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At Ground Zero in Minnesota

22nd September 2014

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We’ve got a problem in the Twin Cities that is based in our large and still growing population of Somali immigrants. Minnesota’s Somali community — a/k/a “Minnesotans” — is the most fertile ground in the United States for the recruitment of terrorists by foreign terrorist organizations in Africa and the Middle East. The Islamic State is only the latest terrorist group to zero in on Minnesota to expand its ranks, for example, and IS has achieved some success in the recruitment efforts. In Minnesota, we’re a tad concerned the recruited “Minnesotans” might choose to return home if they don’t get killed first.

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America’s Martyrs

20th September 2014

Gavin McInnes is not afraid to ask the hard questions.

Er, no offense to people being beheaded in the Middle East but, uh, what are you doing there?

I’d say: Think of it as evolution in action.

I’d liken them more to the extreme mountain climber who expects the taxpayer to blow tens of thousands of dollars sending in helicopters when things go awry. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. But those of us who are well-stationed here on Western soil can’t help but ask ourselves, “Why are you doing the crime?”

If it’s not your job to be over there, get outta there.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

19th September 2014

British government weighs response after ISIS beheads British hostage David Haines

Iran trying to spin Christian persecution crisis (auto-play video)

Uganda authorities foil attempted terror attack, following US embassy warnings

Soldiers defeat Islamic fighters in north Nigeria

Australia answers US call to fight Islamic State

White House claims Arab nations offer to join airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria

US launches first offensive strikes against ISIS in Iraq

At least 3 foreign troops killed in Afghanistan suicide bombing

Sudanese Christian woman sentenced to death says she had God by her side

Al Qaeda in India apparently botches first terror attack, reports say

Arab states willing to join air fight against Islamic State in Iraq, U.S. officials say

Islamist sympathizing advisor finally gets the boot from DHS

Two American troops among dead in Afghanistan suicide bombing

Australia raids foil reported ISIS beheading plots

Law enforcement bulletin warned of ISIS urging jihad attacks on US soil

Immigration worker union warns ‘serious threat’ of ISIS entering US

Iran’s ‘Happy’ dancers sentenced to 91 lashes, jail

Militants threaten ancient sites in Iraq, Syria

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The Question of Muslim Immigration

17th September 2014

Scott Johnson pulls the tablecloth off of the elephant in the room.

We have a profoundly serious problem of illegal immigration, but we also have a problem of legal immigration, Unfortunately, it is a problem that can barely be discussed. Is there anyone who thinks the continued stream of Muslim immigration from countries with active jihadist groups is a good idea?

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Enoch Powell: Vindicated!

13th September 2014

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Recently, in Rotherham, England, the sun, moon and stars all seemed to align to create a perfect sociocultural firestorm of controversy. Over the last fifteen years or so, about 1,400 girls –some as young as four years old–had been systematically brutalized by gangs of men. That alone should have raised alarm bells in this northern Yorkshire town. But it didn’t. Instead, there was nothing but deafening silence.

The reason? Because the girls were all English and the perpetrators all Pakistanis.

Mind you, it’s not that the authorities didn’t know. They knew. They knew from the very first but ecause of a combination of fear at being called “racist” and having to live with that epithet for the rest of one’s natural life, and possible unemployment on top of this was just too mbuch to handle. The rational thing to do was to do nothing, just look the other way spend more time at tea. As for their Prog overlords, they came up with all sorts of excuses, anything but the truth. Being themselves good little cogs in the machine (and well paid at that) they were paralyzed with fear –fear at being called “racist.” You see, that’s the new shibboleth, that word that causes one’s ideological enemies to quake in fear. Like the drug Tubocurare, it causes instant paralysis. You have to give the devil his due: It’s a great tactic; after all, if you want to further your totalitarian agenda, what better way to do so than to have your enemies police themselves? That way all debate is shut down. Name-calling isn’t necessary, just the threat of being called a name. Orwell called it Crimestop. That’s how false religions perpetuate themselves.

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Canadian Jihad, Abroad and at Home

12th September 2014

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In the competition to see which Western country can send the most jihad fighters to the Middle East, Finland, Britain, and Belgium have recently been mentioned as contenders for the title of “Greatest Supporter of Jihad”. However, it may come as a surprise to most readers that, on a per capita basis, Canada incubates, radicalizes and sends out more mujahideen to join not just the Syrian front but every battlefield where ISIS is fighting, or where there is an Al Qaeda franchise.

