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Fallujah: Déjà Vu All Over Again

26th May 2016

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For such a nondescript city in Iraq, Fallujah has name recognition beyond its importance. In Western military circles at least the name is synonymous with the 2004 battle that turned into the bloodiest urban assault undertaken by the US military since Vietnam.

This time around, though the circumstances are different, it is once again a fight against Sunni insurgents who have had the benefit of long periods to establish defensive positions above and below ground. Regardless of the number of fighters inside the city, the urban environment offers the defenders many advantages, and diminishes the effectiveness of some of the attackers’ advantages, particularly air power.

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The Pacific Islanders Who Want to Ban Islam

24th May 2016

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The leader of the Christian Church in Samoa has called for the country to bring in a blanket ban on Islam.

Reverend Ma’auga Motu, secretary general of the Samoa Council of Churches, said the council was pressing the government to prohibit the religion on the Pacific island.

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Palestinian Authority Media Praises Terrorist Who Killed American Tourist

24th May 2016

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Masalha went on a stabbing spree which killed U.S. citizen Taylor Force and injured 11 others, before being killed by Israeli police.

After the attack, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction and the PA glorified Masalha as “the heroic Martyr.”

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Does the First Amendment Protect the Religious Duty of Jihad?

23rd May 2016

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If Mohammed is the perfect Muslim that all Muslims are to emulate, and an imam in a mosque preaches jihad and a worshipper then commits jihad, is the imam’s speech protected religious speech or speech that incites violence which may not be protected by our constitution?

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Loud Muslim Objections to the Closure of “Silent Rooms” in German Universities

23rd May 2016

Read it. And watch the video.

Whenever supposedly non-denominational prayer rooms are established in public buildings, they are rapidly co-opted by Muslims and turned into de facto mosques. Non-Muslim religious symbols are excluded from the rooms, women are forcibly segregated from the men, and openly expressed practices of other religions are forbidden. This occurs not just in Germany, but throughout Western Europe, North America, and Australia.

The following video is the second post in a series on the controversies surrounding the closure of “prayer rooms” at German universities. It shows a TV panel discussion featuring an attractively hijabbed young woman named Hatice Durmaz of the Council of Muslim Students and Academics.

Pay attention to the taqiyya-dance executed by Ms. Durmaz in this clip. When confronted with facts that she has previously denied, she skillfully changes direction, diverts her interviewer’s attention, and takes a different tack to reach her goal: the assertion that Muslims are blameless, that they are not responsible for the discrimination against women and infidels that is so blatantly manifested in the “silent rooms”.

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Isis Official Calls for ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks in US and Europe During Ramadan

22nd May 2016

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As opposed to the rest of the time, when they wouldn’t dream of it.

I guess the all-day fast makes them a little testy.

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Bring me the Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore — And Nothing Else

22nd May 2016

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It appears that one of the secret codicils to the immigration agreement between the EU and Turkey granted the latter the right to choose which “refugees” to send on to Europe, and which to retain in the Turkish migrant camps. In practice, Turkey — surprise, surprise! — lets only the riff-raff go through — the most problematic cases — and keeps well-educated, useful, and productive people for itself. Most notably, Syrian academics are not being allowed to travel on to Europe.

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British EU Army Unit Prayed at Hardline Islamist Mosque

22nd May 2016

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One of the British Army units set to join a new European Union (EU) battlegroup prayed at a radical Islamist mosque just weeks ago, Breitbart London can reveal.

The 4th Infantry Brigade – otherwise known as the “Black Rats” – were revealed by Breitbart London to have been part of an outreach project near their barracks in North Yorkshire which saw them praying at a mosque run by Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) operatives.

TJ, known to some as the ‘Army of Darkness’, is linked to a number of global terrorist atrocities including 9/11, 7/7, and the recent San Bernardino shootings. They are also linked to the Taliban.

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Muslim Media Darling: Hitler Spared Some Jews ‘So We’d Know Why He Killed Them’

22nd May 2016

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A Muslim girl who took a “defiant” selfie at an anti-Islam protest in Belgium allegedly posted anti-Semitic comments on her Twitter, Facebook, and Ask.fm accounts, according to a Belgian former soldier and a leading Dutch website.

Zakia Belkhiri, 22, was lauded as an “inspiration” by the media as her picture next to Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) protesters went viral.

But web sleuths have now claimed that Ms. Belkhiri’s “peace sign” in the picture is perhaps out of character for her. They claim she tweeted in 2012: “Hitler didnt kill all the jews, he left some. So we [would] know why he was killing them.”

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How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS

22nd May 2016

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Every Friday, just yards from a statue of Bill Clinton with arm aloft in a cheery wave, hundreds of young bearded men make a show of kneeling to pray on the sidewalk outside an improvised mosque in a former furniture store.

