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The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

NYT: “The ‘Benefits’ of Black Physics Students”

17th December 2015

Steve Sailer fisks a very silly New York Times editorial.

Black students come to the physics classroom for the same reason white students do; they love physics and want to know more. Do we require that white students justify their presence in the classroom?

Yes. It’s called applying to college.

Do we need them to bring something other than their interest?

Yes. Their high school GPAs and test scores.

Contrary to Chief Justice Roberts’s implication, science is not some unchanging world of pure objectivity and fact. …

This by a black woman who allegedly has three degrees, one from an ‘Ivy League institution’. An astrophysicist who doesn’t believe that science is ‘some unchanging world of pure objectivity and fact’ would appear ipso facto disqualified from calling herself a scientist. Those kinds of ‘scientists’ we don’t need. Perhaps she’d feel more comfortable in a Gender Studies field.

Jedidah C. Isler is a National Science Foundation astronomy and astrophysics postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University.

And probably an affirmative action child all the way through the process. Which merely underscores how corrupt the process has become.

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OP-ED: The Chinese Elite at Columbia

17th December 2015

Read it.

Our boarding school backgrounds, our posh accents, our stylish outfits—in my experience, American students are often astonished by us Chinese internationals.

Not really. Those of us who have been paying attention realize that once Mao died China reverted to its historical pattern, the the Communist Party taking the place of an Imperial Dynasty with the Mandate of Heaven.

We’ve been sent off by our politically influential families to get precious Ivy League diplomas straight out of boarding schools.

China joins the Crust. Who knew?

This glamorous exterior, however, only conceals people who are struggling with the dysfunctionalities, injustices, and hypocrisies of the Communist Party system. The contrast between the lofty Communist Party line our parents defend and the reality of the human depravity we witness in our lives forces our descent into depression, drug abuse, and all too often suicide.

The sort of angst that those trained to accept the Progressive Fantasy in place of reality always undergo. Welcome to the First World, home of the First World Problem.

People who don’t see this might envy our upscale lives. They view our weekend trips to Aspen, Colorado, or the Bahamas as mere excursions, as if our private jets simply shuttle us from one party to the next. As if our exotic summer travels are just about where we get to go, not about the political system we get to stay away from. They see our impeccable style—clothes from Alaïa, Jil Sander, or Valentino—and don’t recognize the self-hate that comes with our self-enhancement.

Cementing the Asian status as Honorary (so to speak) White People. Next up: ‘Check your privilege!’

The author’s SWPL credentials:

The author is a first-year in the Columbia/Jewish Theological Seminary joint program with prospective majors in ethnicity and race studies and Jewish history. Originally from China, she grew up between her hometown and boarding schools, and is of mixed Chinese and Jewish heritage.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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“Negative Emissions”: Burning Trees, Burying the CO2

16th December 2015

Read it.

The Guardian reports that the leaders of the European Union have asked the UN for advice about “negative emissions”. The “negative emissions” proposal is like regular Carbon Capture and Storage, except more unworkable.

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First ‘Truth’, Now Chappaquiddick

15th December 2015

Read it.

Some time ago–several decades, actually–a group of us at my law firm formed a Chappaquiddick Book Club. We read three or four books on the fatal car accident that should have ended Ted Kennedy’s public career. The facts are much worse than most people realize: Kennedy presumably was drunk, but that is the least of it. After his car plunged into Poucha Pond, Kennedy saved himself but left Mary Jo Kopechne to die. In all likelihood, she could have been saved if Kennedy had simply knocked on the door of the nearest house with a light on, only yards away, and called the Edgartown rescue squad. That is what the head of the rescue squad said after he discovered Kopechne’s body inside the car, where she had wedged herself into an air pocket and probably survived for several hours, expecting help that never came.

Kennedy made no effort to save his companion. Instead, he made the long walk back to the house where he and others had been partying. He summoned his cousin Joe Gargan and tried to persuade Gargan to say that he had been driving the car. Gargan sensibly refused, but insisted that they go back to the pond and try to rescue Kopechne. Kennedy sat on the bank and watched while Gargan tried to dive down to the submerged car, unsuccessfully. Kennedy never did call the authorities, but instead returned to his hotel and attempted to set up an alibi with the night clerk.

It is a sordid story, and it soon will become a Hollywood movie. I couldn’t believe it when I learned that Rathergate was to be made into a film called TruthLies would have been a better title–and it seems equally far-fetched that anyone would want to make or invest in a film about Chappaquiddick.

Prediction: It will be a whitewash.

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MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry Brings Race Into ‘Star Wars’ Discussion

15th December 2015

Read it.

Of course she does.

I’m sure she ‘identifies as black’ although she looks pretty white to me.

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The Rise of Hate Search

14th December 2015

Read it.

The birth of a new ThoughtCrime — and, as you might expect, the New York Times in on the bleeding edge.

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Here’s Why You Can’t Trust the Drive-By-Media

14th December 2015

Read it. Note especially the title: Here’s Why the Good Guy With the Gun Always Gets Killed. From that you would expect a rigorous examination of all available cases where a person with a gun attempted to stop an ‘active shooter’, which invariably ended with the gun-bearer getting killed. But you would be wrong.

On Thursday night, The Daily Show focused on this idea of “the good guy with a gun,” and the results weren’t pretty.

