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Why Are Converts to Islam Specifically Vulnerable to Becoming Extremists?

24th March 2017

Read it.

Perhaps because they actually believe what they read in the Koran?

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

24th March 2017

Cairo explosion kills at least one person as Hosni Mubarak is released from prison

Khalid Masood: Met says attacker’s birth name was Adrian Russell Ajao as confusion remains over aliases

Breaking News: Rasmieh Odeh Reportedly Accepts Plea Deal

Isis claiming responsibility for London attack to mask huge losses in Iraq and Syria, say terror experts

Taliban seizes key Helmand district from Afghanistan army

Russia may be supplying Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, says Nato Supreme Commander

Where homegrown terrorism is concerned, there’s something to be said for letting British jihadis go to Syria

Hamas Seeks “Moderate” Image As Leader Calls for Israel’s Demise

Somali Burns Down Asylum Center in Mönchengladbach

Turkey warns Russia following sniper fire from Syria

Syrian troops besiege Islamic State group stronghold

Taliban take Sangin in Afghanistan; 9 killed in north

Taliban Steadily Reclaims Territory Marines Died To Defend

Columbia’s Muslim Students Demand Advisor And Prayer Space

London Attacker Finally Named: Khalid Masood

Brussels Mayor: Salafists Have Complete Control Of Our Mosques

Tillerson Orders New Screenings For Visa Applicants Ever Present In ISIS Territory

Man Arrested After Driving Toward Crowd ‘At High Speed’ In Belgium  Perhaps he wished to ask for directions. To Mecca.

Visiting Imam At Montreal Mosque Preaches About Muslims Killing Jews  You know, as they do.

Tillerson Calls for Destruction of ISIS As Terror Comes To London

British Lawmaker: London Terrorist’s Religion Is ‘Utterly And Completely’ Irrelevant  He was just Muslim because it was randomly assigned to him when he was rolling up his character.

ISIS Claims Responsibility For London Terror Attack  Of course they do.

In Iran’s Women’s Prisons, Injustice and Atrocity

Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi: Syrian IRGC Militia

Australia refuses entry to 500 Syrian refugees ‘on security grounds’

Muslim teen denied entry into US despite being a citizen

World leaders gather to discuss ‘secret plan’ to defeat Isis after laptop terror threat prompts flight ban  But that trick never works.

It is President Erdogan’s Turkey, not humane Germany, that is guilty of ‘Nazi practices’

Germany to deport Isis supporters that were born in country in unprecedented move

#NotAllMuslims Attack British Parliament

Is the Vehicle Assault the New Signature Terror Attack?

Russia Is Covering Up Just How Frequently ISIS Is Killing Its Troops

Women-only ‘pink taxis’ to hit streets of Pakistan

Terror, shipwreck and guns – 24 hours in a Karachi ambulance

Isis defeat in Mosul could spark ‘genocide’, leading cleric warns

Cadbury forced to explain why its chocolate is halal after being accused of ‘Muslim appeasement’

Turkey’s Erdogan warns Europeans ‘will not walk safely on the streets’ if diplomatic row continues

Turkish Deputy PM says ‘footsteps of neo-Nazism and extreme racism’ being heard in Europe

Antifas vs. “Islamophobes” on Parliament Hill

More on the Halal-Murder in Kiel

Iran’s Hard-Liners Poised To Take Over In Next Election

At least 1,000 women ‘flee Saudi Arabia every year because of sexism’

Afghanistan scraps plans for new ultra-conservative girls’ school uniform

You Take Pork on Your Pizza? Prepare to Die!

World Shrugs as Hizballah Prepares Massive Civilian Deaths

‘Islamophobia’ Motion Approaching Approval In Canada

Iran’s Supreme Leader claims gender equality is ‘Zionist plot’ aiming to corrupt role of women in society

Culture-Enrichers Who Pushed Man in Front of a Train Released From Custody

University Hospital of St. Pölten Hosts ISIS Meetings

Hungary Opens Military Base Along Border To Stop Migrants

Al-Qaida steps up violence against Syrian government

Raising Crosses in Erfurt to Protest the Building of a Mosque

U.S. and coalition airstrikes against ISIS spike as Mosul, Raqqa offensives heat up

What Do Jihadis Want? The Caliphate

Watch #NotAllMuslims Take French Soldier Hostage ‘For Allah’

Iran’s Supreme Leader: ‘Gender Equality’ Is A ‘Zionist Plot’  Who knew?

Report: Brussels Neighborhood Is Home To 51 Terror-Linked Groups

Islam v Free Speech —The Political Show Trial of Tim Burton

Looking for Ahmad Alkhald

Culture-Enriching Knife Attack in Frankenthal

Culture-Enriching Knife Attack in Dessau

Erdogan vows to reinstate death penalty as referendum opponents face ‘attacks and imprisonment’

Afghan Soldier Opens Fire On US Troops, Wounding Three

Israel threatens to destroy Syria’s air defence systems ‘without the slightest hesitation’

Saudi-led coalition blamed after helicopter gunship massacres Somali refugees

Paris airport attack suspect told soldiers he was there ‘to die for Allah,’ prosecutor says

Evolution, Not a New Revolution, in Iran

‘Radicalized Man’ Shot Dead After Stealing Soldier’s Gun At Paris Airport

After six years of war, Syria’s rebels reflect on whether revolution has been worth it

The Pentagon’s ‘reassure and deter’ mission in Syria looks a lot like mission creep

Erdogan calls for Turkish fifth column inside Europe to wage demographic war on Christendom

Turkish newspaper depicts Angela Merkel as Hitler amid diplomatic crisis

India bans Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation to ‘safeguard national security’

In-House Hizballah Missile Factories Could Add to Massive Arms Buildup

Suicide bombers target Afghan troops, local official in Afghanistan

Admitted Al-Qaida fighter convicted in N.Y. terror case

Syria fires three missiles at Israeli jets in most serious military incident since outbreak of civil war

More than 30 refugees killed in helicopter attack on boat in Yemen while trying to flee civil war

US likely to deploy ‘up to 1,000 more ground troops’ to Syria to defeat Isis in Raqqa

When the Turkish foreign minister says ‘holy wars will soon begin in Europe’, he has a point

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: EU ruling on headscarf bans starts ‘clash between Islam and Christianity’

Turkish Minister Says Europe Is Headed For ‘Wars Of Religions’

Condemned To Repeat History

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Eight People Arrested After London Attack

23rd March 2017

Read it.

“It is still our belief – which continues to be borne out by our investigation – that this attacker acted alone and was inspired by international terrorism,” said Mark Rowley, Scotland Yard’s acting deputy commissioner, according to BBC. “To be explicit, at this stage we have no specific information about further threats to the public.”

That’s the point. One never knows when some random Muslim will decide that killing random people is what God wants him to do.

Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed the suspect is a British citizen who’s been investigated by Britain’s domestic security agency MI5 for his ties to violent extremism. He was considered a “peripheral” figure on the current intelligence picture.

Oh, that’s a comfort. Funny how these ‘lone wolves’ are always people who have ‘been investigated’ and then dismissed by the ‘domestic security agency’.

“We are not afraid and our resolve will never waiver in the face of terrorism,” May told the parliament. “He was not part of the current intelligence picture.”


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Paris Orly Airport Shooting: Attacker Was ‘Radicalised Muslim’ Man Known to French Intelligence Services

18th March 2017

Read it.

My, what a surprise. Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

17th March 2017

Halal-Butchered Wife on the Streets of Kiel

Dutch elections: Turkish minister claims ‘holy wars will soon begin in Europe’ after Geert Wilders beaten

Mosque Raided in Hildesheim

Suicide bomber kills at least 25 at Palace of Justice in Damascus on sixth anniversary of Syrian civil war

Erdogan’s Enemies Ask for Asylum in Switzerland

Jihadis using religious visa to enter US, experts warn

Isis commander of Mosul’s Old City killed as government troops near key bridge over Tigris River

Egypt’s Leading Imam: Christianity and Judaism Create Terrorism No Less than Islam

Culture-Enriching Gang Rapists to be Deported From Sweden

Pakistan ‘violates Kashmir truce’ with India for third time in 24 hours

How anti-immigrant anger threatens to remake the liberal Netherlands

Angry Students Protest Publisher Of Mohammad Cartoons

Turkey President Erdogan: ‘Nazism is Alive in the West’ Because Netherlands, Germany Not Allowing Pro-Erdogan Rallies

Arab Factions Praise Jordanian Terrorist For Killing Israeli Schoolgirls

‘We Are Finding New Ones Every Day:’ ISIS Mass Graves Unearthed

A New Genocide for Egypt’s Christians?

