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The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

Shani Davis, No Matter Where He Finishes, Remains an Unfortunate Exception at Winter Games

13th February 2014

The Washington Post obsesses about race so that you don’t have to.

‘Unfortunate’? It’s just bad luck he’s the only black guy there? Did the others miss a plane or something?

Don’t listen to your friends back home saying the Winter Olympics are just for white people who like the cold and vacation in Aspen. This is the most inclusive Winter Games ever. Why, there are Caucasians here from almost 88 different nations.

Bada-bing! I’ll be here all week.

Don’t quit your day job.

Actually, I will be here the next 10 days. And in that time, I will encounter no more than a dozen people of African American descent. They are the same ones I see over and over.

They’re probably getting tired of you.

Maybe it’s because I lived in the District for eight years. Maybe it’s because I spent my formative years in a real melting pot: rural Oahu, Hawaii, where diversity in ethnicity and culture are part of island life. Maybe I’m just used to seeing and feeling comfortable being around a variety of people, many of whom don’t look like me.

Maybe it’s because you’re a left-wing asshole who wears his White Guilt as if it were a Purple Heart.

Whatever, this place is whiter than an episode of “Downton Abbey.”

Hey, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. (Maybe it’s whiter than an episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ because, like Downton Abbey, the people who are here belong here and weren’t picked for their Diversity Points.)

Now, you are reading this and thinking one of two things: What’s with the white guilt, son? Or, What does race have to do with the greatest athletes in the world competing in their chosen disciplines, most of which just happen to be contested against other Caucasians?

Look, I don’t care about the color of the competitors.

Coulda fooled me. Guess somebody else wrote the rest of your column.


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The Man With No Party

12th February 2014

Read it.

CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and ABC World News broadcasts gave brief mention to the conviction of former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin Wednesday on 20 federal counts, including bribery and conspiracy, but all three omitted the fact that he was a Democrat.

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It Takes More Than A Produce Aisle to Refresh A Food Desert

12th February 2014

Read it.

Of course, since this is NPR, they assume the existence of a ‘food desert’ in this location (Michelle said so! It must be true!), so no wonder they are puzzled.

A Rational Human Being, however, would consider that perhaps the whole notion of ‘food desert’ (i.e. proles who don’t eat SWPL food that yuppies would prefer that they eat) is merely projection on the part of the Upper Crust.

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Critique for Thee, Not for Me

11th February 2014

Read it.

Which brings me to the weird general observation: American liberals are quite essentialist when it comes to the target of their critique. Conservatives and Republicans are racist by their nature, by their intent, so their social segregation from non-whites counts toward their racism. It’s a fundamental attribute. In contrast American liberals and Democrats are anti-racist, so their social segregation from non-whites is situational, and does not reflect antipathy to non-whites.

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Imaginary Backlash

4th February 2014

Read it.

In the real world, I saw that commercial and reacted in a way similar to almost all of my fellow right-wing conservatives: I yawned and went to the kitchen for another beer. Then I proceeded on with my evening, not caring one way or another about Coca-Cola’s contrived marketing tactics. Admittedly, I have long since vowed to never drink Coke, but that’s only because I dislike diabetes, not because I’m upset about foreigners singing patriotic hymns.

So imagine my surprise when I went on the internet after the game to see social media abuzz over the “right wing backlash against Coca-Cola.”

Some of the headlines:

Coke Ad Draws Outrage, Praise (EW)

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Inspires Racist Twitter Backlash (Mediaite)

Coca-Cola Ad Celebrates Diversity, Twitter Racists Explode (Huffington Post)

Coca-Cola Multicultural Super Bowl Ad Really Angered Conservatives (Talking Points Memo)

Coca-Cola’s Multilingual America the Beautiful Ad Sparks Conservative Outrage (AlterNet)

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad: Can You Believe This Reaction? (USA Today)

Coca-Cola’s America the Beautiful Ad Creates Social Media Firestorm (The Examiner)

America the Ugly: Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Provokes Xenophobic Outrage on Twitter (The Daily Mail)

Outrage! Firestorm! Backlash! Xenophobia!

Funny thing: these stories started popping up within minutes of the ad airing.

Meanwhile, I’m on Twitter as much as the next guy, and I didn’t see anyone complain about the ad. I’m connected with 120 thousand folks on Facebook, and none of them seemed too concerned. I checked the #SpeakAmerican and #BoycottCoke hashtags, and I saw nothing but a bunch of people defending the ad and lambasting the “racists” who were “offended” by it.