The mosque is one of scores built here with Saudi government money and blamed for spreading Wahhabism — the conservative ideology dominant in Saudi Arabia — in the 17 years since an American-led intervention wrested tiny Kosovo from Serbian oppression.

Since then — much of that time under the watch of American officials — Saudi money and influence have transformed this once-tolerant Muslim society at the hem of Europe into a font of Islamic extremism and a pipeline for jihadists.

It’s in the New York Times so it MUST be true, right?

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Angry Muslims Taunt NJ School Officials: “We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon”

21st May 2016

Read it. And watch the video.


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Ten Arabic Words: A Challenge to National Security Professionals Engaged in the Global War on Terror

20th May 2016

Read it.

Think about it.

Read it again.

The Ten Words are: dawah, dhimmi, hijra, jizya, kafir, shaheed, shariah, takfir, taqiyya, ummah

If you don’t know what the mean, you really need to find out.

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An Ayatollah’s Daughter Prompts a Debate on Religious Persecution in Iran

20th May 2016

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A house visit by a daughter of a prominent ayatollah to a female leader of the persecuted Bahai religious minority touched off a debate this week in Iran about the harsh treatment of a group deemed pagans and impure by the country’s dominant clerics.


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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

20th May 2016

‘Forgive Isis’: Girl’s dying request to mother after she is burnt alive by militants in her own home.

Iran accuses Kim Kardashian of working with Instagram CEO to corrupt Iranian women

Wife faces deportation for looking at her husband’s phone in UAE

US drone strike reportedly kills senior Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan

Woman who wanted to join Isis and marry ‘Jihadi John’ is jailed for four and a half years

Finland says Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq are ‘safe’ for refugees to return to

Syrian army ‘kills over 200 Isis militants’ in three-day Deir ez-Zor offensive

U.S. Special Forces take the fight to ISIS in Libya

Is Iran’s Iraq Policy Coming Apart?

Chibok girl ‘found’ in Nigeria two years after Boko Haram kidnap of 276 schoolgirls

We need to acknowledge the link between joining ISIS and supporting an Islamic state

Isis in Libya: Executions and ‘unbearable’ atrocities in group’s biggest stronghold outside Iraq and Syria

After bombings in Baghdad kill 77, Sadr’s forces deploy in some areas

Rights group report details ‘scenes of horror’ in ISIS-held Libyan city

Australian NGO worker killed while defusing Isis bomb in Iraq. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Former al-Qaida Terrorist Sought Asylum in Norway

Baghdad attacks: At least 58 killed by female suicide bomber and car bombing in Iraq capital

Isis terror suspect from Birmingham arrested over ‘plans to travel to Syria’

Iranian women arrested for posting ‘vulgar’ photos on Instagram without wearing headscarves

Isis in Libya: West takes first steps towards military engagement to counter jihadi threat

Iranian judge tells man: ‘If you’re innocent you’ll go to heaven after you’re hanged’. So he’s got that going for him.

Turkey Rushes Armed Drones after Increased ISIS Threat

Syrian civil war: Turkish and coalition forces kill 27 Isis fighters ‘on verge of firing rockets into Turkey’

Al Qaeda Magazine Calls For Targeting American Business Leaders. So they are Democrats after all.

The Jihad on Christian Church Tents

Malala Yousafzai pens open letter to parents of schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram

Paris attacks Isis suspect Salah Abdeslam had nuclear files stashed in his flat

Missing Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram shown alive in video. Yeah, Michelle’s hashtag really worked, didn’t it?

Yemen bombing: Isis claims responsibility after suicide attack kills 25 in Mukalla

What the killing of Mustafa Badreddine means for Hezbollah and the future of the Middle East

Isis claims responsibility for deadly suicide attack on Baghdad gas plant

Suspected Islamist militant arrested for murder of Bangladesh gay rights activists

Hebrew University campus gate firebombed; no injuries reported

Majority of Germans think Islam does not ‘belong’ in their country

Saudi Arabia: Women face flogging and jail for checking husband’s phone

Isis kills at least 13 Real Madrid supporters in attack on cafe in Iraq

Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Calls for a ‘Religious Constitution’

In blow to Hezbollah, senior commander killed in Syria

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Corruption in Iraq: Where Did All the Money Go?

19th May 2016

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Into somebody’s pocket, of course.

Iraq, with lamentably high corruption, can be a litmus test for revived effort. Iraq also desperately needs to recover stolen assets, because it is running out of money for both fighting ISIS and rebuilding Iraq, in order to prevent ISIS 2.0.

Luckily, the United States is leading the way with the formation of the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (KARI), but far more global coordination is needed. In Iraq, financial assistance should be put into ministries to train people in spotting and preventing corruption.