Al-Qaida Returns To Prominence In Syria As ISIS Continues To Be Beaten Back

Assad Calls New US Troops Deployed To Syria ‘Invaders’  Just think of them as undocumented guest workers.

Sweden Realizes It’s Been Financially Supporting Hundreds Of Terrorists For Years

Coalition official: ISIS-held Mosul completely surrounded

The Lessons of Omar Abdel Rahman

Jordan releases soldier who massacred seven Israeli schoolgirls

British volunteer crowdfunds third ‘tour’ fighting Isis in Syria

We are looking into a future where Turkey is an enemy, not an ally

Ancient palace revealed under destroyed Mosul shrine

Turkey vows to retaliate in ‘harshest ways’ after Netherlands expels minister

Netherlands ban Turkish ministers as dispute escalates

Turkey seals off Dutch embassy citing ‘security reasons’ as diplomatic row escalates

Syria: At least 40 killed in dual Damascus bombing targeting Shia Iraqis

Erdogan calls Dutch government ‘Nazis’ after Turkish foreign minister’s plane prevented from landing in Netherlands

Turkey’s Purge Reaches Its Largest Defense Corporation

Marine Le Pen: “I am Doing my Job When I Denounce ISIS”

Bulgarian Vigilantes Patrol Turkey Border to Keep Migrants Out – NBC News

Turkey’s determination against Kurds alienates U.S., Russia

U.S. airstrike in Kunduz signals a new chapter in Afghanistan

Iran Opposition Unveils Secret IRGC Tactics

ISIS Leaders Flee Raqqa, Leaving Their Men To Die

Top US General: Iran Poses ‘Greatest Long Term Threat’ To Middle East Security

Mayor Calls Criticism Of Muslim Prayers In School ‘Hate Speech’

Trump’s Sending 2,500 More Troops To Support ISIS War

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Father Marries Off Three-Year-Old Daughter to ‘Settle Dispute Over Alleged Affair’

15th March 2017

Read it.

A three-year-old girl has been forced into marriage in order to settle a dispute between her father and another man, it has been reported.

The child has been married to a nine-year-old boy in Pakistan’s Neelum Valley, in the province of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, after her father failed to pay a penalty for allegedly having an affair Dawn.com reports.

Pakistani police have called the incident a case of Vani, a custom in which young girls are forced to be married by way of punishment for a crime committed by a male relative.


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Thought for the Day

11th March 2017

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

10th March 2017

Iranian Revolutionary Guards opposite Israeli troops on 1967 ceasefire line in Golan Heights as tensions mount

Gen. Piquemal: “The Ummah Finds Itself Structurally at War With Every Other Human Group”

The Coming U.S.-Turkey Collision Course over Syria

The U.S. is sending 2,500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq

All Art Is “Immoral,” Says Egypt’s Top—and “Moderate”—Cleric  These days, that’s probably true.

Syria activists: Strikes kill at least 20 near ISIS stronghold

ISIS Magazine Tells Fighters To Stop Gossiping About Their Wives

Viktor Orbán: “Migration is the Trojan Horse of Terrorism”

Hizballah Continues Recruiting Palestinians to Kill Israelis

Israel bill to limit Muslim call to prayer passes parliamentary first reading

Kurdish Factions Turn Guns on Each Other in Yazidi Homeland

ISIS Leader Baghdadi Flees Mosul, Leaves Men To Die In His Place

Islamic State attacks military hospital in Afghan capital

Isis gunmen ‘disguised as doctors’ attack military hospital close to US embassy in Kabul

The Muslim Brotherhood, Fountain of Islamist Violence

Malaysia foils ‘Yemeni attack’ on Saudi Arabia’s King Salman

Hungary Moves To Detain All Asylum-Seekers In Containers

Hizballah’s Ongoing Threat to U.S. National Security

Vanguard of the Imam: Religion, Politics, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Iraqi forces storm Mosul government complex, hoist flag

ISIS Builds Elite Training Facility In Train Tunnel To Avoid Airstrikes

Hungarian parliament approves law allowing all asylum seekers to be detained

Saudi Arabia denies claims two Pakistani transgender activists tortured to death in police custody

Turkey considers relaxing rules on hair in armed forces, sparking concerns over creeping Islamisation of military

Battle for Manbij shows Syria’s civil war is almost over – and it looks like Bashar Assad has won

Former Gitmo Detainee Obliterated In US Airstrike

The FBI Is Investigating Approximately 300 Refugees For Terrorism

ISIS Proves Far Deadlier Than Expected In US Fight For Mosul

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkish President threatens to ‘stir up the world’ if banned from giving speeches in Germany

America Can’t Turn a Blind Eye to Somalia’s Counterterror Needs

How Terrorism Could Derail China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’

U.S. Nears 1000 Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Trump Took Office

Report Claims Muslim Brotherhood Is Creating ‘Parallel Society’ In Sweden

President Erdogan accuses Germany of reverting to ‘Nazi practices’ amid row over blocking Turkish rallies

German School Bans Muslims From Praying In ‘Provocative’ Way

Wave of ISIS car bombs targets Iraqi troops in west Mosul

Bahrain parliament approves military trials for civilians

Eastern Libya forces strike from air, aim to retake oil site

Convicted terrorist who attempted to leave UK to join jihadists blames Brexit

Anti-Islamic Bomb Hoax Apparently Not A White Supremacist Plot

Thousands flee Iraq’s Mosul overnight, as fighting rages on

Haqqani commander from Bergdahl saga killed in drone strike, says Taliban

Isis defeat in northern Syria opens deadly new phase in civil war as rebel groups turn on each other

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A Police Escort Out of Rinkeby

4th March 2017

Read it.

Rinkeby is a heavily culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. Its population consists almost entirely of immigrants, and most of those are Muslims. For many years it has been subjected to gang violence, rioting, rape, arson, assault, theft, and all the other problems associated with “refugees” wherever they accumulate in Europe. Rinkeby has been in the international news lately, thanks to Donald Trump — and a new spate of rioting and car-burnings.

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Sweden Records 170 Percent Increase in Grenade Attacks, and It’s Not Hard to Figure Out Why

4th March 2017

Read it.

The number of attacks may seem relatively low, with an increase from 10 detonations in 2015 to 27 last year, according a police report released Monday. Police still warn that the trend stands out among “comparable countries” without an ongoing war.

The report says grenades have become the weapon of choice for criminal gangs for their availability, cheap price and low risk of prosecution.

A majority of the grenades originate from former Yugoslavian countries, where a large arsenal was left behind after the war in the 1990s. Jihadis have been able to obtain M70 assault rifles from the war to carry out attacks across Europe, while M75 grenades often end up in the city of Malmo in southern Sweden.

The city has recorded at least 26 grenade detonations since 2014 and they can be purchased for less than $140 on the black market with same day delivery.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

3rd March 2017

Two transgender Pakistanis ‘tortured to death’ in Saudi Arabia

Syrian army retakes town of Palmyra as ISIS defenses crumble

Pakistan unveils reforms for tribal areas as U.S. drone strike kills 2

Jailed ISIS fighters await death, boast of killing hundreds

The Islam Catastrophe Continues

Fatal Yemen Raid Yielded Intel On ‘Hundreds’ Of Al-Qaida Operatives

Eight Iraqi Refugees Convicted Of Gang-Raping German Tourist

US Follows Up Yemen Raid With More Than 20 Air Strikes In One Day

Terrorists Fired Into Crowd Of Women And Children During Fatal Yemen Raid

Germany Arrests Syrian Migrant Suspected Of Executing 36 People

Isis being driven out of ancient Syrian city of Palmyra for second time

Germany arrests former Jabhat al-Nusra extremist accused of massacring 36 civilians in Syria

Acid-throwing cyclists target women in Berlin

British medical students who joined Isis ‘killed in Iraq’

Former Isis sex slave vows to achieve dream and become lawyer after surviving regular rape and abuse

Teenage girl ‘raped repeatedly by relative’ after refusing marriage proposal

Isis rigs mass grave with landmines to kill journalists and war crime investigators

Taliban suicide attacks, shootout kill 16 in Afghan capital

Iraqi forces are within firing range of ISIS-held government buildings in Mosul

12 Afghan police officers killed in possible insider attack in Lashkar Gah

Canadian Imams Call for Death of Jews  My, what a surprise.