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Beheading Infidels: How Allah ‘Heals the Hearts of Believers’

12th September 2014

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To understand why the Islamic State not only decapitates its “infidel” captives, but also mutilates and mocks their corpses—and all to sadistic laughter—one need only turn to the Koran and deeds of Islamic prophet Muhammad.

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Jihadist Serial Killer? Ho Hum!

12th September 2014

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The man accused of gunning down a Livingston teenager in his car earlier this summer told investigators the murder was an act of retribution for U.S. military action against Muslims in the Middle East.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

12th September 2014

Somalia warns of attacks to avenge terrorist leader’s death

Pastor imprisoned in Iran faces death for ‘spreading corruption on Earth’

Islamic State Wins Support from Jordanian Pol, Shocks Saudis

Muslims Sexually Enslaving Children: A Global Phenomenon

Danish Muslims (heart) the Islamic State

Brother Rashid Gives President Obama a Lesson in the REAL Islam

Surviving an ISIS massacre

Former hostage says Brussels museum shooting suspect was an ISIS guard

Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab names new leader

Israeli group wants Hamas leader to face war crimes charges for Gaza executions

Qatar detains two British human rights group workers

Despite Setbacks, Islamic State Faces no Danger to its Existence

White House reportedly planning years-long campaign to destroy ISIS

Arab states join forces against ISIS, as Obama preps strategy

Ex-Cia Operative: Islamist Groups Virtually Impossible To Penetrate

Elderly Iraqi Christians defy Islamic State terrorists

Leader of one of Syria’s largest rebel groups reportedly killed in bombing

Saudi anti-Christian sweep prompts calls for US involvement

Did Egypt offer to solve the Palestinian problem?

US faces Arab reluctance in Islamic State fight

20 Facts About Baghdadi, the Elusive ISIS Leader

Saudi religious police beat up Briton

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Auctioning off the ISIS Flag at an Australian Mosque

10th September 2014

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The following video shows a fundraising effort by “Australians” in one of those nice “moderate” mosques. Knowing how popular the ISIS flag is among members of their moderate congregation, they auctioned off an ISIS flag.

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Shariah Police in Wuppertal

10th September 2014

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A group of Islamic zealots have formed a vigilante squad in the German industrial city of Wuppertal, wearing homemade vests marked “shariah police” as they try to deter young Muslims from engaging in haram behavior. They have distributed leaflets describing the sleazy nightlife area they monitor as a “Shariah Controlled Zone.”

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Bar Fight in the Emirate of Volusia

10th September 2014

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It sounds like the start of a corny joke, but it was no laughing matter for the staff and patrons of Jus’ Beachy Bar. The two enriched fellows were at least three sheets to the wind when they arrived at the infidel hangout. When the bartender refused to serve them more alcohol, they responded by punching out customers, throwing chairs and glasses, and threatening to behead the deputies who eventually arrived on the scene.

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The Islamic Frankenstate: What Did Obama Know, and When Did He Know It?

6th September 2014

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Which is a different question from “What ought he to have known, and when ought he to have known it?” We are, after all, talking about a clueless slacker here.

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A Foreign Legion for Losers

5th September 2014

Jonah Goldberg cuts through the crap.

Though I’m perfectly comfortable with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and similar platforms doing what they can to undermine the PR campaigns of fanatical murderers, my point here isn’t necessarily that such things should be banned or censored (even if that were technologically feasible). I weary of reflexive responses to barbarism that involve curtailing the freedoms of Americans in order to avoid offending savages.

Rather, my point is that to a considerable extent, the Islamic State — and groups like it — is a modern Foreign Legion for losers. When discussing people who openly boast of rape, murder, and torture, “loser” is hardly too harsh. But invective is not my intent when I call them losers. These men — and a few women, too — are losers in a more significant sense. They are losers at Western civilization.

Many of the Westerners flocking to Syria and Iraq for “jihad tourism” don’t have any of the usual excuses one hears for terrorism. Just like the 9/11 hijackers, they are often middle-class, educated, and technologically adept.

What they are not is assimilated. They may have passports identifying them as American, French, or British, but they are not American, French, or British in their hearts. These labels do not give them the meaning and mission in life they crave. And Western democratic capitalism bores them. Often the children of immigrants, they are literally misfits; they don’t fit in with their parents’ native culture, but they also haven’t connected to the society in which they now live.