So where was the backlash? If people are lashing back at things, I want in. I’m always up for a good backlash, but I just couldn’t find it.

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NYT: Having Female Loved Ones Makes Men Into Sexist Republicans

1st February 2014

Steve Sailer has some fun with the Mouth of the Crust.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow discovers a new engine fueling the War on Women: having female loved ones makes men more sexist. Apparently, being around women they love causes males to notice average differences between men and women, and Noticing, as we’ve all been warned, leads to conservatism.

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Dueling Pot Billboards at the Stoner Bowl

31st January 2014

Read it.

Because THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT FACING THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD then whether or not one can smoke weed legally.

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Breivik’s Confession and the Media’s Silence

28th January 2014

Read it.

From his prison cell, the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in January 2014 circulated a letter in which he repudiated all association with the Counterjihad and anti-Islamists. He gloated over how easy it was to fool the Western mainstream media (MSM) into supporting his intended witch-hunt on peaceful anti-Islamists….

Not a high bar to get over.

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What Happens If Obamacare Fails

27th January 2014

Each Voice of the Crust has a Pet Conservative — The New York Times has David Brooks, and the Washington Post has Jennifer Rubin.

It is a coin flip, at best, for the president as to whether his signature achievement, his only achievement, will fail. It will be repealed in essence by a popular referendum: The mass refusal of people to go along with Obama’s top-down, compulsory system that was set to transform a sixth of the economy. That possibility should traumatize and probably is traumatizing the White House. Same goes for any Democratic lawmaker who spent time thinking this through. The political implications of this are almost too enormous to calculate.

And so, of course, she doesn’t even make an effort. Pet Conservatives are allowed to bark, but not to bite.

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Why America’s Grand Bike-Sharing Experiment Is Failing

22nd January 2014

Read it.

Hint: People steal stuff left out, especially in Blue State behavioral sinks like New York and Chicago.

The Montreal-based bike-sharing company Bixi is like something out of a right-wing nightmare.

Bzzt! Wrong. Obama is like something out of a right-wing nightmare. Bixi is like something out of a left-wing wet dream. There is a difference, not that Time magazine would know it.

The firm is a government-owned entity, in Francophone Canada, that sells solar-powered bike-share equipment for cities around the world.

A recipe for failure if ever I saw one, not that Time magazine would know it.

 And yesterday, the company filed for bankruptcy protection, citing $50 million in debts. Part of the shortfall comes from $5.6 million owed the company by bike-sharing programs in New York City and Chicago, payments that have been withheld because of widespread problems with the company’s software which reportedly have caused many users to be unable to rent or return bikes.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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Oxfam: 85 Richest People as Wealthy as Poorest Half of the World

20th January 2014

Read it.

Unmentioned: And pay more in taxes.

Unmentioned: And do more good than OxFam.

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Michael Pollan Explains What’s Wrong With the Paleo Diet

19th January 2014

Read it.

1. He’s not making any money off of it.

2. It’s not vegetarian, so it displeases the Chattering Class from whom he makes his living. (The target demographic of Mother Jones, his venue, the connection with aging former hippies being left as an exercise for the reader.)

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Word of the Day: ‘Transmisogyny’

17th January 2014

The Other McCain is on the case, when he can stop laughing.

Transgender feminist @papierhache reacted to yesterday’s notice exactly as predicted, by claiming victimhood, denouncing me as a bully “with sycophant minions” (that would be you, dear readers), and generally lecturing that I am the pluperfect example of how “people … use social media to orchestrate abusive behavior.”

Remember: @papierhache jumped into my timeline in response to incitement by a troll trying to stir up trouble because I’d used the common slang “shemale” in promoting a post about conflicts between transgender activists and radical lesbian feminists. And after sending me multiple messages condemning me as a terrible hater — because slang is the New Fascism – @papierhache evidently thought she would evade further criticism for her moralistic posturing.

Think again, sweetheart.

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NYT: “Ethnic Segregation at a U.N. Camp in South Sudan”

11th January 2014

Steve Sailer watches his Bullshit Warning Light go on.

 The ruling mindset of white people writing about Africa is that Africans have no agency: Africans are merely robotic vehicles for the malign influence of white people. Thus, if white people pay for a refugee camp for Dinkas and Nuers, this pair of signs can then be held responsible for all future conflicts between the tribes. The alternative is to assume that Africans have some responsibility for the state of Africa, but, considering the state of Africa, that would be racist.