Iraqi army nears Mosul’s main government buildings as battle to oust Isis proceeds quicker than expected

Another Day, Another Culture-Enriching Rape

The ISIS Fight Is A Grueling Street-By-Street Battle

Activists: Syrian pro-government forces near ISIS-held Palmyra

Erdogan’s Turkey: Towards a New Sultanate?

Germany Launches 24 Raids, Shuts Down ISIS-Linked Mosque In BERLIN

Australian electrician arrested for ‘developing Isis long-range missiles and laser defences’

Afghan official: Cop turns gun on colleagues, kills 11

Iraqi forces battling Islamic State reach Mosul bridge

Director From Country That Executes Gays Lectures America On Muslim Immigration

ISIS-Linked Terrorists Decapitate Elderly German Man Captured At Sea

Jurgen Kantner: Isis-linked Philippine militants behead German hostage

Egyptian Christians flee Sinai following chilling Islamic State threat

Al-Qaida’s Number Two Gets Droned While Taking A Drive

Iran begins navy drill off Strait of Hormuz as U.S. newly wary

Deadly insurgent attack in Homs weighs on U.N.-led Syria talks

Iraq: Police Commandos recapture new neighborhood in Mosul

Pentagon seeks to expand fight against extremists in Somalia

ISIS To Egyptian Christians: ‘Nobody Is Safe’

London teenagers appear in court on terror charges after ‘planning to join Isis in Syria’

Syrian civil war: More than 40 people killed in triple suicide attack targeting government forces in Homs

Al-Bab car bombing: Isis kills more than 60 people as civilians gather to return home in retaken Syrian city

An Islamist Bounty on My Head

Sudanese Cab Driver In Virginia Goes To Prison For Trying To Help ISIS

US Troops Now Standing Toe-To-Toe With ISIS

This Monk Is Saving Ancient Books From Destruction By ISIS

Sandra Solomon: The Canadian Imams Who Would Have Me Killed

Pentagon Considering ‘Boots on the Ground’ to Fight ISIS in Syria

How Pakistani Law Enshrines Extremism and Weakens Counter-Terror Efforts

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Sandra Solomon: “I Came to Canada to Live Under a Secular and Constitutional System of Law”

3rd March 2017

Read it.

Sandra Solomon is an apostate from Islam who was raised in Saudi Arabia and now lives in Toronto. As we reported last month, Ms. Solomon lives under a death fatwa from Canadian imams, who have called for her to be killed for her apostasy.

Reminder for the dimwitted: Islam is an oppressive totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion, with which no co-existence is possible.

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Hungary Begins Construction on Second Border Wall

27th February 2017

Read it.

Maybe they know something that American ‘progressives’ don’t.

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My Visit to Sweden Confirms Trump Was Right

26th February 2017

Read it.

Much has been written about Sweden’s “No Go Zones” in recent years. We’ve watched them burn over the years with a combination of disbelief and shock. When the Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson told me — as we walked through Molenbeek in Brussels just days after the Paris terror attacks in 2015 — “we have these places in Sweden too,” I was skeptical.

Sweden is supposed to be paradise-like, I thought. Isn’t it all leggy blondes and Ikea and Abba and lingonberries? Well if you stay downtown in Malmo or Stockholm, perhaps it is. Even the elevator muzak had a whiff of “Fernando” about it.

But the stereotypes and clichés, kept alive for the tourists no doubt, end when you leave the city centres and head out to some of the suburbs.

As we drove around the housing estates at night, it became clear the problems in these areas: drugs, rape, police assaults and more, were created in large part by state-sponsored “multiculturalism.”

Sweden’s liberal migration policies, that is to say a failure to maintain any sort of border control at all over the past few decades, have led to ghettoised communities that the state props up with generous welfare payments and socialist lecturing.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

24th February 2017

Women liberated from Isis in Syria take off face veils and burn them

Paranoid ISIS Leaders Ban Televisions And Cell Phones To Cover Up Their Losses

The Latest: Turkish troops, fighters enter al-Bab center

A Muslim Woman’s Fight Against Radical Islam

Countering Islamist Extremism the Right Way

Danish man who videoed himself burning the Quran charged with blasphemy

Pakistan attacks: Explosion kills at least eight in Lahore as wave of terror attacks by Isis and Taliban continues

Geert Wilders: Far-right Dutch PM frontrunner says ‘Islam and freedom are not compatible’  Well, duh.

Kuwaiti hospital ‘will refuse to treat migrant labourers’

“Moderate” Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Terrorist’s Death

This Technology Is The Future Of ISIS Terror

Islam, Not Trump, Is The Elephant In The Room Threatening Jewish Survival

Canadian Government Finally Embraces Refugees Of ISIS Terror

Muslims raise thousands to repair vandalised Jewish cemetery

Congressional Computer Admins In Criminal Probe Owed Money To Hezbollah-Connected Fugitive

Charsadda attack: Taliban suicide bombers kill six including child in assault on court in Pakistan

Women in Libya ‘banned from travelling abroad solo’

Isis-affiliated fighters seize Syrian territory near Israeli border in surprise attack

Saudi Arabia’s Ruthless Migrant Policy  What do they know that Democrats don’t?

Iran’s Leader Urges Palestinians to Launch Violent Uprising

Iranian-Backed Rebels Bombed Ship With Explosive Drone Boats

ISIS Targeted Nuclear Reactor Getting Shipment Of Weapons-Grade Uranium

Iranian Leader Says Third Intifada Has Begun Against Israel

Marine Le Pen Refuses To Wear Hijab, Cancels Meeting With Key Arab Leader

Three Arrested In France For Plotting Suspected Islamic Terror Attack

Somalia food crisis at ‘tipping point’ with country heading towards famine in matter of weeks

Civilians trapped in Mosul ‘having to eat cats’ due to food shortage as battle between Isis and allied forces intensifies

Isis claims British suicide bomber carried out attack near Iraqi city of Mosul

Why Iran’s Shia Threat Is Very Real for Faraway Egyptians

Erdogan’s Power Grab Is Hurting Turkey’s Economy

Danish Jihadis Finds Loophole To Get Gov’t Funding To Fight For ISIS

Anti-Trump Muslim March In NYC Holds ‘Allahu Akbar’ Call To Prayer, Compares Trump To Hitler

Australian school allows male Muslim pupils to refuse handshakes with women

Turkey’s Purges Continue

Top Al-Qaida Leader Finds Himself On The Wrong End Of A Bullet

Masjid Toronto: “Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!”

Turkey Aims to Produce Long-range Missiles

Turkey’s Record-breaking Academic Purge

Iraqi forces begin bitter battle for Mosul in effort to destroy Isis

ABC Bemoans ‘Skyrocketing’ Numbers of Refugees Illegally Immigrating to Canada

New Houthi weapon emerges: a drone boat

Canadian Border Town Worries About ‘Confrontations’ After Influx Of ‘Asylum Seekers’

Iraqi forces advance on Islamic State-held western Mosul

Somalia suicide attack: Bomb kills 18 at crowded market in Mogadishu

Iraqi forces launch offensive to take western Mosul from Isis

Culture-Enrichment With Baseball Bats Comes to Rural Germany

Saudis Ready Digital Push to Get Islamic Extremism Out of Schools  Good luck with that.

Angela Merkel demands Turkey treats detained German journalist fairly amid ongoing crackdown  Of course, he’s not actually German, but Turkish.

ISIS-Signaling Enrichers Arrive in Ceuta

Turkey car bomb: Three-year-old boy killed and 15 people injured in attack on Sanliurfa province

German Cities Ban Trucks During Carnivals Amid Terror Fears

Pentagon cites evidence of Islamic State group ‘exodus’ from Raqqa

Hundreds Of Migrants Storm EU Border Fence, Clash With Police [VIDEO]

US Mosque Holds Memorial For Islamist Assassin

Hundreds of migrants scale 20ft fence into Spanish enclave of Ceuta as refugee route shifts  Well, they could just give it back to Morocco.

Libya, not Syria, will be the foundation on which Trump and Putin build their new world order

Sweden jails Syrian rebel who fled Idlib after killing Assad soldiers

Saudi air strike kills 10 women and children in Yemen

Pakistan ‘kills 100 terrorists’ in crackdown after Isis shrine bombing

More than 80 people died in a Pakistan terror attack last night – where exactly is the hashtag and the solidarity?

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Just what IS going on in Sweden?

23rd February 2017

Read it.

So what is going on in Sweden? Fox News and other sites make it sound like Sweden has burst into chaos with immigrants going nuts at a police arrest, and no go zones for police. The New York Times and The Washington Post claim Rinkeby, the site of the riot, is economically depressed, but the entire situation is a blip on the radar. The Swedish media…well it depends on the outlet.