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“Minnesota Men” Go to Trial

19th May 2016

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A minor witness testifying briefly yesterday made for a highly symbolic moment during the trial of the “Minnesota men” charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS. In mid-afternoon The prosecution called Bashi Ibrahim to the stand. Ibrhaim required a Somali translator for his testimony. Though he arrived in Minnesota with the first wave of Somali immigrants almost 25 years ago, in 1992, he was unable to understand the questions, or give his answers, in English.

‘Sure, go ahead, let ’em in! They’ll assimilate just like the Italians and the Poles and all those other immigrants.’

Through the translator, Ibrahim testified that Yusuf Jama was one of his sons. Jama graduated from Minneapolis Public Schools in August 2012. After high school Jama worked as a teacher at an Islamic school.

Jama was determined to join the jihad with ISIS in Syria. He tried unsuccessfully to leave in May 2014 along with defendant Guled Omar and a friend who later turned and became a confidential source for the government. (The confidential source has now been identified as Abdhirahman Bashiir; Bashir took the stand at the end of the afternoon.)

Trump’s program is looking better and better.

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ISIS Execute 25 People by Dissolving Them in Nitric Acid

19th May 2016

Read it.

Let’s hear it for the Religion of Peace[tm].

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Religion-Driven Hostility to Christians Follows Them to German Refugee Centres

19th May 2016

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Christian refugees in Germany are facing religiously motivated abuse and violent attacks from Muslim refugees and security officials, according to a report by Christian charity Open Doors.

Of 231 refugees Open Doors interviewed between February and April, 204 said they had experienced “religiously motivated persecution” – whether through verbal insults, sexual or physical assault, or death threats.

Of those interviewed, 69 per cent were Iranians, while 13 per cent came from Afghanistan and 5 per cent from Syria. Eighty-six per cent were former Muslims who had converted to Christianity, most of them in their home country.

The interviews were conducted by Open Doors staff in Germany, which also issued written surveys to Christian refugees in their native language. The organization said the reports of harassment elicited by the surveys represent “just the tip of the iceberg”.

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The Saudi Solution

18th May 2016

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As European governments slam the gates shut on illegal Middle Eastern immigrants, where can Syrians and others go to, not far from their homelands, for safety and employment? The answer is obvious but surprisingly neglected: to Saudi Arabia and the other rich Arab sheikhdoms.

Yeah, well….

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Lost in Translation: The Taqiyya of the Interpreters

17th May 2016

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The following investigative report from the German public broadcaster ARD exposes the deliberate mistranslation by Muslim interpreters of the Arabic words spoken by non-Muslims. The rate of influx of Arabic-speakers into Germany is such that the authorities are unable to find enough translators who are both fluent and reliable. When acting as interpreters, Muslim translators take the opportunity to suppress the complaints and calls for help by non-Muslim refugees.

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In the Netherlands, Empty Prisons Become Homes for Refugees

17th May 2016

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Eliminate the middle-man, so to speak.

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Hamas Exploits Easing of Gaza Blockade to Smuggle More Weapons

16th May 2016

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Of course they do.

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It’s the Islam, Stupid

16th May 2016

Read it.

The professional journalists covering the trial of the “Minnesota men” before Judge Michael Davis include the Star Tribune’s Stephen Montemayor. I rely on his work, as well as that of MPR’s Mukhtar Ibrahim and Laura Yuen, even when I am sitting next to him in court. Montemayor is a good and indefatigable reporter. If you want to know what’s going on during the day at trial, follow him on Twitter. He tweets everything of interest. He misses almost nothing.

Today, however, Montemayor presents as a case study in overlooking the obvious. He is unduly concerned by the racial composition of the jury. He thinks it’s a big deal that, while the three defendants are all black, the jury is all white. He has thus produced today’s Star Tribune story on the trial with Randy Furst: “Black defendants, white jurors: Does race make a difference in the courtroom?”

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Germany: Christian Refugees Persecuted by Muslims

15th May 2016

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Thousands of Christians in German refugee shelters are being persecuted by Muslims, sometimes even by their security guards, according to a new report, which asserts that in most cases German authorities have done nothing to protect the victims.

The study alleges that German authorities and police have deliberately downplayed and even covered up the “taboo issue” of Muslim attacks on Christian refugees, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

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Yazidi Girl Exposes ISIS Rape Hellhole

14th May 2016

Read it.

A new televised interview, conducted in Arabic with a Yazidi girl who endured sexual captivity at the hands of the Islamic State, was published on March 22, 2016. It appeared on “Shabaab [Youth] Talk,” hosted by Ja’far Abdul.

