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Trying To Survive Moslem Allies

11th February 2016

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The U.S. is openly criticizing Moslem nations in the Middle East for saying they are eager to help destroy ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) but do little about it. Too many of these “allies” are much talk and little action. Then there is the delicate subject of Turkey and some Gulf Arab states quietly supporting al Qaeda affiliated Islamic terrorist rebels in Syria because they consider the Iran backed Syrian government more of a threat than al Qaeda. Turkey and these Arab states also see al Qaeda as much preferable to ISIL.

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Annie Machon: Former MI5 Agent Explains Why It Is So Easy for Isis to Move Around Without Being Noticed

10th February 2016

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Having a bunch of people scared shitless of being accused of ‘profiling’ probably doesn’t help.

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Iranian TOWs In Syria

10th February 2016

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In Syria Lebanese Hezbollah fighters have been seen using the Iranian Toophan ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles). This is an Iranian copy of the American TOW (Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided) that entered service in 1970. When the Iranian monarchy was overthrown in 1979 the rebels found themselves in possession of lots of modern American weapons, including plenty of TOW systems. By the 1990s Iran had managed to copy the TOW as the Toophan. By 2000 they upgraded it and are now supplying Hezbollah with dozens of systems. Iran probably noted that in early 2015 Kurdish forces fighting in Iraq and Syria were using the Chinese HJ-8 ATGMs, which is the Chinese version of the TOW.

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Finnish President: “Europe Cannot Withstand Uncontrolled Migration for Much Longer”

9th February 2016

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In recent months we have featured prominently the immigration-critical statements of Central European prime ministers and heads of state, including former Czech President Václav Klaus, Czech President Miloš Zeman, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico. These men speak out against Islamization, standing in sharp contrast to the cowardly milquetoasts who are passed off as political leaders in Western Europe and North America.

To that list of courageous truth-tellers must be added Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, who recently gave a surprising realistic speech assessing the dangers of the European “refugee” crisis. As reported by Tundra Tabloids, Yle — the Finnish state broadcaster — cut the most “xenophobic” minute out of the president’s speech when they aired it. Shades of Al Jazeera!

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Tommy Robinson Outsmarts Al Jazeera

8th February 2016

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Tommy Robinson, one of the leaders of the newly-launched PEGIDA UK, was interviewed last weekend by Al Jazeera TV from Qatar. As insurance against having his responses tendentiously edited, Tommy used his cell phone to record his end of the interview, and made all of the footage available later.

A wise move when dealing with Muslims.

First the interviewer tried to trick him by reading from the Old Testament, with a deliberate attempt at misdirection to make him think the source was the Koran. Notice the sly way the fellow, without actually telling a lie, made it seem as if he were describing the text of the Koran. It didn’t work — Tommy sussed him out immediately.

Obviously an experienced ‘journalist’.

Next Tommy discussed Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha when she was just six years old, and the prophet’s deflowering of her when she was nine. That was too much for Al Jiz — they cut that segment out completely. But the clip below shows the missing section, as recorded by Tommy’s cell phone.

Hey, they’re there to hit, not to be hit.

In order to make it difficult for Al Jazeera and other dishonest media outlets to manipulate their audience with selectively edited footage, please publicize this clip as much as you can. If it goes viral, their efforts will have been in vain:

And, to support the cause, support Gates of Vienna.

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Satellites Show Mystery Construction at Iran’s Top-Secret Military Site

8th February 2016

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Newly released satellite images of Iran’s top-secret Parchin military complex reveal that even as Iran was working to negotiate a nuclear deal, it was apparently working to hide its atomic work of the past and hedge its bets for the future.

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Christians Victimized in German Asylum Centers

8th February 2016

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Most readers will consider the following report a dog-bites-man story. “So Christians are subject to harassment and violence in asylum centers in German — of course they are; everyone knows that! That’s what Muslims do.”

To the world at large, however, the persecution of Christians in “refugee” accommodations is not widely known. It is not something the media and the political class want to look at. The Gutmenschen stood there with their “Welcome Refugees” signs and embraced the invasion by those who would eventually supplant them. They’re not anxious to be informed about the consequences of their virtue-signaling enthusiasm. In fact, the authorities don’t register the religion of arrivals at the asylum centers, so that there is no way anyone can determine the level of violence directed at Christians by Muslims.

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Iraqi Refugee ‘Raped 10-Year-Old Boy at Austrian Swimming Pool’

7th February 2016

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Will the Islamophobia never cease?

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How Saudi Arabia Sending Ground Forces Into Syria Will Have Huge Ramifications on the Civil War

6th February 2016

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While the soldiers are intended to fight Isis, they may find themselves clashing with Iranian ‘volunteers’ and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters in what is a highly combustible situation.

Oh, by all means, let us combust.

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The Etiology of the European “Refugee” Crisis

6th February 2016

Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna connects the dots.