The most “just the facts” coverage appears to be from Dagens Nyheter. DN called what happened Monday a “rowdy evening,” which took four hours for police to get a handle on. It all started when someone was being arrested for drugs, but how it spiraled into violence we don’t really know. One witness told DN officers failed to do their duty by not protecting a DN photographer from being attacked.

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Man Spits in Baby’s Face and Tells Mother: ‘White people shouldn’t breed’

23rd February 2017

Read it.

Rezzas Abdulla has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks against white women.

I’ll just bet he does.

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Activists Put ‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner on Statue of Liberty, Forget to List Their Home Addresses

22nd February 2017

Read it.

Just an oversight, I’m sure.

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British Isis Suicide Bomber ‘Was Former Guantanamo Bay Inmate Paid £1m Compensation’

22nd February 2017

Read it.

Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama (um … um … um).

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Sweden: From ABBA to Allah

22nd February 2017

Read it.

In just two generations, Sweden has become an increasingly dysfunctional and crime-ridden country. The main cause of this negative transformation is non-European mass immigration.

I have been chronicling Sweden’s decline for many years. My reports were falsely dismissed as fantasies made by an alleged “right-wing extremist.” This denial is no longer possible.

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Riots Erupt in Swedish Immigrant Town Days After Trump’s Refugee Remarks

21st February 2017

Read it.

MALMO, Sweden — Violent riots broke out in a Stockholm neighborhood Monday night in the midst of an argument between U.S. President Donald Trump and the Swedish government over immigration policies in the country.

Riots erupted around 8 p.m. in Rinkeby — an area with a large immigrant population — after police tried to arrest a man in relation to an investigation. Masked men threw rocks at police, set cars on fire and robbed businesses.

Police responded with gun fire to quell the unidentified rioters.

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‘Blind Sheikh’ Trade Center Bomber Omar Abdel-Rahman Dies in Prison

18th February 2017

Read it.

Thank you, Andrew McCarthy.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

17th February 2017

Pakistani forces kill dozens of terror suspects after Isis shrine bombing in Sehwan

Baghdad bombing: At least 48 killed in ‘Isis attack’ on Iraqi market

Sehwan shrine bombing: Isis claims responsibility for suicide attack killing at least 72 at Sufi Muslim site

Syrian schoolgirl arrested by religious police for ‘inappropriate clothing’ freed after classmate protest

France’s most wanted Isis fighter killed in Iraq leaves final message accusing his leaders of hypocrisy

Iranian morality police beat and detain 14-year-old girl ‘for wearing ripped jeans’

Islamic State suicide bombing at Pakistan shrine kills 75

Baghdad car bomb claimed by Islamic State kills 55

New Hamas Leader, a Vicious Killer, Portends New Rounds of Violence  What a surprise.

Sri Lankan Immigrant, 22, Stabbed to Death in Germany by Nigerian Refugee

The Pentagon could send conventional military forces into Syria

Danish Parliament Adopts Declaration Barring Muslim-Majority Neighborhoods

Maryland Mosque Lauds Pakistani Assassin

Pentagon Considers Sending Ground Troops To Take Out ISIS In Syria

Special Ops Chief: US troops have killed 60,000 ISIS militants the past two years

Russia and Assad bombing of civilians continues as UN peace process staggers on

NATO Must Confront Islamic Terror or Become Obsolete

Germany Raids Imams Suspected Of Being Erdogan’s Spies

Young schoolboy tells London classmates he supports Isis as gory propaganda videos reach children

Turkey arrests French national suspected of planning New Year’s nightclub attack

Isis claims propaganda ‘more powerful than atomic bomb’ as group forms strategy for survival

Guilty Plea In San Bernardino Case

Rasmieh Odeh’s Co-Conspirators’ Testimony Sought for Retrial

No Charges For Suspected Muslim Hate-Crime Hoaxer

Hezbollah Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Finance Fight Against Israel | The Tower

Advocates: Kurds Keeping Christians and Yazidis From Going Home

Isis commanders killed in Iraqi air strikes targeting Baghdadi, but leader’s fate remains unknown

Iranian Oscar nominee to get free London screening in protest of Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’  Which, of course, isn’t.

Valentine’s Day celebrations clamped down on in parts of Indonesia for running counter to Muslim cultural values

Viktor Orbán: Soros Organizations Bring 100,000s of Migrants to Europe

Hezbollah leader optimistic about ‘idiot’ Donald Trump in White House

Saudi Arabia ‘deports 40,000 Pakistani workers over terror fears’

Pakistan bans Valentine’s Day for being unIslamic  Can’t say they’re wrong.

Brussels Airport Stopped 30 Terror Suspects In One Month

A 24-Year-Old Uzbek Is Running A Ruthless Mercenary Empire

“Putin and Assad Saved my Life”

Trump Terrorism Adviser Says War on ISIS About Ideology

Migration Expert: More Than 50 Million Muslims Would Support Terrorists

‘World’s First Feminist Gov’t’ Wears Hijabs During Iran Visit

Yet Another Report Claims ISIS Leader Has Been Injured

Ravensburg: Culture-Enriching Violent Rapist Gets Four Years in Prison

Failed French Rapper Joins ISIS, Gets Bombed By US  Sometimes the system works.

Assad says U.S. troops welcome in Syria to fight ‘terrorism’

Refugees Are Now Reportedly Trying To Make Their Way To Canada, Which Will Likely Not Let Them In

A Hurricane of Outrage Against a Swede Who Tells the Truth on Migrant Crime

Former guardsman gets 11 years for Islamic State group support

In Landmark Move, Australia Strips Citizenship From ISIS Terrorist

Muslim nonprofit groups rejecting federal funds because of Donald Trump  Good. Keep it up.

Far-right outcast Geert Wilders vows to ‘de-Islamise’ the Netherlands after taking lead in Dutch polls

Afghanistan official says operation by U.S., Afghan forces killed 22 civilians

Somali Refugee Who Fled To Canada: ‘I Knew Trump Would Deport Me’  But now he needn’t bother.

People smugglers ‘inject refugee children with contraceptive’ due to high chance they will be raped

Iraq protests: police officer killed and dozens injured amid clashes in Baghdad

‘Get out of France’: Paris police tear gassing refugees and stealing blankets in freezing conditions, report reveals

The “Terror Buses” of Dresden

Rockets hit Baghdad’s Green Zone after protests turn violent

California Islamic School Rejects $800,000 Anti-Extremism Grant From Trump Admin

Former Army National Guardsman ‘Mohamed’ Goes To Prison For 11 Years After Trying To Aid ISIS

“A Child Does Not Belong in a Marriage”

Montreal Imam: “Oh Allah, Destroy the Accursed Jews”

Former student from Blackburn becomes first British woman to fight Isis in Syria

Hamas ‘ready for a new war in Israel by summer’, former IDF general says

Man almost beheaded in Tube attack condemns Donald Trump over terrorism claims

ISIS Terrorists Tapping Organized Crime to Infiltrate Europe

Terror On American Soil

French Police Foil ‘Imminent’ Islamic Terror Attack

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Burn, Bébé, Burn!

14th February 2017

Read it.

For the past five days France has been engulfed by widespread culture-enriching riots, similar to those of 2005. Carbecues, vandalism, street violence, assault, robbery — all the usual features of immigrant protests against social injustice.

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The Total Cringing Dhimmitude of the Prime Minister of Quebec

12th February 2017

Read it.

God help the people of Quebec. I doubt they realize the extent to which they have been sold down the river by their leadership. By the time they do, it will be too late — the shackles will be already be in place, clanking around their feet as they work the fields for their new masters.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

10th February 2017

Teenage girl among four suspects arrested for ‘planning Paris suicide bombing’ in new attack plot

Muhammad and Forced Conversions to Islam

Mosul: Liberated Iraqis free to play football without Isis’s bizarre rules

US child hacker confesses to launching cyber attack on Brussels Airport hours after Isis attacks

Isis claims it attacked Israeli port of Eilat with rockets launched from Egypt

Elite Hamas soldiers defecting to Isis from Gaza-based group in increasing numbers

Asylum seekers arrested for ‘sexually assaulting girls’ at German swimming pool

Syrian Dictator: Terrorists Are ‘Definitely’ Among Refugees  Well, he would know.

#NotAllSyrianRefugees Charged With Multiple Sexual Assaults At Canadian Water Park

This May Be Iraq’s Next Terrible Insurgency

Canadian Muslim Leaders Demand ‘Islamophobia’ Plan

Bin-Laden’s Old Pal Wiped Out By US Airstrike In Syria  Reach out, reach out and touch someone….