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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

5th September 2014

The Muslim Rape of Christian Nuns

Catholic, Orthodox Patriarchs Call for Islamic State’s Destruction

Online posts show ISIS eyeing Mexican border, says law enforcement bulletin

Syrian rebels attack peacekeepers in Golan Heights

Qatar’s role as US ally at odds with claims it sponsors terror

West will be next ISIS target unless there is ‘rapid’ action, Saudi King warns, as jihadists now behead a Lebanese soldier

Pakistan protesters storm state TV station, push toward prime minister’s house

Syria rebels clash with government forces in Golan Heights

Syria rebels issue demands in exchange for release of Fijian peacekeepers

White House confirms authenticity of ISIS video showing beheading of reporter

Raped and Slaughtered: Muslim Persecution of Christians, April, 2014

Iranian Grand Ayatollah Issues Fatwa Against ‘Immoral’ High-Speed Internet Connections

Rights group accuses ISIS militants of mass killing up to 770 Iraqi soldiers

Christians arm as Middle East perils mount

‘Frustration and confusion’ among US troops over mixed message on ISIS

ISIS using sophisticated network to attract foreign fighters

Jihad Interrupted: Feds Grab ISIS ‘Wannabes’ Before They Reach Syria

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What the Hell ISIS Going On?

5th September 2014

Gavin McInnes blows the whistle.

If we were to take today’s culture and graft it onto 1940s America, we’d have Nazis driving our cabs and refusing to take Jews. Instead of “loose lips sink ships” we’d have open borders where any Nazi can simply walk across. We’d have Nazi schools in Michigan where students can practice their doctrine freely and even train to fight against America. Being a Nazi would become the “in thing.”

This would be true all over the Western World. In the real here and now, the Boston Bombers were radicalized on our soil. The boy who decapitated James Foley learned to hate in London. He was taught by a particularly annoying cleric named Anjem Choudary, who recently made headlines for saying “Terrorizing the enemy is part of Islam.” This is after he was linked to the Foley decapitation.

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Hate on the March

5th September 2014

Taki turns over a rock.

An American friend who is very well connected in Washington, D.C. was telling me he’s worried about Europe. So what else is new, I said. “No, I really mean it, future generations could grow up under Islamic rule.” It was a John McEnroe moment, as in you can’t be serious. He assured me he was. Let’s see, anything is possible, but an Islamic Europe? Well, Brussels is 40 percent Muslim, and there are 5.5 million Muslims in France alone, with no-go areas in Paris and other major cities. Britain has close to 4 million Allah followers, with thousands of imams teaching hate of the infidel to young and old alike while pusillanimous politicians and human rights lobbies ensure any dissenting Christian voices are stillborn. Would-be jihadists are free to come and go while European border controls subject middle-aged Europeans to stringent body searches, especially if Grandma is in a wheelchair.

How have we come to this? Easy. Step forward, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, along with Bahrain, the UAE, and other such crappy so-called states. Although the Saudis and Qataris are at odds, it was those two corrupt, illegitimate, and dictatorial regimes, both swimming in oil and gas money, that have for the past 25 years been the official sponsors of terrorism in Europe and the Middle East. (The Saudi backing of radical Islam goes back 50 years.)

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The Love Jihad in India

31st August 2014

Read it.

In India, the common Muslim practice is to kidnap young Hindu women, forcibly convert them to Islam, and then marry them (or turn them into sexual slaves). The process is known as the “Love Jihad”, and it bears a strong resemblance to the “grooming and pimping” epidemic in the UK.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

29th August 2014

Mosque attack kills 64 in Iraq, Sunnis halt talks

Shias in Iraq town under ISIS siege face risk of ‘massacre,’ UN says

Bombings kill 30 in Iraq after Sunni mosque attack

Iraq bombings kill 42 as government probes Sunni mosque attack

ISIS Atrocities Started With Saudi Support for Salafi Hate

Hamas Executions of ‘Spies’ Fail to Slow Israeli Attacks

Jihadis capture major Syrian air base in northeast

Hamas Training Manual Tells Civilians to Store Bombs

Car bombing kills at least 11 in Baghdad

More British Muslims fight for Islamic State than Britain

American Killed Fighting For the Islamic State in Syria

ISIS reportedly demands $6.6M for release of 26-year-old American woman

UK cleric suspected of coaching Foley’s killer praises Islamic State fighters

Sources say second American killed fighting with ISIS in Syria identified as Abdirahmaan Muhumed. Yeah, that shouts ‘American’ to me.

