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The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

Asian Nail Salon Staff Demand Apology From The New York Times for Poverty-Porn Series That’s Costing Them Jobs

8th October 2015

Read it.

Good luck with that . The Crust speaks for their clients, and expects the clients themselves to STFU.

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Scotland’s Four Richest Families ‘Worth £1 Billion More Than Poorest 20% of the Population’

7th October 2015

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The combined wealth of the Grant-Gordon whisky family, Highland Spring water owner Mahdi al-Tajir, oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood and former Harrods owner Mohammed Fayed dwarfs that of the one million people who make up Scotland’s poorest 20 per cent, according to a report by Oxfam Scotland.

1. Three individuals and a family doesn’t make it ‘families’.

2. Two of those guys aren’t even Scottish, but Arabs. Send them back where they came from and half the problem disappears. (See how simple that was?)

Whatever point Oxfam is trying to make is thoroughly lame.

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Hillary Clinton Calls NRA as Stubborn as ‘Iranians’ or ‘Communists’

7th October 2015

Read it.

Since she has been know to kiss the butts of both in the past, licking the NRA (pun intended) ought not to trouble her unduly.

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Powerful Photographs of Lithuanians Staging Mass Lie-Down to Demonstrate Country’s Disproportionate Suicide Rate

7th October 2015

Read it.

Modern definition of ‘powerful’:

Did it make you feel good? Hell, yeah!

Did it actually make any difference? Well, not really, but we got great news coverage!

There you go. Mission accomplished.

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Capital Journal Daybreak: U.S. Anger at Moscow Deepens, More

6th October 2015

Read it.

Yeah, well, what’s Obama going to do? Play golf at them? Parachute Michelle in to make their kids eat organic vegetables?

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Newsweek Discovers ‘Gun Free’ Zones Don’t Stop Campus Shootings

5th October 2015

Read it.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you….

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Does the New York Times Even Have Editors?

5th October 2015

Read it.

Well, not so’s you’d notice.

On September 30, the New York Times published a long article about Donald Trump’s wife Melania in its Fashion and Style section. The article said little of substance–Mrs. Trump is a nice lady, apparently–but it resulted in an epic sequence of five corrections.

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CNN Photoshops Oregan Shooter to Make Him Look White

4th October 2015

Read it.

A Voice of the Crust must support the Narrative. Rinse. Repeat.

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“Truth” and Other Lies

3rd October 2015

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The film Truth premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12. Starring Robert Redford as Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes, the film retells the Rathergate scandal based on Mary Mapes’s memoir Truth and Duty. I must be one of the few people in the United States actually to have read the book.

Mapes is the hero of her memoir and the hero of the film. In Mapes’s telling, she is not the perpetrator of a scandalous hoax. Rather, she is a liberal martyr to the truth. If she’s a martyr at all, she’s a martyr a la Julius Rosenberg and Alger Hiss. In other words, she’s guilty as hell but she’s not confessing, ever, and now she has the best of Hollywood to lend her aid and comfort. The left does not give up promoting them, as we can see also in Kevin Williamson’s timely NR column “Codename: LIBERAL.”

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Obama: Never Let a Mass Shooting Go To Waste!

2nd October 2015

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Earlier today, a 20-year-old man named Chris Mercer murdered 10 people at a community college in Oregon. At this moment, little is known about Mercer or his motives. (No doubt he had grievances.) Three handguns and a rifle reportedly were recovered at the site, but we don’t know whether he obtained those firearms legally or illegally. At this point, it is hard to say anything intelligent about the shootings except that they were a horribly evil deed.

That, of course, doesn’t stop our president from trying to make political hay. He immediately took the podium to demand that Congress pass more gun control legislation–any gun control legislation, apparently, whether it has any relationship to this crime or not.

Chances are it was a ‘gun-free zone’ (boy, that worked, didn’t it?) and so the shooter knew he had a blank check.

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NYT: In Austria, Only Nazis Are Concerned About Muslim Mass Migration

30th September 2015

Steve Sailer pulls back the curtain.

