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The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

Elizabeth Warren Repeats Her False Claims of Native American Ancestry in New Book

18th April 2014

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In 2012 Breitbart News exhaustively documented the facts surrounding Senator Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry and demonstrated that no credible evidence exists to support those claims. But lack of genealogical evidence has never stopped Senator Warren from boldly asserting as fact something which is flatly not true.

Hey, it worked before.

When you’re the Crust
You’re the Crust all the way,
From your first funded trust
To your Fed job payday….

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As Drones Take Flight Over Europe, Regulators Rush to Catch Up

14th April 2014

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Europe, which has trailed the U.S. and Israel in the development of unmanned military aircraft, is now beginning an effort to avoid falling behind on commercial drones, too. The European Union plans to spell out rules to govern a market it suggests could reach around 15 billion euros ($20.7 billion) per year.

Note the assumption that ‘avoid falling behind’ means ‘increased regulation’. And this is the Wall Street Journal, which is presumably less pro-government than other Voices of the Crust. But that’s ‘journalism’ for you….

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Balancing Act: The Democrats’ Ideology Versus Reality

13th April 2014

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The Carneys are Democrats, so it goes without saying that they are well-read. (“I always have a pile. I hate to be without books,” Shipman says.) So they are photographed in front of a wall of books. … Only, funny thing: those are actually the same books, photoshopped to create duplicates and make it look as though there are more books than are really present. If you look carefully you will see multiple copies of a number of books. It is really a terrible photoshop job; the funniest thing is that they duplicated the boy’s finger, too. You can see the finger floating in front of a book on the right side of the photo, in the second shelf from the top.

As a man, you don’t know how easy you have it until you read feminist tracts.


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Have You Enlisted Yet?

12th April 2014

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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has two framed Soviet propaganda posters in his home, as revealed by the latest edition of Washingtonian magazine.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

Just think of the reaction if a Republican White House staffer had two framed Nazi posters from WWII on his wall.

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UCSB Student Calls Campus Prolife Protestors ‘Domestic Terrorists’

9th April 2014

Read it.

A UCSB student interviewed by Austin Yack of The College Fix brings new meaning to the term low information voter.

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Condescending Climate Changers

8th April 2014

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That our colleges and universities have become forums to promote political ideology is a well known fact. A few days ago, the New York Times wrote uncritically about courses on global warming being taught at the University of Oregon. The course is entitled, “The Cultures of Climate Change.” Its goal is not to marshal evidence for climate change as a human-caused crisis, or to measure its effects – the reality and severity of it are taken as given – but how to think about it, prepare for it and respond to it.” Instead of using scientific texts, the class will use films, fiction, poetry and photography. Obviously, the purpose is indoctrination, not instruction.

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National Journal: “Tech Pipeline Is Alarmingly White”

31st March 2014

Steve Sailer tries to help Voices of the Crust get their act together.

 Obviously, an even more disproportionate number of Asians took the computer science AP test, but we don’t have a conceptual category for whites and Asians combined.

Is there some well-known dessert that combines vanilla and lemon flavors? It would sure help the quality of discourse on education and demographics and discrimination if journalists had a food-based ethnic slur that lumps together whites + Asians.

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The Shame Sham

30th March 2014

Jim Goad finds that his Bullshit Detector has gone off.

Like all societies before it, our society considers nothing more shameful than to be shameless. Thus, the Internet—which binds our society together like cheese binds a colon—is crammed with so much public shaming, it should be ashamed of itself.

Sticking your fist into the electronic beehive, you will be bitten by a thousand types of public shaming: age-shaming v. youth-shaming, slut-shaming v. virgin-shaming, fat-shaming v. skinny-shaming, and poor-shaming v. wealth-shaming. You will find liberals shaming liberals in the ongoing intersectionality wars, resulting in gay-on-gay shaming and black-on-black shaming.

Ain’t that a shame? Yes, it is. It’s a shame indeed, but don’t expect the public shamers to feel ashamed of their public shaming. Have they no shame? No, not for themselves. Like all moralists, they exist only to shame others.

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Climatistas Double Down on Stupid

30th March 2014

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When a liberal says it’s time for you to shut up, it usually means they’re losing an argument.  When they want you arrested and prosecuted, well. . .  Two weeks ago I noted here that the climatistas were getting so desperate that they were starting to call for climate skeptics to be arrested and prosecuted, because, like the Inquisition, the climatistas are in possession of the complete truth, so shut up.  Because science.

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You Can’t Spell ‘Liberal’ Without L-I-E

28th March 2014

The Other McCain is on the case.

Patterico catches Matthew Yglesias in a big fat stinking lie and the liar Yglesias reacts by lying about his lie. Yglesias actually blocked Patterico on Twitter, and Ezra Klein defended Yglesias’s lie.

Meanwhile, “Harry Reid Lied About Americans Being Liars, and Now That He’s Busted, He’s Lying Again“ – this is not unusual. Harry Reid is one of the most dishonest men ever to serve in the Senate, perhaps rivaling even the notoriously mendacious Ted Kennedy.

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Bombshell In WaPo/Keystone Scandal: Did the Post Coordinate With Congressional Democrats?