Jordan Klepper, one of the comedian-correspondents who stayed behind after Jon Stewart’s departure from the show, actually went through the process of getting a carry license from the state of Florida, which is valid in more than 30 states. All that was required was mailing in a form and taking a few hours of training in New Jersey.

So. One guy. a ‘comedian-correspondent’. One. Guy. Who presumably was opposed to the concept a priori.

As you might expect, he blows it in every scenario. But! All is not lost while there’s spin to be spun.

For those who would write this off as a comedian for an openly liberal show simply failing on purpose to prove a point, the weary resignation on the faces of his trainers told a different story. The problem wasn’t Klepper’s clowning, but his belief, founded on a lifetime of action movies and video games, that in the right scenario, he could be a hero. The truth was, he just made things worse.

Pardon me for thinking that the reason why ‘he just made things worse’ is precisely because he’s a comedian for an openly-liberal show simply failing, not necessarily on purpose. He was not, as we say, motivated to succeed. And from this they draw the totally unwarranted conclusion that everybody in such a situation will get the same result. Which conclusion is not only false on its face but contrary to all of the available evidence from real-world situations.


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What Comes Out in the Wash

13th December 2015

Read it.

ASK most people about the problem of waste plastics in the environment and they will talk about plastic bags caught in trees and the vast slicks of plastic trash found in remote areas of the Atlantic and Pacific. But the most menacing plastic waste problem is less visible and not so well publicized.

It’s the tiny fibers, less than one millimeter wide, that come from our clothes when we launder them. These fibers make their way into the world’s rivers and seas through the sewage and drainage systems of our cities. The pollution is worst near urban areas, but it is global and has increased by more than 450 percent since the 1960s.

These minute strands of plastic — virtually invisible to the human eye — are made from a variety of natural (animal and plant) and artificial polymers. You can’t see them when you walk along the seashore at low tide, but they’re there, by the ton.

Sky is falling, women and minorities hardest hit, film at 11.

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Nice Little Business You Got Here, Shame if Something Were to Happen to It

13th December 2015

Steve Sailer blows the whistle.

Being old enough to remember the 1960s to some extent and the 1970s vividly has the advantage of highlighting the irony of how often contemporary liberals demand exactly what 1960s liberals denounced. For example, giant corporations trying to use their economic power to silence political dissent was much denounced by liberals in the 1960s and much encouraged by liberals in the 2010s.

Much the same way that they encourage left-wing mobs to do the sort of ‘social action’ that they condemn right-wing mobs doing.

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Shocker: Trump Supporters Unmoved by MSM’s Favorite Anti-Trump Talking Points

13th December 2015

Read it.

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel reports on a focus group in which supporters of Donald Trump were shown attack ads against the tycoon. According to Weigel, the ads, presented by pollster Frank Luntz, did not cause members of the group to move away from Trump. In fact, focus group members were more inclined to support Trump following the presentation.

You’d almost think they didn’t care. The horror!

Weigel seems intent on making Trump’s supporters look as bad as possible. He devotes several paragraphs to two supporters who said they wouldn’t urinate on President Obama if he was on fire.

Luntz responded that this is “the meanest thing I’ve ever heard.”

The guy must not live in Washington or read any newspapers. I, for one, wouldn’t piss on Obama if he were on fire — it would probably be considered a ‘hate crime’.

As hateful as a few of the focus group members may have sounded, I doubt that any of them matched Weigel’s body of venomous anti-conservative rhetoric.

Not that he’s unique in that among ‘journalists’.

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Donald Trump as Catalyst

11th December 2015

For those of you who went to a government school, be aware that a ‘catalyst’ is a substance that facilitates a chemical reaction without being consumed by it.

Donald Trump is turning out to be the perfect catalyst for the American Crustian political establishment, allowing them to generate and beat up on straw men at an amazing rate. If you look at the commentary about Trump, from the Usual Suspects in the Drive-By Media to the cookie-cutter-generated establishmentarian candidates in the Republican Presidential race, it is easy to see that what they say about Trump doesn’t actually refer to what he said or what he believes or what he actually plans to do, but rather to whatever nasty thing most thoroughly floats their boat politically which they then attribute to Trump, even when it’s obviously untrue to the point of being ridiculous. It’s like dangling a bleeding animal over a tank full of piranha.

And the most entertaining part about it is that they’re obviously not listening to their own blatherings, otherwise they’d realize that they are generating the biggest collection of Freudian slips in the history of mankind. We all know that the Left feels free to indulge in behavior toward those who disagree with them that they would quickly ascribe to Fascist or Nazi leanings if it happened to them, without any appreciation of the irony involved. There’s apparently somebody working for the ACLU who has spouted off that Trump is Goebbels and therefore ‘we’ need to shoot people who would vote for him before it’s too late. Really, you can’t make this shit up.

Coupled with Jerry Brown revealing in public that he actually is a statist apparatchik, and we can see that times are rapidly approaching where we will need a Confucian ‘Rectification of Names‘, where all masks are stripped away and the ugly souls at the heart of the Progressive Apocalypse are revealed for all in their true squalor.

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Scalia and the MSM – A Case of Mismatch

10th December 2015

Read it.