From a news article in the New York Times:

Rise of Austrian Right Lengthens Shadow of Nazi Era

The NYT achieves Godwin’s Law in 8 words. No beating around the bush here!

Modern progressives increasingly believe that geographic locations emit powerful magic emanations that control the behavior of people who subsequently settle there. Thus inner city neighborhoods in America cause gun violence and poor test scores. Similarly, the Nazi-tainted geography of Austria will no doubt hoodoo the poor innocent Muslim youths into taunting and beating Jews they happen to find on their turf. National borders are just artificial lines drawn on a map, but geographic juju is forever.

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Students at U. Delaware Insist Fake Hate Crime Was Real

27th September 2015

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The incident happened Tuesday night, when students thought they found several nooses hanging from a tree. Word quickly spread as campus officials swiftly released a statement condemning the foul hate crime. But come morning, police said a short investigation had led them to conclude the “nooses” were really just the remnants of paper lanterns from an event held all the way back in June.

Unperturbed by the truth, students launched an assembly following the incident to speak as though the hate crime really did happen. According to The News Journal, a local paper, the assembly was held “to find ways to change the campus climate” in the wake of the bad atmosphere apparently exposed by a fictional hate crime.

It ought to have been real, and that’s good enough, see?

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Democrats and George Stephanopoulos (But I Repeat Myself)

19th September 2015

The Other McCain yanks back the curtain.

The naked partisanship of Stephanopoulos is not merely “liberal bias”; it is outright propaganda on behalf of the Democrat Party, which reflects ABC News policy of supporting Democrats. All of the producers and executives at ABC News are also partisan Democrats, so that the network has an organizational mission of advocacy on behalf of the candidates and policies of the Democrat Party. This is not only dishonest (because it presents partisan propaganda as objective “news”), but also dangerous, in that individuals like Stephanopoulos and organizations like ABC News cannot be expected to report honestly about the failures of Democrat officials and policies. The public is deliberately misled about, for example, the effectiveness of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, because many millions of citizens are spoonfed disinformation from Democrat partisans like Stephanopoulos.

Not really news but a useful reminder.

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Thought for the Day

19th September 2015

Sanders Ignorance copy

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Obama’s Peace Prize Didn’t Have Desired Effect, Former Nobel Official Says

17th September 2015

Read it.

In a break with Nobel tradition, the former secretary of the Nobel Peace Prize committee says the 2009 award to President Barack Obama failed to live up to the panel’s expectations.

Geir Lundestad writes in a book to be released on Thursday that the committee had expected the prize to deliver a boost to Obama. Instead the award was met with fierce criticism in the U.S., where many argued Obama had not been president long enough to have an impact worthy of the Nobel.

But look how much peace Obama has spread around the world! Oh, wait….

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Scientists Shot Live Pigs in the Head to Measure Blood-Spatter Patterns

16th September 2015

Read it.

They’re right — rather than using pigs, they ought to have used animal-rights activists. The patterns would be more realistic, and they wouldn’t be wasting valuable animals.

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Occam’s Rubber Room

16th September 2015

Steve Sailer is on a roll.

About a decade ago, I coined the term Occam’s Butterknife to characterize the contemporary liberal insistence upon implausibly convoluted explanations.

But now that race man Ta-Nehisi Coates is back with a giant article in The Atlantic about “The Enduring Myth of Black Criminality,” I need a more all-encompassing term to describe this increasingly fashionable rejection of reality. Let’s try: Occam’s Rubber Room.

In “The First Rule of White Club,” I reviewed Coates’ best-selling mini-book Between the World and Me about how as a nerdy child he had been terrified of Baltimore’s black thugs, which, due to redlining by the Roosevelt administration, were all the fault of white people. Or, excuse me, of “people who think they are white.”

Fortunately, The Atlantic’s staffers have edited out of the new article some of Coates’ more eye-rolling verbal tics (such as “black bodies”) and left us with 18,000 words of generic professional magazine prose. In the wake of a swarm of derisive comments citing the abundant statistical evidence that black criminality is no myth that greeted a preview of the article, the title is now “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration.”

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Are College Lectures Unfair?

13th September 2015

Read it.