27th March 2014

Read it.

The facts, very briefly, are these: Koch Industries has no interest in the Keystone Pipeline; it has not lobbied in favor of the pipeline; if the pipeline is built, Koch will make no use of it to ship oil from Alberta or anywhere else; and construction of Keystone would actually damage Koch’s economic interests by raising the price of midwestern oil that flows to Koch’s Pine Bend refinery. The reporters who wrote the Post article that tried to portray Koch as the driving force behind the Keystone pipeline, Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson, did not dispute any of these facts.

After my first post appeared, Eilperin and Mufson tried halfheartedly to respond to it. They posed the question, why did they write the article, given all of the facts that Power Line pointed out? Their answer was: “[I]ssues surrounding the Koch brothers’ political and business interests will stir and inflame public debate in this election year.” So their intention in writing the article was explicitly political.

But it may have been even more political, and more nakedly partisan, than we suspected. Today Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman wrote a letter to David Robertson, President and COO of Koch Industries. The Democrats’ letter was premised almost entirely on the Washington Post’s discredited article; it repeatedly footnoted that article and the IFG report on which the Post story was based. The two Democrats concluded by requesting that Koch answer questions and produce a long series of documents relating in various ways to the Keystone pipeline.

Tell the truth: Do they even really need to?

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Hoodwinking Reporters

24th March 2014

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Make that ‘reporters’.

Nearly two weeks after the American Public Transportation Association issued its deceptive press release about 2013 transit ridership, some reporters are still being fooled. Just two days ago, for example, NPR did a story claiming commuters are “ditching cars for transit in record numbers.”

Ironically, NPR begins its story in Chicago, where (APTA data reveals) 2013 transit ridership declined by 2.7 percent from the year before. “Throughout the entire country, just about every public transportation system saw hikes in ridership,” the story incorrectly claims. In addition to Chicago, transit systems in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Kansas City, Louisville, Memphis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Antonio, and Washington DC all lost riders in 2013. Don’t NPR reporters check their facts?

Apparently not. That would be a tedious amount of work; better to just parrot the Narrative and enjoy your taxpayer-funded paycheck.

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Language as a Boobytrap

24th March 2014

Read it.

We generally think that the purpose of words is to communicate ideas; thus words should be relatively stable to maximize comprehension across the broadest number of people. Of course, many people prefer to use words as fad items for purposes of status marking so that they can sneer at those who aren’t up to date. Eventually, this facilitates demonizing and punishing those who aren’t with it.

Apparently, ‘homosexual’ is the new ‘nigger’. Who knew?

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The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage

23rd March 2014

Read it.

Ironically the vigorous claims of shortages concern occupations in science and engineering, yet manage to ignore or reject most of the science-based evidence on the subject. The repeated past cycles of “alarm/boom/bust” have misallocated public and private resources by periodically expanding higher education in science and engineering beyond levels for which there were attractive career opportunities. In so doing they produced large unintended costs for those talented students who devoted many years of advanced education to prepare for careers that turned out to be unattractive by the time they graduated, or who later experienced massive layoffs in mid-career with few prospects to be rehired.

The author includes, but does not draw some obvious conclusions from, the fact that a lot of STEM jobs today are filled by workers from overseas, where income expectations are lower and who therefore will work for lower wages than native-born candidates.

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Way to Blow It, Ta-Nehisi Coates

23rd March 2014

The Other McCain is flabbergasted.

It’s one of those intra-liberal feuds about something “controversial” Paul Ryan said 10 days ago, which of course was controversial only because Paul Ryan is a prominent Republican. But the feud among liberals is actually rather interesting in its own right, with one group of effete pointy-headed do-gooders squabbling with another group of subversive America-hating intellectuals. All of them agree that Paul Ryan is a dangerous right-wing reactionary, of course, but they disagree on the correct way to hate Paul Ryan.

Anyway, it’s possible Ta-Nehisi Coates had something important to say about all this, except I never got past the first sentence: “Among opinion writers, Jonathan Chait is outranked in my esteem only by Hendrik Hertzberg.”

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The Emptiness of Data Journalism

21st March 2014

Leon Weiseltier, in the New Republic, explains why basing your writing on actual facts is, like, so lame, and so Nate Silver is just a dork and ought not to be allowed to hang with the cool kids.

Since an open society stands or falls on the quality of its citizens’ opinions, the refinement of their opinions, and more generally of the process of opinion-formation, is a primary activity of its intellectuals and its journalists. In such an enterprise, the insistence upon a solid evidentiary foundation for judgments—the combating of ignorance, which is another spectacular influence of the new technology—is obviously important. Just as obviously, this evidentiary foundation may include quantitative measurements; but only if such measurements are appropriate to the particular subject about which a particular judgment is being made. The assumption that it is appropriate to all subjects and all judgments—this auctoritas ex numero—is not at all obvious. Many of the issues that we debate are not issues of fact but issues of value. There is no numerical answer to the question of whether men should be allowed to marry men, and the question of whether the government should help the weak, and the question of whether we should intervene against genocide. And so the intimidation by quantification practiced by Silver and the other data mullahs must be resisted. Up with the facts! Down with the cult of facts!