Scalia made the very reasonable suggestion that perhaps it isn’t doing black students any favors by admitting them to a school on the basis of their skin color rather than their qualifications, and the Usual Suspects in the Drive-By Media had the expected meltdown.

This commentary demonstrates mismatch of a kind — the mismatch between a serious Supreme Justice and a press corps too lazy, too ideologically left-wing, and/or too politically correct to engage an argument that, though controversial, is well-rooted in research and legal scholarship.

More broadly, we see an example of a dangerous tendency. Too often nowadays, arguments and assertions of fact are judged by whether they are “offensive,” not by whether they are valid or true. A joke can be judged by its offensiveness (in addition to its humor). However, arguments should be judged only by whether they are valid and assertions of fact only by whether they are true.

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Quelle Surprise! The #COP21 Climate Talks Are Deadlocked

10th December 2015

Read it.

India’s crucial role at the climate change talks in Paris has once again been underlined by a high-level outreach by the United States, including a call to Prime Minister Modi from President Barack Obama who hopes to cement his legacy with an ambitious global agreement on curbing global warming.

God forbid he should spend any time doing his job, which is protecting the American people from their enemies, such as Muslim jihadists.

Obama reached out to Modi on Tuesday in an attempt to break the deadlock at the climate summit, where the responsibility of developing countries such as India in tackling rising global temperatures has been a sticking point.

That’s because the ‘developed nations’ are wanting the ‘developing nations’ to bear the bulk of the expense for fixing ‘global warming’, and the ‘developing nations’ rightly suspect that it’s a crock of shit — which it is.

Sources said an agreement in Paris will not be possible without India and the US converging on a range of issues. A lot is at stake for both countries as the Paris climate agreement on limiting carbon emissions and financing cleaner energy will have a far reaching impact on their economies.’

And that’s the problem in a nutshell. The proposed ‘policies to address climate change’ are going to cost somebody a lot of money, and the argument is (as always) about Who Pays So That Progressives Can Feel Good.

Obama, who faces opposition to his clean energy plan in the Republican-controlled US Congress – both chambers – and multiple states, wants to leave the White House next year with a “climate legacy” that protects American interests.

The hard reality that there is no such thing possible doesn’t intrude on his fantasy world in the slightest. The Selfie & Hashtag President just doesn’t see why everybody doesn’t get with the program.

“There was very little agreement on most issues,” a negotiator from a developing country said.

And you can carve that in stone.

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Thought for the Day

10th December 2015

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There Is No Trump Card

9th December 2015

Read it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a complete major media freakout like last night’s NBC Nightly News coverage of Trump—it tops even the breathless coverage of the “constitutional crisis” of Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” in 1973. You can watch it at the link above if you are a glutton, but suffice it to say the NBC News crew failed in concealing their animus and panic toward Trump (I thought NBC’s foreign correspondent Richard Engel was going to have an embolism on camera, and Andrea Mitchell looked like she’d need another facelift by the end of her report) and, by extension, his millions of supporters who are presumed to be semi-literate gun-toting racist xenophobes . . . have I left anything out? Oh yeah—Trump’s supporters probably eat at Denny’s and don’t listen to NPR. The horror.

Covering Trump has to be the best thing since the invention of moveable type: you never know what he’s going to say.

Trump is the most entertainment to happen in an election since Ross Perot.

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Trump: Visitors Would Be Questioned on Religion Under ‘Temporary’ Muslim Ban

8th December 2015

Read it.

Which wouldn’t work, because of the Islamic doctrine of Taquiya.

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UK: Donald Trump Represents the Views of Millions of Americans. Does the BBC Not Realise This?

8th December 2015

The Spectator discovers the Drive-By Media.

It does not matter how often they are told, it does not matter how many complaints they receive: the BBC continues to pursue its own political agenda at every possible opportunity. If it addressed this problem it might find that fewer people wished to see the licence fee abolished. But fat chance. For Bryant, Trump is not a politician representing the views of millions and millions of Americans, he is simply vile and wrong. There is no discussion about this point, no room for doubt and therefore no requirement for balance. I guarantee that exactly the same utter certitude will adorn the BBC’s coverage of all things to do with the Front National in France. It will focus almost exclusively upon the necessity to stop the FN (including interviews with cowering, terrified, Muslims), because the BBC cannot bring itself to believe that anyone civilised would view Le Pen’s lot with anything other than outrage and disgust. Despite the fact that, very clearly once again, millions and millions of French people think they’ve got a rather good point.

Yup, sounds about right. Welcome to our world, guys.

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The Laziest Liberal Argument: “The Side of History”

7th December 2015

Read it.

In his lamentable speech last night, President Obama concluded that we could be confident of defeating ISIS because we are “on the right side of history.” As though “history” cares about us, and has something tangible like the force of gravity to bring to someone’s side. It’s what substitutes for gravitas among liberals. As the Wall Street Journal commented this morning, “History is made, not delivered as a birthright, and victory against killers has to be won.”

“The right side of history” is perhaps the laziest trope in the liberal lexicon, but it has a serious intellectual pedigree. By coincidence, this morning I was re-reading Leo Strauss’s lecture “Progress or Return?”, and came across this long passage that explores not the depths, but the total abyss, behinds this commonplace cliché.