  1. The sudden increase began at about the same time as the first terror attack by the Islamic State on Turkish soil. Turkish Kurds were the target of the bomb, but still the attack took place on Turkish territory. That could not be allowed to continue.
  2. Erdogan had a choice: he could attempt to fight back against the Islamic State, or he could devise a way to divert them into leaving Turkey alone. The former would have been fraught with difficulty — he would have had to take the battle across the border into Syria, which would have aroused both the Russians and the Americans, although for different reasons (the Assad regime is a Russian client, and is currently under Russian military protection, while ISIS and its protean allies are at least in part a US creation, and are considered CIA assets against Assad, Iran, and the Russians).
  3. Under a tacit agreement with the EU, Erdogan’s police and coast guard had been stopping the people-smugglers’ boats from crossing the Aegean from Anatolia to the Greek islands. This is actually a shorter and safer journey than the one from Libya to Lampedusa, but only a trickle had been coming into Europe that way before last summer. All that changed during July and August, when the bulk of the flow shifted to the Aegean route. This could only have happened if Turkey deliberately stopped interdicting the boats.
  4. Up until then the Islamic State had served the interests of the Erdogan regime. It is Turkish state policy to bring down the Assad government, and ISIS is working to achieve that goal. Turkey had been supplying the Islamic State with weapons and materiel, or at least turning a blind eye to such traffic and taking a cut of the profit. Erdogan’s family and cronies were also making big money from the sale of ISIS’ oil on the black market.
  5. By opening the floodgates and emptying the refugee camps, Erdogan allowed an unknown but significant number of ISIS mujahideen to decamp and take up residence in Europe. It wasn’t enough to keep Turkey entirely free of Islamic State terrorism, but it may well have reduced the number of incidents. And it forced the EU to share Turkey’s ISIS problem.
  6. The “refugee crisis” of 2015 was not a change of process, but only an increase in magnitude of an existing process. The “refugees” had been flowing into Europe steadily for many years, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands annually. But the summer of 2015 saw an increase in the rate of flow by at least an order of magnitude.
  7. Before last summer, the rate of migrant flow was modest enough so that the vast majority of ordinary Europeans didn’t notice it and/or weren’t concerned with it. All that changed in August and September, especially when the craze for Dead Baby Porn hit the media in early September. Sudden public awareness turned the issue into a “crisis”.
  8. The transnational globalists are encouraging and bankrolling the migration process, including the Aegean route. Someone is helping poor, indigent “Syrian” “refugees” find enough cash to pay the people smugglers so that they can cross to Greece. Someone is paying for the ferries to the mainland, the buses and rail journeys, the food, clothing, bedding, and other necessary supplies required to get those migrants all the way to Munich and Berlin from Lesbos and Kos. And someone is giving them €500 notes for spending money to be used when they arrive in the Promised Land. National governments provide some of the assistance, but a large chunk comes from New World Order NGOs, including but not limited to George Soros’ many sock puppets. There isn’t even any serious attempt to hide this fact; you can find multiple reports about various aspects of it in the MSM. Maybe not on the front page of the NYT, but it’s there — progressives love to brag about this sort of thing where other progressives can read it.
  9. When the full scope of the increased flow became evident, Chancellor Merkel faced a hard choice. It would have been relatively easy for the EU to reduce the flow to a trickle — simply order the international naval task force already in the Med to stop the boats from proceeding and force them back to the Anatolian coast. However, to do so would have been a reversal of official policy, namely that every single poor unfortunate refugee be rescued and allowed to land in Europe, where he can then apply for asylum. The alternative policy would have inevitably involved more migrant deaths — some of those boats would sink — and Merkel would have had that much more Dead Baby Porn to contend with in the media, plus growing political opposition from the leftish side of the coalition that keeps her in power (and some from the rightish side — Dead Baby Porn induces the abandonment of reason and the embrace of sentimentality even among putative conservatives). So the chancellor chose what seemed the least damaging option: “Come on in, boys! There’s plenty of room for you here in Germany!” This decision looks like it may cause her political demise, but in all likelihood, so would the alternative.
  10. The result of all this is that a far higher proportion of the European population is aware of what is being done to them, and who is responsible. This may cause various governments to fall, and enhance the chances that “right-wing extremist” parties will increase their share of the vote and even form governments west of the Elbe. If those parties are successfully suppressed by the European establishment, then the real extremists are waiting in the wings, would-be fascists and neo-Nazis of various types who, unlike Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, and Tatjana Festerling, do not shrink from violence, but rather embrace it. Civil unrest, with open street warfare between the nationalist-fascists and the antifas, would then become a distinct possibility.

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Thailand: Gangsters Who Do a Little Islamic Terrorism on the Side

6th February 2016

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The military continues to be vague about exactly when they will once more allow elections and the return of democracy. Best estimate now is late 2017, maybe. There is growing foreign pressure from neighbors (except China) and the West. Worse since September 2015 the pro-democracy populists (the “red shirts”) have largely ceased demonstrations. The populists did so to demonstrate that there was no “violent opposition” to justify continued military rule. The red shirts are waiting for the military government to allow elections which is what Thai military governments all eventually do. The May 2014 coup came after months of political protests in the capital and those tensions remain but the army is definitely in control. Despite that the economy is not doing as well as people expect and the military government is blamed. In the past this sort of thing played a large role in persuading the generals to allow elections again and that seems to be happening again.

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More Corsican Resistance Against Islam, This Time With Heavy Weapons

5th February 2016

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Back in December we posted about a series of “Islamophobic” incidents in the Corsican town of Ajaccio. After firemen were attacked by culture-enrichers in a no-go neighborhood, local residents took to the streets, entered the Muslim quarter, and proceeded to vandalize an illegal mosque. There were additional angry demonstrations later….

According to the following report from a lefty French TV network, the anti-Islamic action has ratcheted up a notch, with an attack on a halal business by unknown gunmen using “heavy weapons”.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

5th February 2016

Paris attacks: Woman who tipped off police and prevented second wave of atrocities says she feels ‘abandoned’ by authorities

The End of the Multiculturalist Consensus in Europe

Tens of Thousands Flee Syria’s Aleppo as Government Forces Intensify Attack

Woman claims Paris attacks mastermind came into Europe with dozens of ISIS militants

Putin ignores Kerry plea, instead deploys Top Gun fighter jet to join Syria battle

Madrid Barajas airport bomb threat: Passengers on jet to Saudi Arabia evacuated

‘Saudi Arabian women banned from Starbucks after collapse of gender segregation wall’

Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen Jalal Baleedi ‘killed in drone strike’

Dutch Intelligence Report Exposes Horrors of Daily Life Under ISIS

Muslim Women Protest Obama’s Baltimore Mosque Visit

Hezbollah in business with Colombian drug cartels, DEA says

Militant group Al Shabaab leading suspect in Somalia plane blast: U.S. government sources

Kansas Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Bomb Army Post

Wasil Ahmad: Taliban assassinate Afghanistan’s 10-year-old hero of Uruzgan siege

Hamas ‘tank’ dismissed as harmless ‘parade float’ after wheels seen under structure driven through Gaza City

UK: Muslims who saved Jews from Holocaust commemorated in I Am Your Protector campaign

Three Palestinians shot dead after shooting and stabbing attack on Israeli policewomen at Jerusalem Damascus Gate

US airstrikes destroy ISIS’ ‘Voice of the Caliphate’ radio station in Afghanistan

Worldwide drug trafficking ring ‘links Hezbollah to Latin American cartels’

Refugee crisis: Two babies among nine refugees drowned after boat capsizes trying to reach Greek islands. Yet another tear-jerker in the Drive-By Media campaign to Let Them All In.