I guess he’s in the right place.

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Gas Attack

21st March 2014

Matthew Continetti plays whack-a-mole with the Lamestream Media.

Some lies just won’t go away. In February the Washington Post published an article with the following headline: “Why There’s No Democratic Version of the Koch Brothers’ Organization.” It was the umpteenth attempt to explain, in a particularly simplistic manner, how the millionaires and billionaires who donate money to the Democratic Party are nothing, absolutely nothing, like those meanie cancer research philanthropists Charles and David Koch.

I guess George Soros and his minions don’t count.

Does Reid Wilson believe in Santa Claus? His willingness to suspend disbelief when confronted with the image of a mythic creature—the un-self-interested liberal—suggests as much. The words “labor” and “union” appear nowhere in his article, despite the fact that unions are 6 of the 10 top all-time donors recently compiled by OpenSecrets.org, despite the fact that unions spent some $4.4 billion on politics between 2005 and 2011. (Incidentally, every member of the OpenSecrets.org top ten either leaned Democratic or split money evenly between the two parties. The Democrats are not hurting for money.)

Unions, their leadership, and their staff see political giving as “an investment,” any non-cross-eyed observer of the political scene would agree, with donations laundered back to the SEIU, AFSCME, NEA, UAW, and others in the form of generous and unsustainable pensions, wage laws benefiting closed shops over free labor, government-mandated dues and contracts, and job protections that make it difficult even for child predators to be fired from schools. That’s an ROI the hosts of the Shark Tank would envy.

Nor did Wilson see fit to mention trial lawyers and other attorneys, whose giving disproportionately favors the Democratic Party, and who are repaid for their donations with opposition to tort reform, and with increased regulations that amount to permanent employment programs for attorneys practicing regulatory, tax, M&A, antitrust, and campaign finance law. But perhaps lawyers don’t figure in Wilson’s calculus. We all know how altruistic and big-hearted they are.

Guess those don’t count, either.

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Buffett Cuts Tax Bill, Tells Others Not to Complain

20th March 2014

Read it.

When the 1% call for higher taxes, they mean higher taxes for other people.

Remember: Anybody who thinks he isn’t taxed enough need only send a check to the IRS. Takes about 30 seconds.

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What Hatewatchers Hate

20th March 2014

John Derbyshire, Patron Saint of Dyspepsia, takes a look at the witch-hunters.

Let me pause briefly to wonder how it is that Cultural Marxists get all the dot-org websites, then allow me to list some of the hatefulness on the $PLC side of the fence. Here a few things the hatewatchers hate.

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On Texas

20th March 2014

Read it.

A Voice of the Crust demonstrates how the Other Left Coast is obsessed with looking down on Flyover Country.

‘Our cities may be crumbling and our schools may suck but at least we’re not (sniff) Texas!’

One thing you won’t find: Somebody in Texas writing about New York. We have better things to do.

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Jesse Jackson to Take on Tech’s Lack of Diversity

19th March 2014

Read it.

I’d be more impressed if he were to take on the ‘lack of diversity’ in the NFL and NBA. But you know that will never happen, because there’s no way he can play the victim and extort conscience-salve out of anybody in that area.

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‘ What the Collapse of the Ming Dynasty Can Tell Us About American Decline’ — or Maybe Not

16th March 2014

Read it.

Another Crustian thumbsucker from the New York Times.

The stagnation of the Ming may carry important lessons for a more modern superpower: The United States. We too are a huge, rich, powerful nation that for much of our history has dominated the field of competitors. We too have a whole century of dominance — the 20th — under our belt. And if there’s one thing we don’t want to do, it’s turn into the Ming.

Ming China was characterized by an out-of-touch autocratic government ruled at the whim of an imperial head of state supported by a vast civil service bureaucracy entered via competitive examination. Yeah, we really don’t want to turn into the Ming.

One big reason the Ming stagnated was probably isolationism; the Ming government periodically banned private shipping, burning privately owned ships and forcibly relocating coastal populations away from the sea. Though the policy was ostensibly to curb piracy (which it failed to do), the Ming shipping ban was part of a larger policy of hostility toward trade and foreign travel that grew over time and carried over into the later Qing dynasty.

The U.S. merely makes impossibie a domestic shipping industry by regulating it to death and then bans non-U.S.-flag ships from carrying, oh, say, salt from one American port (in, say, Maine) that has it to another (in, say, New Jersey) that needs it. Looks as if we’ve nailed that one.

The United States is hardly isolationist.

So I guess we can just stop reading because the rest of this is just idle vaporing, drawing a parallel that isn’t. But no….

But as a large country that is geographically isolated from most of the populated world, we need to be vigilant against turning inward. The anti-immigrant sentiment that has grown in recent years is a bad sign. Americans are notorious for not speaking any foreign language, and only 30 percent of Americans have passports. Plenty of foreigners come to study in America’s famous universities, but an inevitable downside is that few Americans study in foreign countries. Simply put, we need to get out more.