In truth, the Nuer were always been proud of their ability to push around the Dinka and take his cattle. They would consider the conventional wisdom of themselves as pitiful victims being manipulated by white stereotypes into fighting the Dinka as an insult.

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‘At the news that fits, we squint’

8th January 2014

Read it.

U.S. officials have told the Washington Post that they believe that former Guantanamo Bay detainee and al-Qaeda-linked militant Abu Sufian bin Qumu was involved in the September 11 terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya — a claim specifically denied in the New York Times’ report last week about the tragedy. Rumors have flown about bin Qumu’s involvement in the attack for a long time: Fox News reported the connection just a week after the attack in 2012, and 60 Minutes’ ridiculously thinly sourced report this winter about the attacks repeated the claim, though without any evidence of further sourcing. Back at the time of Fox’s original report, the Obama administration denied the connection, and this was reasonable enough — it honestly seemed like a few too many connections a little too quickly.

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2013: The Most Racist Year Ever

3rd January 2014

Gavin McInnes is on the case.

Experts agree that 2013 was the most racist year since the one that started the Civil War. Everywhere you looked someone or something was being racist, even asparagus. Most of these ten commercials were from 2013, and they were all racist, including the one made by a black guy. It’s racist to criticize the president, so in a year where his approval sank to an all-time low, it’s clear our prejudice has climbed to an all-time high. (It has nothing to do with the part where he lied about Obamacare and spent more time building a defective website than Roosevelt spent defeating the Nazis.) Here are 20 more racist things that prove 2013 was nothing more than a giant Klan rally.

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All the News Their Bias Allows

2nd January 2014

Taki joins in a game that anyone can play.

One of the great but perverse pleasures of my life when I’m in New York City is to read The New York Times. It’s perverse because no paper north of Saudi Arabia lies quite as blatantly as the Times does. Its lying is based on omission rather than invention and by the use of the kind of selectivity on news reporting that would earn a Soviet-era Pravda newshound the Stalin Prize. Excluding facts, indeed stories, which do not fall within the purview of its viewpoint is the paper’s norm rather than the exception. “All the News Our Bias Allows” should be its motto and on its masthead, but even there, the Times is spinning the facts: “All the News That’s Fit to Print” is the first big lie one encounters on page one.

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Management Experts Knock Obama

2nd January 2014

Read it.

Oh, really.

The heart of the issue, many of these people say, is that Obama and his inner circle had scant executive experience prior to arriving in the West Wing, and dim appreciation of the myriad ways the federal bureaucracy can frustrate an ambitious president. And above all, they had little apparent interest in the kind of organizational and motivational concepts that typically are the preoccupation of the most celebrated modern managers.

“No one asked you to write code or be a technical expert, but the expectation is you can set up a process,” said Kellogg School of Management professor Daniel Diermeier. “Companies do it every day.”

Makes you wonder where these guys were in 2008, when the rest of us were saying that.

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‘ The Rich See a Different Internet Than the Poor’

1st January 2014

Read it.

Scientific American completes its transition from scientific mag to Voice of the Crust.

 Here’s how it works. Advertising currently drives the vast majority of the Internet industry by volume of revenue. Silicon Valley is excellent at founding and funding companies that give you free apps and then collect and sell your data when you use them. For most of the Internet’s short history, the primary goal of this data collection was classic product marketing: for example, advertisers might want to show me Nikes and my wife Manolo Blahniks. But increasingly, data collection is leapfrogging well beyond strict advertising and enabling insurance, medical and other companies to benefit from analyzing your personal, highly detailed “Big Data” record without your knowledge. Based on this analysis, these companies then make decisions about you—including whether you are even worth marketing to at all.

That’s a new one – ‘advertising as a human right’. Last time I looked, ‘consumer’ wasn’t a protected class. Why should companies waste their scarce advertising dollars advertising to inappropriate potential consumers? In a free-market economy, that’s called ‘waste’. Waste is what a free market is designed to eliminate.

 For example, federal regulations make it illegal to discriminate in pricing access to credit based on certain personal attributes. But, as Natasha Singer recently reported in the New York Times, technical advances in mining online and offline data have made it possible to skirt the spirit of the law: companies can simply not make any offers to less credit-attractive populations. If you live on the wrong side of the digital tracks, you won’t even see a credit offer from leading lending institutions, and you won’t realize that loans are available to help you with your current personal or professional priorities.