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The End of Food Parcels Marks New Battle Lines for the West Bank’s Refugees

14th May 2016

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Since shortly after being expelled or fleeing during the nakba, the 1947-49 Palestinian catastrophe of displacement that accompanied Israel’s creation, refugees in camps in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria have received food parcels from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Now, in the West Bank, an efficiency-minded UNRWA is altering that practice, prompting high anxiety among refugees.

From now on the food distributions in Amari and seventeen other camps in the Israeli-occupied territory are being discontinued, with UNRWA deciding instead to issue refugees electronic cards so they can make their purchases themselves.

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Brickbat: You Were Asking for Trouble

13th May 2016

Read it.

An Austrian woman attacked by four migrants from Afghanistan in a train station says when she reported the crime police officers told her she should not have been using public transportation after 8 p.m. and told her to dye her blonde hair another color.

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When There Were No Moderate Muslims

13th May 2016

Read it.

The latest essay by Anestos Canelides looks at the massacre and expulsion of the Greeks from Turkey as part of the larger picture of the Great Jihad.

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Saudi Officials Were ‘Supporting’ 9/11 Hijackers, Commission Member Says

13th May 2016

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A former Republican member of the 9/11 commission, breaking dramatically with the commission’s leaders, said Wednesday he believes there was clear evidence that Saudi government employees were part of a support network for the 9/11 hijackers and that the Obama administration should move quickly to declassify a long-secret congressional report on Saudi ties to the 2001 terrorist attack.

The comments by John F Lehman, an investment banker in New York who was Navy secretary in the Reagan administration, signal the first serious public split among the 10 commissioners since they issued a 2004 final report that was largely read as an exoneration of Saudi Arabia, which was home to 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

13th May 2016

Syriac Catholic Patriarch: West Is an Accomplice to Syria’s Genocide

Suspected car bombing in Istanbul injures at least eight people, reports say

Baghdad bombings: Isis kills more than 100 people in 24 hours of suicide attacks and car bombings in Iraq capital

Isis ‘sets up office to manage relations with foreign fighters’ to stop infighting and defections in Syria

Female politician disqualified from entering Iran’s parliament over photos ‘showing her not wearing headscarf’

Ohio restaurant owner says he was machete-wielding terrorist’s target

Germany doubles number of suspected Islamist militants under investigation after entering during refugee crisis

Saudi family therapist gives advice on how to ‘beat your wife’

Refugee crisis: Three-year-old child among Syrian asylum seekers ‘shot by Turkish border guards’

ISIS-claimed car bomb targets Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad, 45 dead

‘Life is horrible’: Syria’s Christians fear total genocide

Saudis take to social media with campaign supporting womens’ right to drive in the kingdom

Refugee crisis: For 350,000 Syrians, the move across the Turkish border has not brought the threat of violence to an end

Isis suspects arrested by Italian police over ‘Canary Wharf terror attack’ plot

Brothers who raped 14-year-old girl in Pakistan go free after paying 1200kg of wheat

Syrian refugee shot by border guards trying to enter Slovakia from Hungary

Iraq’s Kurds urge Jews, other religious minorities to come, practice faith

US airstrike kills ISIS ‘Emir of Anbar Province’ in Iraq

ISIS reportedly executes 7-year-old boy for cursing while playing with friends

One dead, 3 hurt after suspected Islamist stabbing spree at Germany train station

A War Like No Other: With the Peshmerga on the Front Lines Against ISIS

Poland refuses to take a single refugee because of ‘security’ fears

Isis stab man in the heart and then shoot him for being a spy. Apparently the stab was just to get his attention.

Turkey kills dozens of Isis fighters in a revenge attack

Pakistani activist murdered after praising London for electing first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan

At least 52 killed after two buses collide with fuel tanker in Afghanistan

Gunmen kill 8 police officers in Egypt

Two Nato soldiers killed in Afghan ‘insider attack’

UN envoy says more than 50 mass graves found in parts of Iraq re-taken from ISIS

After presiding over bin Laden raid, CIA chief in Pakistan came home suspecting he was poisoned by ISI

Islamic State using homing pigeons to deliver messages to operatives outside its ‘caliphate’

Australia’s most wanted jihadist ‘killed in US air strike’ in Iraq. Happy to help.