Non sequitur. The fact that Americans don’t study foreign languages much means absolutely nothing — our Crust, the ones who actually deal with foreigners, are proud of their polyglot capabilities. There is no ‘downside’ to having few Americans study in foreign countries, for the simple fact that if the education over there were so great, then there wouldn’t be so many foreigners coming to study in ‘America’s famous universities’. There are so many leaps from assumption to conclusion in this paragraph that I’m surprised it wasn’t written from Sochi.

Part of the Ming’s inward-looking worldview was the tendency of Chinese people to see China as the entire world. European maps of the time depicted Europe as the tiny peninsula of Eurasia that it really is; Chinese “world” maps, by contrast, were almost entirely China, with a few outlying areas at the periphery. That’s a very unhealthy attitude to have, and sadly, many Americans seem to have it. Survey after survey finds that Americans are geographically illiterate.

Chiefly the fault of the public education system, run into the ground by the same sort of folks who write for the New York Times, which focuses more on intellectual self-expression than in getting the right answer. ‘What’s the capital of Belgium?’ ‘Uh, Paris?’ ‘Good for you, Johnny! You answered the question! Here’s a gold star for being engaged in the educational process! Doesn’t that make you feel good about yourself? Don’t you feel empowered?’

And, again, it doesn’t matter that ‘Americans’ are geographically illiterate when those who are actually charged with getting the stuff here from overseas know very well, to the last decimal point, where they can get stuff cheapest. Tell Tim Cook that he is ‘geographically illiterate’ and watch him show you his passport.

Another likely reason for the Ming’s decline was disrespect of science.

Why, they probably didn’t even believe in Global Warming, much less homeopathic medicine and vegetarianism and the Keynesian ‘stimulus multiplier’. The fools. No wonder their civilization collapsed.

Continuing a trend that had begun in earlier dynasties, the Ming education system de-emphasized science and technical studies, and instead forced aspiring bureaucrats to learn “Confucianist” philosophy.

Any resemblance to Women’s Studies, Fashionabla Non-White Minority Studies, and Sexual Abnormality Studies is purely coincidental.

When science was taught, it was taught as canonical wisdom, to be accepted instead of questioned and improved.

Well, maybe they weren’t Climate Change Deniers after all.

This may be one reason why, by the mid-1500s, China was importing Jesuits from Europe to do astronomy for the imperial court. Technology that had surpassed the world during the earlier T’ang and Sung dynasties had begun to stagnate.

We import our scientists and technology workers from India and Pakistan and China and Korea, so obviously that’s completely different.

Noah Smith needs to get out more.

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Bill Gates Asks Teachers to Explain Common Core to Parents

15th March 2014

Read it.

‘Well, we wanted to make sure everybody was properly indoctrinated with the guilt of White Privilege, and make sure they appreciate the contributions that People Of Color have made to the progress of civilization, and, um, you know, that kind of stuff.’

According to the Washington Post, Gates told teachers common standards could transform U.S. education and reduce the number of students who require remedial courses in college.

The problem is not the standards — we’ve got plenty of standards — the problem is the teachers. This is like telling the Arabs ‘all you have to do is get your tactical doctrine right and you’ll start winning again’.


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12th March 2014

Freeberg smells a rat.

Really, first time I heard of this, I was sure someone was playing a joke on Michelle Obama, who unfortunately decided to go for it, and then no one could clue her in that the whole thing was a joke, things sort of passed a point-of-no-return and everyone had to follow through. I still kinda suspect that’s what happened.

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It’s Sexist to Call a Girl Bossy, Even If She’s Pushy, Arrogant, and Bossy

11th March 2014

Matt Walsh rings the Bullshit gong.

Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook executive, has partnered with the likes of the Girl Scouts, Condoleezza Rice, Beyoncé, Jennifer Gardner, and Google to promote the “Ban Bossy” campaign. Calling it the new “B-word,” Ms. Sandberg claims that women — especially young girls — are typically dismissed as “bossy” when they attempt to take charge and assert themselves, whereas men and boys are praised as leaders.

She says that “bossy” has a specifically female connotation, and the word is partly responsible for holding women back and making them feel timid and self-conscience.

Now, as much as I appreciate Ms. Sandberg, Beyoncé, and the Girl Scouts chiming in to tell us all what we mean when we say things (kind of bossy of them, actually), I still prefer to consult the dictionary on these matters.

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Karl Steel on Human Biodiversity: “Let’s Not Face Facts”

10th March 2014

Read it.

Let’s not face facts. This is an imperative of progressivism itself, though few progressives would be so stupid as to flat-out admit it. It’s no surprise that an assistant professor of English would believe that the only data needed to understand the world is a book of medieval fables—which are, remember, fiction; lions do not actually rescue mice from traps (but who needs facts like that anyway?)—but it is surprising indeed that anyone would come right out and admit that he don’t need none of that newfangled science stuff, or confess to the belief that the only proper and moral way to carry out government is to write off facts as unworthy of facing and read some old fables instead.

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The Silence of the Tax Lamb

10th March 2014

Read it.