Karlstad blast: ‘Powerful explosion’ reported at secondary school in Sweden. Must be some angry white guy.

Yemen: Women giving birth in caves as civilians hide from Saudi air strikes

Syria peace talks hit trouble after Damascus blast kills 60

At least 65 people killed in attack in Nigeria’s Maiduguri

Boko Haram exposes Nigerian president’s empty promises to defeat Islamist terror group

Egypt arrests cartoonist for illegally running a webpage, publishing ‘offensive’ drawings

Isis ‘forced us to pray – then raped us’: Yazidi survivor Nadia Murad describes life as a sex slave in northern Iraq

Soldiers of Odin: The far-right groups in Finland ‘protecting women’ from asylum seekers. This is what happens when the government won’t do its primary job.

ISIS claims bombings that kill dozens, as Kerry pushes ‘peaceful’ Syria

From the school gates to armed groups, this is how Syrian children are turned into the next generation of Isis fighters

Tareena Shakil: British woman who took toddler to Syria sentenced to six years in jail for joining Isis

Kabul bombing: 10 people killed and 20 others wounded in a suicide attack on Afghanistan’s capital

At least 86 killed in Boko Haram attack, including children burned alive

Carter ‘very, very angry’ at Iranian video of US sailors. Not that he did anything about it.

Iran’s supreme leader awards medals to troops who ‘captured’ U.S. sailors

Isis in Iraq: The only way to ensure Islamists are beaten in Iraq is to defeat them in Syria first, say Kurds

Boko Haram burn children to death in attack on village in north-eastern Nigeria

Damascus bombing: 30 people killed by suicide bombers near Syria’s holiest Shia shrine

Isis releases new execution video as it warns of Doomsday attacks on UK

Nine Americans amongst 33 people detained on terrorism charges in Saudi Arabia

Syrian opposition vows to skip Geneva peace talks unless demands are met

Australian Teen Arrested For Terror Plot Involving A Bomb In A Kangaroo Pouch

Alleged ISIL hacker faces US terror charges for doxing soldiers

Syria crisis: Besieged civilians in Daraya feel forgotten by talks in Geneva as barrel bombs rain down

Young Somali activist sentenced to death for being a lesbian

Syrian civil war: Could Turkey be gambling on an invasion?

Syria talks: Anti-Assad opposition makes demands on prisoners and bombing but Kurds go home

Refugee crisis: Toddlers and children wash up dead on Turkish beaches after at least 39 drown in latest boat disaster

Far-right protesters and anti-fascists clash at violent Dover demonstrations

Madaya: Another 16 people ‘starve to death’ in besieged Syrian town

Isis Yazidi sex slaves subjected to traumatic ‘virginity tests’ after escaping. I’m guessing they all failed.

EU officials find that most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees. What a mess. My, what a surprise….

Russian plane crash: Egyptian airline mechanic allegedly detained in connection with Sinai attack

Tareena Shakil guilty: Woman who took toddler son to Syria to join Isis convicted

Nigeria suicide bombings: 18 confirmed dead after attacks by men ‘dressed as women and with explosives disguised as babies’

Hand grenade thrown at refugee shelter in Germany in latest attack on asylum seekers in wake of Cologne assaults

Isis supporters who handed out Islamist propaganda in London outside Oxford Street Topshop jailed

Saudi Arabia mosque suicide bombing: At least two dead and seven hurt after Shia Muslims attacked

Afghanistan ‘terror museum’ a macabre reminder of the carnage Taliban car bombs have wrought

Saudi Arabia: Evidence of attacks on Yemen civilians may have been fabricated by rebels, says UK minister. Oh, ya think?

Refugee jokes banned at Austrian carnivals as organisers work to involve asylum seekers in celebrations

IDF Preparing for Arrival of ISIS on Syrian Border

Muslims Disproportionately Found Among Dangerous Prisoners in UK

Airplane mechanic reportedly suspected of planting bomb that brought down Russian plane

Blonde Danish girl who stabbed her mother to death after being radicalised by watching ISIS execution videos online is jailed for nine years

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The Groping Jihad in Hamburg: School Under Police Protection

5th February 2016

Read it.

More and more reports are appearing in the German media about the sexual harassment of young women by culture-enrichers, especially the recently arrived “refugees”. One of the latest is from the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg.

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The Bridge Jihad in Denmark

5th February 2016

Read it.

For years Danish motorists have faced impending danger whenever they approached one of those highway ‘groutings’ — narrow bridges leading local traffic over major routes. Especially around culturally enriched neighbourhoods.

The wise driver will slow down and carefully observe whether there are any Muslims on the bridge before passing under. Otherwise, the chances are that he or she will be pelted with various objects such as pellets, rocks, bottles and whatnot. So far no lethal damage has been done, mostly due to the fact that modern cars are constructed to be somewhat Islamophobic — such as with unbreakable windscreens and safety belts.

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Saudi Arabia ‘Ready to Send Ground Troops’ to Fight Isis in Syria If US-Led Coalition Agrees

4th February 2016

Read it.

Works for me.

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Iraqi Journalist Dispels Myth that ISIS Has No Ties to Islam

3rd February 2016

Read it.