Disguised behind the weasel-words ‘certain personal attributes’ is the fact that ‘less credit-attractive populations’ aren’t among them, and ‘less credit-attractive populations’ are less credit-attractive for a reason — they tend to run up debts that they can’t pay, and then renege on them. Modern data analytics are empowering lenders to avoid the people who are only going to get rejected anyway without the expense and bother of gathering up the massive amount of paper that old-fashioned lenders had to wade through. This lowers costs and allows lenders to make more attractive options available to those who have demonstrated that they can afford (and will pay for) them. These loans are ‘available’ only in the sense that a Mercedes is ‘available’ to both a stock broker and a cashier.

For the past decade, e-commerce sites have altered prices based on your Web habits and personal attributes. What is your geography and your past buying history? How did you arrive at the e-commerce site? What time of day are you visiting? An entire literature has emerged on the ethics, legality and economic promise of pricing optimization. And the field is advancing quickly: last September, Google received a patent on technology that lets a company dynamically price electronic content. For instance, it can push the base price of an e-book up if it determines you are more likely to buy that particular item than an average user; conversely, it can adjust the price down as an incentive if you are judged less likely to purchase. And you won’t even know you are paying more than others for the exact same item.

Nor is it relevant. Anybody who’s been exposed to elementary economics knows what a demand curve looks like, and has been told (even if it goes in one ear and out the other) that it represents a continuum of people who are willing to pay different prices ‘for the exact same item’. These statistics-based approaches allow vendors to maximize their return by identifying where that demand curve lies, rather than just setting a price and hoping that it’s somewhere near what people want to pay. And nobody is forcing you to buy, at any price; if that price is more than it’s worth to you, you can just refuse to buy.

About the author: Michael Fertik is founder and CEO of Reputation.com, which is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of the Internet.

In other words, a professional mouthpiece of the Crust. My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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MSNBC’s Segment on Romney’s Grandson Did Not Go Over Well

1st January 2014

Read it.

Voices of the Crust caught being themselves … and it is not a pretty sight.

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New York Times Columnist David Brooks to Teach ‘Humility’ Course at Yale

31st December 2013

Read it.

I am not making this up.

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Fools and Knaves: New York Times Edition

30th December 2013

Read it.

After Susan Rice disgraced herself on Meet the Press after the 9/11 attack on our consulate in Benghazi, I was so incensed that I wrote you about my research which made it very clear that the attack was not a spontaneous reaction to the YouTube video, and was undertaken by Ansar al Sharia, which is Al Qaeda affiliated.

After reading the New York Times whitewash of the Benghazi affair today, I find myself feeling like I did after watching Susan Rice on Meet the Press. The Times story is a transparent attempt to provide cover for Hillary Clinton’s upcoming run for POTUS in 2016. I find it incredible that the Times produced such a lengthy story filled with statements that are so easily refuted by facts that are readily available to anybody with half a brain and an Internet connection. There are so many misstatements that it is hard to know where to begin.

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Another Fake Hate Crime

29th December 2013

The Other McCain is on the case.

The apparent fakery by Williams probably won’t be reported in bold headlines by some outlets that reported the story originally.

And you can depend on that.

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‘Having a Servant Is Not a Right’

24th December 2013

Voice of the Crust New York Times trots out one of its Pet Brown People to lay down the Party Line.

 AT the heart of the fracas surrounding the arrest of an Indian diplomat in New York who promised to pay her housekeeper $9.75 per hour, in compliance with United States labor rules, but instead paid her $3.31 per hour, is India’s dirty secret: One segment of the Indian population routinely exploits another, and the country’s labor laws allow gross mistreatment of domestic workers.

Lesson: Unions vote Democrat more dependably than brown people. Check.

 India is furious that the diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, was strip-searched and kept in a cell in New York with criminals. Retaliation from the newly assertive but otherwise bureaucracy-ridden nation was swift. American diplomats were stripped of identity cards granting them diplomatic benefits, and security barriers surrounding the American Embassy in New Delhi were hauled away. A former finance minister suggested that India respond by arresting same-sex partners of American diplomats, since the Indian Supreme Court recently upheld a section of a Colonial-era law that criminalizes homosexuality.

I would find that amusing, certainly, when the Immovable Object of who-are-we-to-judge-their-culture gets in the way of the Irresistable Force of we-like-perverts-therefore-you-must-too and ‘progressive’ heads explode. Oh, that Orwell were alive to see this day….