Oddly, the news media and Democratic leaders don’t think it’s a big deal when a federal official — Lerner was the head of the unit that deals with tax-exempt organizations when she first invoked the Fifth last May — won’t answer questions about her actions as a federal official, but they are in a huff because the committee’s chairman, Darrell Issa, abruptly called an end to the hearing and shut off the microphone.

A government employee taking the Fifth ought to ring alarm bells across the fruited plain. But, of course, the supposed news media are just press agents for the Democrats, so nothing happens.

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Obama’s IRS: Political Arm of the Democrats

8th March 2014

Read it.

Having lived through the Watergate scandal and the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon, I recall that one conservative journalist stood out from the pack. As the Washington columnist for National Review, George Will regularly exposed the Nixon administration’s lines of defense as the lies that they were. He distinguished himself both for his merciless analytical rigor and his skills as an anatomist.

George Will’s intellect made him one of a kind in the profession, but is there a liberal columnist who is willing to serve Will’s role in the current crisis of the Obama administration? Something is rotten in the Obama administration. The problem is that the political rot is instrumental to the goals of the Democratic Party. No liberal journalist has emerged to dog the administration on the multifarious IRS scandals. They are lapdogs all.

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Slate Says Remove Genocidal Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill

6th March 2014

Read it.

Okay. We can put Ronald Reagan there and let’s see how she likes it.

I predict that she won’t.

I also want her closet searched for any articles of clothing glorifying Communist murderers (such as Che Guevara).

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Environmentalists Accuse GOP of ‘Environmental Racism’

4th March 2014

Read it.

I am not making this up.

Environmentalists are whining that the House GOP is practicing “environmental racism” for their legislation that would make the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to focus its attention on chemicals posing the greatest risk to the public, rather than trying to put its energies into finding every single chemical threat, no matter how minimal it is.

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee, who is sponsoring the bill, has said that the bill would make the 1976 Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TSCA) much stronger because it concentrate on the greatest chemical threats. He added, “The vast majority of chemicals are low priority, and we really want to free up the time and energy to focus on the more important chemicals.”

But the Environmental Justice Health Alliance claims that the chemical left unscathed would be found more frequently in non-white communities and said the legislation was “environmental racism.” Michele Roberts, co-coordinator of the Environmental Justice Health Alliance, pontificated, “This bill harms communities of color disproportionately. Most of these chemicals are either manufactured, stored in, or disposed of in primarily communities of color.”

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Remember When Ronald Reagan Was in Congress? Good Times, Good Times!

3rd March 2014

Read it.

Where does the Democratic Party get the people who work for it? I suppose from the same vast sea of unknowing where they get their voters.

Perhaps beta-male Pajama Boy is doing an unpaid internship at the White House.

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Southern Poverty Law Center Finds Fewer Far-Right Groups, Warns Us to Be Worried Anyway

2nd March 2014

Read it.

As with the case of the Holy Roman Empire, the SPLC is not southern, has nothing to do with law, and nothing to do with poverty — it’s basically a well-funded group of finger-pointers who exist to label those ‘progressives’ don’t like as ‘extremists’. As with every other such group, their paychecks depend on there being such extremist groups hiding under every sofa — so (what a surprise!) they keep finding them.

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Bitcoin: If It Ain’t Dead, It Should Be Because It’s All About “White Privilege”

1st March 2014

Read it.

Bitcoin is naught but a toy for rich white libertarian men, says Annie-Rose Strasser at Think Progress, as she thinks about the ways she doesn’t like progress if she doesn’t like the type of people she associates with it, or the ideas she thinks are behind it, no matter what its actual uses are or might be, for rich, poor, or in-between.

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Is There a Double Standard for Political Gaffes?

1st March 2014

Read it.

In politics, the dreaded foot in mouth gaffe is an occupational hazard.The casual statement, the careless snipe, the outdated phrase that bypasses the brain’s “sensitivity” filter can wound or even doom a public figure, especially if the offender happens to be conservative.

The relative scant attention paid to such faux pas from left-leaning offenders suggests a double standard may be at work.

No shit, Sherlock.

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If Porn Is Not Shameful, Why Doesn’t Miriam Weeks Use Her Real Name?

26th February 2014

The Other McCain asks an obvious question.

One cannot impose amnesia on the Internet by force of will.

For good or ill, that’s the truth.

The feminist sisterhood, however, has never cared much for facts or logic, and so Emily Shire at the Daily Beast stubbornly pretends that nobody knows who “Lauren” actually is….

These are the people that Orwell had in mind when he coined the term ‘doublethink’, after all.

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NYT: Blacks Don’t Get Enough Oscars for Playing Nonblacks

26th February 2014

Steve Sailer fisks the Gray Lady, not that doing so is much of an effort.

Roles in mainstream movies do go to black actors that weren’t originally written for them — it’s just that those kind of movies don’t get Oscar recognition. Thirty years ago, Beverly Hills Cop was planned around Sylvester Stallone, but Eddie Murphy wound up playing the role. Murphy wasn’t nominated for an Oscar in it, but then Stallone wouldn’t have been either.

American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street are both period pieces inspired by true stories of white collar criminality, so wouldn’t it be racist to imply that blacks were involved?

That’s raaaacist, Steve. Get it right.