Al Qaeda magazine hints of looming attack; urges bombing of Vegas, military targets

ISIS has committed crimes against humanity in Syria, UN says. Not that they’ll do anything about it.

AP ANALYSIS: A grim stalemate at war’s end in Gaza

Fort Hood shooter says he wants to become ‘citizen’ of Islamic State caliphate

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Yazidis Still Stranded on Mount Sinjar: ‘We Need Weapons Now More Than Food or Water’

28th August 2014

Read it.

I wonder what it’s like to live in a country with a real President? We haven’t had one for a while.

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Hamas Wages “Collaborator” Execution Spree Following Attack on Leadership

22nd August 2014

Read it.

When it comes to killing Palestinians, Hamas has apparently decided that they can’t afford to be outscored by Jews.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

22nd August 2014

Islamic State working to establish cells outside Middle East, U.S. says

Hamas Admits Deporting Foreign Journalists Who Filmed Rocket Launches

Leading ISIS fighters were former terrorist detainees. Oops.

US conducts new airstrikes as ISIS kills dozens of Yazidis in Iraq town, officials say

In an Iraqi Town Hollowed Out by Jihadists, There Is No Going Back to How It Was

Iraq crisis: Yazidi villagers ‘massacred’ by IS

Purported letter from inside Gaza tells of tunnel toil, Hamas cruelty

Hamas: Israel Will ‘Face a Long War’ If Palestinian Demands Not Met

Islamic State Executed 700 People from Syrian Tribe

Gazan Tunnel Digger Beaten, Threatened by Hamas

Hamas Plot to Oust PA in West Bank Uncovered

Iran Kills 16 in Mass Purge, Opposition Claims

Priest from Nineveh: ‘Christianity is finished in Iraq’

Expendables: Kurdistan’s old soldiers flock to the battlefield to fight ISIS

Fatah says activists in Gaza shot, put under house arrest by rival Hamas

ISIS Battles Other Muslims, Not Just the U.S.

Islamic State Beheads American, Threatens Second American

US working to verify video purportedly showing beheading of American journalist

Young Kurdish fighters learn on the job, and on the front line

Mosul’s Christians recount flight from historic home under ISIS threat

US must halt ‘genocide’ of religious minorities in Iraq, Yazidi activist says. Good luck with that while Obama’s President.

Afghanistan prevents New York Times reporter from leaving country over story

ISIS Slaughters Children, Christians With Impunity

Hamas Official Admits His Group Murdered Three Israeli Boys

Militants, Weapons Transit Gaza Tunnels Despite Egyptian Crackdown

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The Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest

22nd August 2014

Read it. And watch the trailer.

Europe’s Last Stand is a shocking and graphic documentary by an American film company that examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history.

A continent that once gave birth to the greatest advances in world civilization is now on the verge of being extinguished by an unrivaled foe of religious zealots who are on a quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate across the European continent.

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Defender of the Faith

21st August 2014

Read it.

ISIL is of course an acronym for the Islamic State in the Levant. It purports to have created or restored an Islamic caliphate in the territory under its control. How do you edit Islam out of the Islamic State?

Like Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda and all the rest, the Islamic State promotes the imposition of Sharia law in the name of Islam. They all understand themselves to be Muslims acting on behalf of the faith. Yet Obama makes a special point of standing up for the good name of Islam, such as it is.

If Obama actually were a secret Muslim, what would he be doing differently?

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The Islamic Jihad Conquest Formula

21st August 2014

Read it.

The Shahada prayer is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam. The Shahada prayer is also what is written on the black battle flags of Islamic jihad. Along with Allahu Akbar — our God is greatest — the Shahada is the battle cry of advancing Islamic armies. In fact, the very word Islam means submission, and not peace, as it is often intentionally mistranslated by duplicitous Muslims practicing taqiya, or sanctified lying for the cause of advancing the spread of Islam.

It’s purposefully made very easy for a town or a city to submit and convert to Islam. But the entire city must surrender without posing any resistance at all. In the event of any violent or even physical resistance, a new formula applies: the Islamic jihad conquest formula. From the time of Mohammed until today — as we are seeing in the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq — the formula has not changed.

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NBC: ISIL ‘Collecting’ Foreign Hostages

20th August 2014

Read it.

“ISIL has been collecting them. They’ve been buying them from other groups, they’ve been trading them. Sometimes they’ve been stealing them off of militants. So now almost all of the foreign hostages are being held by this very dangerous group.”

Hostages that they no doubt hope can be traded for valuable prizes from our feckless President.