Syrian civil war: Clashes between Assad troops and jihadist alliance near Aleppo leave 73 dead

Fundamentalist interpretations of Islam that restrict women’s rights are rising, says former leading imam

Pakistani teenage girl burned alive in ‘honour killing’ after helping friend elope

London Elects a Muslim Mayor Who Defended 9/11 Terrorists

10 die as suicide bomber targets crowd trying to help car bomb victims in Syria

Syrian prisoners take over prison, claiming President Assad is about to start torturing and executing them

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Iran’s Unstoppable March Toward Dominance

12th May 2016

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Today, the rise of Iran is less of a political topic to debate and more of a reality to recognize. Compared to its Middle Eastern neighbors, Iran has made impressive strides in space technology in the past few years, putting the first satellite into orbit in February 2009; has emerged as a cyber power on the level of China or Russia; and has achieved significant advances in military hardware production, including sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles, main battle tanks, and medium and long-range ballistic missiles. The Iranian defense industry is making gradual inroads into global armament markets, with Iraq, Syria and Lebanon already receiving regular arms shipments to fight Islamic State and other rebel forces. The Iranian state is capable of projecting force in the Gulf and the Levant, and has often challenged the United States—successfully or not—to stay out of the Gulf region, showing a high degree of foreign-policy independence.

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It’s Not Child Molestation When Muslims Do It

11th May 2016

Read it.

The case below is reminiscent not just of the one against Susanne Winter, but also the charge on which Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted. In Austria, you absolutely are not allowed to refer to Mohammed as a pedophile or a child molester. It doesn’t matter that any other man who has sex with a 9-year-old would be so designated. If you call Big Mo a pedophile, you can end up in trouble with the state.

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The Foul Legacy of Sykes-Picot

11th May 2016

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Sykes-Picot (official name: the Asia Minor Agreement) bears recalling because its profound two mistakes are in danger of being repeated: one concerned form and the other substance.

Negotiated in secret by three European imperial powers, it became the great symbol of European perfidy. Not surprisingly, the Allied Powers secretly carving up the central Middle East without consulting its inhabitants prompted an outraged response (George Antonius, writing in 1938: “a shocking document … the product of greed at its worst … a startling piece of double-dealing”). Sykes-Picot set the stage for the proliferation of a deeply consequential conspiracy-mentality that ever since has afflicted the region.

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Murphy’s Law: No Good Deed Goes Unexploited

11th May 2016

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Among the many minority groups to suffer heavy losses in the Syrian civil war are the Palestinians. Nearly one percent of the Syrian Palestinians have been killed so far, most of them civilians. Overall nearly two percent of all Syrians have died in the war so far. What is odd about this is that the Syrian Palestinians are not citizens of Syria but long-term refugees. Many of these Palestinian families have been in Syria since the 1950s. This is the result of an odd aspect of UN rules concerning refugees that only applies to Palestinians. This began in 1949 when Arab nations refused to accept and absorb Moslems who fled (mostly) from what is now Israel on the promise of the Arab nations would soon mobilize sufficient military strength to destroy Israel, drive the Jews out and allow the refugees to return home. That never happened and it was quickly recognized that there was a serious refugee problem. The UN established a program to take care of these refugees but in a very unusual move the 750,000 original Palestinian refugees were allowed to pass on their refugee status to their children. No other refugee group was allowed to do that by the UN. About the same number of Jews were driven out of Moslem countries after 1948 and they were all accepted and absorbed by other nations, mainly Israel and the U.S. Since 1947 the number of “Palestinian refugees” has grown to five million and Arab states continue to refuse to absorb them. A nasty side effect of this UN policy was to make Palestinian refugees unwelcome and untrusted in the countries they did settle in. Many Moslem nations have had serious problems in the past with Moslem refugees that were given sanctuary, but not citizenship.

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Jihadi Terror Creates New Global Market For Close Air Support Aircraft

9th May 2016

Read it.

Back in 2009, when the Department of Defense had but one problem on its mind, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Air Force had the idea of developing a light air support (LAS) aircraft for the close air support (CAS) mission for counterinsurgency operations. The focus was on a non-developmental platform, one that was cheap and easy to operate and maintain, intended primarily for foreign militaries with limited budgets, infrastructure and trained personnel. Initially, the Air Force thought it might acquire some number of this aircraft for its own use, but the decision was made to focus entirely on exporting them to allies and partners. At present a total of 15 aircraft are being provided to the Afghan National Air Force.

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Halal Racketeering in Norway

8th May 2016

Read it.

It seems that the Islamic Council of Norway (IRN), like so many other Islamic organizations around the world, is running a halal-certification racket, and using Mafia-style methods to persuade businesses to participate. The IRN, in effect, makes them an offer they can’t refuse.

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Why Won’t Pakistan Act Against the Haqqani Network?

7th May 2016

Read it.

Because they’re Muslims. Duh.

The Pakistani Taliban’s brutal attack at an Army Public School in 2014, which killed more than 140 children, forced the country’s powerful military into launching a massive military operation against militants based in the tribal regions along the Afghan border. While for years, the Pakistani leadership is known to have patronized and sheltered various militant groups for different security related reasons, to everyone’s surprise, this operation promised to decimate all terrorist groups:  “All foreign fighters and local terrorists will be wiped out without any exception,” including the Haqqani network, said the military.