 Notwithstanding legitimate Indian concerns about whether American marshals used correct protocol in the way they treated a diplomat, the truth is that India is party to an exploitative system that needs to be scrutinized.

Too bad that they’re not Muslim, which would deflect all such ‘scrutiny’.

I grew up in a middle-class household in India in the ’80s; my parents were schoolteachers, and our lifestyle was not lavish by any means.

Touch base I-grew-up-working-class: Check.

I received new clothes once a year; I don’t recall ever going to a restaurant; our family couldn’t afford a car, so we used a scooter.

Touch base Economically-disadvantaged: Check.

But we always had a live-in housekeeper who cooked and washed our clothes, while a man came by every other day to sweep and mop the floors.

Touch base criticize-culture-that-substitutes-human-labor-for-automation-because-latter-not-available-as-if-everybody-lived-like-Americans: Check.

Fisking the remainder of this article is left as an exercise for the reader — I have presents to wrap.

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Susan Rice: “The fact that we have not had a successful attack on our homeland since 9/11 should not be diminished”

23rd December 2013

Read it.

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad murdered Pvt. William Long outside a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas, on June 1, 2009, in the name of Islam and jihad.

Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 13 people and wounded 31 at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009, in the name of Islam and jihad.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev murdered 3 people and wounded 264 at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, in the name of Islam and jihad.

Susan Rice knows this. She just hopes you don’t.

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A&E Really Wanted to Tell You a Story ’Bout a Man Named Jed

23rd December 2013

Read it.

It seems what the producers intended and what A&E envisioned with the show is much different than the show that they ended up with, but they didn’t do anything about it because it was so wildly popular and so wildly profitable. But even with all the money, they have never really been comfortable with what happened.

This is what happened. The whole idea of the show was to parade these nouveau riche Christian hillbillies around so that we could laugh at them. “Look at them,” we were supposed to say. “Look how backward they are! Look what they believe! Can you believe they really live this way and believe this stuff? See how they don’t fit in? HAHAHA”

When the producers saw the way the show was shaping up, different than they envisioned it, they tried to change course. They tried to get the Robertson’s to tone down their Christianity, but to their eternal credit they refused. They tried to add fake cussin’ to the show by inserting bleeps where no cussword was uttered. At best, they wanted to make the Robertson’s look like crass buffoons. At worst they wanted them to look like hypocrites.

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The Inequality Business

22nd December 2013

Read it.

It’s a funny thing about the inequality debate that has consumed the American intelligentsia for the past several years: The individuals who are most interested in identifying, describing, diagnosing, and addressing the phenomenon of income inequality are the individuals least affected by it. We are not living through a revival of Chartism. There has been no recurrence of the Pullman Strike to galvanize public attention on the dissatisfaction of labor. The closest we have come to a popular revolt is the Tea Party, a protest movement of the beleaguered white middle and upper middle classes that wants government to do less, not more. The passionate spokesmen against inequality look a lot like Couric and de Blasio: Wealthy progressive journalists and politicians, intellectuals, nonprofit employees, academics, social workers, consultants, and activists whose professional and social identities are defined in relation to “hot topic” issues. For these people income inequality is not only an economic and social trend to be lamented, but also a trend upon which their incomes and status depend. Inequality is a business.

Is it not odd that the people most exercised about income inequality appear to be rich people? Hey, guys, if it bothers you so much, give some money to a poor person — last time I looked, that is still legal. There is no wall preventing someone who is rich today from being non-rich tomorrow; just write some checks.

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The New Inequality: Health Care

19th December 2013

Read it.

Actually, it’s still the Same Old Inequality, but a Voice of the Crust like CNN has to use handwaving like this to distract the low-information demographic from the fact that Obamacare is making things a lot, lot worse. They figure you’re so dumb you won’t notice, and will participate in the Two Minute Hate against ‘the rich’ without remembering that most rich people are, like CNN, Democrats.

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Obama as Victim

18th December 2013

Read it.

Some may think reporters and editors are simply clumsy or indifferent writers, and sometimes they are. But much of the time they choose their words (and photos) with exquisite and subtle care. They also realize that most people only look at the headlines and photos of most articles, and that those are therefore the most important elements, and that even people who do read the article often read only the first few paragraphs.