Nigerian woman says Boko Haram gave her 50p to carry out suicide bombing attack

Military officials: Iraqis are ‘the face and the front’ of war against ISIS

Survey Shows Europeans Are Increasingly Opposed To Muslim Immigration

U.S. commander: Mosul and Raqqa should be retaken in 6 months

Evidence Shows ISIS May Be Forging Passports

ISIS Terrorists Faking Injuries To Get Out Of Fighting

Isis ‘kills at least six Red Cross’ aid workers in Afghanistan

Austria ‘preparing to send troops to protect EU borders’ against refugees

Le Grand Remplacement

Isis file reveals ‘problem’ foreign fighters are refusing to fight in Iraq

Palestinian Authority considers worst case funding scenarios given Donald Trump’s Israeli sympathies  Remind me why the U.S. taxpayer is funding ‘Palestinians’?

Syrian refugee’s German lawsuit against Facebook over ‘fake news’ terror claims begins

German police spark outrage for telling authorities to keep refugees away from carnival celebrations

Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries, poll reveals

Hungarian mayor seeks to ban Muslims and gay people from his village

Somalia’s al-Shabaab militants behead four men for being ‘government spies’

Syrian regime secretly hanged 13,000 people at Assad’s notorious Saydnaya Prison, says Amnesty International  Guess it wasn’t that mch of a secret.

Afghanistan war getting little notice from Trump White House

Afghanistan requests U.S. air support for combat operations

What It’s Like To Get Executed By Assad

Sunni States’ Military Spending Sprees Could Fall to Radical Islamists

Hungary Wants To Put All Asylum Seekers In Detention Shelters

At least 20 dead in bomb blast outside Afghan Supreme Court

Iran responds to US sanctions with military drills and threat of further missile testing

Egyptian religious council rejects reform to law allowing men to verbally divorce their wives

The Threat America Is Neglecting in Afghanistan

Iran Makes A Big Show Of Unveiling ‘Homegrown’ Weapons. Turns Out They’re Probably Knock Offs

U.N.: More than 900 children killed in Afghanistan in 2016

Syrian troops, Turkey-backed forces surround ISIS stronghold

Israel Foils Another Hamas Kidnapping and Murder Plot

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets In Response To Rocket Attack

NATO Amps Up Anti-ISIS Mission After Trump’s Prodding

Iranian-Backed Rebels Launch Missile At Saudi Capital

Isis pay human traffickers for refugee children in ‘desperate’ attempt to attract more recruits

Record number of children killed in Afghanistan as Isis expands operations

Not ‘Lone Wolves’ After All: How ISIS Guides World’s Terror Plots from Afar

Turkish police detain over 440 people in anti-ISIS operation

Hundreds Of ISIS Suspects Arrested During Huge Anti-Terror Operation In Turkey

Man ‘raped 14-year-old child bride after illegal ceremony’

Hundreds of Isis suspects arrested during anti-terror crackdown inTurkey

Iraq archbishop: Where were all those protesters while ISIS committed genocides?  Gone to college, every one….

Saudi Arabia celebrates its first ever Women’s Day in RiyadhSaudi Arabia celebrates its first ever Women’s Day in Riyadh  All in chadors, of course.

Le Louvre terror attack: Father of alleged attacker Abdallah Reda el-Hamahmy insists son is not an Islamist extremist  Could have fooled me.

Iran sentences professor at Belgian university to death ‘without trial’ for alleged espionage

Official: U.S. ‘aggressively’ targeting ISIS, al-Qaida in Afghanistan

US-backed Syrian forces announce new phase in battle to retake Raqqa from Isis

Bill Warner: “It is the Purpose of Islam to Destroy All Art Because it is Jahiliyyah”

Experts: Social media firms fight Trump’s anti-terror plan while providing platform for terrorists

UAE condemns attack at the Louvre, pledges support to France

Idaho governor says persecuted Christians deserve refugee priority

Town square in France named after priest murdered by ISIS

Singapore sentences Saudi diplomat to caning ‘for molesting hotel intern’

Iran to blind woman accused of acid attack in retribution punishment

Al-Qaeda storms three Yemen towns days after botched US raid that killed up to 30 civilians

Germany offers asylum seekers up to €1,200 each to voluntarily return to their home countries

French Terrorist Was Egyptian Citizen On Tourist Visa

Terrorist Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Shot After Machete Attack on Louvre Museum

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Cultural Enrichment in the Emergency Room

9th February 2017

Read it.

The following report from Swiss television describes the increasing level of violence that confronts the medical staff in the emergency room of a hospital with a large migrant clientele.

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Judges Keep Falsely Saying No Terrorists Came From Countries Affected by Travel Ban

9th February 2017

Read it.

In a hearing last week, Judge James Robart, of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington State, asked Justice Department lawyer Michelle Bennett, “Have there been terrorist attacks in the United States by refugees or other immigrants from the seven countries listed, since 9/11?” Bennett was not able to give Robart a response.

The federal judge then said, “Let me tell you. The answer to that is none, as best I can tell.” Robart subsequently issued an order which halted Trump’s executive action nationwide. The Daily Caller, however, reported days before Robart’s ruling that at least 20 alleged terrorists since 2014 have come from the countries affected by Trump’s travel ban. This includes two stabbing attacks that left 21 people wounded. The Washington Examiner reported Monday that at least 60 alleged terrorists came from these countries between Sept. 11, 2001 and 2014.

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Caught on Video: The Moment a Terrorist’s Suicide Boat Rams a Saudi Frigate

7th February 2017

Watch it.

Funny how most victims of Muslim terrorism are other Muslims.

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A Sunday Brawl in the Park

5th February 2017

Read it.

Gotha is a modest-sized town in the German state of Thuringia. Earlier today a batch of youthful culture-enrichers set upon one another in a park in Gotha and commenced to whalin’ and whangin’ with implements of destruction, inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The following video was taken with a cell phone by a family who happened to be in the park when the “youths” started their hijinks. The mother is recording, and wondering if she should call the police, but the father would prefer to depart and leave the frolicking youngsters to whatever their fate might be.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

3rd February 2017

Assailant wielding machete, shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ stopped by soldier, police say

‘The Christians of Nigeria Are Alone.’

A Briton Dies for a Cause: Fighting the Islamic State

Syria’s army says it’s advancing against ISIS

Palestinians Turn Jerusalem Into a Tool of Terror

Syrian army creates women’s unit to fight Isis

Americans raise over $1m in five days to rebuild burned down mosque

Man accused of killing Colorado transit officer reportedly self-described ‘radical Muslim’

Civilians Killed In US Raid On Al-Qaida May Have Been Used As Human Shields

Ex-Muslim: “For me Islam is Islamist in Its Essence”

A Report from the Front: Why the Peshmerga Need More from America

Afghan woman has ears cut off by ‘suspicious’ husband in middle of the night

Inside the Ring: Al Qaeda resurgence

DNC Ousts Candidate Who Said Muslims Don’t Like Gays  Which, of course, they don’t.

German Police Raid 54 Terrorist Havens In Search For ISIS Operatives

Trump’s Travel Ban Forces Elderly Green Card-Holder to Stay in Iraq. She Died the Next Day (Updated: Family Imam Says Story is a Lie, She Actually Died Before the Ban)

Mass terror raids thwart ‘planned Isis attack’ in Germany as more than 50 mosques and buildings searched

Iran to stop using US dollar in response to Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’  Good luck with that.

Indonesia’s highest Islamic council to issue fatwa against ‘fake news’

ATTRITION: Scary Children Keep Islamic Terrorists Going

German Police Capture ISIS Terrorists, Raid Radical Mosque

“Allahu Akhbar” and Guns — Panic on the Vienna Subway

A Day in the Life of Modern Multicultural Germany

Hit squad reportedly kills ISIS madman who beheaded hundreds

Muslim full face veil to be banned in public places in Austria

Mosul: Isis threatens to kill 350,000 children trapped in city if they try to leave

Pennsylvania man admits he conspired to help Islamic State

Brussels bomber Mohamed Abrini charged over Paris attacks, say French lawyers

Canadian PM Trudeau calls Quebec City mosque shooting ‘terrorist attack on Muslims’

Hezbollah Is Winning the War in Syria

Report: Children held by Kurdish forces allege torture

Asylum Seekers in Bavaria Cause a Sharp Increase in the Crime Rate

Yemeni officials: US raid with troops kills 3 alleged senior al-Qaida leaders

Texas mosque destroyed in early-morning blaze; cause unknown

Teenage girl jailed for stabbing police officer in Germany’s first Isis-commissioned attack

Iraqi forces discover chemical warfare agent in Mosul

Ministry of Defence finds ‘staggering violations of humanitarian law’ by Saudi coalition forces in Yemen

#NotAllMuslims Allegedly Rape Swedish Woman Live On Facebook

NY Man Gets 20 Years For NYE ISIS Machete Plot

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The War With and Within Islam

1st February 2017

Read it.