DOES the college lecture discriminate? Is it biased against undergraduates who are not white, male and affluent?

The notion may seem absurd on its face. The lecture is an old and well-established tradition in education. To most of us, it simply is the way college courses are taught. Even online courses are largely conventional lectures uploaded to the web.

Yet a growing body of evidence suggests that the lecture is not generic or neutral, but a specific cultural form that favors some people while discriminating against others, including women, minorities and low-income and first-generation college students. This is not a matter of instructor bias; it is the lecture format itself — when used on its own without other instructional supports — that offers unfair advantages to an already privileged population.

People get paid good money for writing this stuff.

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Thought for the Day

11th September 2015


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NY Times Launches Its Jew-Tracker

11th September 2015

Read it.

The New York Times today offers up a table examining the Democratic (but not Republican) Senators and House members opposed to Obama’s Iran agreement, noting whether they are Jewish and the proportion of Jewish constituents in their state or district.

Nice that they use yellow highlight for this feature. Only thing missing is the Star of David in place of an asterisk.

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Planned Parenthood Founder Said She’d Leave Country if JFK Elected–Because He Was Catholic

9th September 2015

Read it.

It didn’t happen, of course — ‘progressives’ are always long on talk and short on action. If every narcissistic lefty who promised to move abroad if (insert random Republican here) were elected actually did so, the country would be in much better shape than it is.

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Climate Change Talks in Paris Our ‘Last Chance’, Say Pacific Islands: ‘This Is Not Politics, It’s Survival’

8th September 2015

Read it.

All this without one shred of evidence that sea levels are rising or are going to rise. It’s all just fearmongering by ‘climatistas’.

Sky falling; film at 11.

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UK: Food Banks Are ‘Storing-Up a Health Nightmare for the Future’ Due to Food’s Lack of Nutritional Standards, Government Warned

7th September 2015

Read it.

Used to be, if people were hungry, attempts would be made to feed them and therefore keep them from starving. Nowadays, that’s apparently not enough.

It is, of course, a fact universally acknowledge that the government has a legitimate right and power to supervise every waking moment, and hence is morally culpable (even if legally bulletproof) for any aspect of one’s life that fails to suit — not the person, but any busybody external collective that feels entitled to dictate to other people (which is all of them).

The growing reliance on food banks in the UK is “storing-up a health nightmare for the future,” the Government has been warned, as new research into rising levels of food poverty in Britain revealed the lack of nutritional standards being met by suppliers.

I really love that weasel phrase ‘food poverty’. Poverty is not relieved by having food, but only by having the right kind of food, as determined by people whose only expertise is in getting their message into the media.

The research also reveals the extent to which Iain Duncan Smith’s strict clamp down on benefits has driven people to food banks, with two thirds of people relying on them saying benefit sanctions and late benefit payments were the reason why they were forced to rely on charity for food.

Because, after all, nobody in his right mind would expect them to, you know, actually work and provide themselves with their own food. That’s crazy talk.

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NYT Editorial Board Complains That Australia Is “Ruthlessly Effective” at Not Being Overrun

5th September 2015

Steve Sailer blows the whistle.

The New York Times complains about Australia’s ‘brutal treatment’ of migrants.

Said ‘brutal treatment’ consists of shipping them back where they came from.

Gotta love Australians.

If the Europeans don’t fix their borders, well, This Will Be Why We Can’t Have Nice Things like the Australians have. You can make up your own list of Nice Things Europe won’t be able to have anymore, but obvious candidates include generous social insurance, high wages, and freedoms for women, such as enjoying public swimming pools alongside men.

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Trump on Kim Davis: I Hate to See Her Being Sent to Jail But the Law Is the Law

5th September 2015

Read it.

We’re in a weird place as a party when Trump, the would-be strongman who’s going to smash sclerotic American government as we know it, is more of a “rule of law” guy than Ted Cruz is. And way, way more of one than Mike Huckabee is.

Indeed. Cruz and Huckabee just lost any chance of getting my vote, for anything.

This is bullshit. If she can’t square the performance of her duties with her conscience, her obligation is to resign, not this dog-in-the-manger reality show. There is no moral distinction between her and Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter.