In thisWaPo article, the headline and photo have been chosen to suggest that Obama is a suffering victim—in fact, the greatest victim—of a series of unfortunate circumstances that have befallen him. He’s nearly a martyr. And the text (the excerpt quoted above is the second paragraph in the piece) reinforces that idea by this phrase, “faced a series of setbacks.” Passive voice; no actor.

The Crust rallys ’round its affirmative-action hire.

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Racism Is Everywhere, Even When It Isn’t

16th December 2013

Read it.

Is there anything that better describes the state of American racism than a black [female] billionaire contemplating a black president and seeing a victim of racism?

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The Return of the Welfare Queen

16th December 2013

In a valiant attempt to solidify it’s position as a Voice of the Crust, The Atlantic denounces — wait for it — Republican ‘class warfare’.

Of course, pervasive and perennial Democrat class warfare is nowhere to be found.

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The Cultural Marxist Ghettoization of Northern Folkways

15th December 2013

Read it.

Exhibit A:  A recent piece by some black woman named Aisha Harris at Slate, entitled “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore.”  Yes, she thinks Santa henceforth should be a negro, nevermind the historical reality of Santa, which is: Santa is a composite of various European pagan and Christian figures, starting with Odin leading his ghostly yule procession through the sky, which was later overlaid with Christian elements like the Sinterklaas stories of central and northern Europe.  In short, Santa is European, which is precisely why these people want to wallpaper over him.

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‘Insisting Jesus Was White Is Bad History and Bad Theology’[

14th December 2013

Or so claims Jonathan Merritt, who is a journalist with no credentials as a theologian that I can find.

Setting aside the ridiculousness of creating rigidly racial depictions of a fictitious character that does not actually exist—sorry, kids—like Santa, Kelly has made a more serious error about Jesus. The scholarly consensus is actually that Jesus was, like most first-century Jews, probably a dark-skinned man. If he were taking the red-eye flight from San Francisco to New York today, Jesus might be profiled for additional security screening by TSA.

Of course, ‘white’ doesn’t mean ‘not dark skinned’ — ask George Zimmerman. Hell, ask Al Sharpton if Jews are ‘white’; I think we can count ol’ Al (and Jesse Jackson) in our corner on this one.

Just who is making the ‘serious error about Jesus’ here?

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White House Ignores ‘Lie of the Year’ Award

14th December 2013

Read it.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday the administration is focused on putting its health care plan in place; he declined to discuss the declaration by the fact-checking website PolitiFact of its annual “lie of the year:” President Obama’s past claim that if “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

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Thought for the Day

13th December 2013


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Missing From Science Class

12th December 2013

The New York Times suddenly detects that the sky is falling, and wants to round up the usual suspects.

 A big reason America is falling behind other countries in science and math is that we have effectively written off a huge chunk of our population as uninterested in those fields or incapable of succeeding in them.

Well, my first question is: Who is this ‘we’? Does it include editorial writers for the New York Times? If so, why don’t they change their behavior? If not, what is with this ‘we’ business?

And I don’t see anybody standing at the door of classrooms barring anybody except white males from entering. Perhaps the Times still think this is 1954.

 Women make up nearly half the work force but have just 26 percent of science, technology, engineering or math jobs, according to the Census Bureau. Blacks make up 11 percent of the workforce but just 6 percent of such jobs and Hispanics make up nearly 15 percent of the work force but hold 7 percent of those positions. There is no question that women and minorities have made progress in science and math in the last several decades, but their gains have been slow and halting. And in the fast-growing field of computer science, women’s representation has actually declined in the last 20 years, while minorities have made relatively small gains.

Ah, that old ‘progressive’ bugaboo, ‘underrepresentation’. First, I want to see some evidence that the fact women make up half of the workforce has some inevitable relationship to how many jobs they hold in any particular field. Next thing you know, they’ll be complaining that men are underrepresented among the number of people who bear children.

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Dan Rather’s CBS Revenge Tour Continues With Piers Morgan Tonight

11th December 2013

Read it.

Pass the popcorn.

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Mandela: What the Obits Omit

9th December 2013

Jim Goad sets the record straight.

On Friday evening, ABC’s 20/20 presented a postmortem tribute that oozed with so much sanctimonious brown-nosing that it should have been called Up Mandela’s Ass. I doubt that this saccharine chunk of carefully packaged propaganda was any more idealized, unrealistic, or one-sided than the thousands of other tributes that burst forth like millions of sugarcoated tears after his passing, but I was only able to handle one Mandela tribute lest my eyes roll so violently that they pop out of my head.