In other words, African-Americans had a poor Oscar year, but non-American blacks had a very good one, but why talk about complications of ethnicity when we can talk about race and keep it simple: black and white?

That is, after all, the main point of the New York Times.

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Bozell, Bossie Attack CPAC’s Handling of Atheist Group

26th February 2014

Read it.

On Tuesday it was announced that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had decided to allow the group American Atheists to have a booth at this year’s event, but nearly as soon as it was announced, CPAC officials pulled the invitation.

Regardless, the original invitation was enough to spur prominent conservative Brent Bozell to pull out of the longtime conservative event, charging that CPAC is “destroying the conservative movement.”

Which is horseshit, and Bozell ought to know better. Can you be conservative and an atheist? Of course, but that’s not the point. One of the core principles of American conservatism (if, indeed, there is such a thing) is Free Speech, and that means Free Speech for your opponents as well as your friends.

In the CNN report, American Atheists president David Silverman said that his CPAC booth would be a “first step of many” in reaching out to conservatives because he was positive that there were many “closeted atheists” among them.

Indeed there are. Read the blog Secular Right for a good sample, including the Patron Saint of Dyspepsia, John Derbyshire.

“We spoke with Mr. Silverman about his divisive and inappropriate language. He pledged that he will attack the very idea that Christianity is an important element of conservatism. People of any faith tradition should not be attacked for their beliefs, especially at our conference. He has left us with no choice but to return his money,” she said.

But that’s not what he said, if he is being quoted correctly — he said he would attack an idea, not the people holding that idea, and that is what Free Speech is all about. (Sure, maybe he lied, but supporting Free Speech means taking the chance that people will sometimes lie to you. Deal with it.)

Despite having their invite rescinded, that the atheists were approved in the first place did not sit well with Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center and an influential conservative leader. Bozell announced that he was pulling out of the conference because of the invitation….

That sounds like a win-win to me — if CPAC needs anything, it’s the absence of people who are of the Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee persuasion.

Reacting to Bozell’s statement, David Bossie, President of Citizens United, told Breitbart that CPAC had “lost its way.”

“When you have a conservative stalwart like Brent Bozell pulling out of CPAC because of the mismanagement of a conference that is supposed to be about conservatism, not republicanism, the conference has lost its way,” Bossie said. “It truly is a shame that every year it seems we have drama surrounding this conference because ACU leadership forgets the three-legged stool of conservatism, which is a strong national defense, belief in the free market, and traditional family values. CPAC is supposed to be a conference for the conservative movement guided by its core principles. If we lose those principles, the conservative movement is dead.”

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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The Future Looks Dull From Here

23rd February 2014

Read it.

Well, Ezra Kline looks dull from everywhere, so I guess that’s appropriate.

I remember talking to a historian shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks. I envy your generation, she said. The grip of history is tightening around you, even if you don’t know it yet.

She was right. In short succession, the U.S. went to war in Afghanistan, then Iraq. It began to torture captives from those conflicts and stepped up surveillance of its citizens. The financial system temporarily collapsed — and it almost took the economy with it. The nation’s first black president was inaugurated. The U.S. government found itself in charge of American International Group and General Motors. Congress passed the largest stimulus bill in history followed, at long last, by health-care reform. The Tea Party rose, and what was left of the old-line Republican establishment fell. The world’s most wanted terrorist was assassinated in a nighttime raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Routine items of governance — passing budgets, raising the debt ceiling — became battlegrounds for high-stakes partisan showdowns, with the fate of the global economy hanging by handfuls of votes.

Note how ‘history’ begins and ends with how much America sucks. NOTHING ELSE WAS HAPPENING ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD but American screwing stuff up.

 These events were all either initiated in Washington or managed there. The result was an extraordinarily consequential decade in U.S. politics. The federal government mattered more than at any time since at least the 1960s — perhaps the 1930s.

And it was run by people who, by and large, read (and agree with) Ezra Kline. A person of ordinary intelligence would start connecting some dots. Ezra, however, has better things to do.

 But the grip of history is slackening, at least in the nation’s capital. The wars are ending. Some of our economic wounds are healing, and others, sadly, we’re choosing to live with. Raising the debt ceiling has become routine again. We’ve gone from Congress passing legislation that our children will read about to Congress passing almost nothing at all. For at least the next few years, governmental paralysis appears unyielding. An unusually interesting era in U.S. politics is giving way to an unusually dull one.

Which, of course, would be bad news for people like Ezra Kline, the literary vultures who make their living from hand-wringing over the various ways in which America sucks — never mind that the generality of the population would like to take a break every now and then. (I miss Calvin Coolidge, I really do.)

 I don’t want to take this too far. A major foreign crisis could always erupt. Immigration reform could unexpectedly slip through the logjam into law. The 2014 election could be a shocker. Anyone in 1999 projecting then-current trends forward into the first decade of the new millennium would have gotten the landscape very, very wrong. (Just ask the Congressional Budget Office, which projected budget surpluses as far as the eye could see.)