However this apparent major doctrinal shift in Pakistan’s strategic security and defense policy has proved another hoax. Before the operation, Pakistan Army’s media wing in a statement said that this will be an indiscriminate operation and when the soldiers “go there, they will eliminate everyone,” and by that the spokesperson meant “any terrorist who is on the soil of Pakistan right now within the area of operation.”

The military operation named Zarb-e-Azb, as announced has targeted all foreign or local militant groups except those who had left the region before the operation. Reportedly, the Haqqani network was tipped off before the start of the operation and moved its assets across the Durand Line, border dividing Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Lying to the kaffir is not objectionable under Islam.

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Israel’s Tunnel-Detection Success Poses Hard Choice for Hamas

6th May 2016

Read it.

In recent days, violence out of Gaza has indeed escalated significantly, and the trigger has been a succession of breakthroughs in the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) ability to detect cross-border assault tunnels that threaten Israel’s south.

On Thursday morning, the IDF announced that it had found a tunnel 30 meters (98 feet) underground that reached into southern Israel, not far from where the IDF used new breakthrough technology to locate another tunnel in April.

Realizing it is about to lose its most prized offensive weapon against Israel – the ability to inject murder squads in Israeli territory though tunnels – Hamas’s military wing decided to do something it has not done in almost two years. It began a succession of cross-border mortar attacks in the vicinity, with a view to disrupting the detection work, and more importantly, to signal to Israel that Hamas is willing to risk war over its tunnel program.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

6th May 2016

Taliban expect to gain big from banner poppy crop in Afghanistan, US general says

Iran’s Other ISIS Problem

Danish school bans Muslim students from wearing the niqab in the classroom

Australia’s most-senior Isis recruiter ‘killed in Iraq air strike’

Girls in Saudi Arabia demand the right to have PE lessons

Saudi women finally allowed to have their own copy of marriage certificate

Libya’s New Unity Government is Anything But

Syrian civil war: Hospital in regime-controlled Aleppo partly destroyed by rebel shelling as more civilians killed

Pro-ISIS Account Posts Suicide Vest Instructional Video

Hamas Caught Smuggling Rocket Material as Israel Considers Re-Opening Gaza Border. My, what a surprise.

US service member killed in northern Iraq, Defense Secretary says

Al-Qaeda returns to Afghanistan amid fears of new jihadist alliance with Isis and Taliban

UK government running ‘covert’ propaganda campaign to stop Muslims joining Isis. Good luck with that.

FBI thwarts attempted bomb attack on Florida Jewish centre

The Pakistani woman who defies the Taliban every day

Isis jihadi who recruited ‘hundreds’ of UK fighters ‘killed in Syria’

Iraq car bomb kills 13 Shia pilgrims commemorating anniversary of imam’s death in Baghdad

Fire destroys Muslim prayer hall in Corsica

Turkey’s (Not So) Creeping Islamization

Islam and the “Sexual Ethics” of Jihad Slavery

Turkey’s Fake War on Jihadis

Defections from Harakat al-Muthanna in Deraa: Translation & Analysis

Iraq car bombings: Isis claims responsibility after two blasts kill at least 23 people in city of Samawa

Turkey explosion: Gaziantep police station hit by suspected Isis car bomb attack killing at least two people

Albanian Jihad Recruiters Convicted and Sentenced

Isis claims responsibility for hacking to death a tailor in Bangladesh

Iraq parliament building stormed by hundreds of Shia protesters demanding government reform

Isis executes more than 4,000 people in under two years of the ‘Islamic State’ in Syria

At least 21 killed in Baghdad car bomb targeting Shiite pilgrims

NYPD contacts thousands whose names appear on Internet ‘terror target’ list

Former Isis militant who grew up in the UK says coalition bombing campaign will drive more jihadists to launch attacks

McDonald’s has gone to Quetta, Pakistan – and the Taliban aren’t happy

Isis is putting girls into cages with skeletons for violating their dress code, Syrian activists say

Muslim convert in France refuses to sell clothes to women on weekdays

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Counter-Terrorism: Moslem Military and Police In Europe

6th May 2016

Read it.

In the wake of the late 2015 ISIL attack in Paris and the early 2016 attack in Brussels most European countries were forced (by the majority of voters and much of the local media) to reveal data on the extent of Islamic terrorist activity in local security forces. Governments had been collecting this data for over a decade but had largely kept it out of the news. There was growing public pressure to go public with this information and the Paris and Brussels attacks made that happen. Germany reported that since 2007 at least 22 military personnel have been identified as Islamic radicals and supporters of Islamic terrorism. Five of these people had competed their service and were civilians again but 17 were still in uniform and were dismissed from service. In addition at least 65 military personnel are currently under investigation for Islamic terrorist sympathies and 29 former military personnel have been identified as having gone to Syria to join ISIL.