The 20/20 special peddled such obviously fraudulent lies as the allegation that Mandela’s African National Congress was “committed to nonviolent resistance.” Not a peep was made about the fact that Mandela was sentenced to prison not only for “treason”—which is the only charge the show mentioned—but that he pled guilty to an indictment accusing him of complicity in “the preparation, manufacture and use of explosives—for the purpose of committing acts of violence.” Nothing was said about the radical guerrilla army he founded called “Spear of the Nation” that was linked to hundreds of acts of violence and sabotage. Nothing was said about his claim that “violence in this country was inevitable.” Nor was it mentioned that he was offered freedom from prison in February 1985 if he agreed to foreswear violence but that he refused. And they certainly didn’t dare to show a clip of an ANC “necklacing” that’s one of the most brutal snippets of mob violence I’ve ever witnessed. Nothing was said about the Church Street Bombing or any of the other bombings and violent acts committed in the ANC’s name that in other contexts would have Mandela dubbed a violent terrorist. Instead, 20/20 referred to him with the much cheerier sobriquet of “freedom fighter.”

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Thatcher vs Mandela

7th December 2013

The Other McCain blows the whistle.

When Margaret Thatcher died in April, the British Left reacted with the kind of ugly viciousness you would expect of the British Left. This is worth remembering today when liberals are demanding that everyone must now forget the reality of who Nelson Mandela was.

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Global-Warming ‘Proof’ Is Evaporating

7th December 2013

Read it.

The 2013 hurricane season just ended as one of the five quietest years since 1960. But don’t expect anyone who pointed to last year’s hurricanes as “proof” of the need to act against global warming to apologize; the warmists don’t work that way.

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Your Messy Desk Is Evidence of the Indomitable Creativity of Your Soul

4th December 2013

Read it.

No, it isn’t; it’s just evidence that you’re a slob.

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Democrats Mobilizing Push on Wage Gap

4th December 2013

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The White House, Democrats, and their supporters are mobilizing behind a focus for 2014 and beyond on the wage gap between the wealthy and the rest of America.

A paper by a centrist-Democratic think tank, which will be released Wednesday, finds that more than half of U.S. working-age families with children under age 18 earn $60,000 or less a year, and more than 75% earn $100,000 or less a year, putting a new frame on what the White House has described as a growing wage gap in the country.

Next up: The growing ‘price gap’ between Rolex and Timex. They both just tell time, right? So why the disparity? No doubt Republicans are behind it….

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“We as a society” Does Not Exist

3rd December 2013

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A popular leftist trope debunked.

 Speaking about Obamacare, MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber said, “We’ve decided as a society that we don’t want people to have insurance plans that expose them to more than six thousand dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.”

What does it mean that “we” decide something “as a society”? It’s an important question: This sort of statement gets used frequently as a justification of government of intervention. When, in the same fashion, Obama says “we as a nation,” he is just using a variation of the same expression and talking like the average politician.

“We as a society” or “we as a nation” is generally used as an incantation with no scientific meaning. If it has any ascertainable meaning, it means “we who want to impose our current and perhaps changing whims on others.”

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10 American Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries

3rd December 2013

Read it.

A pointed reminder that, no matter how bad the American Nanny State may get, foreigners have it worse.

(I especially like the clever use of scare-words like ‘tainted’ and ‘laced with’, as if shadowy figures were sitting there with spray cans of Nasty just waiting for your food to roll by….)

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A Scientist Predicts the Future

29th November 2013

Read it.

This is, of course, the New York Times, so you’ll want to confirm this using a reliable source.

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Lying Waitstaff and the Media Who Love Them

26th November 2013

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Having seen numerous stories of late about waiters and waitresses being stiffed because of the color of their skin, their sexual preference or maybe they just need to “get a real job,” and with the blame usually being lobbed at Christians, I was instantly skeptical of the latest story out of New Jersey.  While one story hasn’t been proven fake yet, although Obama did take the opportunity to peddle Obamacare over it, the rest have been uncovered to be hoaxes.  In the “get a real job” case, the fake 1% tip left for the waiter took place around the time Obama was bravely standing up for the 99% against the evil, rich 1%.  The Red Lobster receipt, on which was supposedly written a racial slur, was also proven to be a hoax; but not before over $10,000 poured in for the offended waitress.  The customer in that case was suing both the restaurant and server when last reported.