This whole ‘I don’t agree with the law so I’m going to do everything I can to impede its operation’ is what the Left does; let’s not go there.

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Virginia Shooting Tragedy: Britons DEMAND America Re-Thinks Gun Control Laws on Twitter

26th August 2015

Read it.

Let them ask the corpses at Charlie Hebdo how ‘gun control’ worked out for them.

Indeed, let them ask the corpse of Fusilier Lee Rigby whether ‘gun control’ makes you safe.

Actually, come to think of it, gun control for black people (like the shooter in this case) would probably be a good idea. They seem to be doing most of the gun crime, judging by law enforcement crime stats. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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Bernie Sanders Takes Aim at ‘Greedy’ Koch Brothers

24th August 2015

Read it.

No mention, of course, of George Soros or Tom Steyer.

Sanders delighted a South Carolina rally of more than 3,000 people Saturday with his assertions that the Kochs and other “greedy” billionaires are destroying American democracy by infusing huge sums of cash into campaigns and election.

Like, oh, the Clintons?

The Vermont senator, who is pushing former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from the left, called for publicly financed elections that would allow “anyone” to seek public office without “begging from billionaires.”

At least the Koch brothers don’t want to steal your money through taxes … unlike Bernie Sanders.

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Dinner and Deception

23rd August 2015

Read it.

In a playground for the superrich, I was an overpaid chaperone wearing a bespoke suit. Gluttony was common. So was sex; more than once we had to interrupt coitus in the restroom. Once a woman asked to leave her baby at the coat check. When the maître d’ explained that dinner lasted at least three hours, she stared back at him, unfazed. “Yes, I know.” Grown men wearing Zegna and Ferragamo would sit at the bar chanting, “We are the 1 percent!”

Another whine-whine-pity-me thumbsucker from the New York Times.

Edward Frame is a graduate student at the New School for Social Research.

I have no doubt.

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The Times at Work

23rd August 2015

Read it.

When I wrote about Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new book Between the World and Me, I noted that he was this year’s officially certified angry black. He is officially certified by the New York Times through Jennifer Schuessler, the Times culture critic and gatekeeper. Schuessler’s July 17 profile of Coates attests that Coates’s book “has had an almost frictionless glide straight to the heart of the national conversation.” (The official publication date of the book was July 14; Schuessler was on top of the story.) I wrote about Coates’s book in the City Journal essay “An updated racial hustle.”

Michelle Alexander is the author of The New Jim Crow, a book decrying the “mass incarceration” of blacks in the United States. Alexander was 2012’s officially certified angry black. She was certified by Schuessler an adoring profile when her book took off in paperback that year. I wrote about Alexander’s book in the Power Line post “Deep secrets of racial profiling (4).”

When the Times got around to assigning Coates’s dreadful book for review, whom did they turn to? Michelle Alexander, of course. It’s almost funny.

Imagine an immensely large circle of people in New York, each breathing the other’s exhaust.

The Times’s treatment of Coates’s new book represents a variation on an old story. Earlier this year Bryan Burrough’s book Days of Rage on the terrorist left prompted me to reflect on the role played by the New York Times as an instrument of celebrity propping up the revolutionary left. As a corollary, the Times is invested in protecting the reputation of the left. It is, shall we say, not given much to introspection regarding the impact of its judgments.

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Morrissey Accuses Obama of ‘Being White on the Inside’ for ‘Not Helping His Own People’ During Ferguson Riots

21st August 2015

Read it.

A white guy accusing a black guy of not being black enough. And people take that seriously.

I like to think of Barack Obama as the son the Clintons never had….


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‘I’m never going to buy anything from Amazon, and neither should you’

18th August 2015

Rosianna Halse Rojas, Servant of the Narrative, is shocked, shocked, that Amazon would get on the bad side of the New York Times.

I don’t shop at Amazon and I don’t actively belong to any of the websites owned by them either. When they acquired my favourite book review website, Goodreads, I abandoned my account and ran a mile. I’m a videoblogger, and on the several occasions I’ve been approached to work with Audible, Amazon’s audiobook company, I get a few words in before deleting the email. Many of my vlogs are about books, their successes, failures, and value.