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What Does “Peace” Mean to a Terrorist?

20th August 2014

Read it.

This is one of the fundamental asymmetries that have persisted for decades in the Middle East: to Israelis, “peace” means what it does here, in the U.S. A time to relax, to raise a family, to focus on one’s job; to take up a hobby or two. A time that one hopes will last forever. But for Islamic terrorists, “peace” means something quite different–more like a time out in a football game, if football were fatal. A time to prepare for war.

They even have a term for it: Hudna. You can look it up.

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The Monster Has Escaped the Laboratory

20th August 2014

Read it.

The most recent atrocities committed by the Islamic State — notably, the beheading of an American journalist by an ISIS mujahid on video, as a warning to President Obama (see Fox News, CNN, and the Mail Online) — demonstrate that something unprecedented is at work in the Middle East. Not since the defeat of the Ottoman army in 1683 has barbarity of this magnitude gone unchecked in the region.

Actually, you’d have to go back farther than 1683, or even 1453, to find comparable events. During its entire suzerainty over Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire did not engage in the systematic demolition of Shiite mosques. But that is exactly what ISIS is doing, even as it massacres and enslaves Christians and Yezidis.

This is a moment of enormous historical import. The proclamation of a Caliphate by the Islamic State has electrified Islamic zealots all over the world, which is why the black flag of jihad is appearing now in so many places. ISIS is saying to the Ummah: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” And getting an enthusiastic response, based on all the demonstrators who have taken to the “Muslim street”.

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Thought for the Day

19th August 2014

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Media Management, Hamas Style

15th August 2014

Read it. And watch the video.

When it comes to media management, Mudallal knows what she is talking about. It’s her job. In the video she explains a key element of Hamas’s media strategy: Hamas deported foreign journalists who filmed Hamas missile launches. I believe that among the film crews Hamas had no trouble with were those from CNN, FOX News et al. Apparently having steered clear of Hamas missile launches, they’re still reporting live from Gaza.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

15th August 2014

Hamas backers spend fortunes on rockets and tunnels while Gazans live in misery

This Islamic State nightmare is not a holy war but an unholy mess

Terrorist’s son poses in gruesome Syrian photo

Report: Hamas executed tunnel diggers

Foreign Media Lodges Protest Against Hamas Harassment in Gaza

Iran’s Christians flee to unlikely sanctuary in Bulgaria

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Syrian Kurdish fighters rescue stranded Yazidis

‘They’re Killing Us': The Disturbing Rise of the Islamic State

New Gaza Tunnels Being Dug Every Hour

The new Islamic caliphate and its war against history

Hamas ‘Experts’ Kill Foreign Journalist while Neutralizing Tank Shell

Jihad Comes to Schilderswijk

Hamas Resumes Rocket Attacks on Israel

Islamic State’s shocking barbarity prompts calls for world to act

Hamas TV Showcases Rocket Production, Anti-Semitic Mouse

How Dissimulation about Islam is Fuelling Genocide in the Middle East

Europe’s Jihadist Girls: Teen Rebellion That Kills

Hamas, Fatah Military Wings Produce Rockets, Threaten Attacks

Palestinian Authority Envoy Calls for Israel’s Destruction

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What Is It With Muslims and Beheading?

15th August 2014

Read it.

The topic in itself is fairly interesting, in a grim sort of way, but Mr. Joshi fastidiously avoids the most obvious explanation for the Islamic practice of beheading infidels: it is permitted (and mandated) by the Koran, the hadith, and the sira. Mentioning that aspect of the issue presumably borders on “Islamophobia”, and we can’t have that, can we? Not under the banner of a respected outlet such as The Telegraph!

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Young Turks

14th August 2014

Mark Steyn is on the case.

Who is Yasmina Haifi? She’s an official at the Dutch Ministry of Justice who serves as project leader at the Netherlands’ National Cyber Security Center. And she thinks Isis is a Zionist plot to make Islam look bad.

You can’t make this stuff up.

She could be right. On the other hand, maybe Yasmina Haifi is a Zionist plot to make Islam look bad – or at any rate deranged. Presumably the many Dutch Muslims out on the streets holding pro-Isis demonstrations would disagree with her – because they surely wouldn’t be demonstrating in favor of a Zionist front group, would they? Unless, of course, they’re also in on the Zionist plot…

Look at Yasmina Haifi in the photograph at right – she’s not a burqa-wreathed crone, but a modern western career woman in a foxy red jacket with just a hint of cleavage. And yet she cannot bear the truth about her religion and what is done in its name. So she takes refuge in the laziest conspiracy of all. In the Netherlands, an “extremist” Muslim supports Isis because it’s chopping the heads off infidels, but a “moderate” Muslim opposes Isis because it’s a Zionist front group.