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Russian Bomb Factory/Mosque Hoist With Its Own Petard

2nd May 2016

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The Russian intelligence services discovered a bomb-making factory when they raided a secret mosque in the city of Samara. The explosives they found in the building were so unstable that they had to be detonated on the spot, leaving the mosque a little worse for the wear and tear.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

29th April 2016

Assad siege of Aleppo could be ‘imminent,’ experts warn

ISIS reveals how Jihadi John evaded security en route from UK to Syria

Isis in Iraq: Terror group are turning to fish farms and car dealerships to fund activities after losing territory

Leading Muslim Cleric: Coptic Christians Are ‘Criminal, Aggressive, and Oppressive’

Police arrest 21-year-old man in London on suspicion of attempting to join Isis in Syria

Three linked to California terror attack arrested

Turkey bombing in Bursa: Female suicide bomber attacks near city’s Grand Mosque

Philippine President vows to neutralise Islamist militants who beheaded Canadian hostage

Isis terror warning over tourist hotspots in Turkey issued by US embassy

Hezbollah: Iran’s Henchmen in Brazil

Female suicide bomber wounds eight in Turkish city of Bursa

Palestinian Children Kill Israelis in Hamas “Play”

Al-Qaeda claims murder of Bangladesh LGBT magazine editor hacked to death

South Sudan Rebel Leader Returning to Capital, May Signal End of Civil War

Terror suspect whose flight certificate was linked to Saudis one of Gitmo’s most dangerous

Palestinian Authority backs convicted killer for Nobel Peace Prize

Turkey deports 3,300 suspected jihadi fighters

Pro-ISIS hackers release names, personal info of targeted State Dept. employees

ISIS pay scale revealed: Documents show salaries based on number of wives, sex slaves

A Syrian rebel’s slaying in Turkey points to the long, lethal reach of Isis

Canadian hostage John Ridsdel killed by militants in the Philippines. Will the Islamophobia never cease?

Editor of Bangladesh’s first LGBT magazine hacked to death

Report: Iran May Send Hamas to Fight ISIS. That would be entertaining.

Blacklisted Terrorism Financiers Still Active on Social Media

Libya: Death Watch

Islamic State Moves to Libya with the Promise of Fresh Plunder

Arabs Strive for Honor, Not Peace

A Caliphate Under Strain: The Documentary Evidence

At least 12 dead in double suicide attack on security forces in Baghdad

Isis claims its fighters murdered university professor in Bangladesh over ‘calls to atheism’

‘Drive-by jihad’ plotters Tarik Hassane and Suhaib Majeedi jailed for life

University professor on his way to work hacked to death in Bangladesh

ISIS suspect reveals plans to open up route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico

US Army officer helps foil terror plot to blow up Jewish school in Denmark

Prosecutors: ISIS Ebook Helped Inspire Aborted Attack on Pamela Geller

Turkish border guards ‘shoot eight Syrian refugees dead’ including women and children trying to reach safety

Brussels airport bomber Najim Laachraoui identified as Isis jailer of French hostages in Syria

Iranian women call on Western tourists to violate hijab law to fight against oppression

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban bans ‘Islamisation’

28th April 2016

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Speaking in parliament on Monday to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Hungary’s new constitution, Viktor Orban said the document’s primary aim was to secure Hungarian language and culture.

The premier said the constitution meant the Hungarian government had to oppose any kind of mass migration that would imperil those principles.

He said: “We have the right to choose whom we wish to live together with and whom we do not wish to live together with.

“To be clear and unequivocal, I can say that Islamisation is constitutionally banned in Hungary.

The former Soviet client states of Eastern Europe, having experienced ‘progressive’ oppression first-hand, are more resistant to Political Correctness than most.

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Oops! Suicide Bomber Detonates Vest Early, Kills 8 Other Terrorists

28th April 2016

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In a scene straight out of a Hollywood film, a Taliban fighter detonated his suicide vest by mistake, killing himself and his eight colleagues without a single civilian casualty.

It is so hard to get good help these days.

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How Islam Erases Christianity from History

28th April 2016

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While Christianity continues to be physically erased from the Middle East, lesser known is that its historical role and presence is also being expunged from memory.

Last month a video emerged showing Islamic State members tossing hundreds of Christian textbooks, many of them emblazoned with crosses, into a large bonfire. As one report put it, ISIS was “burning Christian textbooks in an attempt to erase all traces of” Christianity from the ancient region of Mosul, where Christianity once thrived for centuries before the rise of Islam.