In other words, whe doesn’t really know what she’s talking about; she just likes to complain about a company with which she doesn’t do business. (Why they would care about her opinion is left as a puzzle for the reader.)

Over the years I have become convinced that Amazon does not value the book industry, and the recent New York Times exposé once again raises allegations that they value people – specifically, their employees – even less.

Allegations from the New York Times! Well, that proves … something.

Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out, special snowflake.

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CNN Forgets to Mention Op-Ed Writer Is a Million Dollar Bundler For Hillary

17th August 2015

Read it.

CNN carried an op-ed today in its Opinion section titled, “Hillary Clinton revived America’s reputation in world.” The piece, by Eleni Kounalakis, was a paean to Hillary’s wonderfulness as Secretary of State. It took issue with those who say she has no accomplishments:

Kounalakis’s op-ed wouldn’t have had quite the same stature if CNN had disclosed the fact that she was one of Hillary’s top fundraisers, a fundraiser who was paid off with an ambassadorship, and therefore hardly an objective observer of Hillary’s successes (or lack thereof) as Secretary of State.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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As Clinton Touts Student Debt Bailout Plan, Critics Point to $2M In College Speaking Fees

14th August 2015

Read it.

That’s always the problem with a Clinton Plan, it only applies to Other People.

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Despite Drought, Crops Rotting in the Field Right on Schedule

12th August 2015

Steve Sailer celebrates the turning of the seasons.

An annual autumnal tradition here at iSteve is the crops-rotting-in-the-field stories about why we’re all going to die unless farmers get to import more peasants from Latin America to work cheap for them from such farm-savvy outlets as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.

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Peak Oilers Shut Up Forever Please

11th August 2015

Read it.

Princeton University geologist Ken Deffeyes predicted that global oil production would peak on Thanksgiving Day, 2005. In 2005, daily global oil production averaged 85 million barrels per day. Daily petroleum liquids production in July was 96 million barrels per day.

And yet I’ll bet he’s still a Princeton University geologist. Anybody working for a Real Company would be fired by now.

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When Fetishes Collide: Huffington Post Causes Outrage After Arabic Edition Criticises Gay People, Atheists and Selfies

10th August 2015

Read it.

The Huffington Post has caused outrage among those readers who considered it a liberal left website by launching an Arabic edition which has promptly criticised gays, atheists and the practice of taking selfies.

Days after going live, the site has already published a series of vitriolic outbursts including a piece by an Egyptian contributor on Saturday complaining that atheists were being allowed on Egyptian television and that the Government permitted “a press conference for gays in the heart of Cairo”.

I guess believing six impossible things before breakfast wears off quickly when the carbs hit.

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Voices of the Crust Do What They Do Best re the Republican Debate

7th August 2015

Richard Fernandez discover that his bullshit detector has gone off.

From them the reader might understandably conclude that the debate was a food fight among a random collection of zany, or slightly demented mental midgets.  That the whole thing is a waste of time, like a cartoon feature before the real show featuring titans of progress like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.  That’s when the “reality based community” comes out to judge the real horse show.

The media’s assessment is in its way a restatement of one of Fiorina’s main accusations: the political class has stopped caring about voters for a long time and become its own self-licking ice cream cone.  The entire debate, including its subplots — Trump vs Kelly, Fiorina vs the rest —  is about the dissatisfaction of the electorate with the Washington political elite.  But who cares because the debate and all the words in it were a “play within a play”, a drama acted out inside a larger drama.

The last world you wake up in is big money, giant lobbies, demographic blocs and voter groups clamoring to get paid off. That is the ultimate ground of political reality; that’s real.  That’s why, despite their complete mediocrity, the only “serious candidates” on either side are Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton because they know, as the media knows, where everything finally goes.

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Why Is American Beer So Bland?

4th August 2015

Read it.

Because that’s what sells. People could buy stronger-tasting beer if they wanted to, but the obviously don’t want to.

All the articles by all the Eurolingus beer snobs on the Other Left Coast aren’t going to change that.