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Meet the Mustafa Family

13th August 2014

Read it.

Stealing from non-Muslims is not contrary to the Koran. Go ahead, look it up.

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Chip Off the Old Block

13th August 2014

Mark Steyn jerks back the curtain.

Consider, for example, the photograph above. It’s a Tweet from Syria reprinted in The Australian, and neatly sums up the dead end of diversity:

Khaled Sharrouf’s son, a child raised in the suburbs of Sydney, struggles with both arms to hold up the decapitated head of a slain Syrian soldier.

He is a seven-year old boy, Australian born and bred. But he’s proudly holding up the latest severed head in his dad’s collection. “Diversity is our strength”, as they say. A family that raises their seven-year-old to participate in the decapitation celebrations certainly adds to the diversity of the Sydney suburbs. Whether it adds to their “strength” is another matter.

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Iraqi President Names Haider al-Abadi New Prime Minister, Defying Maliki

12th August 2014

Read it.

The clash has raised deep concerns at home and abroad about Iraq’s teetering stability. Ominously, Maliki reminded the country in a televised address Monday of his position as head of the armed forces and assured soldiers that the “error” will be rectified.

People keep forgetting that in Muslim countries democracy is just a slogan, not a reality.

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A Ringside Seat to Our Own Destruction

12th August 2014

Read it.

Headlines have focused on the atrocities committed by ISIS on the northern Iraqi front. The leading stories seem almost expressly written by the Onion to make fun of political correctness. Crucified by the Caliphate monsters: Iraq descends into apocalypse as Islamic State fanatics seize towns and tell terrified Yazidi ‘Become Muslims by noon today… or we kill all of you’. Then there’s Islamic militants ‘buried alive Yazidi women and children in attack that killed 500?. Try topping: Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: ‘Child I baptized cut in half by ISIS’.

How about this lead paragraph? “BAGHDAD (AP) — Hundreds of women from the Yazidi religious minority have been taken captive by Sunni militants with “vicious plans,” an Iraqi official said Friday, further underscoring the dire plight of Iraq’s minorities at the hands of the Islamic State group.” Vicious plans is the 21st century journalistic equivalent of the Victorian phrase, “a fate worse than death”.

The Middle Eastern crisis is no longer a regional crisis. It has now become part of a global crisis, a link in a great chain of blunders engineered by the Great Golfer, whose most profound utterance is now, ‘who me?’ That explosive sequence includes but is not limited to the tensions in Eastern Europe, the continuing crisis in Southwest Asia and the ever-growing danger in the East as the Chinese dragon stirs. That clamor can now be heard even in Western streets, yet it beats like noiseless rain upon the glazed glass panes of the White House. The most amazing sight is not the catastrophe itself but the seeming paralysis of the Western institutions. Prominent newspapers may issue warnings, former high military officers might wring their hands, congressmen even threaten impeachment, yet but only momentary awareness flits across the dull countenances of the bovine LIVs as they await their next dose of spectacle and reality TV.

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The Caliphate Emerges

9th August 2014

Jerry Pournelle looks at the news.

The world goes on. Israel and Hamas have achieved a day of truce, but of course it isn’t peace and won’t be. Having seen what Hamas managed to accomplish in secret – amazing complex of tunnels and launch sites – leaves me wondering what they could have achieved had they put that effort into building schools and hospitals and factories; could Gaza have become another Hong Kong? But there was no attempt to do that.

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You Want Nazis?

9th August 2014

Mark Steyn looks at the Middle East.

ISIS are fast-track Nazis. No messing about with a few property restrictions and intermarriage laws as a little light warm-up: They’re only in the business of “final solutions”, and they start on Day One and don’t quit until the last Christian and Yazidi is dead or fled. As I’ve often remarked about today’s exhaustively cleansed Maghreb, Levant and Araby, Islam is king on a field of corpses. But pikers like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Baathists, the House of Saud take their time. ISIS are shooting for the Guinness Book of Records.

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ISIS Rampant, America in Decline

9th August 2014

Read it.

ISIS succeeds mostly because it is incredibly brutal. Normal people can’t deal with mass murders, crucifixions, systematic rape, and so on. ISIS documents its reign of terror on the internet. These photos explain why pretty much everyone–including, unfortunately, Iraqi soldiers–flees when ISIS comes calling.