I keep hearing the press refer to the countries that are subject to the lull in immigration as “predominately Muslim” or “majority Muslim.” They are much more than that. With the exception of Iran, they are each in the midst of unrest that can only be characterized as civil war – Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. And these are not just “majority Muslim” countries. To the extent that one can describe the form of government employed by whatever current regime claims authority in these countries, including Iran, they are not monarchies, republics or democracies. They aren’t even true thugocracies. They are totalitarian theocracies ruled by fiat and a few self-appointed clerics. Sharia law, the religious law of Islam, is the official law of these lands. It is informed, even instigated by Ayatollahs and Imams, Mullahs and Muftis and it is enforced by Islam, by tradition; that is by the mob.

The civil unrest and war results directly from Islam; that is the various and different local interpretations of Islam, the Shia Ja’fari and within the Sunni, the Wahhabi, Salafi, Hanafi and Maliki, all purporting to be the true Islam. Clannish tribal traditions further complicate the various rivalries. Brutal readings of the Koran and sacred texts leave little to no room to tolerate alternative interpretation. There is but one penalty for apostasy or refusal to submit to the interpretations of the subject sect: death. There is a reason why Islam has such a bloody and brutal history.

Our only consolation is the fact that, as much as these clerics hate the America (and Israel) they cannot help but turn on rival Islamic factions first. The Islamic tradition of fratricide and patricide has continued for 10 centuries; this is how it has always been for centuries and centuries, except that now, with money oozing from the very ground beneath their feet, they have the resources to acquire the weapons of war necessary to effectively impose their particular will.

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India-Pakistan: Visa Threat Does the Impossible

1st February 2017

Read it.

February 1, 2017: Islamic terrorist violence inside Pakistan continues to decline. Surprisingly the vocal popular support for Islamic terrorism in Pakistan was suddenly muted in late January as the military made some unexpected concessions regarding its support for terrorism and the government was able to go after a major Islamic charity that was long known (by literally everyone) as a front for Islamic terrorist fund raising. What caused this sudden change was the unexpected American threat to declare Pakistan a supporter of Islamic terrorism and restrict the movement of Pakistanis to and from the United States. What made this threat so convincing is that the newly (since January 20 th ) installed U.S. government started keeping campaign promises and banned seven nations (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen) that have long been the source of most Islamic terrorism. Many in South Asia believe Pakistan should be on the list. Afghanistan and India have long called for such action against Pakistan but Pakistanis thought the Americans would never do it. The leaders of Pakistan’s Islamic parties, who normally call for violent demonstrations against any effort to shut down Islamic terrorists who only attack outside Pakistan were quiet. That was because many of their key supporters may be enthusiastic about Islamic terrorism, they are more concerned about family in the West, especially the United States, or seeking to go there. The Islamic political parties have grown stronger since the military cracked down on anti-Pakistan Islamic terrorists in 2014. But now even the military is concerned about Pakistan being labeled what it has long been; a major supporter of Islamic terrorism. The fear may not last, but it’s a refreshing change of attitude for people in the region, including most Pakistanis.

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You, Too, Can Be a Syrian Refugee!

1st February 2017

Read it.

I am shocked — shocked! — to learn that Syrian officials in Germany are willing to hand out Syrian passports to anyone who can afford the extra fee. I hope the German and Syrian governments will round up the usual suspects as soon as possible.

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Saudi Arabia Builds 600-Mile Border Wall Equipped With Airbus Radar and Helipads

30th January 2017

Read it.

But I thought walls didn’t work….

(Will the Islamophobia never cease?)

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Salafists Gun Down “Murtadeen” at a Quebec City Mosque

30th January 2017

Read it.

As reported in tonight’s news feed, gunmen shot up a mosque in Quebec City, killing at least five people.

Early news stories gave a bare-bones account of the incident, followed by the Narrative describing “Islamophobia” in Quebec, and a recent increase of Islamophobic incidents.

Then came reports from eyewitnesses who said that the gunmen had been shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as they fired their weapons. That shot holes in the Narrative, too — unless, of course, the shooters were white-supremacist neo-Nazis who were just pretending to be Muslims.

The following video sheds some light on what may actually have happened in Quebec City tonight. It’s taken from the Facebook page of the mosque that was attacked. In it you’ll hear the imam of the mosque discuss the enmity of former members of the congregation who were unhappy with the blasphemous “moderation” of this mosque — that is, the shot-up mosque was full of murtadeen, or apostates.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

27th January 2017

Death toll jumps to 28 in al-Shabab hotel siege, car bombing

Turkey faces long and difficult fight against Isis in Syria

Six years on from the Arab Spring, revolution lingers in the Egyptian air

BBC: Prince among seven prisoners executed by Kuwait

Black Syrians: The Case Of The Yarmouk Basin

Feds Revetting Syrian Refugees With Red-Flags That Slipped Into US

German Women Now Have to Fear the Streets

New Jersey Teacher Who Traumatized Teens With Nude Selfies And Oral Sex Blames Muslim Upbringing  And if you believe that one, she’ll tell you another one.

Syrian government vows to fight on around Damascus as peace talks with rebels end without concrete progress

Islamist terror groups in Nigeria are now using babies in suicide bombing attacks, say officials

Extremist gunmen storm hotel in Somali capital, 6 killed

US Coalition Dropped More Than 10,000 Bombs On ISIS In The Fight For East Mosul

Iraqi PM: Eastern Mosul ‘fully liberated’ from Islamic State

Man accused of supporting Islamic State group gets 6 years

Official: Taliban launch nearly 19,000 attacks in 10 months

Brussels Bombings Were Deliberately Aimed At Americans, Jews

Dutch PM Tells Migrants To ‘Act Normal Or Leave’

Death Threats Are Nothing New for Muslim Reformers

Culture-Enrichers Break Violinist’s Finger — For Asking Them Not to Smoke

Al-Qaida Operatives Reportedly Taken Out In First Drone Strikes Under Trump

German authorities arrest man for ‘planning terror bomb attack’ on police and soldiers

Migrants Return To Calais Months After ‘Jungle’ Camp Demolition

Husband of British woman held in Iran criticises ‘secretive’ Foreign Office for failing to publicly call for her release

Suspected U.S. drone strike kills 3 alleged al-Qaida in Yemen

Iranian court upholds London mother’s five year prison sentence

Women Do Not Feel Safe in Germany  Gee, I wonder why?

Bomb blast kill 18, wounds over 60 in northwest Pakistan

Over 100 Al Qaeda fighters killed in ‘major’ US air strike in Syria, defense official says

Isis destroys more of Palmyra including Roman amphitheatre, say Syrian authorities


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That DC Limo Anti-Trump Protesters Torched Belonged to a Muslim Immigrant

24th January 2017

Read it. 

Well. There it is.

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Ex-Muslim: “Islam is a Political Agenda”

21st January 2017

Read it.

Sandra Solomon is a Muslim apostate who was born in what is now called Palestine and raised in Saudi Arabia. Today she lives in Canada, in the Toronto area, and has become alarmed at the accelerating Islamization of Ontario, especially since Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau was elected prime minister.

Reminder for the dimwitted: Islam is an oppressive totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion, with which no co-existence is possible. Islam and Communism both seek to reduce us to slavery; both pose an existential threat to civilization and must be extinguished. It’s us or them.

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Jihad Terrorist Attack Thwarted in Austria

20th January 2017

Read it.