Iraqi journalist Fadel Boula challenged the claim that the Islamic State (ISIS) and other jihadi organizations have no relationship to Islam, in an article featured in Iraq’s Al-Akhbar newspaper and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Boula argued that these terrorist organizations follow a radical Salafi ideology and believe their objectives coincide with Allah’s will and the core tenets of Islam.

“Since its inception, this movement of terror has espoused a Salafi ideology that champions religious extremism, and brainwashed people of all ages have rallied around its flag, [people who were] trained to kill themselves and kill others in order to attain martyrdom,” Boula wrote in the November article, “Does Terror Truly Have No Religion?”

Perhaps someone ought to tell Obama.

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Rape Culture: German Women Terrorized by Growing Menace of Muslim Violence

3rd February 2016

The Other McCain is on the case.

Well, a few actually did say a word about it — Laurie Penny, for example, denounced as “racists” anyone calling attention to sexual violence committed by Muslim men — but no feminist will acknowledge the reality of what the Islamic invasion of Europe means for women there.

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Hizballah Using Advanced, Iranian Anti-Tank Missiles in Syria

2nd February 2016

Read it.

Wakey, wakey….

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German Mayor: To Avoid Being Molested, Schoolgirls Shouldn’t Walk Near Migrants

2nd February 2016

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The following video is a reprise of the advice that Mayor Henriette Reker of Cologne gave to women who were molested by migrants at the Cologne Hauptbahnhof on New Year’s Eve.

In this case the mayor is a man (no name given), and the town is Bad Schlema. Instead of women, the victims of culture-enriching harassment are little girls, some of them ten years old or younger. But the tagline is essentially the same: “If you don’t get outta line, girl, he won’t have to hit you!”

That is: if the little girls would just take another route to school, there wouldn’t be any problem. Just pay the jizya with willing submission, and show yourselves to be subdued, and everything will be OK.

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Does ISIS Have Four Nukes?

31st January 2016

Read it.

The following video and text don’t supply an answer to that question.

The author of the text (which is in German) is purportedly a former member of the Islamic State who wants to warn the West that ISIS possesses four nuclear devices, and plans to use them against the United States, Russia, France, and Germany. What he says may well be a hoax, or more specifically, deliberately planted disinformation to achieve particular political ends. I can think of several Great Powers who would find it useful to disseminate the fiction that ISIS is ready to use nuclear weapons.

However, it could also be true. If it is, you may be sure that the intelligence services of Russia and the major Western powers are well aware of it. As the ISIS defector points out, the West has moles inside the highest levels of the Caliphate.

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In Turkey, Islamism and Pluralism Don’t Mix

31st January 2016

Read it.

I have no idea how many justice ministers in the democratically civilized world have to make speeches arguing that their country is not a dictatorship. But Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozda? has recently felt compelled to remind the world of just that. Bozda? said the mere existence of main opposition leader Kemal K?l?çdaro?lu is proof that “there is no dictator in the country.” That was relieving.

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It Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Bunch of Terrorists

31st January 2016

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In Gaza, Hamas members were repairing a tunnel into Israel a few days ago when it collapsed and killed seven of them. These are the cross-border tunnels that Hamas terrorists use to enter Israel to commit murder or, better yet, try to kidnap Israeli soldiers. Thirty or more of these tunnels were destroyed by Israeli forces in the most recent conflict, and Hamas is now rebuilding them so they can renew their attacks on Israel. Informed of the death of one of the terrorists, his cousin said he was “happy and proud and welcomed the news of his death” because he “was martyred defending Islam and Palestine.” I am glad he is dead, too, but for different reasons.

Terrorists are immensely popular in “Palestine,” and tens of thousands reportedly turned out to mourn the seven who died in the tunnel.

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Asylum Homes in Germany: “Women Are Treated Like Dogs”

30th January 2016

Rezd it.

Full of Muslims. What do they expect?

The following account from Die Welt tells the story of a Russian woman who sought asylum in Germany along with her daughter. Based on her description, the situation for female refugees in German asylum accommodations is nothing short of horrific.

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Al Azhar Promotes Abuse of and Discrimination for Christians

30th January 2016

Read it.

During a televised Egyptian talk show that aired on January 18, lawyer Ahmed ‘Abdu Maher called for the “punishment of those who author books that promote strange and perverse ideas in Al Azhar.”

As with many others before him, the lawyer denounced the Islamic world’s oldest and most prestigious university for continuing to radicalize its students, who go on to see the world the same way ISIS does.

By way of example, he said: “There is a book in Al Azhar that calls for the forceful shaving of the heads of the Copts [Egypt’s indigenous Christians], placing a sign on their homes [so Muslims know where the “infidels” reside], and refusing to shake hands with them.”

To call it a university is, of course, incorrect; universities are a European invention that are devoted to liberal thought, whereas Al Axhar is more accurately characterized as an Islamic academy devoted exclusively to religious thought, like an American ‘Bible College’.

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Nothing To Do With Islam

29th January 2016

Read it.

I’m always puzzled when government officials say that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. If that is the case, why are guards at Guantanamo Bay required to wear gloves when they handle the Koran? Why did we give Osama bin Laden an Islamic burial at sea? Somehow, when you investigate terrorism, Islam keeps popping up.

Amazing how that works.

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There’s No Excuse for American Ignorance about Islam

29th January 2016

Read it.

When it comes to the connection between Islam and “anti-infidel” violence, one fact must be embraced: the majority of those in positions of leadership and authority in America are either liars or fools, or both. No other alternatives exist.

The reason for this uncharitable assertion is simple: If Islam was once a faraway, exotic religion, today we hear calls for, and see acts of, violence committed in the name of Islam every day. And if our leaders don’t, many of us still have “ears that hear and eyes that see” (Proverbs 20:12).