This slogan is a pure reflection of the ‘progressive’ belief that Progress Is Inevetable (progress being defined as things going their way) and that history inevitably moves in their direction, and their ain’t nothin’ you kin do about it.

The connection with the Hegelian thought behind Marxism is obvious, and organic.

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Mandatory Indoctrination for BBC Officials Who Broke Climate “Rules”

7th December 2015

Read it.

The BBC broadcast an obscure programme on state radio on August the 5th, on Radio 4, called “what’s the point of the MET office?”, which allowed the voice of climate skepticism onto British broadcast radio. As a result of this massive breach of BBC policy, there has been a major internal inquiry, and several BBC officials have been sent on mandatory climate re-education courses.

Bad journalists! No biscuit!

UPDATE: Quentin Letts tells his own story here.

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Waiting for the Dreaded Anti-Muslim Backlash

5th December 2015

Read it.

The Drive-By Media can be depended upon to fill up their pages and minutes of air time with hand-wringing about the fear of an ‘anti-Muslim backlash’ every time Muslims go nuts and start killing people.

But the much-feared backlash never seems to happen.

But wait! The Post tells us there is an “intense backlash.” But the opening paragraphs don’t describe a backlash, they describe the fear of one by an activist. Where is the actual backlash?

By dint of much digging around, eventually a news outlet will discover an instance of someone being rude to a Muslim, or shouting at hin/her, or maybe even throwing a punch — you know, the sort of thing that a white person would encounter in any Black Lives Matter demonstration.  Pretty wimpy for an ‘intense backlash’.

Even more toxic than what? The FBI’s latest statistics, for 2014, show a total of 1,140 religion-based hate crimes in the U.S. Only 16% (182) were directed against Muslims, about one for every 44,000 Muslims living in the U.S.

Perennially, the ‘anti-Muslim backlash’ is the dog that doesn’t bark in the night. And yet the Drive-By Media seem to assume that it’s there, just because they wish it to be there.

Actually, Muslims are more likely to perpetrate hate crimes than to be victimized by them. In 2014, more than half of the religion-based hate crimes–58%–were directed against Jews, and in many instances were perpetrated by Muslims. Does the United States currently have a “toxic climate” for Jews? Apparently so.

Not that you’ll know it by paying attention to the Drive-By Media.

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Who Owns Our Cities – and Why This Urban Takeover Should Concern Us All

4th December 2015

Read it.

The Guardian, in Britain, is a tediously tendentious left-wing rag, whose writing is superior to The Daily Worker but whose political agenda — and lack of intellectual rigor — are exactly the same.

Does the massive foreign and national corporate buying of urban buildings and land that took off after the 2008 crisis signal an emergent new phase in major cities? From mid-2013 to mid-2014, corporate buying of existing properties exceeded $600bn (£395bn) in the top 100 recipient cities, and $1trillion a year later – and this figure includes only major acquisitions (eg. a minimum of $5m in the case of New York City).

Oh, noes! Things are being bought! Things are being owned! The sky is falling!

Well, not really. Because of land-use restrictions, urban property, especially urban core property, has skyrocketed in price to the point where only corporations, or extremely wealthy individuals, can buy it. Why this comes as a surprise to a ‘journalist’ escapes me; I have no trouble explaining it to a 10-year-old. (Of course, if extremely wealthy individuals were doing this buying instead of corporations, I suspect that the Guardian would still think that the sky is falling.)

I want to examine the details of this large corporate investment surge, and why it matters.

Prediction: Details will be few and far between, and airy generalities will rule. Like this one:

Cities are the spaces where those without power get to make a history and a culture, thereby making their powerlessness complex.

Actually, they go there to get jobs and support themselves and raise families. But nobody could do a Studies major in that.

If the current large-scale buying continues, we will lose this type of making that has given our cities their cosmopolitanism.

People are actually paid to write this stuff. If this guy wants to talk about ‘people without power’, he ought to look to small farmers and small businessmen, who have the least power in our society. But no — they aren’t fashionable, and the Guardian is all about The Narrative.

The rest is simply more of the same. Picking it apart is left as an exercise for the reader, not involving not much exercise at all.

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Another Narrative Fail

4th December 2015

Monomakhos draws some conclusions.

Here’s how easy it is:

Monomakhos First Universal Law of Official Reportage: “When a mass shooting happens, the longer it takes the Media to report anything about the shooters, then you can be sure that they’re moving heaven and earth to find out anything about him (or them) that would tie them to the NRA/Tea Party/Militia/whatever.” The corollary of this Law is: “When a shooter is white and/or Christian, the speed with which this is reported is instantaneous and the volume and frequency which this will be broadcast will rise in direct proportion to the number of victims.”

Monomokhos Second Universal Law of Media Reportage: “When it is clear that the perpetrator(s) were radicals/Moslems/minorities, then the velocity with which an official grievance group and/or academic panel is assembled will be in direct proportion to the number of victims.”

See? I just popped those off the top of my head. I’m sure that you could come up with your own if you put your minds to it.

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Huh. Donald Trump Was Right After All

4th December 2015

Read it. And watch the video.