That was before the Democrats got their hands on the purse strings again. The first thing the Obamassiah did was triple the national debt in his first term — one wonders what he has left to accomplish in the second, although he’s trying his hardest to root up some ‘major foreign crisis’, although I don’t think it’s just to make things more interesting for the likes of Ezra Kline. Again, a person of ordinary intelligence would start connecting a few dots at this point. But Ezra Kline….

But absent an event that upends the country, Washington seems likely to be a lot less important over the next few years than it was over the past few years. The capital just isn’t where the action is.

Would that that were true. But that’s like saying that the water flowing out doesn’t make as much noise as it did when the hole was put in the boat.

Remember, they pay him good money to write this.

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Cut Off Harvard to Save America

23rd February 2014

Read it.

College endowments totaled $448.6 billion in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013, an increase of 11.7 percent compared with a year earlier, according to recently released data.

As we know, this wealth is concentrated among a privileged few. Harvard, Yale and Princeton universities all have almost $2 million in endowment funds for every student.

We’ve heard the argument that what these institutions do with their privately raised money is their business and that they provide a lot of financial aid opportunities for less affluent students. But these endowments are of dubious value and can be attacked on two grounds. First, they promote inefficiency through misallocation of resources. Second, they are anti-meritocratic.

One of the chief problems with professors is that they think that any bright idea they get is worthy of implementation merely because it is a bright idea. The entire assumption underneath this article is that ‘we’ (actually, the government acting at ‘our’ behest) can expropriate ‘their’ money if ‘we’ can come up with a better way of spending it (according to ‘us’) than ‘they’ have. Anything resembling property rights goes out the window; you can have what you have only so long as ‘we’ can’t think of something that ‘we’ think would be a better use for it.

The signature flaw in this sort of advocacy is that such ‘redistributionists’ never point their ire at government, the greatest tool for anti-meritocratic misallocation of resources in human history.

And the most amusing aspect is that it’s precisely this sort of reasoning in which anti-meritocratic re-education camps like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton specialize, certainly since the sixties, and arguably since the 30s of the last century.

Chickens, welcome home to the roost. Indeed, some animals are more equal than others; turn out your pockets.

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‘Seriously, Don’t Give Money To Fancy Colleges’

23rd February 2014

Matthew Yglesias chides the 1%.

Put aside, for a moment, this instance of a Voice of the Crust growling toward the hand that feeds him.

I don’t say ‘biting the hand that fees him’ because nobody who is in a position to give money to Harvard listens to the likes of Matthew Yglesias.

And here’s why:

Basically what you see is that highly selective institutions are institutions for kids from affluent families. You’ll often hear that such-and-such a donation to an already-wealthy institution is a great idea because it’s going to financial aid. But when only about 5 percent of your class is coming from the bottom quarter of the income distribution (and we can assume that very little of that 5% is coming from the really truly poor) then even this financial aid is extremely poorly targeted. Meanwhile, the demographics of highly selective institutions reveal that highly selective institutions remain what they always have been—mechanisms for the perpetuation of inequality and hierarchy.

Giving $150 million to Harvard accomplishes a number of things:

  1. It guarantees that any of your descendants who want to go to Harvard will do so, yea, unto the fourth generation;
  2. It buys you status amongst the Crust and its Chattering Class.
  3. It gives you a huge tax write-off, typically from securities for which you didn’t pay anything out-of-pocket, thus shielding a lot of future income from the exactions that afflict the likes of Warren Buffet’s secretary.

So this is like a flea saying to a dog: ‘Dog, don’t be that way!’ Or like a Baptist preacher exhorting his congregation not to use drugs. (Dude, if they were the type to use drugs, they wouldn’t be sitting there listening to you.) It’s all just hot air (for which he gets well paid, I presume; I should have such a job).

Now Matthew Yglesias knows this perfectly well, having gone to Dalton and Harvard himself. He knows, as some perhaps do not, that Harvard arranges its admissions policies to admit, not only ‘kids from affluent families’, but those who will produce ‘kids from affluent families’ themselves someday, in the hopes that they will want to send said kinder to Harvard. They quite deliberately skim off the cream of the student applicant universe, which consists of people who would be successful with or without a Harverd education (vide Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, whose key characteristic is not that they graduated from Harvard, which they didn’t, but that they were admitted to Harvard). Harvard is the farmer who figures out where the tallest corn will grow and then lays out his field accordingly, preening at harvest time about his ‘green thumb’ and expertise as a farmer.

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The Memory Hole in Action

23rd February 2014

Read it.

Yet another instance of a Voice of the Crust going back and re-writing history to pull the wool over the eyes of the Low-Information Voter.

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Here Are All 314 Times Al Sharpton Mentioned Race in 2013

21st February 2014

Read it. And watch the video.

Of course, if it weren’t for his race and the to-do he makes about it, Sharpton would be a nobody.

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Ice Water Could Kill You, Researchers Say

17th February 2014

Read it.

You thought water was good for you? Not necessarily, if you believe researchers at the University of Arkansas. According to a new study, if there’s ice in the water, it could pose a health risk.

That’s right. Now we have yet another “danger food” to be wary of. Let me be the first to warn you: Ice cubes are dangerous!

Oh noes!