Note how crucifixion, as in Roman times, is a public spectacle intended to serve a political purpose, now aided by cell phone cameras.

Islam has always been expansionist and imperialistic, more a political movement than a religion. Today, ISIS is the leading champion of Islam, having surpassed al Qaeda in that regard. It is impossible to know how many of the world’s Muslims are cheering on ISIS’s rampage, but it is surely a large number, since everything ISIS does is, I believe, authorized by the Koran. And everything I have read about Mohammed suggests that he would be proud of ISIS.

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Hamas Launches Rockets in Shadow of Orthodox Church

8th August 2014

Read it.

Hamas used a Greek Orthodox Church sheltering hundreds of Palestinians who fled their homes to escape Israeli shelling of the terrorist group’s positions in Gaza City to launch rockets, according to an Orthodox bishop.

Archbishop Alexios, who oversees the church, says Hamas set up a rocket-launch site adjacent to the church even though at least 1,000 Muslim refugees had crowded inside. He told CBN News the terrorists set up the launch site near a roof terrace outside his office at the 12th century church.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

8th August 2014

Social Media Jihad: Islamic State ramps up gruesome Internet campaign

Hamas Kidnapping Shatters Ceasefire

At least 22 killed as Libyan militias clash at Tripoli airport

Islamic State seizes two Iraqi towns, oil field, defeating Kurds

Record Number of Illegals from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan Being Caught at Border. ‘Tunnels? We don’t need no steenking tunnels!’

Thousands flee after militants seize towns in Iraq

ISIL Targets Saudi Intelligence

ISIS advances as Kurds run out of ammunition

Islamic State militants fight for Iraq’s two biggest dams

Islamic extremists impose reign of terror in Iraq

Attack at Afghan Base Kills US Soldier, Wounds 15

Indian TV Crew Catches Hamas Firing Rocket From Densely Populated Area

US military officials ID officer killed in Afghanistan as Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene

Afghan policeman fatally shoots 7 of his colleagues

Lebanon ceasefire falters; Saudi offers $1 billion to army

A Friend Flees the Horror of ISIS

Monuments Men: The Quest to Save Syria’s History

Chaos in Iraq’s north as Yazidi refugees starve and Islamic State presses Kurds

Iraq Christians flee as Islamic State takes Qaraqosh

Journalists Confirm Hamas Rockets Used In and Around Civilian Sites

Hamas warns of more rocket attacks unless all demands are met

Anti-Semitic Muslim Protesters Chant ‘Heil Hitler’ in London

Israel resumes strikes on targets after rocket fire from Gaza

Militant takeover of Iraq’s largest Christian city, mountaintop siege fuel calls for aid

Iraqi officials say suicide car bomb targeting checkpoint kills 17 people in Baghdad

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Iraq Is Already Splitting Into Three States

3rd August 2014

Jim Michaels points out some inconvenient truth.

It may no longer be necessary to worry that Iraq will break apart. In many ways, it already has.

The radical Islamic State that seized a swath of western and central Iraq last month effectively left the nation in three pieces, government officials and analysts say.

Ryan Crocker, who served as U.S. ambassador to Iraq from 2007 to 2009, described the divisions as “Shiastan,” “Jihadistan” and Kurdistan. The references are to the majority Shiite Muslims, who run the national government in Baghdad; the insurgent Sunni Muslim jihadists who make up the Islamic State; and the ethnic Kurds, who have long presided over an oil-rich, semiautonomous enclave in the north

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ISIS in Mosul Marks Christian Homes

3rd August 2014

Read it.

ISIS has begun marking Christian homes with the Arabic letter “n” which stands for the word “Nasrani” which means Christian in Arabic. The word comes from the name “Nestorian,” historically attributed to the the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East, though it is incorrect. In addition, properties marked by ISIS have also been marked as “property of the Islamic State.”

ISIS has also marked Shiite homes with the letter “r”, signifying “rwafidh” (rejecters).

Looks kinda like a smiley face with one eye. Maybe it just means ‘friendly cyclops’.

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Thought for the Day

2nd August 2014

Gaza v Israel copy

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Hamas Issues ‘Terrorism 101 Handbook’

2nd August 2014

Read it.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

Hamas has been disseminating to its followers in the Gaza Strip a detailed terrorism training manual that teaches would-be bombers how to make explosives and conceal them in household items such as televisions, according to documents seized by the Israeli military during recent raids.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers discovered the handbook on the ground in the Gaza Strip as they conducted raids of homes and other facilities used by Hamas to plan its terror activities.