While Donald Trump was taking the oath of office today in Washington, police in Vienna were arresting an Albanian mujahid who was allegedly planning a bomb attack in the city. Thanks to a tip from foreign intelligence, the would-be bomber was located and apprehended by counterterrorism police.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

20th January 2017

Muslim girl who claimed she was pushed in front of a train because of her headscarf faces prosecution in Austria after CCTV shows she invented the story

The Inside Story of How John Kerry Secretly Lobbied to Get CAIR Removed From UAE’s Terrorist Organization List

Syria: IS destroys part of Roman amphitheater in Palmyra

Taliban bomb maker accidentally kills himself and sons when explosives detonate

US air strikes kill Isis militants plotting new terror attacks in Europe as Libya camps destroyed

Muslims Segregated In University’s Women-Only Lunchroom

Miklós Maróth: The Islamic State is Already in Europe

Turkey Will Put Trump’s Anti-ISIS Plan To The Test

Jordan boosts border forces amid ISIS threat from Iraq, Syria

U.S. airstrikes kill ‘several dozen’ Islamic State fighters in Libya

Public School Parents Angry After Middle Schoolers Learn How Sharia Law Is TOTALLY AWESOME

My Journey Out of Radical Islam

ISIS is dropping bombs with drones in Iraq

75 people killed after collapse of landmark high rise building in Tehran

Zineb el-Rhazoui: “Islamic Law is the Territory of War and of Jihad”

Sweden Refuses To Find Statistics On Immigrant Crime

Report: Syrian Refugee Enrolled In Canadian High School Sexually Assaulted 14-Year-Old Girl [VIDEO]

Senior Australian politician says burqa is ‘not part of our culture’

Gang rape video of 16-year-old Somali girl sparks outrage and leads to £7,000 in donations

Female Yemeni fighters carry babies and machine guns at anti-Saudi rally

Refugee crisis: More than 200 migrants drown and freeze to death as first fortnight of 2017 sets new record

Because Nothing Says ‘I CAIR’ Like a Pardon

Russia, Turkish in joint airstrikes on ISIS in northern Syria

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Iran Gets Caught In Germany

Jive Talkin’ With the Chechen Jihad

U.S. increasing airdrops of supplies to forces battling ISIS in Syria

UK arms to sales to Saudi are ‘breeding a new generation of terrorists’

Isis video shows jihadis at Istanbul tourist landmarks promising fresh Turkish terror attacks

Yemen civil war: 10,000 civilians killed and 40,000 injured in conflict, UN reveals

Pakistan sentences mother to death for burning daughter alive in latest ‘honour killing’

ISIS Attacker’s Istanbul Apartment Was A Terrorist Treasure Trove [VIDEO]

Iraqi troops capture historic Mosul mosque destroyed by ISIS

Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Says He Did It For ISIS

Here’s What We Know About The ISIS Istanbul Shooter

Der Silberjunge: Opening the Borders Was Against German Law — And it Was Planned in Advance

Filip Dewinter: “We Use the Cross as a Symbol of Resistance Against Islamization”

Why ISIS Recruits from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

The Return of Islam’s Child Soldiers

Officials: FBI arrests widow of Orlando nightclub shooter

The Muslim Brotherhood Isn’t The Only Gang In Town

Istanbul nightclub shooting: Intelligence organisation involved in ‘professional’ New Year’s Eve attack, says Turkish Deputy PM

Inquest into deaths of 30 British holidaymakers killed in Tunisian beach terror attack to open in London

‘Madam Secretary’ Finds Way to Tie Christian Militia to ISIS

Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ Portrays Terrorist Sympathizer as Just an ‘Angry Kid’

Scottish Episcopal Cathedral Converted into a Mosque

EU Prepares For New Migrant Crisis Reaching ‘Record Levels’

ISIS Leader Baghdadi May Finally Be Cornered In Iraq

Belgian Police Carry Out Multiple Raids In Europe’s ‘Jihadi Capital’

Military: Mosul University fully liberated by Iraqi troops

Refugee crisis: More than 100 asylum seekers drown as boat sinks in the Mediterranean Sea

Two women arrested after being filmed riding motorbike in Iran

900,000 Christians were ‘martyred’ over last decade, says Christian research  Almost all by Muslims.

Denmark announces plan to stop paying Isis fighters unemployment benefits

Al-Qaeda leader denounces Isis ‘madness and lies’ as two terrorist groups compete for dominance

Boualem Sansal: “France is Already Well on the Way to Her Islamization”

Georg Spöttle: “The migrants are saying they have only a single friend in Europe: Merkel”  Likely true.

Iraqi forces enter Mosul University in battling ISIS for city

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Churches Ransacked in Brannau on New Year’s Eve

20th January 2017

Read it.

When Islam overruns and conquers a formerly non-Muslim polity, one of the first tasks it sets itself is to erase all evidence of the jahiliyyah, the “time of ignorance” that preceded that region’s submission to Allah. Anything that contains references to pagan idols or to deities other than Allah must be destroyed. Musical instruments, works of art and literature, statues and tapestries — all are considered idolatry, and must be consigned to the pure consuming fire of Islamic righteousness.

From an Islamic point of view, the churches of Europe are evidence of shirk, or polytheism, and thus part of the jahiliyyah. When the Islamic State completes its conquest of Europe, all the crosses, icons, paintings, hymnals, organs, stained glass windows, and statuary in the churches will be destroyed. Some churches will simply be torched; others will be cleansed of their idolatry and converted to mosques.

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ISIS Carries Out Mass Executions in Palmyra’s Ancient Ruins After Retaking Syrian City

19th January 2017

Read it.

My, what a surprise. Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

13th January 2017

Judge refuses to dismiss terrorism charges against Ohio man

Airstrikes escalate despite Syria cease-fire

Syrian medics report ‘systematic’ targeting of hospitals and medical personnelI

SIS retakes historic city of Palmyra

“The World is Not Moving Towards Order, But Rather in the Direction of Jittery Unpredictability”

Child Bride Gang-Raped by Eight Men at the Asylum Shelter?

A Bad Internet Connection? Destroy the Migrant Shelter!

German Girl Outsmarts Dim-Witted Migrant Groper

Probe identifies 33 civilian deaths in U.S.-Afghan raid on Taliban

Paris attacks: Two suspects arrested for ‘supplying fake documents to Isis militants to plan atrocities’

Taliban release video showing American, Australian captives

The Great Migration 2011-2016: Trafficking Routes to Europe

Afghanistan’s ‘ghost soldiers’ take scary toll on US taxpayers, says watchdog

Assad ‘dropped 13,000 barrel bombs on Syria in 2016’, watchdog claims

ISIS Drowns A Man In Shampoo For Claiming The Terrorist Group Is Dirty

Hamas, ISIS Affiliates, See Opportunity in Terror Truck Attack

ISIS using small drones to drop bombs on Iraqis

Morocco bans burqa over security concerns

United Arab Emirates: 5 diplomats killed in Afghanistan bombing

Immigration Official Okays Syrian Immigrants With Fake Passports [VIDEO]

Afghan official: Twin bombings rock Kabul, 50 wounded

Up to 50 people feared dead in twin blasts in Kabul

Gaziantep attack: ‘Terrorist’ killed in gun battle outside police station in Turkish city by Syrian border

Turkish marriage guide advises wives to wear sexy outfits after being beaten to ‘please’ their husbands

The Truck Jihad in Jerusalem

World Condemns Deadly Jerusalem Terror Attack; Palestinians Celebrate It | The Tower

Battling ISIS, Iraq troops reach bank of Tigris River in Mosul

Aggressive Intent, Advance Collusion by “Nafris” in Germany on New Year’s

ISIS Conducts Third Major Truck Attack in Six Months

Latest ISIS Vid Features Toddlers Slaughtering Prisoners [PHOTOS]

Egypt suicide attack: Bomber in truck full of explosives kills 10 at Sinai security post

Israel detains 5 relatives of Palestinian responsible for deadly Jerusalem truck attack

New Year’s Eve at the Brandenburg Gate: Groping Jihad Worse Than Thought

Germany’s Islamist Scene Approaches 10,000 Followers

French Police Beaten, Seriously Injured by Culture-Enrichers

Claus Strunz: “Germany: The Country of Deniers of Reality”

Massive tanker bomb kills 48 in Syria border town

Sixty children referred to UK Government counter-terrorism programme every week

Catholic Church Unrepentant for Working with Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups

One of the world’s most wanted terrorists married a British woman  Well, actually, she was a Bengalis living in Britain. But you know how ‘journalists’ are.

Obama Breathes Life Into Syrian Marxist Movement, With Millions In Aid

Four Killed In Jerusalem Truck Attack On Israeli Soldiers

Guns & Politics: Europe Once Protected Itself Against Arab Invaders

Jerusalem truck ramming was ‘terrorist attack’, confirms Israeli police

Police gun down Isis fighters on streets of Saudi Arabia

“The Islamic State is Already Here in Europe”

Archbishop of Mosul: “Don’t Accept Refugees Who Have Made us Refugees Here”

New Year’s Eve in Cologne: Surveillance, a Massive Police Presence, and a Zero-Tolerance Strategy

95% of Asylum Applicants in Italy Are Fake “Refugees”

The secret civilian network rescuing Yazidi women from Isis

Car bomb ‘kills at least 19’ in Syrian border town of Azaz

Nigerian schoolgirls kidnap: Chibok girls return to a different kind of captivity

Silvesternacht Becomes a Woman-Free Zone

An American Pastor Has Been Held In Turkish Prison On Bogus Terror Charges For 3 Months

Fort Lauderdale Shooter Told FBI He Was Forced To Fight For ISIS  Just Another Jihad Atrocity, then.