Donald Trump’s insistence that he saw one or more television news stories about Muslims in Jersey City celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers in September 11 provoked outrage on the left. Among others, the Washington Post’s fact checker, Glenn Kessler, awarded Trump four Pinocchios, claiming that his assertion was “outrageous.” I wrote about the controversy here, agreeing that Trump exaggerated–there was no evidence that thousands of Muslims celebrated–but that Kessler was also wrong in dogmatically denying that there was any evidence of any such reaction to the 9/11 attacks. The controversy has continued from there, as Trump has doggedly insisted that he saw a television report that was the basis for his statement.

Now, someone has found the TV news report that Trump probably was talking about. It is from a local station in New York and was broadcast on September 16, 2001. The report confirms that Muslims were observed celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, and says that eight were arrested. This is consistent with newspaper accounts that were published at the time, including one in the Washington Post:

No apology will be coming from the Drive-By Media, of course.

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“Rampage” in San Bernardino?

3rd December 2015

Lion of the Blogosphere sums it up very nicely.

Yes, that’s what the LA Times is calling it. Not Islamic terrorism. A rampage.

Meanwhile, we now know that the two (not three) suspects were a devoutly religious Muslim of Pakistani origin, Syed Rizwan Farook, and his Saudi Arabian bride. He allegedly met the Saudi Arabian woman, Tashfeen Malik, online, and went to Saudi Arabia to meet her in person, and then they were married.

The mainstream media, which is trying to pin the terrorism label on the crazy guy who shot people at Planned Parenthood, is trying to assign this obvious case of terrorism to workplace violence.

Yeah, workplace violence like the jihadist Nidal Hassan shooting up Fort Hood.

This tells you everything you need to know about the Narrative.

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Obama Calls for ‘Stronger Background Checks’ to Prevent Mass Shootings

3rd December 2015

Read it.

The only ‘stronger background check’ that would have prevented the San Bernardino shooting would be one that barred Muslims from buying guns or explosives. But, of course, that’s not what he meant; after all, that would be ‘profiling’.

I’ve often wondered how they distinguish a ‘background check’ from ‘profiling’. I suspect it has to do with skin color.

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GOP Attacks Hillary Clinton’s Spending Plans

3rd December 2015

Read it.

This is news?

(Ponder: When have you ever read a headline ‘Democrats attack [insert name of Republican here]’s spending plans’? That would be … never.)

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Another Association Backs Israel Boycott

2nd December 2015

Read it.

The National Women’s Studies Association is the newest scholarly group to back the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

What does ‘Women’s Studies’ have to do with Israel? Is Israel a place where women are significantly oppressed? (What about the surrounding Arab states? Can we expect a similar boycott? I’m sorry, I can’t say that with a straight face….)

“We’re basically redefining feminism and putting solidarity with Palestine into that definition of what it means to be a feminist,” said Sharoni, a professor of gender and women’s studies at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. “Or, to put it differently, the vote of almost 90 percent of the members of the National Women’s Studies Association in support of this resolution underscores the fact that boycott, divestment and sanctions can be or is seen by members of our association as an example of expressing feminist solidarity.”

In other words, ‘women’s studies’ aren’t about studies at all, but merely a vehicle for pushing cultural Marxism and lining up behind the ‘progressive’ Narrative.

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Pacific Island Tuvalu Calls for 1.5 Degrees Global Warming Limit or Faces ‘Total Demise’

2nd December 2015

Read it.

Good, maybe then they’ll shut up about it.

This is what happens when uneducated natives believe the hot air coming from the ‘developed world’.

Global sea levels have risen seven inches over the past 100 years and rising water threatens to entirely destroy Tuvalu in the next 50.

Source: Not given. We’re just supposed to take her word for it. ‘Well, Alexandra Sims is a climate scientist, right?’ Uh, no, she’s a journalist.

Dots not connected: That between the alleged rise and ‘global warming’, and that between such warming and human activity. ‘But I thought that Global Warming had paused?’ Yeah, well, apparently Alexandra Sims didn’t get that memo.

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Thought for the Day: We’ll Always Have Paris

1st December 2015


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The Left’s Response to Planned Parenthood Shooting Is Outrageous

1st December 2015

Read it.

As James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal points out, when Islamic terrorists strike, we get immediate assurances of the peaceableness of Islam. When an oddball drifter attacks a Planned Parenthood clinic, we hear about the collective guilt of pro-lifers.

And that’s it, in a nutshell.

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The Selective Argument That Political Rhetoric Leads to Violence

30th November 2015

Jim Geraghty assembles a complete list of ‘progressive’ whining over violence other than their own.

Let me get this straight. In the eyes of the Left… ….criticism of Planned Parenthood means something like the shooting in Colorado “was bound to happen”… …but chants where people describe police as ‘pigs’ and call for them to be ‘fried like bacon’ doesn’t lead to attacks on police… …when an event by Pamela Geller is targeted by an Islamist shooter, it is “not really about free speech; it was an exercise in bigotry and hatred” and the attempt to kill her means she has “achieved her provocative goal”… … while at the same time, investigators contend we may never know what motivated a 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez to kill four Marines and a sailor in an attack on Chattanooga’s U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center last July…


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The Greens: Fighting for Your Right to Be Cold!

30th November 2015

Read it. And watch the video.

The following video features clips from yesterday’s demonstration by global warming activists in Ottawa. In addition to their leftist knee-jerk racism — why are Indians touted as having a unique moral authority on “climate change”? — they are volunteering to fight for the right of their comrades in the Frozen North to remain frozen.