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Lindsey Graham’s Charmed Military Career

3rd August 2015

Read it.

The Post shows that as a military reservist, Graham was promoted despite doing almost nothing and that he misrepresented his military service.

Come to think of it, that sort of sums up his political career as well.

For his part, Graham tells the Post that while he doesn’t mean to “pat myself on the back, Colonel Graham will put my entire record up against anyone who has ever served.”

Against Colin Powell? Against Tommy Franks? Against David Petreus? Against fellow RINO John McCain?

This sort of smug narcissism demonstrates for the world to see why Lindsey Graham doesn’t even belong in the Capitol, much less the White House.

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An Updated Racial Hustle

2nd August 2015

Read it.

Designation as the liberals’ official angry black man is a lucrative job. The market is upscale, but the job is only temporary. Fashions change, or rather remain subject to a cycle. The job isn’t easy; it requires high attainment in the art of performance. Black rage must be precisely matched with liberal guilt.

James Baldwin provides the original model, in essays published in The Progressive and the New Yorker in 1962 and then collected in The Fire Next Time in 1963. Baldwin was a deeply literary man, but the descent from Baldwin was steep. The sixties and early seventies served up new models on an almost annual basis. Before long we had Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver, and, lest we forget, George Jackson.

Entering the latter days of the Age of Obama, we find Jennifer Schuessler serving as the New York Times’s gatekeeper of liberal certification. Schuessler has given us loving profiles of Michelle Alexander (2012), author of The New Jim Crow, and Alice Goffman (2014), author of On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City—books portraying America’s criminal-justice system (and more, America itself) as deeply unjust to blacks. Now Schuessler has certified Ta-Nehisi Coates in connection with the July publication of his book Between the World and Me.

Penguin Random House shrewdly moved up the publication date of Coates’s book to take advantage of its currency in the context of #BlackLivesMatter. The book debuted on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list at Number One. In Coates, the man and the moment have met. What can we learn from the meeting?

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‘What lion?’ Zimbabweans Ask, Amid Global Cecil Circus

30th July 2015

Read it.

For most people in the southern African nation, where unemployment tops 80 percent and the economy continues to feel the after-effects of billion percent hyperinflation a decade ago, the uproar had all the hallmarks of a ‘First World Problem’.

“Are you saying that all this noise is about a dead lion? Lions are killed all the time in this country,” said Tryphina Kaseke, a used-clothes hawker on the streets of Harare. “What is so special about this one?”

Very sensible.

“Why are the Americans more concerned than us?” said Joseph Mabuwa, a 33-year-old father-of-two cleaning his car in the center of the capital. “We never hear them speak out when villagers are killed by lions and elephants in Hwange.”

A very good question….


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Sometimes It’s Easier to Care About Dead Lions Than Dead People

29th July 2015

Read it.

And, look, I like lions well enough. I wouldn’t invite one over for dinner, probably, but I’m cool with them. Still, a dead lion just simply isn’t headline news. A dead lion should not be the most talked about thing in the world. ESPECIALLY on a day when another Planned Parenthood video was released, showing the literal dissection of human children.

But what better illustration of our culture than this? Some dentist goes to Africa and accidentally kills an off-limits lion, and this becomes a national outrage, meanwhile, on the same day, video of the butchery and sale of children goes completely ignored.

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End of the Car Age: How Cities Are Outgrowing the Automobile

26th July 2015

Read it.

Yet another fantasy sequence from Voice of the Crust The Guardian.

Gilles Vesco calls it the “new mobility”. It’s a vision of cities in which residents no longer rely on their cars but on public transport, shared cars and bikes and, above all, on real-time data on their smartphones. He anticipates a revolution which will transform not just transport but the cities themselves. “The goal is to rebalance the public space and create a city for people,” he says. “There will be less pollution, less noise, less stress; it will be a more walkable city.”

Just like in 1900, where all truly regressive ‘progressives’ want to wind up. Any resemblance to Disneyland is purely coincidental.

Walt would have loved these guys.

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What the ‘Cadillac Tax’ Accomplishes–and What Could Be Lost in Repeal

24th July 2015

Read it.