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

29th January 2016

Some Government-Sponsored Syrian Refugees in Canada Would Rather Go Back to Refugee Camps in Jordan and Lebanon

Two arrested at Disneyland Paris after guns, ammo, Koran found in suitcase

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei questioned historical authenticity of Holocaust in video on his official website

‘Isis kangaroo filled with explosives’ part of teenagers’ Anzac Day terror plot, court hears

Sudan opens border with South Sudan for first time since 2011

Russia hunts for pilot’s killer in Syria-Turkey border town

Hundreds of DHS badges, guns, cell phones lost or stolen since 2012. Sure, we can track refugees, no problem.

Sweden to deport up to 80,000 refugees

Berlin grapples with Islamists, ISIS vets amid refugee wave

Iran and France cancel diplomatic lunch to welcome Hassan Rouhani after French refuse to take wine off the menu

Syria conflict: Russian air force and local militia hunt for Turkish nationalist suspected of killing pilot

Investigation Reveals Hizballah Directed Palestinian Cell to Kill Israelis

Vulture captured in Lebanon suspected of spying for Israel. Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

Jabhat al-Nusra greater threat than Isis, report claims

Isis fighters ‘virtually impossible’ to detect as group continues to use fake passports to exploit refugee crisis

FBI arrests Milwaukee man planning mass shooting at Masonic temple

Syrian children in bombed-out Aleppo ‘protest’ against Iranian intervention as President Rouhani visits Europe

ISIS planning ‘Mumbai-style’ attacks on more European targets, police warn

Christian pastor Saeed Abedini breaks silence after being freed in prisoner swap with Iran

In Syria, Locals Take the Fight Back to Islamic State

Libya’s oil guards accused of siphoning off country’s supplies for profit

Pubs and clubs in German town of Freiburg forbid refugees

Tareena Shakil: Woman who took toddler to live with Isis ‘escaped after realising she had made mistake’

Four suicide bombers linked to Boko Haram kill dozens in Cameroon

Libya rejects UN-backed peace deal and unity government

Five years on, the spirit of Tahrir Square has been all but crushed

Jews are leaving France in record numbers amid rising anti-Semitism and fears of more Isis-inspired terror attacks

Pro-Isis slogans and threats of an imminent terror attack daubed on Mahatma Gandhi statue in India

Indonesia province bans small Islamic sect from ‘spreading faith’

New ISIS video shows Paris attackers committing prior atrocities, threatening UK

War surgeon reveals how healthcare workers are being ‘systematically’ targeted in Syria

Syrian civil war: Assad’s forces recapture rebel-controlled town, Rabia, with Russian help

Muslim school labels claims pupil suspended for speaking to member of opposite sex ‘utterly misleading and inaccurate’

Is Algeria’s military making its move on ageing President Bouteflika?

‘Jihadi Jack’: Jack Letts reportedly first white British male to join Isis. Islam is paradise for a beta male.

Arab Spring: Why Tunisians ‘feel like nothing has changed’ five years on

Biden: US is prepared to seek military solution to ‘take out’ Isis

Syrian civil war: Why the endless conflict is at a decisive point

Western Sahara: Africa’s last colony takes struggle for self-determination to European courts

Saudi Arabia executions: Son of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr calls on David Cameron to save his cousin from death sentence

Calais refugees: Port of Calais closed after 50 migrants occupy ship following protest

Body found in shipping crate in Staffordshire identified as Afghan teenager

Refugee crisis: From border controls to cash seizures, how Germany turned its back on refugees

Migrants Storm Calais Ferry. And, of course, France does nothing.

Algeria raises alarm over Moroccans crossing toward Libya

Biden says US, Turkey prepared for military solution against ISIS in Syria

Palestinian girl, 13, shot dead while attempting attack on Israeli settlement guard ‘intended to die’, police claim

Germany follows Switzerland and Denmark to seize cash and valuables from arriving refugees

Germans battle refugee sex assaults with signs, cartoons

Jordan blocks Syria border leaving thousands of refugees in the desert – including hundreds of pregnant wome

Refugee crisis: 45 migrants drown overnight trying to reach Greece in overloaded boats

US ‘to admit civilian casualties’ in air-strikes against Isis

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The Islamic State, Turkey & Transportation

29th January 2016

Read it.

The Guardian recently published a story based on documents captured by the Kurdish YPG forces after expelling the Islamic State (IS) from the town of Tel Abyad in northern Raqqa province on the border with Turkey. The documents concern issues of transportation and migration.

Since I helped the newspaper to verify the documents and did some additional research, I believe it worthwhile to write an extended commentary on this matter, not only to shed light on how transportation and migration work in the IS administrative system, but also the controversial issue of the Turkey-IS relationship.

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How to Become a Syrian Refugee in Four Easy Lessons!

29th January 2016

Read it.

Just burn your passport… or eat it… and learn to say “I am Syrian” in German and English!

Moroccan “youths” know a good scam when they see one, and becoming Syrian refugees is their ticket to a prosperous future.

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When Muslims Mutilate Themselves for Allah

29th January 2016

Read it.

“Infidels,” or non-Muslims—or those who are not Muslim enough or the wrong kinds of Muslims—are often seen as the natural recipients of Islamic violence as prescribed by Islamic law, or Sharia.

Few, however, are aware that Sharia can cause individual Muslims to do violence upon themselves.

According to France24, on January 15, a Muslim boy in Pakistan “cut off his own hand believing he had committed blasphemy, only to be celebrated by his parents and neighbours for the act.”

After an imam told a mosque gathering after Friday prayers that those who love Muhammad always say their prayers, he rhetorically asked if anyone present doesn’t pray. Mohammad Anwar, the overly eager 15-year-old boy, impulsively raised his hand, apparently thinking that the imam was asking who among the crowd does, as opposed to doesn’t, pray.

The response was typical: “The crowd swiftly accused him [the boy] of blasphemy so he went to his house and cut off the hand he had raised, put it on a plate, and presented it to the cleric.”

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Well, At Least She’s Not a Racist

28th January 2016

Read it.