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Turkish Influence in Germany: 970 Imams and €1,800,000,000 Per Year

26th April 2016

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Angela Merkel says that Islam belongs to Germany, but she may have reversed the relationship involved: based on the report below, Turkey is rapidly Islamizing Germany through the funding of mosques, imams, and other employees. The process is being done quite openly — Germany is becoming a province of Greater Turkey, and no one is trying to hide the fact.

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Norway offers refugees £840 ‘bonus’ to leave the country

26th April 2016

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This is absurd. Why not just kick their asses out? Or, better yet, put them on a boat and dump their asses on the Libyan shore somewhere.

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Dutch journalist Ebru Umar arrested in Turkey

24th April 2016

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Yeah, the name ‘Ebru Umar’ sure says ‘Dutch’ to me….

A Dutch journalist has been detained for questioning in Turkey after allegedly insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ebru Umar, a columnist for the Dutch Metro newspaper was arrested on Saturday soon after posting a tweet saying police were at her door at around 11pm Turkish time.

She later tweeted that she was being taken to a police station in Kusadasi.

Freedom of speech is not a Muslim value.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

22nd April 2016

Isis documents leak reveals profile of average militant as young, well-educated but with only ‘basic’ knowledge of Islamic law

Video Captures Palestinians Hailing Jerusalem Bomber

Isis increasing co-operation with Boko Haram – the ‘world’s most horrific terrorist group’

Boko Haram ‘strapping bombs to birds’ as Isis-affiliated group continues bloody insurgency in Africa

Islamic face veil to be banned in Latvia despite being worn by just three women in entire country

Terror victims win Supreme Court judgment against Iran

Family of Benghazi victim to receive $400G after CIA expands benefit program

Syria opposition figure says Assad has ‘buried’ cease-fire

The Arab Spring reported and misreported: foreign intervention in Libya and the last days of Gaddafi

Syria conflict: 500 wounded people in need of ‘life-saving medical treatment’ evacuated from besieged towns

Report: German Refugee Program Money Given to Hizballah Operatives. My, what a surprise.

‘Up to 500 dead’ in refugee boat sinking, survivors tell UN investigators

Kabul attack: Death toll from Taliban bombing rises to 64 as terrorist group threatens more attacks on ‘invaders’

Report: Terrorists plotting summer attack on European tourist beaches

Roman arch destroyed by ISIS in Syria was recreated using 3D technology

Mass graves discovered in former Isis-controlled Iraqi city of Ramadi. My, what a surprise.

NATO believes there is ‘justified concern’ Isis will carry out nuclear attack in Europe. They would if they could.

UK prisons chief backs conservative Muslim sect who call non-Muslim women ‘repulsive’

British jets could bomb Isis fighters in Libya, UK Government says

Isis and Italy’s mafia ‘working together’ to smuggle cannabis through North Africa into Europe

Syrian girl campaigns against child marriage from her refugee camp in Jordan

Kabul bombing: At least 28 people killed and more than 300 injured in Taliban suicide attack on security agency

Muslim prison chaplains ‘encouraging murder of non-believers’. My, what a surprise.

Jerusalem bus bombing wounds more than 20; police call it terror

South Sudan attackers kill more than 140 at Ethiopia border, official says

Once seen as White House triumph, new nation of South Sudan descends into war, misery

Palestinians Praise Jerusalem Bus Bombing Targeting Israelis. Of course they do.

Underground Hamas Tunnels Continue to Threaten Israeli Civilians

Two Turkish youths detained after accosting US soldier at air base

ISIS revenue down 30 percent as its territory shrinks, report claims

In Wake Of Increasing Anti-Semitic Attacks, More Jews Flee France

Anti-Isis coalition ‘preparing to launch final assault on Raqqa stronghold’, US official says

Syria conflict: Turkish ultra-nationalist suspected of killing Russian pilot may have ties to his country’s ‘deep state’

South Sudan attackers kill more than 140 at Ethiopia border, official says

Chaos in Libya: The Rising ISIS Threat to Europe

Turkish border forces ‘fire live rounds at Syrian refugees’ fleeing Isis fighting

Peshmerga troops running on empty in fight against ISIS

At least 12 killed in joint US-Afghan raid targeting suspected Al Qaeda member

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Social Media Emerges as a Valuable Terrorist Fundraising Tool

21st April 2016

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On March 22, for example, the Nafir al Aqsa (Mobilizing for Al-Aqsa) Campaign “to equip the mujahidin of Beit al Maqdis [Jerusalem],” posted (and suspended in the past day) a solicitation for funding under the Twitter handle @Nafeer_aqsa100. It cites a hadith – a saying attributed to Islam’s prophet Muhammad – that giving money to those waging jihad is as good as doing it yourself.

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