGM) as “the honorable thing to do,” a clear effort is under way to try to stifle further debate.

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Thought for the Day

14th June 2017

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The Arnschwang Murderer Had Converted to Christianity to Avoid Deportation

13th June 2017

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As we reported last week, a culture-enricher murdered a five-year-old boy in an asylum center in the Bavarian town of Arnschwang.

As additional details emerged, the story became even more appalling. It turns out that the Afghan perpetrator (who was shot dead by police) comes from a family of criminals. He had been previously convicted of arson. While in prison on the arson charge, he converted to Christianity specifically to avoid deportation when he got out. After his release, he was sent to an asylum facility for non-Muslims due to his status as an alleged Christian, and that’s where he went on his rampage.

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Dramatic Drop in Travel From Six Muslim Countries Named in Trump Ban

13th June 2017

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I guess the system works.

Unfortunately, the bad actors aren’t the ones being deterred.

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Stabbed Victim 19 Times, Threw Her Out of a Window, Slit Her Throat — Convicted of Manslaughter

10th June 2017

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A man in Brandenburg who suspected his wife of infidelity stabbed her 19 times, threw her out of a window, and then cut her throat all the way through. But the verdict was manslaughter rather than murder, because — for cultural reasons — the man did not understand that he had “base motives”.

Such is the state of “justice” in Modern Multicultural Germany.

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