To limit the growth of health-care spending, and to help subsidize insurance for low-income Americans, the Affordable Care Act took a step toward limiting this tax break. Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, the law levies a hefty excise tax on health insurance plans worth more than $27,500 per family or $10,200 per individual (with some adjustments to thresholds to be made for hazardous jobs such as those in law enforcement or construction and other factors). This has been dubbed the “Cadillac tax.” (For details, see this Cigna summary or this Health Affairs policy brief.)

Once again, a Voice of the Crust shakes a finger at those who are spending money on things that the Crust would prefer it not be spent on.

Consider the concept of employer-paid-for health care, which the author admits was a market response to a Typical Government Stupidity, wage and price controls during WWII. (Funny how many of today’s ‘crises’ are the result of Typical Government Stupidity in times past. Don’t get me started on the Fourteenth Amendment.) Whenever one finds a separation between who pays for the service and who receives the service, you get the following: People grabbing all the service that they can (after all, they’re not paying for it); service providers thinking up ever more new and original ways of providing services that they can hoodwink the recipients and the payers into consuming; and tedious acres of articles by simple-minded pundits about how something, SOMETHING must be done.

The answer, of course, is simple: People pay for their own health care. That allows the market to do what it does best, i.e. set prices and clear the market for a particular service. But the Crust doesn’t like simplicity, because it doesn’t serve their agenda.

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How Photography Was Optimized for White Skin Color

23rd July 2015

Read it.

A Voice of the Crust makes its bid for Moral Superiority in an Identity Politics world.

Color film was invented quite a bit later. The principle was basically the same: take impressions of different wavelengths of light as separate photographs, and combine them into a full-color photo. The difference was they were able to take these “separate” photos in the different layers of chemicals on the same square of film; essentially a single photograph, and a single exposure (press-of-the-button.)

The proportion of the different colors in the photo — the photo’s color balance — was partially determined by the concentrations of chemicals in the film; and partially by the various chemicals used in processing the film and printing from it. This underwent a lot of fine-tuning. For example: the first color film was two-color, i.e. only in red and green. In the US, where this technology was being pioneered, most of this fine-tuning was done by affluent white men. And, as it turns out, the race of these men had implications: they were operating under a very particular assumption about whom and what their product was meant to capture.

Can’t get much more ‘progressive’ in tone than that.

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Hillary Clinton to Propose Tax Breaks for Firms Sharing Profits With Employees

13th July 2015

Read it.

Well, let’s see — does she share her profits with her employees?

(Sorry, I knew I couldn’t write that with a straight face.)

Or maybe she’s waiting until she can get a tax break….

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Shoplifting Arrests at Eagan Outlet Mall Raise Question of Bias

6th July 2015

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Only for Voices of the Crust, supporting the Narrative. The rest of us recognize that ‘persons of color’ are more likely to be criminals.

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Hillary Clinton’s Cribs Shock Young People

2nd July 2015

Read it. And watch the video.

“Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times,” Clinton said in the video announcement on April 12. “But the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.”

So what do Millennials think of a candidate who criticizes the “1 percent,” but simultaneously owns multi-million dollar properties in Washington, D.C. and New York and spends her summers in the Hamptons? Campus Correspondent Cabot Phillips took to the streets of our nation’s capitol to find out in Campus Reform’s debut of “Candidate’s Cribs.”

She doesn’t mean herself, of course; she means those other people at the top.

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Supreme Court Death Penalty: Writhing Prisoner Took 43 Minutes to Die But Judges Say Use of Midazolam Is Constitutional

29th June 2015

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Well, gee, how long did it take his victim to die?

Strapped in the gurney, Lockett, convicted of shooting and burying alive a 19-year-old woman, writhed, kicked his legs, breathed heavily and even managed to gasp a word: “Man.” He took 43 minutes to die, rather than the usual ten.

Okay, then. Shoot him and bury him alive. That’s obviously fair. Problem solved.

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Lindsey Graham: GOP Needs to Drop Anti-Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment from Platform

28th June 2015

Read it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Why is this dipstick pretending to be a Republican? Is he just a masochist?

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