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The McRib: Enjoy Your Symptom

26th November 2013

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Each year, the McRib makes a brief visit to Earth. Its arrival elicits reactions ranging from horror to awe. And for good reason: this would-be rib sandwich is really a restructured pork patty pressed into the rough shape of a slab of ribs, its slathering of barbecue sauce acting as camouflage as much as coating.

“Pork” is a generous term, since the McRib has traditionally been fashioned from otherwise unmarketable pig parts like tripe, heart, and stomach, material that is not only cheap but also easier to mold and bind into a coherent, predetermined shape. McDonald’s accurately lists the patty’s primary ingredient as “boneless pork,” although even that’s a fairly strong euphemism. Presumably few of the restaurant’s patrons would line up for a Pressed McTripe.

There are few paths to becoming a highly-compensated Voice of the Crust more sure than penning screeds making fun of what the Great Unwashed eat. That way the people who read the Atlantic and pride themselves on being Exemplars of Wealth and Taste. Never mind that under different circumstances they’d be the first to push Locally Sourced Tripe as the sort of thing that Authentic Native Peoples do, and so you have to try it.

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Conor Friedersdorf’s Grassy Knoll

24th November 2013

The Other McCain is delightfully dyspeptic today.

Fortunately, the Secret Service need not worry about Friedersdorf purchasing a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle just now. The focus of his manic obsession is not the current president, but his predecessor.

Bush Derangement Syndrome — the psychiatric malady that seized the minds of liberals for eight years of their paranoid nightmares — has left the landscape littered with deranged kooks. In 2011, Jared Loughner succumbed to 9/11 Truther craziness and went berserk in Tucson. Barrett Brown flipped out last year, ranting about a mad conspiracy against him. Down in Alabama, Roger Shuler is convinced he is the target of a corrupt scheme masterminded by Karl Rove. Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond blames Bush, too.

Then there is Conor Friedersdorf, superficially rational yet consumed by the delusion that George W. Bush was the worst president in American history, and in the grip of a dread fear that there will be a Second Coming of Dubya if the GOP ever wins another election.

Like David Frum, Friedersdorf (who Mark Levin calles ‘Friedersdork’, not without reason) is somebody who leveraged a fringe position as a Perhaps Bright Young Conservative into fifteen minutes of fame and then promptly left the reservation, never to return.

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The NYT on Conservative Health Care Plans

23rd November 2013

Ramesh Ponnuru has a complaint.

Neither the New York Times nor Uwe Reinhardt is under any obligation to say anything at all about the op-ed that Yuval Levin and I had in the Wall Street Journal last week, the one where we sketched a conservative alternative to Obamacare and made the political case for Republicans’ embracing something like it. Pretending to address the op-ed while ignoring it, on the other hand, seems like bad form.

But not unexpected from a Voice of the Crust.

Reinhardt mentions the op-ed and then writes that we “leave many details of their plan unsaid. But I see in it a close cousin of a much more fully developed plan, published by eight distinguished health economists as a monograph commissioned by the American Enterprise Institute.” He proceeds to describe and critique that other plan.

The Crustian War On Straw Men is of long standing.

At the 30,000-feet level, there may be some similarities between what Levin and I advocated and the plan Reinhardt writes about. But the differences are pretty substantial. Reinhardt lists nine features of the economists’ plan; ours shares at most one of them. And none of his criticisms of the economists’ plan applies to ours. We don’t, for example, envision any government-established exchange.

Of course, that matters little to ‘journalists’ in the modern era? ‘Facts? What are those? Nothing that I need bother with.’

Reinhardt seems to have only a hazy idea of what conservatives think about health care, which is maybe a good reason not to write about the topic.

But has never, so far as I recall, ever caused any ‘journalist’ anywhere even the slightest instant of hesitation.

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The Most Comical Hypocrites of All, the New York Times

22nd November 2013

Read it.

I noted earlier today that many politicians, pundits and newspapers have been hypocrites on the filibuster, favoring it when their party is in the minority and opposing it when their party controls the Senate. But of all the hypocrites, the most shameless must be the editorial board of the New York Times. Have they forgotten that Google exists? Are they unaware that anyone can search their web site and see what they wrote about an issue when the shoe was on the other foot? Or are they so resigned to being known as partisan hacks that they just don’t care?

That the New York Times are a bunch of partisan hacks comes as no surprise — and hasn’t for at least sixty years. That their target reader has the memory of a two-year-old — Look, squirrel! — comes as no surprise, either.

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