British mother jailed in Bahrain ‘after husband accused her of adultery’

This Christian Got His Throat Slit For Selling Sweet, Godly Booze

Turkish police arrest Canadian woman for allegedly insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  Well, you know how Canadians are.

Yemeni woman who campaigned for female literacy shot deadYemeni woman who campaigned for female literacy shot dead  My, what a surprise.

Muslim politicians in Indonesia call for nationwide alcohol ban

Isis militants ransack and destroy 3,000-year-old Iraqi city of Nimrud

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Jihad at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport

7th January 2017

Read it.

Maybe the picture is bogus — who knows? But if it isn’t, Mr. Santiago-Ruiz is definitely a convert to Islam, because he is making the unmistakable and notorious gang sign for the Islamic State: a single index finger pointing upwards, representing tawhid, the oneness of Allah.

There’s also a rumor floating around that he lived within walking distance of the only mosque in Alaska.

This is very much a breaking story, so I’m sure much more will be unfolding in the next few hours. I’m waiting to learn his Muslim name, which is bound to emerge sooner or later.

My, what a surprise. Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

6th January 2017

“Muslims are laughing at us! They say: Your daughters and granddaughters will be in our harems!”

Istanbul massacre offers a glimpse into the rise of terrorists from Central Asia

Iranian Man jailed for protesting against acid attacks goes on hunger strike for 65 days

The Balkan Route Reopens

Turkish court sentences two army officers to life in prison over role in July’s failed military coup

London postman who joined Isis charged with involvement in massacre and war crimes after denying killing

Cops Gun Down Three Female Suicide Bombers To Stop Attack

Izmir explosion: Blast reported outside courthouse in Turkish city  Those dratted Christians, always blowing stuff up.

Istanbul nightclub shooting suspect ‘probably Uighur’, authorities say as dozens more arrested

Austrian City Reports Unprecedented Number Of Sex Assaults On NYE  Will the Islamophobia never cease?

The pioneering women of Beirut’s roller derby team  You can’t make this stuff up.

Mosul Dam could collapse at any minute ‘killing 1.5 million people’

BBC’s The Real Housewives of Isis comedy sketch divides public opinion  Kind of like Hogan’s Heroes in Auschwitz.

Saudi Arabian women release video mocking kingdom’s driving laws

At least 9 killed in Baghdad car bomb attack

The Rockets’ Red Glare in Malmö

Suspected Muslim Militants Spring Hundreds From Prison In Largest Jailbreak In Country’s History

Another Subway Station, Another Stairway: Elderly Woman Pushed Down the Stairs in Hamburg

Female Kurdish fighters announce new training academies for Arab women to take on Isis in Syria

Pakistani Man Facing Hate Crime Charges For Sending People Christmas Greeting

Saudi Arabia flogs foreign workers for burning bus protest over unpaid wages

Istanbul attack: Turkey kill 18 Isis militants in Syria 24 hours after nightclub shooting

Scale of Iraqi civilian casualties inflicted by Isis revealed by UN

German Police Union Leader: “These People Should Be Deported”

The Routes Used by Organized Crime to Traffic “Refugees” Into Europe

Migrants Set Fire To Italian Refugee Center, Block Exits For Staff

Obama ‘Isn’t Doing A Damn Thing’ To Fight ISIS, Says Turkish Leader  Well, he’s talking a lot.

“The Convoy of Light”: New nasheed from the Islamic State’s Ajnad Media

Syria rebels suspend talks over alleged truce violations

Beyond ISIS: Europe’s Salafists Nurturing Jihad

M62 shooting: Man shot dead by police named locally as Yassar Yaqub

Istanbul terror attack: Police detain eight after Isis claims nightclub massacre

Istanbul terror attack: Police detain eight after Isis claims nightclub massacre

Turkey’s Misdiagnosed Kurdish Problem

Suicide Bomber Detonates Truck at Day Laborer Pickup in Baghdad

ISIS Nightclub Shooter Executed Victims At Point-Blank Range For 20 Minutes

Isis suicide bomber offers work to Baghdad labourers, then detonates massive device as they gather round

ISIS Rings In The New Year By Killing More Than 100 People

Turkish Gov Clerics, Along With ISIS, Spouted Anti-NYE Sermons Before Istanbul Nightclub Attack

ISIS Gunman Caught On Tape As He Opens Fire On Nightclub

Vermont Residents Don’t Want To ‘Foot The Bill’ For Syrian Refugees

At least 3 killed after suicide bomber attacks checkpoint near Somalia international airport

At least 22 killed after suicide bomber targets crowded Baghdad market

Kebab Riots in Poland

ISIS Wants To Gas The UK, And It May Have The Means To Do So

More than 1,000 migrants storm border at Spain’s Ceuta enclave

Cologne police deny racial profiling after mass screening of North African men  And if you believe that one, they’ll tell you another one.

Nigerian girl, 10, used in suicide bomb attack on New Year’s Eve

Istanbul terror attack: Witnesses tell of people ‘soaked in blood’ fleeing on ‘night of horror’

Two injured in shooting at Istanbul mosque, according to reports

Istanbul Attack Is Turkey’s Fourth Terror Incident In Less Than One Month

Istanbul nightclub attack: President Erdogan says Turkey will ‘fight to the end against terror’ as manhunt continues

Isis will eventually lose the battle for Mosul – but by then it will look like Aleppo

Istanbul nightclub attack: At least 35 dead after gunmen open fire at New Year’s Eve party

Gunmen Dressed As Santa Massacre 35 People In Istanbul Nightclub Terror Attack

Afghan Refugee So Incensed By Bible Reading, He Knifes Old Woman

ISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad bomb blasts, at least 28 killed

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Teenage Girl Has Been Deported, Removed 19 Times

Afghan Woman Beheaded For Shopping Without Husband

Afghan Teens Convicted of Gang Rape in Sweden Won’t Be Deported, Because It’s ‘Too Dangerous’

Berlin Terrorist Claimed Welfare Under Several Identities While Planning Attack

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The MLA vs. Israel

6th January 2017

Read it.

A Middle East studies scholar once told me that only those trained in the history of the Middle East or in religious studies (like himself) are qualified to speak, write and teach about Islamist terrorism. His point was that too many non-specialists were “muddying up the discourse.” I reminded him that the patron saint of Middle East studies is Edward Said, and his Ph.D. was in English Literature. I might have also mentioned that the Middle East studies professors have done a fine job of muddying up the discourse without any help from others.

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The Kurdish Woman Building a Feminist Democracy and Fighting Isis at the Same Time

5th January 2017

Read it.

I predict that this will end badly.

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A Truckload of Chocolate Iraqis

2nd January 2017

Read it.

As reported in last night’s news feed, 48 Iraqi migrants were discovered in the back of tractor trailer traveling from Bulgaria to Hungary. They were detected at a customs station in Romania, and are now in custody in Bulgaria.

There are several things about this case (and other similar cases in the last few months) that cry out for more attention:

  • These are just the ones who were caught. How many other loads of “refugees” go undetected and arrive safely at their final destinations in Europe?

  • These puir, puir Iraqis wanted to go to Hungary, or so they said. But every other migrant trying to get into Europe is trying to get into Germany, Sweden, or Britain. Was Hungary supposed to be a transshipment point, with a final destination elsewhere?

  • Moving migrants into Europe in trucks or freight cars is a risky and expensive business. Who is paying for it? Surely not the “refugees” themselves. Are the Open Society Foundations (or their surrogates) involved?

  • In order to get these enrichers into Europe, it is almost certain that organized crime is involved. Which criminal outfits are most active in this business? The Kosovars? The Albanians? The Turks? The Bulgarians? Or someone else?

  • The entire operation is being conducted on behalf of someone with an interest in replacing the population of Europe. What person or group is pushing this?

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The Calais Jungle: It’s Baaaack!

31st December 2016

Read it.

Back in October the French authorities ordered the dismantling of the “Jungle” migrant camp near Calais. The camp was duly razed and its inhabitants dispersed, but the “refugees” didn’t abandon hope of getting through the Chunnel to Britain — they just relocated to other spots nearby.

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