The young woman featured in the video below was harassed and assaulted by a culture-enricher in Cologne. Fortunately for her, her injuries were minimal — she and her friend escaped without providing their assailant with the “easy meat” he had been looking for.

The girl and her mother are interviewed by a Moroccan-German journalist. One of the first things he brings up with the mother is — surprise! — her potential “racism”, and the mother acknowledges that yes, she is worried that she might be a “racist”.

What if the “youth” had actually raped her daughter? Or severely injured her? Or even killed her? Would Mom still be concerned about how “racist” she might appear?

What extremity of violence has to take place before people abandon this fetishistic obsession with “racism”?

As Chris Rock famously explained in his act, no white person ever robbed him at a bank machine.

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Kuwait Creating Mandatory DNA Database of All Citizens, Residents — and Visitors

27th January 2016

Read it.

Well, autocratic states can do that sort of thing.

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Meanwhile in Syria….

27th January 2016

Read it.

Who’s winning in Iowa? That’s the question of the moment. But it’s also pertinent to ask who’s winning in Syria.

The answer is the very bad guys. Which very bad guys? It depends on the part of Syria in question.

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UK: Muslim Communities ‘Unlike Others in Britain’, Former Race Equality Chief Trevor Phillips Says

27th January 2016

Read it.

‘Continuously pretending that a group is somehow eventually going to become like the rest of us is perhaps the deepest form of disrespect,’ former chairman of the Equality and Human rights Commission say.

Ponder the situation where a European country has an ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission’.

Muslim communities are “unlike others in Britain” and “will not integrate in the same way”, according to the former head of the equalities watchdog.

If at all. But you’re not supposed to Notice that.

He went on to claim that we should accept that Muslims “see the world differently from the rest of us.”

Yes — as prey.

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Denmark Refugee Bill: Politicians to Vote on Law Allowing Police to Seize Asylum Seekers’ Cash and Valuables

26th January 2016

Read it.

Politicians in Denmark are expected to vote today on a controversial law that would force refugees to hand over cash and valuables and delay family reunifications.

The bill has provoked international debate since it was announced last month, with the United Nations warning it would “fuel fear and xenophobia” but Danish politicians claiming it is “about creating equality between migrants and Danes”.

UPDATE: Approved.

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The Iranian Foreign Legion

26th January 2016

Read it.

In Iran the commander of the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) recently made public the fact that the IRGC was responsible for training (and often recruiting, arming and paying) 200,000 pro-Iran fighters in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This, in general, is no secret. It was long believed that as many as 50,000 Iranian created militiamen are fighting in Syria. There are somewhat smaller forces in Lebanon (about 25,000), Iraq (over 20,000) and Yemen (more than 15,000). Pakistan and Afghanistan were not happy with the IRGC publicly admitting that Iran has sponsored local (and often illegal) Shia militias.

This is not something new for the IRGC, which since the 1980s has had an elite organization whose main job was forming pro-Iran militias in foreign countries. This is the al Quds Force, which is a component of the IRGC. Also known as the Pasdaran, the IRGC is a paramilitary force of about 100,000 full timers that insures that any anti-government activity inside Iran is quickly eliminated. To assist the Pasdaran, there is a part-time, volunteer force, several hundred thousand Basej, which can provide additional manpower when street muscle is required. The Basej are usually young, Islamic conservative men, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. If opponents to the government stage a large demonstration, it will often be broken up by Basej, in civilian clubs, using fists and clubs.

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Teen Refugee Arrested After Swedish Social Worker Stabbed to Death

26th January 2016

Read it.

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested and accused of stabbing a refugee center worker to death in western Sweden.

The English-language news site The Local reported that the victim, a 22-year-old woman, was attacked Monday at the center in the town of Molndal, near Gothenburg. The alleged attacker was restrained by other residents until police arrived.

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Israel Sees Short and Long-term Repercussions in Iranian Sanctions Relief

25th January 2016

Read it.

Details of their assessments, though shared with defense reporters over recent months, were publicly presented for the first last week by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot during a conference in Tel Aviv, organized by the Institute for National Security Studies.

The most immediate consequence of the nuclear deal will be felt in the realm of expanding Iranian regional influence, and the looming increase in the trafficking of weapons and funds to terror organizations, made possible by sanctions relief.

Additionally, the Iranian military industry, already considered to be an advanced stage of development by Israel, will receive much more investment, allowing Iran to design and produce more accurate missiles, rockets, drones, and other types of weaponry that it can then traffic to its regional proxies through its Revolutionary Guard-Quds Force (IRGC) networks, or point at Israel directly from Iranian missile bases.

The nuclear deal changes that situation, at least for the next five years. Although Israel will make every effort to monitor and scrutinize Iran’s activities, the expectation within the defense establishment is that the risk of an imminent Iranian breakout to the bomb has substantially decreased for the next few years.

The thinking in Israel’s military establishment is that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has not forfeited his ambition to build nuclear weapons. Far from it. He has, however, taken a tactical ‘pause’ to achieve sanctions relief and assure the future of his regime.

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Esraa Abdel-Fattah: How the ‘Facebook Girl’ Who Started Egypt’s Revolution Became Hated in Her Own Country

25th January 2016

Read it.

In 2011, activist Esraa Abdel-Fattah helped ignite revolution on the streets of Egypt and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Five years after the fall of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, she is shunned or insulted by Egyptians on those same streets.

“They say I am a traitor and foreign agent and that we are the people who destroyed the country. I hear it when I am passing people in the streets,” said Abdel-Fattah. “Some people still ask “what was wrong with Mubarak?”.

There’s no pleasing some people.

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Anti-Semitic Incidents on U.S. College Campuses Spike

24th January 2016

Read it.

Anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses spiked in 2015, with 302 incidents against Jewish students recorded at 109 schools in 28 states, according to a new report warning that the rise of anti-Israel organizations is fueling hatred and making many campuses unsafe for Jews.