With an agenda like that, how can they lose?


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The Terrorists Among Us

30th November 2015

Slate, of course, let’s us know the Party Line on the Planned Parenthood situation.

Tendentious sub-head: Forget Syria. The most dangerous religious extremists are migrants from North and South Carolina.

Let’s see: Just because there are dangerous people already in the United States is somehow an argument for our bringing in more from overseas. I’m sure it makes sense to the Bright People at Slate, but I’m afraid it says non sequitur to me.

From Wikipedia: “William Saletan, a Jewish native of Texas, graduated from Swarthmore College in 1987.” He lives in Bethesda, Maryland, so he apparently escaped Texas as soon as he could. I rather doubt he’s ever lived in North or South Carolina, so I guess that makes him an expert…?

Oh, and in 2004 he wrote a book — Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War. No doubt that explains why abortion is now illegal in the U.S. Oh, wait….

This guy appears to be a poster child for the ‘progressive’ ability to live in a fantasy world and write about it as if it were reality. I wish I could get a job like that.

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Sugar-Free Drinks May Damage Teeth, Study Says

30th November 2015

Read it.

I’d put this right up there with ‘ethanol is actually bad for the environment’, but I’m too busy laughing.

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Google’s Insidious Shadow Lobbying: How the Internet Giant Is Bankrolling Friendly Academics—and Skirting Federal Investigations

30th November 2015

David Dayen, contributing writer for Salon, is shocked, shocked that Google is spreading its money around to buy a little influence.

I’m thinking that David Dayen doesn’t get out much.

I’m willing to bet that David Dayen is too young to remember the days when Microsoft was too apolitical to have a lobbying operation in Washington, D.C., and as a result got bogged down for TEN YEARS in a bogus ‘anti-trust’ suit prompted by people who were less pristine and more government-savvy. (Microsoft has since learned better.) Say what you will about Google, they’re not stupid, and they can learn from the mistakes of others.

(I’m waiting for the day when David Dayen, or some other squeaky clean do-gooder at Salon, does a similar expose regarding, say, the Clinton Foundation. I am not, however, willing to hold my breath waiting for it.)


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Barking Back at Black Lives Matter

30th November 2015

Jim Goad looks behind the headlines.

The weekend before last, Donald Trump egged on a frenzied crowd of sweaty Alabama rednecks as they beat, kicked, and bludgeoned a peaceful Black Lives Matter activist, while last Monday night five peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors in Minneapolis were shot by a group of armed white supremacists who came looking for trouble and fired wantonly into the crowd. This is all part of the ongoing terror and violence that our white supremacist society routinely rains down on noble, longsuffering black Americans.

Of course that’s all bullshit. But that’s the impression you’d get from reading most media accounts.

Let’s “deconstruct” these real-life events, shall we?

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How The New York Times Whitewashes Palestinian Terror

27th November 2015

Read it.

But you knew that.

On Sunday, a 20-year-old Israeli woman was stabbed to death, another Israeli was rammed by a car and attacked with a knife and a third was assaulted by a knife-wielding teen affiliated with the Islamic Jihad terror group.

All three assailants were killed in the course of their attacks.

But the headline to the Times’ story about Sunday’s attacks did away with cause and effect, muddled victim and aggressor: “1 Israeli, 3 Palestinians Killed in Attacks in West Bank.” The online headline was later changed, but the print headline Monday morning was equally obtuse: “West Bank Faces Spate of Assaults That Kill 4.” The “West Bank” faced nothing. It was Israelis who faced assaults.

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Extroverts More Likely to Be Socially Manipulative Than Introverts

26th November 2015

Read it.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

200 undergraduate students participated in a game testing researchers’ theory

Hey, tenure doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

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The New Yorker Becomes the Onion

26th November 2015

Steven Hayward sees Onions everywhere.

Oh, good grief. The New Yorker is trying to give the New York Times a run for its money as the most pathetic attempt to put The Onion out of business….

There’s a lot of competition these days for that space, unwitting though it might be.

As has been noted, funny how climate change doesn’t seem to cause Lutherans, Hindus, Jews, or Zoroastrians to become terrorists or start wars, though as we have seen climate change caused Hitler and Nazism, so there’s that. If the climate-Syrian war connection is “uncontroversial,” it’s because it is . . . completely idiotic. Is it really the case that if it were four degrees cooler in Syria there’d be no civil war? Gosh, why are we wasting all of this time on peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians? Just send air conditioners and tankers full of Evian to Gaza.

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The New York Times Becomes the Onion

26th November 2015

Steven Hayward connects the dots.

The New York Times editorial page (insert guffaws here) has just discovered, a few days after the brightest and best at Princeton, what conservatives have known for decades: Woodrow Wilson was a racist! They still haven’t been able to connect the dots between Wilson’s racism and his progressive ideology, nor grasp the irony that Wilson was merely aiming to provide blacks with a “safe space,” as we say nowadays. We know liberals are slow learners, but this is embarrassing, unless the Times is planning to announce tomorrow that it has in fact decided to compete with The Onion.