Hamas’ terrorism manuals instruct readers on how to build homemade explosive devices and how to set them to explode in unlikely places.

Hamas has even strapped explosives to donkeys and attempted to send them after Israeli soldiers.

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Israel/Gaza Ceasefire Collapses, Along With Joe Scarborough’s Credibility

2nd August 2014

The Other McCain is on the case.

Being old enough to remember watching the Six Day War on the nightly news, I’ve long since given up hope on Middle East peace. To the Palestinian leadership, peace is a synonym for “kill Jews.” It is impossible to negotiate with such hateful thugs.

Here’s the schedule: A cease-fire is agreed to, Hamas breaks it. A cease-fire is agreed to, Hamas breaks it. A cease-fire is agreed to, Hamas breaks it. Everyone condemns Israel.

Rinse, repeat.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

1st August 2014

Qatar Friday Sermon Calls For Killing of Jews

Iraqi police: Baghdad official taken by gunmen

ISIS militants wreak havoc on Iraq’s cultural treasures

US evacuates embassy in Libya amid clashes in Tripoli

Taliban insurgents attack Afghan provincial police chief’s house

Al Qaeda-linked Syria fighters release video purporting to show American suicide bomber

Iran Aiding, Arming Hezbollah and Hamas

Boko Haram Kidnaps Wife of Cameroon’s Vice PM, Kills at Least Three

Gaza fighting resumes hours after UN calls for ‘unconditional’ cease-fire

At least 17 Filipino villagers killed in attack by Islamic militants

Islamic militants destroy historic mosque in Mosul

Rocket Ignites Blaze Near Tripoli Airport, Libya in Chaos

Hamas Seeks Arms Deal with North Korea

Pakistani mob burns homes of minority Muslims, kills 3 after allegations of blasphemous photo

Syrian casualties surge as jihadis consolidate

Iran Leader Calls Israel ‘Rabid Dog’, Urges Arms for Palestinians

The Ugly Aftermath of America’s Intervention in Libya

Not-So-Secret Hamas Command Bunker Located Under Gaza Hospital

Ex-Saudi Intelligence Chief Blames Hamas for Gaza Deaths

Assad must go? Obama administration’s focus on Syria in doubt as death toll soars

In Iraq’s Mosul, radicals unleash their vision

PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi Laughs About Hamas Hiding Weapons in Schools

Hamas Harassing Journalists in Gaza

Three Israeli Troops Killed in Booby-Trapped UN Clinic

Head of Human Rights Watch Endorses Terror Attacks on Israel

Hamas Intimidates Western Journalists, Kills 30 “Collaborators”

Shocking extent of cruel treatment meted out to expat staff by Saudi royals revealed

Libya Islamic militias declare control of Benghazi

Hamas Rockets Exploding in Gaza Strip

Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Qaradawi Still Loving Hamas and Hating Jews

Chicago Imam Urges Jihad for Gaza

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Italian Journalist Describes Hamas Cover-Up of Errant Rockets

1st August 2014

Read it.

An Italian journalist operating in Gaza corroborated Israel’s account of an errant Hamas rocket strike on a Gaza school playground on Monday, according to an Israel National News report. At least 10 people were killed, mostly children, in the Shati refugee camp school. Israel was immediately accused; however, it insisted that Hamas rockets caused the death and destruction.

Returning from Gaza and presumably safe from potential “Hamas retaliation,” journalist Gabriele Barbati tweeted confirmation that Hamas terrorists quickly tried to cover up evidence of its errant rocket strike.

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Getting Uut the Muslim Vote in Tennessee

30th July 2014

Read it.

Did the script have the boy scouts tell their co-religionists that Allah says they can only vote for another Muslim?

The kids know what’s in their Islamic school textbook “What Islam Is All About”:

Allah says in this ayah [verse in the Quran] not to take non-Muslims as protectors. (3:118,4:144) Only fellow Muslims you can rely on should have authority or power over you. Because in the end, a non-Muslim who knows you, and who doesn’t accept Islam, is a rebel against Allah’s way of life and will harm you in the end or try to make you like him or her.

Republican candidate Aljabbary’s other mosque member Drost Kokoye, is all about identity politics and says, “I really don’t even like being called an American.” She was even willing to abet voter registration fraud.

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