And these organizations are typically geared toward favoring the ‘Palestinian’ cause, with Muslim students heavily involved.

The array of incidents were recorded at many universities and often included Nazi imagery, slurs calling Jews “evil,” and calls for Jews be murdered, according to a report published by the AMCHA Initiative, an organization that seeks to protect Jewish students.

I guess nobody worries about Judenhasse they way they do about ‘Islamophobia’, even though Jews are subject to hate attacks and Muslims almost never are.

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, AMCHA co-founder and director, warned that anti-Semitism on campus is growing as a result of highly aggressive anti-Israel student movements such as the group Students for Justice in Palestine, which has used Nazi imagery in its campaign to demonize Israel.

As cited above.

One female student-athlete at Delaware Valley College came under scrutiny for tweeting, “Can I kill all the [expletive deleted] Jews in Lakewood pleeeasse?!?!!”

Had she tweeted that about Muslims, she wouldn’t be ‘under scrutiny’, she would have been expelled and possibly arrested.

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Austrian Officers: “We Want an Austria That is Sovereign”

23rd January 2016

Read it.

This time we move west, to Austria. Up until now Austrians have not exhibited the audacity and spunk evidenced by the leaders from the former East Bloc. But the ice floes seem to be shifting in Austria — the first Western European country to show the initial symptoms of coming to its senses.

What makes “Fortified Austria” different is that it represents a subset of the Austrian establishment. Previous manifestations of resistance in Western Europe — PEGIDA, the EDL, the Identitaire movements, street demos, etc. — have been grassroots phenomena, agitating from the bottom upwards. But the movement that has just formed in Austria includes at least two serving military officers in uniform, and I presume some of the older fellows in civvies are retired officers. They have gone on the record, with their faces fully exposed, willing to take whatever political risks their actions might incur.

It resembles a low-grade slow-motion military coup. In an American context, imagine a serving colonel and general joining some of their retired colleagues and going on record against the current administration’s reckless defense policies that endanger the security of the United States. That’s what this is analogous to.

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Václav Klaus: “It is War on Our Whole Continent”

23rd January 2016

Read it.

This is the first in a series of posts that represent the first tiny wavelets of what may turn into a massive tsunami of change sweeping over Europe.

Over the past few months we’ve posted a number of excellent videos and articles showcasing statements made by current political leaders in the former East Bloc countries of Central Europe: Czech President Miloš Zeman, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico.

To that list must now be added Václav Klaus, the former President of the Czech Republic.

The former president’s words in the following video and article go farther than anything said by the other three — perhaps because Mr. Klaus is no longer a sitting head of state, and does not have to worry about having a military coup engineered against him in reaction to his statements.

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Thought for the Day

23rd January 2016

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Lies That Kill

23rd January 2016

Read it.

Interviews with refugees from the fighting in Iraq and Syria as well as people still in those countries shows that over 80 percent believe the Islamic terrorists in general and ISIL and al Qaeda in particular are creations of the West (particularly the United States) and Israel as a means to destroy their countries and Islam. This is nothing new and while all this is unbelievable to most Westerners and largely ignored by Western media and politicians it is very real and has been for a long time. Media in these countries is full of even more fanciful (to Westerners) inventions. This has caused problems for Western troops operating in those countries, although some have figured out how to take advantage of it.

All cultures have a certain belief in magic and what Westerners call “conspiracy theories” to explain otherwise unexplainable events. In the Islamic world, there is a lot of attention paid to sorcery and magic, and people accused of practicing such things are regularly attacked and sometimes executed because “sorcery” is a capital crime under Islamic law. Conspiracy theories are also a popular way to explain away inconvenient facts and this is often found useful in countries that are hostile to other forms of sorcery.

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Video Shows Kurds Waving White Flag ‘Shot by Turkish Soldiers’

22nd January 2016

Read it.

The people who most have to worry about being killed by Muslims appear to be other Muslims.

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Isis Threatens Attacks On Spain In Latest Propaganda Video

22nd January 2016

Read it.

I especially am entertained by the map, which is like the ones the Nazi’s did concerning how they would divide up Europe after they won the war.

Isis has threatened attacks on Spain in their latest propaganda video, declaring: “We will recover our land from the invaders.”

I wonder what an equivalent map, showing the Middle East before Muslims overran the place, would look like? Perhaps we need a new Crusade, to ‘recover our land from the invaders’.

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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

22nd January 2016

US loosens rules of engagement for ISIS in Afghanistan

Syria civil war: Assad regime accuses Israel of being ‘al-Qaeda’s air force’ as conflict edges closer to shared border

High School Called Cops, Homeland Security on Kid Who Said ‘ISIS’ During Pledge of Allegiance

Mogadishu attack: Gunmen attack Lido beach restaurant

The artist who was killed by jihadists – and what she was trying to tell the world

Indian millionaire Mohammed Nisham crushed security guard to death with his Hummer for ‘taking too long to open gate’

Saudi Arabia’s highest Islamic cleric ‘bans’ chess and claims game spreads ‘enmity and hatred’

Pakistan university assault exposes the limits of the government’s attempts to control the Taliban

Inside Fallujah: ISIS-held ghost town ruled by fear, paranoia as battle looms

New issue of ISIS magazine Dabiq calls for war on …Muslims

Pakistan university assault: Bacha Khan security guard recounts shock of discovering body of ‘professor who gave his life in fight against terrorists’

Pakistan university assault: A warning for Turkey as Islamists turn on their old allies in Peshawar

Muslim man dies after protecting Christian bus passengers from al-Shabaab terror attack in Kenya

Iraqi Kurdish forces deliberately destroying Arab villages under their control, says Amnesty International

Isis removes televisions from civilians’ homes in Raqqa as crackdown on ‘corrupt’ foreign news continues

Pakistan university attack: Chemistry professor Syed Hamid Hussain dies trying to save students

Turkey To Build Military Base in Qatar. Guess they miss the Ottomans.