Fisking the New York Times is both easy and fun, so far be it from me to point out that the editorial board that endorsed Woodrow Wilson for President is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the same as the editorial board that condemns him today. However, since the New York Times shows no reluctance in ignoring such historical changes when it chooses to smear some venerable American institution or movement, turnabout is certainly fair play.

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Amazon’s Man in the High Castle Ads Put Nazi Symbols on NYC Subway

24th November 2015

Read it.

I question whether they would piss their pants this way if some film about Stalin put Communist symbols all over the NYC subway.

Somehow I think not.

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Insufficient Handouts = ‘State Violence Against Women’

24th November 2015

Janey Stephenson goes the last mile.

This is a sobering week for women’s liberation in the UK. Tomorrow, our Chancellor will announce further austerity measures on the UN International Day to End Violence Against Women. This coincidence would be darkly funny if it wasn’t so devastating. Make no mistake: austerity is state violence against women.

I am not making this up.

We use words like ‘cut’ and ‘slash’ to describe austerity, so how can we deny that it is economic violence? And when it is women’s services at the receiving end of such brutal assaults, austerity becomes state violence against women that reinforces interpersonal violence against women. What better way to assist perpetrators than make it almost impossible for their victims to receive the support they need to flee?

The staff of the Onion must be jumping out of windows; how could you possibly parody this stuff?

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The Grey Lady Wrings Her Hands Over Public Pensions

23rd November 2015

Read it.

The editorial contains the inevitable slash at the greed and deceptiveness of Wall Street, but that part feels tired and pro forma.Even the NYT can’t fail to observe that this dynamic involves failures of governance on the part of the trustees of public pension funds. Either the trustees are stupid and credulous, or they are “willfully blind”—they choose to ignore the risks and odds because they need to throw Hail Marys to get the kind of returns they need to meet their unrealistically aggressive growth targets.

This is another way of saying that public sector unions—and state and municipal governments—have made promises to workers about their pensions without setting aside enough money to fulfill those promises when they came due. As a result, pension managers are forced into the casinos to make risky bets. But because they tend to be among the stupidest players in the financial market, they all too often end up getting hosed.

Funny how that works.

Over and over again, the answer is large but unfunded pension promises. Union leaders can posture to their members about all the lovely bacon they are bringing home, and politicians can posture to the taxpayers about how fiscally prudent they have been. The game depends on the unions shutting up about the underfunding of the pensions. If the politicians had to fund the pensions at the real level of these promises, they couldn’t make the promises.


The Gray Lady, to her credit, realizes that something terrible has happened, and she is doing what she does best: sounding the alarm. But she is still doing her utmost to pretend that there is no real cause for this terrible, multi-trillion dollar hole in the pension system. She sees no systemic flaw in the way that the modern progressive city and state are both designed, no structural defect that produces these terrible consequences in cities as different as Houston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and in states ranging from tiny Rhode Island to giant California, New York, and Illinois.

That would require … oh, what was the word … oh, yeah, journalism.



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Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Has Become Propaganda for Democrats

23rd November 2015

Read it.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

After an initial burst of interest spurred by CBS’s big-bucks saturation advertising campaign for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the show’s ratings have tanked and it is now running third in late night behind NBC’s Jimmy Fallon and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, who rarely has managed second place before.

The reason? A survey by the Hollywood Reporter found that conservative viewers are turning off Colbert in droves. Nearly twice as many Republicans are watching Kimmel as Colbert, who has turned “Late Night” into a sort of wannabe MSNBC show.

The pattern is familiar: When a Democrat is the guest, Colbert is Barbara Walters. When a Republican is on, he turns into Tim Russert.

Gosh, whoever could have predicted that?

I, for one, have never found Colbert all that funny. He gets laughs from the people who are delighted by snide treatment of the sort of people that Colbert gives snide treatment to.

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The Bogus Comparison Between Syrians and World War II European Jews

23rd November 2015

Read it.

The obvious one is that Jews fleeing Nazi Germany weren’t trying to blow people up in the name of National Socialism. The more accurate comparison would be Syrian Christians, but of course Obama and his Magic Bleeding Hearts have no time for Christians.

The real issue isn’t whether the language of security was invoked in both instances, but rather the nature of the “security” concerns.


Joel Pollak at Breitbart lists additional reasons why Zeitz’s comparison doesn’t hold up. For one thing, as we have also pointed out, Jews were singled out by Germany for religious persecution, making them the quintessential refugees. The majority of Syrians in question haven’t thus been singled out. Indeed, many are displaced persons fleeing a war zone, not refugees in the technical sense.


Yup again.

There are respectable arguments in favor of admitting 10,000 Syrians into the U.S. and respectable arguments against doing so (which I find more persuasive). Alleging bigotry against opponents of admitting Syrians is not a respectable argument, and neither is the specious comparison between contemporary Syrians and Jews fleeing the Nazis.

The Usual Suspects have no time for respectable arguments, since they don’t advance The Narrative; they’d rather wave their hands and shout.

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Washington Post’s Fact Checker Doesn’t Read the Washington Post

23rd November 2015

Read it.

I wrote earlier today about the liberal media attacking Donald Trump’s statement that on 9/11, “thousands and thousands” of American Muslims in Jersey City celebrated the successful terrorist attacks. Another Democrat who got into the act was the Washington Post’s fact checker, Glenn Kessler. He addressed Trump’s claim here, and, calling it “outrageous,” awarded it four Pinocchios.