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Shani Davis, No Matter Where He Finishes, Remains an Unfortunate Exception at Winter Games

13th February 2014

The Washington Post obsesses about race so that you don’t have to.

‘Unfortunate’? It’s just bad luck he’s the only black guy there? Did the others miss a plane or something?

Don’t listen to your friends back home saying the Winter Olympics are just for white people who like the cold and vacation in Aspen. This is the most inclusive Winter Games ever. Why, there are Caucasians here from almost 88 different nations.

Bada-bing! I’ll be here all week.

Don’t quit your day job.

Actually, I will be here the next 10 days. And in that time, I will encounter no more than a dozen people of African American descent. They are the same ones I see over and over.

They’re probably getting tired of you.

Maybe it’s because I lived in the District for eight years. Maybe it’s because I spent my formative years in a real melting pot: rural Oahu, Hawaii, where diversity in ethnicity and culture are part of island life. Maybe I’m just used to seeing and feeling comfortable being around a variety of people, many of whom don’t look like me.

Maybe it’s because you’re a left-wing asshole who wears his White Guilt as if it were a Purple Heart.

Whatever, this place is whiter than an episode of “Downton Abbey.”

Hey, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. (Maybe it’s whiter than an episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ because, like Downton Abbey, the people who are here belong here and weren’t picked for their Diversity Points.)

Now, you are reading this and thinking one of two things: What’s with the white guilt, son? Or, What does race have to do with the greatest athletes in the world competing in their chosen disciplines, most of which just happen to be contested against other Caucasians?

Look, I don’t care about the color of the competitors.

Coulda fooled me. Guess somebody else wrote the rest of your column.


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The Man With No Party

12th February 2014

Read it.

CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and ABC World News broadcasts gave brief mention to the conviction of former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin Wednesday on 20 federal counts, including bribery and conspiracy, but all three omitted the fact that he was a Democrat.

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It Takes More Than A Produce Aisle to Refresh A Food Desert

12th February 2014

Read it.

Of course, since this is NPR, they assume the existence of a ‘food desert’ in this location (Michelle said so! It must be true!), so no wonder they are puzzled.

A Rational Human Being, however, would consider that perhaps the whole notion of ‘food desert’ (i.e. proles who don’t eat SWPL food that yuppies would prefer that they eat) is merely projection on the part of the Upper Crust.

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Critique for Thee, Not for Me

11th February 2014

Read it.

Which brings me to the weird general observation: American liberals are quite essentialist when it comes to the target of their critique. Conservatives and Republicans are racist by their nature, by their intent, so their social segregation from non-whites counts toward their racism. It’s a fundamental attribute. In contrast American liberals and Democrats are anti-racist, so their social segregation from non-whites is situational, and does not reflect antipathy to non-whites.

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Imaginary Backlash

4th February 2014

Read it.

In the real world, I saw that commercial and reacted in a way similar to almost all of my fellow right-wing conservatives: I yawned and went to the kitchen for another beer. Then I proceeded on with my evening, not caring one way or another about Coca-Cola’s contrived marketing tactics. Admittedly, I have long since vowed to never drink Coke, but that’s only because I dislike diabetes, not because I’m upset about foreigners singing patriotic hymns.

So imagine my surprise when I went on the internet after the game to see social media abuzz over the “right wing backlash against Coca-Cola.”

Some of the headlines:

Coke Ad Draws Outrage, Praise (EW)

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Inspires Racist Twitter Backlash (Mediaite)

Coca-Cola Ad Celebrates Diversity, Twitter Racists Explode (Huffington Post)

Coca-Cola Multicultural Super Bowl Ad Really Angered Conservatives (Talking Points Memo)

Coca-Cola’s Multilingual America the Beautiful Ad Sparks Conservative Outrage (AlterNet)

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad: Can You Believe This Reaction? (USA Today)

Coca-Cola’s America the Beautiful Ad Creates Social Media Firestorm (The Examiner)

America the Ugly: Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Provokes Xenophobic Outrage on Twitter (The Daily Mail)

Outrage! Firestorm! Backlash! Xenophobia!

Funny thing: these stories started popping up within minutes of the ad airing.

Meanwhile, I’m on Twitter as much as the next guy, and I didn’t see anyone complain about the ad. I’m connected with 120 thousand folks on Facebook, and none of them seemed too concerned. I checked the #SpeakAmerican and #BoycottCoke hashtags, and I saw nothing but a bunch of people defending the ad and lambasting the “racists” who were “offended” by it.

So where was the backlash? If people are lashing back at things, I want in. I’m always up for a good backlash, but I just couldn’t find it.

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NYT: Having Female Loved Ones Makes Men Into Sexist Republicans

1st February 2014

Steve Sailer has some fun with the Mouth of the Crust.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow discovers a new engine fueling the War on Women: having female loved ones makes men more sexist. Apparently, being around women they love causes males to notice average differences between men and women, and Noticing, as we’ve all been warned, leads to conservatism.

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Dueling Pot Billboards at the Stoner Bowl

31st January 2014

Read it.

Because THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT FACING THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD then whether or not one can smoke weed legally.

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