Isis calls for more couples to carry out terror attacks in US and Europe after praising San Bernardino shooters

Iran bans use of the word ‘wine’ and foreign animal names in book

Pakistan university assault: Suspected Taliban gunmen kill 20 people and injure 51 after storming Bacha Khan campus

Man who cut off wife’s nose hunted by police and the Taliban in Afghanistan

Refugee crisis: EU ‘first country’ rule change puts pressure on UK to take in more asylum seekers

Americans kidnapped in Baghdad ‘held by Iranian-backed militia’

Syria peace talks: Turkey will not allow Kurdish groups to join meeting of those opposed to Assad regime

Isis in Iraq: Terror group’s fighters publicly murdered for disloyalty as ‘warning’ to potential deserters, spies and enemies

At least 19 killed after gunmen attack Pakistan university; Taliban claim responsibility

ISIS holding 3,500 Iraqis as slaves, UN report says. Islam has never had a problem with slavery, which is why I always laugh when I see a black Muslim.

ISIS confirms death of ‘Jihadi John’

Palestinian Father, Social Media Praise Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli Mother

Refugee crisis: The forgotten victims of sexual assault in Europe

Saudi-led air strikes mean people in Yemen are now too scared to go to hospital, MSF says

Isis abducts hundreds of child soldiers who are ‘tortured, raped or murdered’ if they disobey orders – UN

Explosion, Said to Be Suicide Bombing, Kills 8 in Northwest Pakistan

Isis in Iraq: UN report details ‘staggering’ violence, war crimes and ‘possible genocide’ in Iraq

Dozens of Muslims leave company that limits prayer to scheduled breaks

Pakistan imam arrested after boy cuts off hand over blasphemy accusation

ISIS pay cuts: Terror group reportedly slashes fighters’ salaries

Christian mothers, wives take up the fight against ISIS, whose women serve as suicide bombers and slaves

The Jihadis Next Door: Documentary tracks bouncy castle salesman Abu Rumaysah’s journey to the heart of Isis

Turkey in crisis: The Kurdish teenagers fighting – and dying – in urban clashes with security forces

Four men accused of plotting Isis-inspired drive-by shootings in London using a moped

Paris attacks: Belgian suspect ‘directly linked’ to Isis attacks arrested in Morocco

Three Americans kidnapped in Baghdad visited ‘suspicious’ apartment to engage in ‘drinking and women’, police say. Well. There you go.

These are the weapons that make up Isis’s arsenal

Turkish school hit by ‘rocket fired by Isis’ over nearby Syrian border

Isis is brainwashing children to murder their own parents, child soldier who escaped from Raqqa reveals

Iran sanctions: Middle East stock markets crash as Tehran enters oil war

Turkey in crisis: ‘Ripple effect’ from Syria and Iraq sees worst flare-up in Kurdish conflict in 20 years

Three Americans kidnapped by militia members in Baghdad

‘The Giant’: Second British extremist ‘identified in Isis video’

Burkina Faso attacks: US missionary killed in terror attack ran an orphanage

Isis ‘kidnaps 400 civilians’ after mass slaughter of civilians in Syrian city of Deir al-Zor

Pakistan prevented from banning child marriages because it is ‘unIslamic’

Syria conflict: Hundreds feared dead in Isis ‘massacre’ in Deir ez-Zor

Refugee crisis: Human traffickers ‘netted up to £4bn last year’. If you didn’t let them in, they wouldn’t do it.

Syria crisis: Peace talks loom, but the warmongers won’t be at the table. This is news?

Burkina Faso attack: White people singled out in al-Qaeda assault, say witnesses

Syrian activists risking their lives to report on life under Isis describe how life has changed in Raqqa

Burkina Faso: Elderly Australian doctor and wife kidnapped by jihadists near border with Mali during al-Qaeda attack

Pakistan bill aiming to ban child marriages shot down as ‘anti-Islamic’ and ‘blasphemous’

Burkina Faso hotel attack: At least 23 dead and hostages injured in al-Qaeda assault on Splendid Hotel

Somali extremists say they captured some Kenyan soldiers

Suicide bomber kills 14 at tribal gathering in Afghan city

Syria: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Temporarily My Ally

Iraqi city of Ramadi, once home to 500,000, lies in ruins

Burkina Faso hotel attack: 18 nationalities among dead

American missionary killed in Burkina Faso attack by Al Qaeda-linked militants

Two Virginia men arrested on terror charges

Malaysia man arrested hours before planning to commit terror atrocity

At least 300 killed in Islamic State ‘massacre’ in Syrian city, state media says

Iraqi Refugee Accused of Planning to Bomb Houston Malls

Burkina Faso hotel attack: Gunmen take hostages after storming Hotel Splendide in capital Ouagadougou

The West’s refusal to confront Islamism is doing Isis’s work for it

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Canada Now Leads from the Rear

21st January 2016

Read it.

When the defence ministers of France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands join U.S. Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter Wednesday in Paris to discuss the future of the fight against Islamic State, Canada will be conspicuous by it absence.

Things were different not that long ago when Canada, under former prime minister Stephen Harper, was seen by many as leading the free world in understanding the challenge humanity faces from Islamofascism.

Fast forward five years to Monday, Jan. 18, 2016, and we now see that under the new government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau our commitment to fighting Islamic terror has been so deeply compromised that the coalition of seven major nations leading the fight against Islamic State decided not to extend an invitation to Ottawa.

It would have been inconceivable in the past for Canada’s defence minister not to be invited to the table. This time we were considered unworthy of a seat.

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The Inside Track From Israel’s Gaza Border Defenders

21st January 2016

Read it.

Like it or not, the Iran nuclear deal is done. In much of the Middle East, defense officials in many states believe that a sizeable proportion of the soon-to-be released $100 billion Iranian windfall will be directed toward funding proxy armies of the Islamic Republic, for whom the Jewish state remains the prime target. Israel’s focus is now, more than ever, on defense and surveillance.

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