This assertion is astonishing, because it means that Kessler is ignorant–or pretends to be–of his own newspaper’s reporting. As I wrote in the earlier post, the Washington Post, on September 18, 2001, wrote:

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

Somebody at the Washington Post lied? Say it ain’t so!

Did Kessler know about his own paper’s September 18, 2001 news story or not? If he didn’t, he is a lousy fact checker. If he did, his column was deceitful, to put it politely. So far, Kessler has refused to answer that question. I he does respond, I will publish an update. In the meantime, I award Kessler four Pinocchios.

Sounds fair.

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“How to Decimate a City”

23rd November 2015

Steve Sailer points and laughs.

One of the weirder trends in American discourse these days is the decline in any sense of how long ago specific dates in the past were when asserting theories of historical causality. Black students at Princeton are oppressed by Woodrow Wilson, while Genius T. Coates blames everything on FDR’s FHA.

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Unsettling Words on Resettling Refugees

22nd November 2015

Read it.

America may be obliged, for reasons unrelated to the inscription on the Statue of Liberty or holiday season humanitarianism, to accept Syrian refugees. But there’s a right way to talk about this—and a wrong way—irrespective of one’s position.

When it comes to partisan cheap shots, however, President Obama was in a class all own. For three straight days he lashed out at Republicans who expressed opposition to accepting Syrian refugees, and did so while on foreign soil.

“When you start seeing individuals in position of responsibility suggesting Christians are more worthy of protection than Muslims are in a war-torn land,” he added, “that feeds the [ISIS] narrative.”

Notwithstanding the fact that Obama’s story line has taken hold in the mainstream media, this is precisely backward. Syrian Christians are fleeing their home country because they were ticketed for extermination. “Genocide” is the word you’d hope administration officials would use, not “narrative.” What Obama is really doing is demonizing political dissent. His default response to anyone who says his foreign policy is a disaster is to label them racist or un-American.

Obama doesn’t give a shit about refugees, he’s reaching for any stick he can grasp with with to beat Republicans.


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Sanders’ Socialism in One Country

21st November 2015

Read it.

Sanders’s democratic socialism isn’t socialism. He disclaims public ownership of the means of production. Sanders’s socialism is Franklin Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights, only more so. It’s the welfare state above all, in which income and wealth are confiscated from some and redistributed to others in the interest of “equality” and “security” and all things good.

Well, that’s all right, then.

Whereas Roosevelt connected welfare rights with the Bill of Rights, Sanders connects “democratic socialism” to Roosevelt. In Sanders’s manifesto, as among Democrats generally, everything is up to date if the date is 1944. Only the animus is really of the moment.

They’ve gone about as furr as they kin go … not really.

To invoke the marketing cliché, in his speech Sanders “rebrands” Democratic Party orthodoxy as “democratic socialism.” Democrats prefer the camo.

Of course they do.

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Pearls From the Goldberg File

21st November 2015

Jonah Goldberg is always worth reading.

Dear Reader (Including those of you stunned by the news that Charlie Sheen has a sexually transmitted disease. Not since Jim J. Bullock announced he was gay have I been more shocked),

If you Google “Christian terrorism,” you’re probably a jackass to begin with. But if you do — bidden not by your own drive to jackassery but by the natural curiosity inspired by this “news”letter — you’ll find lots of left-wing trollery about how the worst terrorist attacks on American soil have been committed by Christians. Much of it is tendentious, question-begging twaddle. But I really don’t want to waste a lot of time on whether Tim McVeigh was a Christian or not (he really wasn’t).

What I find interesting is that many of the same people who clutch their pearls at the mere suggestion that Islamic terrorism has anything to do with — oh, what’s the word again? — oh right: Islam, seem to have no problem making the case that “Christian terrorism” is like a real thing. Remember how so many liberals loved — loved — Obama’s sophomoric and insidious tirade about not getting on our “high horses” about ISIS’s atrocities in the here and now because medieval Christians did bad things a thousand years ago? They never seem to think that argument through. Leaving out the ass-aching stupidity of the comparison, it actually concedes the very point Obama never wants to concede. By laying the barbaric sins of Christians a thousand years ago at the feet of Christians today, he implicitly tags Muslims with the barbarism committed in their name today.

Now, I see no need to wade too deeply into the theology here, but I think I am on very solid ground when I say that Islamic terrorism draws more easily and deeply from the Koran than Tim McVeigh drew from the Christian Bible. Of course, you’re free to disagree. In a free society, everybody has the right to be wrong in their opinions. (But don’t tell anyone at Yale that.)

Smitty at The Other McCain chimes in:

Modern politics grew more coherent, if not rational, when I realized that discussions like terrorism or the Syrian refugee crisis are all hormone-flinging directed at the flesh. Your Progressive overlords think you’re stupid, and will attempt to herd you with guilt, fear, and bribes to Do What They Say.

Conversely, there is shag-all interest in rational discussion, analysis, and a dispassionate effort at finding an optimal overall solution. “They never seem to think that argument through” because #ShutUp. There is power to be protected here, and allowing any sort of intellectual exchange is a direct threat to that power.

Obama is what you get when kids grow up without a father on hand to smack the silly notions out of their heads when necessary.

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